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 2018 Race for the Championship

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2018 Race for the Championship Empty
PostSubject: 2018 Race for the Championship   2018 Race for the Championship Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2018 5:05 pm

E-League -- 5 races left. Magic number is 137

On The Bubble:

Sheena McDallenbach
Tay Tay Johnson
Gemmy Springs
Mileena Jackson
Sigilma Dragimar
Todd Lainey
Tommy Lazarus
Jessica Rhys-Butler
Greg LaMothe
Catherine Kingsbury

Out of Contention:

Rolando Quintanilla
Shannon Brown
Bill Rogers
Roberto LaTereza
Pookie Von Schlitzenberg
Michel Jourdain Jr.
Pierre Botticelli
Mike Dillon
Sheela DeCarlo
DeShaun Lewiston III
Brian Lawrence Hunt Jr.
Johan Toadofsky
Wendy Williams
Renae Brown
James Ganon
Lance Hall
Isaak Claude

D-League -- 5 races left. Magic number is 117

On The Bubble:

Jessica Rhys-Butler
Don Sweeney
Sheela DeCarlo
Laura Hellington
James Jackson
Lorii Johnsson
Todd McMillan
Paul Hellington
Elliott Cravens

Out of Contention:

Geoffrey Ganon
Vladislav Dragimar
Johan Toadofsky
Hector Rebaque
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2018 Race for the Championship
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