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 Role Play guidelines. READ FIRST!

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Role Play guidelines. READ FIRST! Empty
PostSubject: Role Play guidelines. READ FIRST!   Role Play guidelines. READ FIRST! Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 8:59 pm

Welcome to the Koopa Elite Role Play boards! We'll cover two sets of rules, one set is for the "Pool Party" RP Thread and the other covers dedicated story RP threads. They are fairly different in terms of guidelines, let me lay them down:

Pool Party RP Thread

The role play here is completely open. There is no set ending and any characters you have created are allowed to participate. Feel free to see the above posts to determine where the current place of setting is and get rolling. For the RPers who are looking for a quick and fun RP session without having to dedicate to a set thread.

1. Keep it clean. PG-13 at least. There are younger RPers about and we're all here to have fun. Keep the fun in, the drama out.
2. Provide a link to your character description. Character descriptions are located in the sign-up sticky at the top of the board. Linking your post makes it much easier for the other participants to see what your character is and how it'll interact with the session at hand.
3. Show respect for others. As RPers, everyone's skill level and presentation is different from each other. Be polite and show respect for others and you'll be respected right back. If you do that, things will be peachy keen.. if you can't abide and are rude to others, you'll recieve three fair warnings and then bans will be in order.
4.No spamming. The Pool Party RP thread has only one purpose, Role Playing. If you have to share OOC (Out of Character) comments, please PM them to the person you are talking to. If addressing more than one person on the thread, keep it to a minimum and remember to use parentheses around what you are saying OOC so the other people RPing in the thread don't get sidetracked.

Dedicated RP Threads

These threads are set up by the creator of the thread submitting a Storyline for approval through its appropiate sticky topic. They have a set ending period and the creator of the thread is allowed to choose which types of characters can or can not be used. The rules here are a little different than the ones above:

1. Keep it clean. As stated before, keep the tastes PG-13 or below. Younger people may be reading or participating in the thread and we're here to have a fun time. If things can't be kept clean, offenders may be kicked out of the thread.. if it is the creator who can not keep it in good taste, the thread will be locked and the RP will end.
2. Show Respect for the creator and everyone in the thread. The creator of the thread has the right to be able to RP and have fun with what they're doing. If you show respect to the creator, you'll get respect in return. In terms of respecting the other participants, it is the same as the rules for the "Pool Party".. in other words, if you can't respect others warnings and a potential ban are to follow. If the creator decides to not allow certain character types, this must be respected as well.
3. Provide a link to your character description. Same as the rule for the "Pool Party", link your post over into the sign up sheet for the dedicated thread so other participants can see what your character is about and how it will work with the storyline at hand.
4. No Spamming. It is disrespectful to the participants in the thread and also to the creator of the said thread. If you have OOC comments to make, please try to keep it to a PM or if addressing more than one person in the thread, keep it short and to a minimum. Needs to be kept in parentheses so it doesn't get lost in the RP and sidetracks the participants or the storyline.
5. Storyline approval. If you are looking to create a RP thread, you MUST post your Storyline in the Sticky Topic "Storyline Approval". If you post a RP thread without approval votes, it will be locked.

Character Creation:

As of right now, the characters must be within the Mario universe.. after all, this is a Mario RP forum. If you have a character that doesn't fit under this, you can contact an admin and see if an exception can be made. Hybrid characters based off of Mario characters can be used (example: dragon/koopa). Every character must have weaknesses, there will be no god modding at any time here. It isn't fair to the other participants and everyone deserves to have fun. If you can't respect this, your character can be removed by the Admin staff and warnings will come as needed.

That's it for now!

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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Role Play guidelines. READ FIRST!
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