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 Can you hear it?

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Can you hear it? Empty
PostSubject: Can you hear it?   Can you hear it? Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2020 12:49 pm

The theme/topic/challenge in the creativity group on the 16th of April was "Dolls". Honestly, I find some dolls just plain creepy. I came up with this short little piece in regards to that theme.

Can you hear it? Poercl10

Can you hear it? The whispers and giggles at night. Tiny footsteps down the hall. No? You will, eventually.

Can you hear it? The rocking chair in the nursery creaking on the old wooden floorboards. Creak creak creak. A softly sung lullaby hushing a baby’s cries. No? You will, eventually.

Can you hear it? Your bedroom door slowly opening on unoiled hinges. Soft breathing near your ear.

Can you feel it? The soft whisper of breath against your cheek. A weight against your chest.

Can you see it? In the faint moonlight shining through the window, a face cracked and dirty. Glass eyes staring blankly into your own. The torn lacy dress, now dingy white, pooled around its legs straddling your chest. You close your eyes for but a moment. When you open them the porcelain doll is gone. Was it even there? Did you actually see it?

Can you hear it? The doll is moving once more. Yes, you do hear it. Don’t you?

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I find myself in trouble on the road to misery
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Can you hear it?
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