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 The Woodlands

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Orinda Tarsa
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Orinda Tarsa

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The Woodlands Empty
PostSubject: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 11:45 am

The Woodlands

Written by Nicholas Miller and Kali Wassaserwanga
Characters Created by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga and Jessica Rhys-Butler
With help from Jason and Deedra Bennett
Based on "The One With All the Owls & Vampires" and "Strangers in the Night" 2019, written by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga and Jessica Rhys-Butler
Special Thanks to family & friends that continue to support our work

Main Characters:

Westminster, a brown male owl (based on and voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Abby, a red female owl (based on and voiced by Kali Wassaserwanga)
Monica, a brown female owl (based on and voiced by Jessica Rhys-Butler)
Rhyser, a brown male owl (based on Robbie Rhys-Butler)
Jayson, a brown male owl (based on Jason Bennett)
Deirdre, a gray female owl (based on Deedra Bennett)

Also starring:

Tabansi, a male baby tiger-sparrow hybrid (Westminster and Abby's first child, based on Jacques Landon)
Ally, a brown female owlet (Westminster and Abby's second child)
Lil Monie, a brown female owlet (Monica and Rhyser's child)
Ellie, a gray female owlet (Jayson and Deirdre's child)
Blacky Wolfbane, a male Greater Sooter owl (based on Nicholas Miller)


Walter Blackskull, a male human and main villain. He is very lanky and dressed in khaki pants and a khaki short sleeved button up shirt, both are dirty and covered in mud stains. He wears a black cowboy hat with a glass eagle eye attached to a pendant wrapped around the base of the hat. He has a filthy look and a very unkempt mustache.
Isabella, an overweight grey female cat with purple hair bows. Animal co-villain.

Minor Characters:

Meske Graywing, a male gray owl (based on Dave Meske)
Jordan Silverstar, a brown male owl (based on Jordan Lorenzen)
Berg, a tan male long-eared owl (based on Chris Burg)
Mrs. Cotton, a tan female Barn owl (based on Andrea Cotton)
Klemens, a brown male long-eared owl (based on Ben Klemetson)
Shan, a gray female Great Horned owl (based on Shannon Hoselton)
Kellie, a brown female Great Horned owl (based on Kelly Enger)
Kendry, a tan female Barred owl (based on Kathy Ann Skalet)
Miles Zoomer, a male gray owl (based on Miles Duffy)
Bonita, a red female owl (Abby's Mother, based on Kali Wassaserwanga's mother)
Forte, a brown male owl (Abby's Father, based on Kali Wassaserwanga's father)
Manwar, a blind gray male Great Horned owl (based on Kirt Manwaring)
Tomas, a gray male long-eared owl (based on Thomas Smith)
River, a female snowy owl
Wynter, a female Greater Sooter owl (based on Meghan Jackson)
Mrs. Redd, an elderly tan female Barn owl
Akilah, a dark gray elder female owl (based on Tia Saree-Muhammud)
Porter, a red male owl (based on Tyler Saner)
Colt, a red male owl (based on Colton Manscill)
Wats, a brown male owl and Radio DJ for K-Woo Radio (based on Watosh)
Mercy, a brown female owl and assistant to Wats at K-Woo Radio (based on mercii)

Less than Minor Characters:

Allan Reyes, leader of the Zoological Society of London. Older male in his late 50's with black hair, balding. (Voiced by TBD)
Benjamin Cain, chairman for the Zoological Society of London. Male in his late 30's with short blonde hair. (Voiced by TBD)
Danny McCormick, chairman for the Zoological Society of London. Male in his mid 40's with neatly slicked back black hair in a mullet style. (Voiced by TBD)
Melinda Guzman, chairman for the Zoological Society of London. Female in her mid 30's with flowing long dark brown hair. (Voiced by TBD)
Sheri O'Brien, chairman for the Zoological Society of London. Female in her early 40's with short curly blonde hair. (Voiced by TBD)
Mrs. Pierce, receptionist at the Zoological Society of London. Female in her late 30's with short straight dark brown hair.

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

Posts : 2625
Join date : 2012-04-02
Age : 37
Location : Layton, UT

The Woodlands Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 11:48 am

Act I, Scene I: (Starts off with a black screen. The light sound of kitchen utensils can be heard clanging together along with the sounds of various birds chirping. The sound of a rooster crowing is heard as the chirping and noises from the utensils quiet down. Abby begins talking off screen in narration.)

Abby: Life is full of moments.. that can change our lives forever. Some are people you'd never expect to be..

(A color photo is shown being dropped gently on the middle of the black screen that shows Westminster making a goofy face.)

Abby: Moments with those people that give off sparks deep inside our hearts..

(Another color photo lands just to the left of the previous one, showing Westminster and Abby standing next to each other at the Nestle in the Nest dance somewhat awkwardly.)

Abby: Then there's moments with that special somebody that speaks out to you, saying you've met the one and that you don't have to look back on the hurt before them..

(Another color photo lands just to the right of the first photo, showing Westminster and Abby sitting cuddled together atop the S.S. Flieth in the moonlight.)

Abby: If you're real lucky, you get married to that someone and you get to spend the rest of your life with them..

(Another color photo lands just above the center photo, showing Westminster in a tuxedo and Abby in a white lace wedding dress standing together hand in hand with Akilah in the middle of the shot out in a forest clearing.)

Abby: Then before you know it, you get the greatest gift of them all.. a life that you rescue together..

(Another color photo lands just below the center photo, showing Westminster and Abby cuddling Tabansi between both of them in the snow next to a Christmas tree.)

Abby: Shortly after that you create a life together, a gift just as great as the first.. BUUUUT I'll show you that in a moment.

("The Woodlands" shows up on the middle of the screen in white, bold cursive font. It disappears in a slow fade after ten seconds.)

Abby: What I'm trying to say, is that life is full of moments. Wonderful moments like I just shared and then there's those moments that can take the world you know and attempt to break it in two.. an attempt to destroy it and alter it forever. For you, for me, for those all around us..

(The black screen around the photos transitions into a kitchen table top with Abby's claw to the far left of the screen, tapping gently against the wood.)

Abby: It all started on the morning Westminster and I were getting ready to haul the tots off to see my parents..

(Background noises of the birds chirping picks up in volume as Abby can be heard letting off a big yawn.)

Westminster: *off screen* Hard being up this late, isn't it baby?

(The camera zooms out showing Westminster standing behind Abby, stretching out and yawning. They are on a huge nest with a kitchen table in the middle of it with the morning sun shining through the leaves and branches surrounding them. Abby is sitting at the table with the photos laying on the table as she turns her head and looks to Westminster with a loving smile.)

Abby: *smiling* Not for me it isn't. For you however..

(Westminster lets off a laugh as he leans up against Abby's right side and tries to sneak in a kiss on her cheek. Abby pushes him away gently with a playful smirk.)

Westminster: Me? Never, I'm always awake! A true owl of the day and the night!
Abby: *grinning* Owl of the day my butt! You need a hard, swift kick in the tail just to function..
Westminster: *laughing* Now, now! Cut me some slack and just gimme a morning kiss already!

(Abby gives Westminster a playful slug in the shoulder as she leans in and grabs him by the head, pulling him down to her level with hard, passionate force and gives him a long kiss. She lets go of him and waves a wing in front of her beak, letting off a few fake coughs. Westminster gives her an amused look.)

Westminster: Was I too much for you there?
Abby: *sarcastic* Too much morning rodent breath, actually..

(Westminster lets off a laugh as he sits in a chair just to her right.)

Westminster: I said CUT me some slack! But I suppose that kiss makes up for SOME of it..
Abby: *curious* Some of it?
Westminster: *smiles* Yeah. Looking into your beautiful and stunning eyes covers the rest..

(Abby lets off a giggle and blushes a little. Rolling her eyes, she places her wing tips on the table and nuzzles her head into them, just leaving her eyes visible as she looks at Westminster lovingly.)

Abby: *somewhat muffled behind feathers* You're so corny sometimes but it makes my heart melt, ya know that?

(Westminster stretches out his wings some and places the tips of his wings over hers, nuzzling his head into his own feathers and looking back into Abby's eyes.)

Westminster: Just part of my charm, baby.. just part of my charm..

(Westminster and Abby look into each others eyes with nothing more to say. About fifteen seconds of silence passes as the camera switches from his eyes to hers then back to his, as they blink. Abby lets off a happy sigh.)

Abby: I suppose we should get the tots ready to go..
Westminster: *gentle sigh* To grandma and grandpa's house..

(Westminster and Abby continue looking at each other just over their feathers as a rustling sound can be heard behind Abby.)

Tabansi: *off screen, excitedly* GRANDPA?

(Abby lifts her head from her wings lazily as she looks at Westminster, rolling her eyes. Westminster chuckles as he raises his head and straightens his feathers out.)

Westminster: *laughing* What?
Abby: *sarcastic* You riled him up with the secret word.. we all know how that's going to go..

(The camera zooms out to Westminster and Abby still sitting at the table as Tabansi is running around them, flapping his wings wildly and looking all wide eyed and hyper. He is in a light blue cloth diaper and looks very young.)

Abby: *narration* That's our son Tabansi. Of course, you may remember us adopting him last Christmas.

Tabansi: GRANDPA! GRANDPA! We're gonna go see GRANDPA!

(Abby glares at Westminster sleepily as more rustling can be heard. The camera goes behind Abby and shows Ally's head and half of her upper body peaking through a pile of dead leaves in the nest.)

Abby: *narration* That's our Ally! Yes, Westminster and I made a baby. We've been busy!

Ally: *curious* Gramma?

(Tabansi runs in camera and helps Ally up, she is wearing a pink cloth diaper signifying she is also very young, along with a purple balloon flower just below her right ear.)

Tabansi: Grandpa too!
Ally: Yay! Grampa!

(Tabansi runs over and jumps into Westminster's lap without warning, causing Westminster to let out an "oof". Ally bounces around on her feet a bit and winds up falling on her butt just to the left of Abby's chair. Abby leans over and picks Ally up, placing her on her lap. Ally is squirming around in excitement as Abby looks up to Westminster and lets off a chuckle.)

Abby: For the record, I blame you. Who else gets hyper at this time of day?
Westminster: *laughing* Not me! You said I'm not a daytime owl!

(Abby grumbles a bit as Ally is shown getting her wings a hold of some of the pictures on the table and looking at them with a curious expression, tilting her head in wonder.)

Abby: Since you've got the tots hyper, do you have them ready with everything they need for the trip?

(Westminster is rubbing Tabansi's head as Tabansi giggles in response. Westminster looks up in response to Abby and chuckles.)

Westminster: Of course I do!

(Abby gives Westminster a suspicious look.)

Abby: *muttering* Men..
Westminster: *surprised* What?
Abby: *muttering* You'll see.. we'll take off, be in the air for a minute and the tots will need us to come back for what you forgot to pack..

(Westminster chuckles again in response as Tabansi is seen trying to lick his own left eyeball but falling way short.)

Westminster: I mean it this time! We're packed and ready for this trip, I promise baby!
Abby: *sarcastic* Sure thing, big daddy.. I believe in ya..
Westminster: *excited* Really? You do?
Abby: *enthusiastic* Yeah sure.. *muttering* .. really, not so really..

(Westminster sits up tall and proud of himself, straightening out his feathers again. He picks up Tabansi off his lap and sets him on the ground as he gets up from his chair and stretches out.)

Westminster: Just to prove it, I'll even take the initiative for once. You ready to head out?

(Abby holds Ally in her wings as she struggles to get out of her chair. Putting down the still squirming Ally, Abby gives Westminster a somewhat unimpressed look.)

Abby: For once, huh? You talk the talk but we'll see if you can walk it, big daddy..

(Ally begins running around the table excited and flapping her wings wildly.)

Ally: Big daddy! Big daddy!

(Westminster and Abby look down at Ally and then back to each other, letting off chuckles. Abby stretches out her wings and lets off another yawn as she gathers up Ally and has her climb onto her back. Westminster and Tabansi are looking ready to take off and are hanging around the edge of the nest.)

Westminster: *confident* Oh I can walk it, alright! Take off in 3..2..

(Abby is ready to take off with Ally holding onto her back, nuzzling her face into Abby's feathers.)

Westminster: 1.. and --

(Just as Westminster, Abby and Tabansi are preparing to take off, the voice of Tomas can be heard close by.)

Tomas: Hello neighbors!

Abby: *sarcastic* Whoa, wait a second Earhart.

(Westminster looks at Abby with a frustrated look on his face. Tabansi has his wings on his hips as he looks impatient. Abby points ahead as the camera shows Tomas arriving at the nest across the way with what appears to be a female owl that is his wife with four other owls, which two are male and the other two female. Tomas is waving and smiling towards Westminster and Abby.)

Abby: *excited* Tomas and Carole! Hello!

(Westminster and Abby wave at Tomas as Abby begins speaking in narrative, zooming in on Tomas and Carole with the four owls surrounding them.)

Abby: *narrative, off screen* That's Tomas and Carole, our across the street neighbors. Well more like family, he's the brother I never had and she's like the sister. They wave at us as we come home every morning, such lovely and super friendly folks..

Tomas: Where is the Westminster Abby clan heading this morning?
Abby: Grandma and grandpa's house! How was the hunting trip for you guys?
Tomas: Great! We didn't catch anything but the only thing that matters is that we're in it as a family.

(The camera switches to Abby nodding in agreement as she looks to Westminster, who looks less frustrated than before and now has a smile forming on his face.)

Westminster: I hope I can become the type of man you are, Tomas. You sure are a great dad!

(The camera zooms out behind Westminster, showing Tomas smiling and giving off a quick salute with a wing.)

Tomas: You will be, Mr. Westminster! You will be.. just give it time, it comes with experience, you know?
Westminster: I don't doubt that one bit. Thank you!
Abby: Yes! Thank you so much Tomas, I really believe that!

(Westminster lets off a cough as Abby looks to him and then back to Tomas.)

Abby: We really need to go! The tots are getting impatient!
Tomas: *chuckling* We'll let you guys be on your way. Take care clan!

(Westminster gives a quick salute back as Abby smiles and waves to Tomas. Tomas, Carole and the other four owls wave as they head into their nest. The camera focuses back on Westminster, Abby and Tabansi who are once again prepared to take off from the edge of the nest.)

Westminster: Away we go!

(Westminster and Tabansi take off from the nest with Abby following them. They begin to take flight through the bright blue clear sky and are shown flying towards the sun, the light reflecting off of their bodies.)

Tabansi: *faintly heard, echoing* Mommy? Daddy?
Abby: *faintly heard, echoing* Yes dear?
Tabansi: *faintly heard, echoing* I forgot my macaroni drawings..

(Abby can be heard groaning aloud as they begin turning around and head back for the nest.)

Abby: *sarcastic, louder voice echoing* Nice going, big daddy..
Ally: *faintly heard, echoing* Big daddy!

(Abby, Ally and Tabansi can be heard giggling as the camera zooms away from them and goes flying over and under branches filled with luscious green leaves. The surrounding trees fly by in a blur and fly over city streets and by office buildings, coming to a stop on a patio with a gangly human hand shown resting on the left side of the screen on a worn out table with the back of the head of Isabella on the right side. A ring with a sterling silver skull with lit red eyes is shown glimmering as a male snicker is heard. The screen quickly goes to black, ending the scene.)

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Orinda Tarsa
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Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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The Woodlands Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:14 pm

Act I, Scene II: (Opens up to a view from a patio looking out at a huge patch of forest surrounded by a tall metal gate. A old worn out table top is in the lower middle of the screen with a dirty, gangly hand resting upon the left side of the table and on the right side of the screen is the back of Isabella.)

Walter Blackskull: *snickering* My dear Isabella, I just got me an idea..

(Isabella slowly walks across the table and nuzzles her head against the top of Walter Blackskull's hand. He raises it and strokes the top of her head, Isabella begins purring loudly.)

Walter Blackskull: A huge ranch for us and people paying me just to have the honor of building it. I'd be sitting on a gold mine!

(Isabella growls low in response. Walter Blackskull snickers.)

Walter Blackskull: Alright, alright.. WE'LL be sitting on a gold mine.. but we've got to get rid of that overgrown mess first. Protecting those rats with wings, I mean really! What have those birds ever done for us?

(Isabella nuzzles her head into Walter Blackskull's hand again, purring loudly and then flopping over on her side, lazily flicking her tail about.)

Walter Blackskull: But how to approach this? Hmm..

(A moment of silence passes as Walter Blackskull snaps his fingers. Isabella becomes startled by the snapping sound and jumps and hits her head on the palm of his hand.)

Walter Blackskull: I got it! I'll make those do-gooders at the Zoological Society an offer they can't refuse! And you'll help me, Isabella..

(Isabella lets off a curious mew as she nuzzles against Walter Blackskull's hand again, an evil smile forming on her face. Walter Blackskull strokes the cat's head gently as he snickers.)

Walter Blackskull: *grinning* Let's go have a talk with our friends, shall we?

(Isabella lets off a meow that sounds like a snicker. The screen transitions to the right front tire of a tan colored Jeep pulling up to a curb in the busy city. The right side door opens as Isabella comes leaping out, the left side door can be heard being opened and then shut. A worn out brown shoe covered in mud stops in front of the camera, slowly leaning up and showing Walter Blackskull rubbing his hands together greedily with his dark yellow teeth in a grin and gleaming in the sun. His eyes have a glint to them and are just underneath the brim of his khaki floppy hat.)

Walter Blackskull: Follow my lead, Isabella! That ranch will be ours!

(Isabella is heard letting off a happy meow off screen as the camera switches to Walter Blackskull entering through a glass revolving door with gold trim lining it. Holding Isabella in his arms, he walks up to a receptionist desk where Mrs. Pierce is sitting behind it, looking at a computer screen. The sound of typing can be lightly heard.)

Walter Blackskull: Excuse me, is the chair-board in?

(Mrs. Pierce is caught by surprise and jumps in reaction from his voice. She looks up, Walter Blackskull is leaning close to the edge of the desk while occasionally glancing at the wooden name tag on it that reads "Mellie Pierce" in large white print with Receptionist below it in a much smaller white print.)

Mrs. Pierce: I can't tell you that, sir. Do you have a scheduled appointment with a member?

(A cheesy innocent smile forms on Walter Blackskull's face.)

Walter Blackskull: Why no, Mrs. Pierce. It's a surprise visit..
Mrs. Pierce: I see. What's your name? I can attempt to page them and see if they're available?

(Walter Blackskull is becoming visibly frustrated. Isabella is still cuddled in his arms, looking around curiously.)

Walter Blackskull: It's Walter, but explain to me how can they expect a surprise visit if you let them know I'm here? There has to be another way, Mellie..

(Mrs. Pierce gives Walter a suspicious look.)

Mrs. Pierce: Walter.. first off, it's Mrs. Pierce.. second, why are you being so difficult about telling me why you need to see the board? You could at least give me a reason why..

(Walter Blackskull covers up a growl with a cheesy smile as he takes a step away from the desk and Mrs. Pierce.)

Walter Blackskull: I'm so sorry for being such a nuisance, Mellie. You're only trying to do your job, which you're doing in an absolutely fantastic manner by the way..

(Mrs. Pierce rolls her eyes a little as she tries to force a smile in response.)

Mrs. Pierce: *half frustrated* It's Mrs. Pierce, please.
Walter Blackskull: R-iiight.. Mrs. Pierce, I'll just go home and we can pretend you never saw me today. By the way, where's the closest bathroom?

(Mrs. Pierce points to the right of her desk to the left corner just ahead.)

Mrs. Pierce: First door past the corner, Walter.
Walter Blackskull: Could you keep an eye on Isabella for me?

(Mrs. Pierce nods as Walter Blackskull places Isabella on the desk. Isabella has a evil, sweet grin on her face as she lets off a mew and begins strutting around under Mrs. Pierce's chin, causing her tail to raise in the air and trail against it gently.)

Mrs. Pierce: *gushing* Of course! She's just a beautiful little lady!

(Walter Blackskull chuckles as he tips his hat towards Mrs. Pierce and turns the left corner quickly, disappearing from view but hiding up against the wall between the corner and the bathroom door. The camera stays focused on Isabella and Mrs. Pierce. Mrs. Pierce begins petting Isabella gently along the top of her back as Isabella turns around and waves her tail under Mrs. Pierce's nose, letting off a purple mist.)

Mrs. Pierce: *voice trailing off, ends with slurring* How can such a sweet cat belong to some.. some.. someee..

(Mrs. Pierce passes out at her desk with Isabella getting out from under her chin just in time for Mrs. Pierce's head to hit the desktop. Mrs. Pierce is out cold and gently snoring as Walter Blackskull peeks his head out around the corner and grins. Strutting up to the desk, he picks up Isabella and strokes her head gently, causing her to purr loudly while she still has a nasty smile on her face.)

Walter Blackskull: *grinning* Not only is she beautiful.. you could say she's a real knockout!

(Isabella is heard letting off what resembles a growl but sounds more like a snicker.)

Walter Blackskull: Continue on with our little plan, shall we my pet?

(Isabella nods with a grin on her face as the screen transitions to a brown wooden door that says in gold letters, "Conference Room". Walter's foot is shown kicking the door open, revealing a long wooden table with Allan Reyes seated at the head of the table closest to the back of the room, where a whiteboard is behind him. Benjamin Cain and Danny McCormick are seated next to each other on the left side of the table with Melinda Guzman and Sheri O'Brien seated across from them on the right side. There are papers and pens in front of each of them with a pitcher of orange juice sitting in the middle of the table with five small crystal clear glasses surrounding it. All five are dressed professionally with suits and dresses, Allan Reyes has an angry look on his face, the others have a open mouthed shocked look upon their faces as the camera then switches to Walter Blackskull standing in the doorway with Isabella in his arms. Walter Blackskull has a wide grin on his face.)

Walter Blackskull: Ladies and gentlemen! A moment of your time, hmm?

("Theme from Mission: Impossible" begins to play as the screen switches over to the roof of the building. Kendry is standing on the roof next to a light blue bag covered in red flames. She puts on thick black glasses, a blonde wig and a white Aerosmith T-Shirt. Pulling out a brown belt from the bag, she secures it around her waist and then pulls out a radio receiver, stethoscope and earphones and places the radio receiver in a wide open holster on the belt and places the stethoscope around her neck. Plugging in and putting on the headphones, she lastly takes three suction cup pads out of the bag, attaches one to each of her feet and one on her right wing tip. Climbing off of the edge of the roof, she suctions her feet to the lower part of the window below and suctions her right wing in place. Placing the stethoscope head against the glass window, the song ends. Screen switches back to a side view of the room, showing Kendry attached to the window with everyone seated at the table giving each other confused looks. Walter Blackskull is standing at the left end of the scene and Allan Reyes standing at the right end and head of the table.)

Allan Reyes: *angry* What the HELL are you doing?!
Walter Blackskull: *tsk tsking, sarcastic* Allan Reyes, now, now.. is that really how you address a concerned citizen?

(Allan Reyes leans down and picks up the phone that's next to his seat at the head of the table and is pressing the page button on it as he picks up the receiver while he continues to glare at Walter Blackskull. The others at the table are also giving Walter Blackskull a similar angry look.)

Allan Reyes: I don't know why you're here but I don't want your trouble, Mr. Blackskull. *muttering into the receiver* Come on, Mrs. Pierce.. pick up..
Walter Blackskull: *calmly* She's away from her desk, you could say. Don't waste your breath, Allan.
Allan Reyes: *snapping* It's Chairman Reyes! I'm calling security to escort you off the premises!

(Allan Reyes presses another clear button on the phone and is shown holding the receiver next to his ear as he doesn't take his stare off of Walter Blackskull.)

Walter Blackskull: Whatever, but please.. would you just hear me out? About my concern of the owls?

(Walter Blackskull has a cheesy pleading look on his face as Allan Reyes lets off a hesitant sigh. He hangs up the phone and continues to stand at the end of the table, watching Walter Blackskull wearily.)

Allan Reyes: *sighing* Fine. What is it, Walter?

(Walter Blackskull begins to pace back and forth, going halfway down the left side of the table, showing Kendry still attached to the window and listening behind him. Benjamin Cain and Danny McCormick are looking at him with relatively blank expressions while Allan Reyes is still visible standing at the head of the table.)

Walter Blackskull: I've got a deal that can benefit our city, this fabulous chair-board and those beloved beasts in the Woodlands.

(Benjamin Cain raises a finger in the air from his right hand as he is watching Walter Blackskull.)

Benjamin Cain: Owls.
Walter Blackskull: R-iight, Owls. Anyways, you're aware that some storms can take out trees easily, regardless of size, right?
Allan Reyes: Get to the point, Walter..
Walter Blackskull: Well here's the deal.. to save our precious Owls from being injured or killed by a fallen tree, we build them a brand new facility! An enclosure, where they cannot be harmed but still live freely! After it's built, we move the Owls and I cut down the trees, in which I'll pay you all very well for my services --
Allan Reyes: *stern* Absolutely no such thing will be done, Mr. Blackskull.

(Danny McCormick looks to Walter Blackskull with a stern expression as well.)

Danny McCormick: *suspicious* How do we know you aren't just in it for yourself, Mr. Blackskull?
Walter Blackskull: *innocent tone* Moi? These trees are for the people, chairman! Summer cabins! Fuel to keep fireplaces roaring and homes warm in the winter! Don't you think that's a fair trade to relocate those rats with wings?

(A closeup of Kendry stuck to the window shows a disgusted look on her face. Screen returns to everyone around the table. Melinda Guzman raises her hand up from the other side of the table. Allan Reyes motions a hand to her to wait.)

Allan Reyes: I appreciate your good intentions for the citizens, Walter, but we aren't doing any of that at the expense of the Owls.
Walter Blackskull: *innocent* But --

(The camera switches over to Melinda Guzman who is still seated.)

Melinda Guzman: The Woodlands are a protected area, Mr. Blackskull.

(The camera switches to Sheri O'Brien, seated.)

Sheri O'Brien: Plus so many species of Owls take home to it. If we take down the Woodlands, its almost certain that the Owls will fail to thrive anyplace else..

(The camera goes back to showing Allan Reyes standing at the right side of the screen and head of the table and Walter Blackskull standing on the far left with Kendry still shown stuck to the window and listening in. All goes quiet for a moment, Walter Blackskull lets off a cough as he gives off a shrug. Reyes and everyone at the table are watching him carefully.)

Walter Blackskull: *fake enthusiasm* I don't see myself winning this one, ladies and gents! The Woodlands and the smelly flying rodents are obviously in good hands with all of you running the show.
Allan Reyes: *frustrated* Owls.. once again, Mr. Blackskull. Now do you mind leaving so we can wrap up our meeting?
Walter Blackskull: Just one more thing, before I go Allan?

(Allan Reyes rolls his eyes and moans as the rest at the table keep their eyes focused on Walter Blackskull.)

Allan Reyes: *angry* It's CHAIRMAN REYES. Get it over with already, Walter!

(Walter Blackskull has a smile on his face as he walks over to the five glasses sitting on the table next to the pitcher of orange juice. Setting Isabella down on the table in front of him, he begins pouring the pitcher into each of the five glasses about 3/4 of the way full. Everyone else watches in confusion while Isabella struts around the glasses and the pitcher with her tail in the air, letting off a faint purple mist that floats above each of the glasses, the mist disappearing in less than a second. Walter Blackskull then raises the half empty pitcher in the air with his right hand.)

Walter Blackskull: I'd like to start a toast for you, the Zoological Society of London. May you continue to allow us to rest easy and may The Woodlands stand tall!

(Danny McCormick, Benjamin Cain, Sheri O'Brien, Melinda Guzman each grab a glass, glancing at each other in confusion. They meet their glasses with raised arms in the middle of the table as Allan Reyes hesitates a second to grab his glass but meets his arm with theirs as all the glasses clink together in a toast. Everyone takes a drink from their glass of orange juice and sets them back on the table with everyone now seated.)

Allan Reyes: Now leave before I call security! You've said enough, Walter..

(Walter Blackskull lets off a chuckle as he picks up Isabella into his arms. Walking towards the door, Melinda Guzman and Sheri O'Brien are heard yawning loudly. Giving a quick wave, Walter Blackskull leaves the room and closes the door behind him.)

Allan Reyes: *sleepily* Where.. were we now..

(Melinda Guzman and Sheri O'Brien are passed out in their seats snoring as Allan Reyes rests his head on the table and falls asleep himself. Danny McCormick and Benjamin Cain attempt to get up from their seats in concern but fall and hit their heads on their desk chairs, also falling asleep. The camera switches over to Kendry outside who is still stuck to the window as she's struggling to get her feet and wing detached from it.)

Kendry: *shocked* Gosh! Oh my gosh! Ugh, come off will ya?!

(Kendry struggles for a moment as she finally gets her wing and feet off of the window. Quickly pulling off the three suction cups , she looks around panicked and through the window one last time. Grabbing a hold of the ledge above and climbing onto the roof, she clumsily puts her gear away in the light blue bag and takes off hastily into the bright blue sky and is shown flying away from behind, slowly disappearing into it.)

Kendry: *distant shouting* Wait until the boss hears this!

(Screen switches to Walter Blackskull who is standing in front of the conference door as he is shown with a wide, sick grin. Isabella is purring and looking up at him with a similar grin on her face.)

Walter Blackskull: Come this time Sunday, Isabella.. the Woodlands and those pesky birds will be history!

(Walter Blackskull walks off screen letting off an evil cackle with Isabella heard doing one as well. The screen quickly goes to black.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:16 pm

Act I, Scene III: (Overhead view of Westminster, Abby and Tabansi flying next to each other. Ally is clinging to Abby's back as they are flying over trees and other shrubbery below them, the early afternoon sun is reflecting off of their feathers. The faint sound of other birds chirping can be heard in the background.)

Tabansi: *echoing* Are we there yet?
Abby: *echoing* No dear, not quite.

(The screen is now in facial view, showing some blue sky and tree tops below all of them passing by quickly. Westminster and Abby have focused looks on their faces while Tabansi is flying to Abby's right, looking around curiously while occasionally peeking over at Westminster.)

Tabansi: *curious* How about now?
Westminster: No bud. We'll be there soon..

(Ally peeks her head over Abby's head-feathers and lets off a giggle.)

Ally: *perky* How about now? How about now?

(Abby gives Westminster a quick glance as she chuckles.)

Abby: He takes after you more, it's your fault!
Westminster: *muttering* Yeah yeah, blame the man. Sees how you are..

(Abby lets off a quiet snicker as they fly for a moment without saying a word. Westminster looks over to Abby with a worried expression on his face.)

Westminster: I think your dad hates me, Abby.

(Abby looks over at Westminster and laughs.)

Abby: *laughing* Oh come on now..
Westminster: *stern* No, seriously. Every time we get together, he's all happy-pappy with you and the kids but when it comes to me he goes *sneering voice* hello Westminster, how's she?
Abby: *sighing* That's my dad showing that he cares, dude. You're just taking it wrong..
Westminster: *frustrated* I'm not taking it wrong! It's --

(Abby glares at Westminster.)

Abby: *sighing* Not in front of the kids, please. Anyways, we're almost there. You'll see hon.. really, believe me on this one..
Westminster: *muttering* Alright, fine..

(Westminster, Abby and Tabansi make a right turn and are approaching a large old oak tree that is covered in vibrant green leaves. There is a red wooden door with a viewing window at the top of it shaped in a half circle. Next to the door hangs a gas lamp that is unlit. All three of them land on the long branch leading up to the door and make their way up to it. Abby knocks on it three times as Westminster gives her an uncertain look. Abby gives him a quick smile as she takes Ally off of the back of her head and cradles her inside her wings. The door is opened and reveals Bonita and Forte on the other side.)

Abby: *smiling* Hey mom!

(Westminster smiles at Bonita and Forte as Ally leaps out of Abby's wings with Tabansi running behind her. Ally and Tabansi are trying to jump into Bonita and Forte's wings frantically as they giggle, causing Bonita and Forte to both let off a chuckle.)

Bonita: My baby girl! Hello Westminster! So good to see you, honey!
Westminster: *smiling* Always a pleasure, Bonita!

(Forte is trying to give Westminster a stern look but is bombarded in hugs from Tabansi, about falling over. He chuckles and looks to Bonita.)

Forte: *chuckling* Trading off grand children in 3..2..1..

(Ally is smothering herself in Bonita's wings as she looks to Forte and giggles, handing the squirming Ally to him as he attempts to detach the clinging Tabansi and scoot him over to her.)

Bonita: Please, come on in and lets settle down! We'll have dinner ready in about forty-five minutes..

(Abby hugs Bonita tightly with the squirming Tabansi thrashing about under her wings and then moves to Forte and gives him an equally big hug as Ally struggles under her wings, muffled.)

Abby: *whispering* I hope daddy is behaving!

(Forte winks and chuckles as he nuzzles close to Abby, with Ally fighting through his wing feathers for attention. Abby giggles in response.)

Forte: Someone has to keep this household in check, you know..

(Bonita is giving Westminster a hug as she looks over to Forte and rolls her eyes.)

Bonita: *grinning* Mhm.. me, of course!

(Abby giggles in response as she takes Tabansi and Ally off of Forte and Bonita's hands. Westminster is released from Bonita's hug as he extends a wing to Forte and smiles to him.)

Westminster: Hey dad! How are you doing sir?
Forte: *stern* Hello Westminster. How is she?
Westminster: *nervous laugh* Um.. Abby? She's great.. but more importantly, how's my dear ol' father-in-law?

(Forte has a disapproving frown on his face as he stares at Westminster in response. Westminster is trying not to look discouraged as Abby is getting pulled off screen by Tabansi and Ally. She gives Westminster a quick nudge and smiles to him thoughtfully.)

Abby: He'll bond with you better at dinner.. trust me!

(Abby lets out a giggling scream as she's pulled off her feet by Tabansi and Ally as they disappear off screen. Bonita gives Westminster one more quick hug and runs off screen after Abby and the children. Westminster and Forte are still standing in the lobby as Westminster tries to keep a smile.)

Westminster: So um Forte.. we're all chillin' in the living room til dinner?

(Forte crosses his wings and glares at Westminster, letting off a sigh. Westminster coughs nervously as he exits the screen with Forte closing the door and starting the screen transition over to everyone sitting in the dining room at a long table with Bonita and Forte sitting at the far head of it. The room is lined with more gas lamps as they give off a gentle yellow glow with pictures of Bonita, Forte, Abby, Tabansi and Ally between each lamp in elegant gold frames. Abby and Ally are sitting on the left side close to Bonita while Westminster is sitting on the right side with Tabansi, close to Forte. The table is loaded with all sorts of Thanksgiving like dishes like cranberries, corn, mashed potatoes and yams. In the center of it all is a giant fried rat with an apple in its mouth. Everyone is eating from the plates in front of them and stopping to look at each other in turns to talk.)

Abby: So daddy.. how's work going?
Forte: *small smile* Great, my sweet daughter.. things are going great for you, yes?
Abby: *smiling* Of course, daddy! Just being kept busy with the tots, you know!

(Abby coughs aloud as Forte looks to her in wonder. Westminster looks up as he lets off a big smile.)

Westminster: Hear any interesting news on the radio lately, Forte?

(Forte looks to Westminster and nods lightly.)

Forte: There's always interesting news, Westminster. I didn't know you were one to listen to news radio.

(Forte has an interested expression on his face, almost a smile. Westminster still has a big smile on his.)

Westminster: You could say that! I actually get most of my news off the internet.
Forte: *surprised* Oh?
Westminster: *narration begins, relieved tone* At last! Breaking the ice..

(Bonita looks up from her meal and gives Westminster a soft smile.)

Bonita: That's wonderful dear! Media is progressing so much these days..

(Westminster is smiling even more as Forte then gives Bonita a quick angry glance. He then focuses on Westminster with a disgusted glare in his eyes.)

Forte: Then you're certainly aware that anything posted on the internet is never true, right?

(Westminster loses his smile and becomes a bit nervous as he tries to keep eye contact with Forte, feeling a bit small.)

Westminster: *nervous* W-well some of it m-might be false --
Forte: *angered* It's ALL false, boy!
Westminster: *narration ends, disappointed tone* Or not..

(Abby has a worried look on her face as Bonita is trying to comfort Forte. Forte continues to glare angrily at Westminster. Westminster is trying even harder to remain small with an increasingly nervous look on his face as Tabansi and Ally watch Forte wide eyed and on the verge of tears.)

Bonita: *softly* Forte, dear.. he's welcome to his own views --
Abby: Mom's right.. please dad, lets just enjoy dinner..
Forte: *angry* That internet is for the lazy generation! I mean for Pete's sake..
Bonita: *softly* I know, dear.. lets discuss it privately and just have a wonderful night.. as a family, please..

(Forte throws his wings up in the air and lets off a sigh. Bonita and Abby look to him assuringly and smile.)

Forte: *sighing* Alright, fine. No more, let's just eat.

(Forte returns to eating along with Abby and Bonita. Forte occasionally looks up and sneaks a nasty glare at Westminster, returning to his meal. Abby looks to Westminster and gives him a worried shrug. Screen transitions to Westminster, Abby and Tabansi standing out on the large branch outside the door. It is now nightfall as the lamp by the door casts a light over them with Forte and Bonita standing inside the doorway, waving. Bonita has a smile on her face with Forte seeming to force one.)

Abby: Thank you so much for having us, mom and dad! We had a wonderful time!

(Westminster is trying hard not to look upset as Tabansi is tugging on his right wing, watching Bonita and Forte with pleading eyes.)

Tabansi: Do we really have to go home? I want to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa!

(Ally is clinging to the back of Abby's head as she peeks her head out from the right side of her neck with curious eyes.)

Ally: Grandma and Grandpa stay?

(Bonita and Forte let off chuckles as Abby also chuckles, turning her head to Ally.)

Abby: No baby. Grandma and Grandpa need to rest, we'll see them tomorrow.

Tabansi and Ally: Aww, momma!
Bonita: Have a safe trip home you two! Spoil my grand children for me until next time!

(Abby lets off a giggle as she makes sure Ally is holding on tightly to her.)

Abby: We'll cut out some of the hard work for you, mom! Don't you worry!

(Bonita smiles softly as she and Forte wave. Closing the door gently in front of them, they disappear from the screen. Abby looks to Westminster with an assuring look as she prepares to take off. Westminster gives her a solemn nod as Tabansi climbs onto his back, clinging tightly. Westminster takes off, with Abby doing the same and quickly catching up with him. They are now shown flying from a front facial view with the forest flying past them on the left and right, with the moonlight reflecting off of their feathers. Westminster has an upset look on his face with nothing more to say. Abby lets off a sad sigh as they continue to fly, the screen fading to black and ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:19 pm

Act I, Scene IV: (About ten minutes has gone by since the end of the last scene, it is still dark outside. Westminster and Abby are shown landing at their nest, gathering around the kitchen table. Tabansi climbs off of Westminster's back as Ally climbs off of Abby's back. They both start running around the legs of the table, giggling.)

Abby: *upset* You can talk, you know?
Westminster: *upset* About what..

(Abby kneels down to Tabansi and Ally's level as they stop running around the table and look at her.)

Abby: *softly* You two go play on the other end of the nest. Me and your daddy need to talk..
Ally and Tabansi: *cheerfully* Yes momma!

(Ally and Tabansi run off screen, Abby sits at the table and motions Westminster to sit down next to her with a wing. Westminster reluctantly sits down and places the tip of his left and right wing over her wing, looking in her eyes with hurt showing.)

Abby: *low voice, upset* About my dad. I know he wasn't being fair to you..
Westminster: *raising voice, upset* That's an understatement! He was on my tail feathers the whole time and did you see those looks he gave me?!
Abby: *low voice* Shh, shh, shhhh.. I saw them, my dad is just being protective.. you know how he can be, Westy..
Westminster: *medium voice, sarcastic* Oh, do I..

(Abby places her other wing over both of the wing tips of Westminster's, looking into his eyes assuringly.)

Abby: Let me talk to my dad and see if he'll lighten up.. okay babe?
Westminster: *sighing* Okay. For the record, did I do anything wrong tonight?
Abby: *assuring* No babe..

(Abby gets up from her seat and gives Westminster a kiss on the cheek and sets a red dress tie on top of his head, giggling. Westminster can't help but smile a little, reaching for the tie.)

Abby: So please, let's put all this in the back of our mind and just have a nice supper date with our friends.. for me?

(Westminster lets off a smile as he puts on the red dress tie. He kisses Abby quickly on the lips.)

Westminster: *smiling* Alright, but for you only..

(Just as Abby is grabbing a jade green flower off the table to put just under her right ear, Wynter is shown flying in and landing on the nest. She has a brown felt bag that is tied to a belt that is fitted around her waist.)

Wynter: I'm here!
Abby: Wynter!
Wynter: Abby!

(Westminster waves at Wynter and gives her a smile. Rustling can be heard from the other side of the nest.)

Wynter: Hey Westy!
Ally: *off screen, curious* Auntie?
Tabansi: *off screen, excited* Auntie Wynter!

(Abby and Wynter give each other a hug as Abby wisely and quickly steps aside, letting Wynter get pummeled and tackled by Tabansi and Ally. Abby giggles as she looks down at Wynter, Wynter has a big grin on her face as she's swarmed by the children.)

Abby: I think somebody is excited to see you!
Wynter: Why wouldn't they be? I am the greatest aunt in the world, you know!

(Westminster gets up from his chair and stands next to Abby, looking ready to leave.)

Westminster: We really should get going, hon..
Abby: I know, I know. One more thing, Wynter?

(Wynter has one wing around Tabansi and the other around Ally as they squirm around trying to get away. She looks to Abby with a curious expression on her face.)

Abby: Don't let the tots set spells on each other and please.. no scary stories!
Wynter: Got it, chief!

(Wynter gives Abby a wink as Tabansi and Ally break free from Wynter's wings and are now pulling her back and forth in a tug-o-war type of way. Abby chuckles in response.)

Wynter: Have a great night you two!

(Westminster and Abby wave at Tabansi, Ally and Wynter then proceed to take off from the nest, disappearing off screen. Wynter is now shown sitting on the ground as she manages to get her left wing away from Tabansi, reaching inside the bag and pulling out a book.)

Wynter: *excitedly* Who's ready for Jack the Ripper!
Ally and Tabansi: Yay!

(The screen slides over in transition, showing Jayson and Porter sitting on a couch inside a tree playing what resembles Mortal Kombat X. Deirdre is tapping her foot impatiently as she watches them with Ellie, who is a toddler and this is symbolized by a light purple cloth diaper she wears, clinging to her leg and yelling.)

Ellie: *yelling* The wheels on the bus go ROUND and ROUND! Round, round, ROUND!
Deirdre: Jayson! Turn that thing off and make Porter go away! We'll be late for our triple date!

(Jayson waves off Deirdre as he goes back to mashing buttons wildly. Porter gives Deirdre a quick glance then back to the game and his controller, also mashing buttons.)

Jayson: Just a moment! I'm trying to light Porter on fire..

(Deirdre watches the game impatiently with Ellie still clinging to her leg, yelling.)

Ellie: *yelling* Wheel on the bus go ROUND and ROUND! All through the town!
Deirdre: Are you that Scorpion guy?

(Jayson does a button combination on his controller as the television screen shows Scorpion lighting Sub-Zero on fire. "Fatality" appears on the screen in blood red lettering as Porter lets off a growl. Jayson looks at Deirdre with a look of disbelief.)

Jayson: *shocked* Scorpion.. guy?

(Deirdre shrugs as Jayson does a facepalm. Porter is looking around the couch for something.)

Porter: *frustrated sigh* Where's the instruction manual? That move doesn't work when I try it.. I'm SO confused right now.

(Jayson pulls out a book from behind him and throws it at Porter, hitting him in the face. The title on the book cover says "The Woodlands Rough Draft". Porter growls.)

Jayson: HUH? It doesn't work cuz you suck.

(Porter is rolling his eyes as he has an unamused look on his face.)

Porter: That's hil-arrrrrr-ious..

(Deirdre walks over to the television and powers off the game console. Jayson gets up and puts his controller on top of the television, grabbing Porter's as well. Porter just sits on the couch all stretched out and relaxed as Deirdre is tapping her foot again.)

Jayson: Get your dork butt outta here, we gotta go.
Porter: *yawning* Sure thing, my dude.

(Porter continues to lazily stretch himself out on the couch as Deirdre is shown rubbing her temple, sighing. Ellie is still clinging to her leg and yelling louder than ever.)

Deirdre: *muttering* I can't take this anymore, it's giving me a headache..

(Porter gets up from the couch as Jayson meets up with him and gives him a quick fist bump with a wing.)

Jayson: Here, take two of these.

(Jayson has a white bottle of pills in his other wing as he pours two yellow tablets onto Porter's extended wing. Porter looks down at them in awe.)

Porter: Ah. Nuprin.

(The screen goes black and white showing the colorized yellow tablets on Porter's wing.)

Porter: Little, yellow, different.

(Screen goes back to Deirdre as she has a frustrated look on her face. Jayson and Porter are standing next to each other grinning.)

Deirdre: Porter. Go home!
Porter: *whining* Give me a minute.. geez Deirdre!

(A knock can be heard on the front door.)

Deirdre: That's Mrs. Redd. Let her in please!

(Jayson walks up to the front door and is about to open it when Deirdre can be heard yelling in frustration. Porter goes flying in screen, screaming in fear as he crashes head first into the door, crumpling to the floor with yellow stars floating/circling above his head.)

Jayson: *sarcastic* Damn it, Porter. You're always in the way.

(Jayson kicks Porter out from in front of the door, causing Porter to let out an semi-conscious "oof" sound and slides into the closet door just to the left. Jayson opens the door revealing Mrs. Redd talking on her cellphone while holding what appears to be clothing bags in the other wing. She appears to be angry.)

Mrs. Redd: *angry* A car show?!

(Jayson is watching wide eyed as Deirdre walks up beside him, watching Mrs. Redd's reaction with a concerned expression.)

Jayson: *timid* Um.. Mrs. Redd?

(Mrs. Redd doesn't notice Jayson and continues to talk on the cellphone.)

Mrs. Redd: *angry* My baby boy is leaving the nest in six freakin' months, tomorrow's our freakin' anniversary and the best freakin' idea you can come up with is me leaving him at home and going with you to a freakin' car show?!
Deirdre: *concerned* Is everything alright, Mrs. Redd?
Mrs. Redd: *angry* Way to go, you freakin --

(Mrs. Redd looks up and notices Jayson and Deirdre standing in front of her. She gives them an apologetic smile.)

Mrs. Redd: *whispers to Deirdre* Hold on, doll.. *upset tone, talking to cellphone* Forget about it! You're causing me a scene here in front of sweet Jayson and Deirdre! Good BYE!

(Mrs. Redd hangs up the phone and shoves it back in her purse. Jayson and Deirdre are looking to her in concern while Ellie is looking up at Mrs. Redd, confused.)

Deirdre: Come on in, Mrs. Redd. Are you okay?

(Jayson and Deirdre move out of the center of the doorway to give Mrs. Redd room. She walks in and gives Deirdre a light hug.)

Mrs. Redd: Oh, just another argument with Mr. Redd.. don't worry about it, honey! *nervous laugh*

(Jayson shrugs as Deirdre hugs Mrs. Redd back.)

Deirdre: There's food in the fridge if your hungry and there's drinks too. We'll be back in about two hours or so.
Mrs. Redd: I might need a big drink.. *long nervous laugh* but anyways, let me get the clinger off you so you two kids can have a wonderful evening!
Jayson: *worried* Are you SURE you're okay?

(Deirdre has an irritated look on her face as she slugs Jayson in the shoulder. He looks at her with a scowl as Mrs. Redd is now cradling Ellie in her left wing and pushing Jayson and Deirdre out the door with the other.)

Mrs. Redd: *somewhat bothered* I'm fine! Now go out and have yourselves a great time!

(The camera switches to Jayson and Deirdre standing outside their front door as it closes behind them. They shrug in confusion and walk off screen wing in wing. The door opens one more time, showing Porter being thrown out the door screaming. The door slams shut as the screen slides over in transition showing Monica and Rhyser sitting on a couch on their nest. Monica is putting purple and pink flowers in her head-feathers and Rhyser is attaching a dress tie. Lil Monie is sitting down in front of the couch watching the television, colors from it reflecting off of her face and feathers faintly.)

Monica: *smiling* Remember to be on your best behavior for the babysitter, Monie..

(Lil Monie turns her head left and looks at Monica with an innocent smile.)

Lil Monie: I will, mommy!

(Monica smiles as she kisses Lil Monie on the forehead, causing her to giggle. Lil Monie turns her attention back to the television.)

Monica: She's a sweet lady! I know you'll love her, my little one..
Rhyser: *curious* Is this the same sweet lady some of you called the ole battle axe at the Academy?

(Monica slugs Rhyser in the shoulder, letting off a giggle.)

Monica: To Superintendent Akilah's face? Oh heck no!

(Rhyser is rubbing his shoulder as Akilah gracefully lands to the left of the couch. Monica gets off the couch and hugs Akilah gently while Rhyser gets off and gives her a polite smile and wave.)

Akilah: Hello dears! You look so stunning for your date!
Rhyser: Hello Elder Battle -- err Akilah. Thank you, Monica especially!

(Monica slugs Rhyser in the shoulder again as Rhyser rubs it rolling his eyes. Lil Monie looks up at Akilah curiously. Akilah smiles gently to her.)

Akilah: Do you like stories, little Monie?
Lil Monie: *gushing* Oh, yes! Very much so! Especially about animal spirits!

(Lil Monie is bouncing with excitement as Monica and Rhyser smile at Lil Monie. Monica hugs Akilah one more time.)

Monica: We'll be back in a bit. You two have fun!

(Lil Monie and Akilah wave as Monica and Rhyser take off from the nest. The screen switches to Westminster and Abby seated on a bench in the lobby of a Chili's Restaurant. Monica and Rhyser walk through the glass entrance door shown in the middle of screen, causing Westminster and Abby to leap up from the bench on the left side of the screen. Westminster and Rhyser high five each other and shake hands as Abby and Monica embrace each other in a hug.)

Abby: *gushing* Great to see you guys!
Monica: For sure! The social life sure isn't what it used to be after the children!
Abby: *happy sigh* They're such a blessing though..

(Monica, Rhyser and Westminster all nod in agreement. They are standing in the middle of the lobby.)

Rhyser: *curious* Jayson and Deirdre running late?
Abby: Might be. I haven't heard from them yet.

(Jayson and Deirdre come through the glass doors, with Deirdre hurriedly dragging Jayson in by the back of his neck with her left wing.)

Monica: *laughing* How did that work?
Abby: Deirdre! Jayson! You guys made it!

(Deirdre is breathing heavily as she releases Jayson and drops him on his butt. She shakes her head and sighs in frustration.)

Jayson: *whining* Ow! What was that for?

(Deirdre hugs Abby and lets off a growl. Abby chuckles in response as Westminster and Rhyser walk over to Jayson, helping him up and then exchanging fist pumps.)

Abby: *chuckling* What?
Deirdre: *growling* His boy friend held us up! Otherwise we would of been here earlier..

(Monica giggles in response. Jayson dusts himself off and stands by Deirdre, dusting her wings off. Westminster rejoins Abby as Rhyser rejoins Monica.)

Jayson: *mumbling* Porter is my piece of garbage, not my "boyfriend"..

(Abby hides a giggle behind her wings as Deirdre rolls her eyes.)

Deirdre: *sarcastic* How often you guys hang out together, I can't see the difference..

(Jayson is about to respond back but is interrupted by Abby.)

Abby: Guys, we can talk about that another time. Let's sit down and eat as best friends!

(Everyone else agrees as a female tan owl in a "Chili's" black vest approaches them and motions them to follow her. Westmisnter, Abby, Monica, Rhyser, Jayson and Deirdre arrive at a round table and sit down, each as a couple. The female tan owl looks at everyone with a smile.)

Female Tan Owl: Can I start you guys off with drinks?
Abby: *smiling* I'll start with a water. How about you all?

(Everyone else agrees to water. The Female Tan Owl hands out some menus and disappears from the scene.)

Deirdre: I wonder how Ellie is doing..

(Jayson looks to her and shrugs as the scene cuts to Mrs. Redd shown sitting on the couch from a facial view. The bright light of the television is reflecting off her face and eyes as the sounds from a soap opera play. Ellie is shown sitting to her right, wiggle dancing in her seat. Mrs. Redd is teary eyed.)

Mrs. Redd: *sobbing* Eric is supposed to be with Donna! Don't leave him, Donna!

(Her cellphone rings as she picks it up, turning the volume on the television down. Ellie is watching Mrs. Redd curiously.)

Mrs. Redd: *curious* Hello? *angry* You got your foot stuck in a WHAT?!

(She sighs for a moment.)

Mrs. Redd: *frustrated sigh* Alright, fine. This is how you get it out..

(The scene switches back to everyone at Chili's as the camera moves to Monica and Rhyser, who are cuddling next to each other. Monica lets off a happy sigh.)

Monica: I know our Monie is having a blast! Akilah is ALWAYS on high alert!

(The scene cuts to Akilah sitting on the couch passed out and snoring. Lil Monie is painting Akilah's claws with pink paint and giggling. The scene returns to everyone at Chili's.)

Abby: *somewhat frustrated* Guys! Our tots are in the best of hands, stop wondering about them!

(Monica and Deirdre nod in agreement as Vlady, an older pudgy male vulture, walks up in a "Chili's" black vest and gives everyone a fake grin.)

Vlady: *proper* You ladies and gentlemen ready to order?
Abby: Yes, I'll take the Meal for 2 with the Just Rodent Burger as the first entree and the second entree..

(She looks to Westminster who looks up at Vlady absently.)

Westmisnter: Make that two Just Rodents, please.
Vlady: Alright. For the other two couples?

(Deirdre looks up from her menu blankly.)

Deirdre: We'll do that Meal for 2 also. I'd like the grilled rodent salad.
Jayson: I'll take the hottest thing you've got!

(Vlady has a sly grin forming on his face as he looks to Jayson.)

Vlady: *grinning* The Grilled Cajun Reaper Rodent? Aren't we brave.. so the final couple?

(Rhyser looks to Vlady and gives him both his and Monica's menu.)

Rhyser: We'll both do that Meal for 2 also. Two Pecan Rodent Salads please.

(Monica nods in agreement and cuddles gently against his shoulder, causing Rhyser to smile in response.)

Vlady: Very good.. your food will be out shortly, nobody wants to DIE of starvation by waiting forever, right?

(Everybody at the table laughs heartily as Vlady takes the menus from the table and leaves the scene. Westminster and Abby watch him walk away and do a double take, with shocked expressions on their faces.)

Westminster: Is that..?!
Abby: It CAN'T be!
Deirdre: *shrugging* There's so many of us in the world, one of them is bound to look alike..

(Westminster and Abby hesitate then nod in agreement as River can be heard talking in the booth to their right. Abby is looking around with an expression that says she's heard this voice before.)

Abby: *surprised* Does anybody else hear River?
Monica and Deirdre: *confused* River?!
Jayson: Is that the stuck up rich chick that went to the Academy with us?
Westminster: *snickering* The snow queen?

(Abby slugs Westminster hard in the shoulder as he looks at her confused.)

Abby: Shh! She can probably hear us, you know?

(Westminster and Jayson try to keep an innocent look on their faces as Deirdre tries to keep a kind smile on hers.)

River: *off screen* ABBY?!

(The camera switches to River sitting in a booth with another group of owls across the way from the group. She's waving and trying to get Abby's attention. Abby is shown with a shocked expression in her face, somewhat excited.)

Abby: River! What the heck are you doing here?

(Deirdre, Jayson and Westminster give off a cheesy wave and smile as River waves back halfheartedly.)

River: I'm with my friends reminiscing about memories of the Feathery Haven Ward! You know, where all of us were born?

(Abby is trying to hide an uncertain look on her face as River looks her in the eyes.)

Abby: *uncertain* Right.. I remember that place..
River: What's your favorite memory?

(Abby coughs nervously and looks away from River and back towards Westminster.)

Abby: *muttering* I wasn't umm.. born there..

(River gets up from her seat at the booth with a sympathetic expression on her face and taps Abby on the shoulder. Westminster, Deirdre and Monica watch River wearily.)

River: There's no shame in that! Where were you born, Abby?
Abby: *ashamed* I was.. born in captivity with my parents..

(River has a stunned look on her face as Abby tries to stay turned away from her, tears starting to show.)

River: *shocked* You.. you've got to be kidding me right? The second most popular girl in school, well me being first of course.. was some human's pet?!

(Abby turns around angrily and about strikes River across the face with a wing. Deirdre, Westminster and Monica just about get out of their seats, pissed off.)

Abby: *upset* I'm not anybody's pet! My father broke his wing, they brought my mother in with him --
River: *mocking* No excuse! You aren't one of us, Abby! Wait until I tell everybody in this establishment you're a complete and total fraud!

(Deirdre and Monica get up from their seat blowing smoke out of their beaka angrily as Abby motions a wing telling them to stay put.)

Abby: *upset* Go ahead.. y-you over pompous, sorry excuse sack of bones! I dare you! I've got real friends who DON'T care about that!

(River sticks her tongue out in response to Abby then struts away, walking around the restaurant.)

River: *shouting* Hey guys, guess what? Abby's a human's pet! Abby's a human's pet!

(Some birds in the restaurant are heard chuckling and giggling. Deirdre, Jayson, Monica and Rhyser all get up from their seats and take turns hugging Abby around the neck and patting her on the back. Westminster sneaks in a kiss on her cheek. Abby is visibly angry and upset at the same time.)

Westminster: *assuring* Ignore her, baby. She's just full of herself..
Deirdre: Westminster's right.. screw her, Abby! We've got your back!
Monica: Absolutely! We're your real friends!

(Abby snuggles into their hugs and kisses Westminster in return on the cheek. She begins to smile.)

Abby: *smiling* I've got the best friends in the whole world! I love you guys so much!
Rhyser: It doesn't matter where your from, Abby. We wouldn't want you any other way than you are now.
Jayson: *sarcastic* I wonder how someone with as big of a head as hers can fit it on screen..

(Everyone in the group laughs in response as they continue to stand by Abby.)

Abby: That doesn't matter. All that matters is we're together and I think I hear the food coming!

(Deirdre, Jayson, Monica and Rhyser sit back down at their seats as Female Tan Owl arrives at the table with a tray full of food. She places the dishes on the table and smiles to the group.)

Female Tan Owl: Anything else you guys need?
Abby: I think we're covered, thank you!
Female Tan Owl: Your welcome. Enjoy!

(Female Tan Owl walks off the scene.)

Abby: Everything looks so good! Dig in, everyone!

(Everyone but Jayson and Deirdre begins eating. The camera switches to them with Deirdre having a stern look on her face as she looks to Jayson.)

Deirdre: Remember to eat with your mouth shut. You know what happens when you don't!

(Abby, Westminster, Monica and Rhyser all laugh.)

Jayson: *mumbling* I'm not a little kid. I always eat with my mouth shut!
Deirdre: *rolling eyes* Sure thing, Sylvester..

(The four laugh again as Jayson and Deirdre begin eating.)

Deirdre: So what's your plans for this week, everybody?
Jayson: *mouth full* Working, playing video games --

(A reaper seed flies out of Jayson's mouth, getting in Deirdre's left eye. She covers her left eye immediately with her left wing, angry.)

Deirdre: *angry* Jayson! I told you so!

(Jayson looks to her with a mouthful of food and an apologetic expression as Deirdre smacks him in the head then gets up from her seat.)

Abby: *concerned* We need to go rinse that out, Deeds..
Monica: I'll go with you guys, I might have something to help with the burning..

(Monica gets up from her seat as she and Deirdre meet with Abby. Abby and Monica walk Deirdre out of the scene. Jayson finishes chewing his mouthful as he looks to Westminster and Rhyser.)

Jayson: Hey! You wanna hear something screwed up?

(Westminster and Rhyser lean across the table listening.)

Westminster and Rhyser: *curious* What?
Jayson: When Deirdre and I first met, I about facepalmed both of us..
Rhyser: How come?
Jayson: She thought Link was Zelda!

(Westminster and Rhyser both facepalm as Jayson shakes his head, sighing.)

Westminster: Who the hell would make that mistake?
Rhyser: Her, obviously.
Jayson: *low voice* Shh, guys. They're back..

(Westminster turns in his seat and waves along with Rhyser and Jayson. Deirdre comes back on screen with Abby and Monica. Giving both of them a quick hug, Deirdre sits down, followed by Abby and Monica sitting back in their seats. The sound fades out as they're shown laughing and eating.)

Abby: *narrating* Times like these with the best of friends last forever. However, we were less than 36 hours away from the scare of our lives that would test the strength that bonds..

(The screen slowly fades to black, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:20 pm

Act II, Scene I: (Break room at "Wiser Encyclopedias". Two long white plastic tables are in the center of the room with matching plastic white benches. The walls are white and filled with posters about Encyclopedia sales information and facts. Westminster is sitting towards the end of the right side of the bench on the left side of the table closest to the wall with Manwar, with a bunch of books in front of him, sitting across from him on the right. "Saturday: 7 P.M." appears on the screen in white font then disappears five seconds later.)

Westminster: *relieved* Two hours to go! I bet you can't wait, eh Manwar?

(Manwar yawns as he takes his wing tips off of the braille in a book he's working on.)

Manwar: *bored* If I can stay awake that long.. all these figures are putting me to sleep..
Westminster: *surprised* I thought you liked math, though? I mean, you ARE the company accountant.
Manwar: *sighing* If it didn't make my wings and my brain go numb from its incredibly, earth shaking, body rocking monotony.. I'd have the greatest job on the planet.
Westminster: In other words, you can't win?
Manwar: Yeah, pretty much.
Westminster: I see now.
Manwar: *shrugging* At least one of us can. For me, it's nothing more than a grand illusion.. pick up sticks.

(Westminster has a thoughtful expression on his face as Klemens enters the break room.)

Klemens: *half-excited* It's Miller Time!

(Westminster looks to Klemens, confused. Klemens lets off a laugh as he walks up to Westminster and slaps him on the back.)

Klemens: You know.. two hours until beer-thirty?
Westminster: Ahh, yeah.

(Klemens sits down to the left of Westminster with a can of soda in hand, taking a sip and placing it down on the table. He then waves to Manwar.)

Klemens: Manwar! What's up, main man?
Manwar: *sighing* Dying of boredom. You don't have to wave, Klemens.. not like I can see you..
Klemens: Um, yeah. Right, I forgot.. so anyways, have you two heard of The Daily Beak Podcast?
Manwar: Of course I have, I listen to it every week.
Westminster: Can't say I've heard of it, but then the podcasts I've seen bore me to death.
Klemens: You really should listen to The Daily Beak, Westminster! There's never a boring moment in his podcasts..
Manwar: Always a step ahead of the media outlets, too. He's pretty impressive, in my opinion.

(Westminster has a thoughtful expression as Klemens takes another sip of his drink then gets up from his seat.)

Klemens: So true, Manwar! I'm surprised you haven't heard of him, Westminster.. after all, he went to the Academy with us!
Westminster: *curious* Really? Who was he?
Klemens: I gotta get back to work, I'll tell you later. Listen to his interview on K-WOO at 11 P.M. tonight, I heard it's an exclusive!

(Westminster shrugs and gives Klemens a quick wave as he exits the scene. Manwar is tracing his wing tips over his braille book again.)

Manwar: I heard it'll shake up the Woodlands. I'm definitely tuning in, Westminster.

(Westminster thinks for a moment and shrugs to himself.)

Westminster: *curious* I'll give him a listen.. but who is The Daily Beak?

(The screen quickly switches to the next scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:21 pm

Act II, Scene II: (The camera is focused on a large, oak tree branch and showing a set of owl talons. The camera moves up and shows a black leather jacket with a wolf patch on the left and right of the collar. Zooming out, it turns out to be Blacky Wolfbane wearing sunglasses with Mrs. Cotton standing to his left with eyeglasses hanging towards the middle of her beak. Various owls are walking by the left and right side of both of them with an occasional owl flying overhead. There is a lot of noise, mostly of incoherent chatter from the various owls. "Friday: About 8 P.M." shows on the screen in white bold font, disappearing in about five seconds.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *calm* Miss Cotton, we're still on for my 9:15 party at the bar tonight. Mark that down.

(Mrs. Cotton is holding her iPad with her left wing as she writes something with her right wing tip.)

Mrs. Cotton: Yes, sir. You're verified on the calendar, as requested.
Blacky Wolfbane: Excellent. Let's roll in and get the daily reports.
Mrs. Cotton: Yes, sir.

(Just as they begin walking, a voice is heard from the various owls walking around them.)

Berg: *off screen, shouting* BLACKY?!

(Blacky Wolfbane looks around for the source of the voice as Berg pushes through the crowd on the right and sticks out a wing for a handshake.)

Berg: *excited* Blacky Wolfbane! I'm Berg! Remember me? I was in the wolfpack! The Academy for Gifted Birds, graduating class of 2008?

(Blacky Wolfbane gives Berg's wing a halfhearted shake with his as he glances over at Mrs. Cotton.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Miss Cotton, who is this?
Mrs. Cotton: Berg, sir. The owl that wanted in the pack but you didn't approve.

(Blacky Wolfbane looks to Berg and gives him a nod.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Yo, we should meet for lunch sometime.. Berg, is it?
Berg: *excited* Yes! That'd be amazing!

(Blacky Wolfbane nods as he glances to Mrs. Cotton from the corner of his eye.)

Blacky Wolfbane: How's next year looking, Miss Cotton?

(Mrs. Cotton slides a wing tip across her iPad screen a few times.)

Mrs. Cotton: Booked solid. I'll pencil him in as a TBD, sir.
Blacky Wolfbane: Very well. Send my friend a fruit basket until then.
Berg: Do you need my address? I can --

(Mrs. Cotton taps on her iPad screen and tucks it under her right wing.)

Mrs. Cotton: Done, sir. Berg will get his fruit basket.
Blacky Wolfbane: Who? Very good. Let's roll.

(Blacky Wolfbane and Mrs. Cotton are shown from behind walking up to a revolving glass door with gold handles and trim implemented into a large oak trunk. Jordan Silverstar is standing to the left of the door with Meske Graywing standing to the right. Both of them give a salute as various owls are shown walking in and out of it ahead of them.)

Berg: *off screen, faint excited yelling* Next year! Lunch!
Jordan Silverstar: *shouting* The wolfpack leader has arrived!
Meske Graywing: *shouting* Everybody! The wolfpack leader is here!
Jordan Silverstar: Stop kissing up, Meske..

(Blacky Wolfbane salutes back as Jordan Silverstar and Meske Graywing begin wrestling each other, placing each other in a headlock as Blacky Wolfbane gives them both a nod. Blacky Wolfbane and Mrs. Cotton then make their way through the door, revealing Shan and Kellie standing behind a receptionist desk. Kendry is standing to the right of the desk talking to Shan and Kellie as Blacky Wolfbane is shown walking up to them from behind.)

Shan: *gushing* Remember that time he skipped class by the soda machines?
Kellie: *gushing* Or when he told the Principal to deal with it?
Kendry: *gushing* Oh yes! That's the pack leader I know!

(Shan, Kellie and Kendry are shown giggling as Blacky Wolfbane clears his throat. Shan, Kellie and Kendry all look up and smile.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Ladies, keep up the fine work. Kendry, you got the daily report ready?

(Kendry hands Blacky Wolfbane a white blank cassette tape with a somewhat solemn expression on her face.)

Kendry: *solemn* You won't believe what I found, Blacky.. this is real big..

(Blacky Wolfbane raises an eyebrow at Kendry with a concerned look on his face. Kendry looks down at the ground in sadness. Blacky Wolfbane gives Kendry a quick sympathy pat on the right shoulder as he snaps his feathers with his left wing.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *shouting* Yo, wolf brothers! Let's go check this thing out!

(Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar are shown walking through the door, straightening out their feathers. Blacky Wolfbane leaves Kendry as he goes to open the door, his back turned towards the screen as Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar catch up to him and also have their backs turned and are standing to his left and right side.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Brother Miles! How are we doing on the stock?

(Miles Zoomer pops out from behind the receptionist desk. His head-feathers are slicked back neatly and is shown wearing a black business suit with a red tie.)

Miles Zoomer: We're #2 in the market, Blacky!

(Screen switches back to Blacky Wolfbane giving Miles Zoomer a thumbs up motion. He now has his back turned as he enters a door that says "Private" in gold lettering. Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar walk in after him, closing the door behind them. The scene switches over to a small office that has a fancy wooden desk with a computer chair. There are two more computer chairs sitting to the right of the desk. Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar sit in the chairs next to the desk as Blacky Wolfbane pulls out a tape player and hands both of them a set of headphones. Blacky Wolfbane plugs in his headphones along with the ones for Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar. Incoherent talking can lightly be heard from the headphones as the camera zooms in on Meske Graywing's face, a shocked expression on it.)

Meske Graywing: *shocked* Bigger than Lennon..

(The camera moves to the right with the same zoomed in view on Jordan Silverstar's face. He has a similar expression of shock.)

Jordan Silverstar: *shocked* Bigger than J.F.K...

(The camera goes to Blacky Wolfbane with the same zoomed in view on his face. He has an excited expression.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *excited* Wolf brothers.. this is going to shake up The Woodlands in a way it's never been done before! Tell Miss Cotton to book me an interview on K-WOO..

(The camera switches to all three of them in the room. Meske Graywing takes off his headphones and nods.)

Meske Graywing: Got it.

(Meske Graywing exits the scene. Jordan Silverstar takes off his headphones and looks to Blacky Wolfbane in question.)

Jordan Silverstar: Now what, boss?

(The camera switches to Blacky Wolfbane zoomed in on again as he grins.)

Blacky Wolfbane: We tell the world! Look out Walter Cronkite, here comes Blacky Wolfbane!

(The screen goes black abruptly, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:23 pm

Act II, Scene III: (A soundproof studio room with black walls topped off with dark red trim. Wats is sitting in front of a large panel full of knobs with a microphone hanging down directly in front of his face. Mercy is sitting at a desk just to his left with a headset on. There are shelves full of CD's and tapes lining the walls around them. The end of "Dreams I'll Never See" by Molly Hatchet is heard playing as it begins to fade out. "Saturday: 10:55 PM" appears in a white font on the bottom of the screen, fading after five seconds.)

Wats: *amused chuckle* That was Molly Hatchet with "Dreams I'll Never See", this is of course your DJ, Wats for K-Woo Radio! And as always, my lovely Mercy at my side..
Mercy: *smiling* Hello listeners..

(Blacky Wolfbane is shown walking into the studio from the right side of the screen behind Wats. Mercy looks to Blacky Wolfbane for a moment and smiles to him. Wats gives Mercy a quick glance then turns back to the microphone.)

Wats: We've got a special interview for you folks tonight! Anybody who watches podcasts knows exactly what I'm getting at! After this quick break, The Daily Beak will grace the K-Woo studio and of course, the airwaves!

(Mercy flips a switch as a commercial starts playing. Wats looks to her and gives her a thumbs up then turns around in his chair with a big smile on his face. Blacky Wolfbane and Wats give each other a high five.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Yo, Wats. Mercy.
Wats: *chuckling* Blacky, how's it going brotha? Have a seat next to Mercy, we're going live in two minutes..
Blacky Wolfbane: Goin' great. How you doin', Wats?
Wats: *chuckling again* You know, just airin' it out my brotha..

(Mercy pushes out a computer chair that is partially resting under the desk to her left, smiling to Blacky Wolfbane as she then takes off her headset and places it on the table. Blacky Wolfbane sits down in the open chair and turns to Mercy.)

Blacky Wolfbane: How's it goin', Mercy?
Mercy: *smiling* Good, thank you. Great to have you here, Blacky..
Blacky Wolfbane: Heh. The feeling's mutual.

(Wats motions to the headset with a wing, hinting Blacky Wolfbane to put it on. Wats then adjusts his microphone in front of his face as he clears his throat. Blacky Wolfbane puts on the headset just as Mercy flicks the switch again, ending the commercials.)

Wats: We're back listeners and as I told you before, it's big! Welcome our local podcast celebrity and one of my good friends, The Daily Beak!

(Mercy presses a red button that activates an applause sound. Wats chuckles as Blacky Wolfbane glances to him.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Yo. Whassup, Woodlands?
Wats: I understand you've got some news for us, Daily Beak.. lay it on us, brotha!
Blacky Wolfbane: It isn't just news, Wats. It's BIG news.
Wats: *chuckling* Well, don't leave us in suspense brotha.. spill it!

(Blacky Wolfbane has a serious look on his face as he takes a deep breath. Mercy and Wats both look at him with concern.)

Blacky Wolfbane: The Woodlands are at risk of being removed..

(Wats jumps in surprise and hits his face on the microphone, causing it to screech. Mercy has a saddened look on her face.)

Wats: *concerned* What are you talkin' about, brotha? Explain it to us.

(The screen switches to Westminster and Abby sitting around the kitchen table in their nest, with the radio set in the middle of the table at a high volume. The light giggles of Tabansi and Ally can be heard from under the table as they are playing. Westminster and Abby look at the radio intently with worried expressions.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *through radio* Walter Blackskull spoke to the Zoological Society yesterday and he spoke about taking down the Woodlands.

(Westminster and Abby continue to look at each other in concern as they listen.)

Wats: *through radio* Boy howdy, that's big news alright!

(The screen switches back to Wats, Mercy and Blacky Wolfbane sitting in the studio. Blacky Wolfbane pulls out the white cassette tape and waves it at Wats.)

Blacky Wolfbane: I've got the evidence that'll put our world on edge. Can I play it?
Wats: Of course, brotha. You don't have to ask!

(Blacky Wolfbane gives Mercy the cassette as she puts it into the tape deck in front of her. Audio from the tape begins to play as Wats and Mercy glance to each other in worry.)

Allan Reyes: *recording, snapping* It's Chairman Reyes! I'm calling security to escort you off the premises!
Walter Blackskull: *recording* Whatever, but please.. would you just hear me out? About my concern of the owls?
Allan Reyes: *recording, sighing* Fine. What is it, Walter?
Walter Blackskull: *recording* I've got a deal that can benefit our city, this fabulous chair-board and those beloved beasts in the Woodlands.

(The screen switches to Westminster and Abby as they growl aloud.)

Westminster and Abby: *grumbling* OWLS!

(The screen switches back to Wats, Mercy and Blacky Wolfbane in the studio, looking solemn but intent.)

Walter Blackskull: *recording* R-iight, Owls. Anyways, you're aware that some storms can take out trees easily, regardless of size, right?

(Wats and Mercy look to each other rolling their eyes.)

Allan Reyes: *recording* Get to the point, Walter..
Walter Blackskull: *recording* Well here's the deal.. to save our precious Owls from being injured or killed by a fallen tree, we build them a brand new facility! An enclosure, where they cannot be harmed but still live freely! After it's built, we move the Owls and I cut down the trees, in which I'll pay you all very well for my services --

(Wats cups a hand over his beak and leans towards Blacky Wolfbane.)

Wats: *whispering* Who the hell is this guy trying to fool?

(Blacky Wolfbane shrugs as he listens intently with a stern look on his face.)

Allan Reyes: *recording, stern* Absolutely no such thing will be done, Mr. Blackskull.
Danny McCormick: *recording, suspicious* How do we know you aren't just in it for yourself, Mr. Blackskull?
Walter Blackskull: *recording, innocent tone* Moi? These trees are for the people, chairman! Summer cabins! Fuel to keep fireplaces roaring and homes warm in the winter! Don't you think that's a fair trade to relocate those rats with wings?

(Mercy is shown with an upset expression on her face. Blacky Wolfbane tries to restrain her with a wing.)


(Wats holds a wing tip to his mouth, making low shushing sounds. Mercy sighs as they all continue to listen.)

Allan Reyes: *recording* I appreciate your good intentions for the citizens, Walter, but we aren't doing any of that at the expense of the Owls.
Walter Blackskull: *recording, innocent* But --
Melinda Guzman: *recording* The Woodlands are a protected area, Mr. Blackskull.
Sheri O'Brien: *recording* Plus so many species of Owls take home to it. If we take down the Woodlands, its almost certain that the Owls will fail to thrive anyplace else..
Walter Blackskull: *recording, fake enthusiasm* I don't see myself winning this one, ladies and gents! The Woodlands and the smelly flying rodents are obviously in good hands with all of you running the show.
Blacky Wolfbane: *frustrated sigh* It's OWLS, dopey..

(Wats has an amused look on his face as he places his wing tip over his mouth to Blacky Wolfbane.)

Walter Blackskull: *recording* Just one more thing, before I go Allan?
Allan Reyes: *recording, angry* It's CHAIRMAN REYES. Get it over with already, Walter!
Walter Blackskull: *recording* I'd like to start a toast for you, the Zoological Society of London. May you continue to allow us to rest easy and may The Woodlands stand tall!
Allan Reyes: *recording* Now leave before I call security! You've said enough, Walter..

(Mercy hits the "stop" button on the tape deck as Wats clears his throat and speaks into his microphone.)

Wats: *worried* Boy howdy, Daily Beak.. that speaks volumes, doesn't it brotha?
Blacky Wolfbane: It sure does, Wats. You want my thoughts?
Wats: Of course, brotha! That's why you're here, the floor is yours..
Blacky Wolfbane: I'm absolutely certain that Walter will go through with his plan and he'll do it quickly.
Wats: In other words, we need to be at full alert?
Blacky Wolfbane: Absolutely. I'll broadcast every time I get any information on this creep at all.
Wats: *nervous chuckle* No need for the name calling, brotha..

(Blacky Wolfbane removes his headset and high fives Wats. Mercy gives Blacky Wolfbane a quick hug as the screen switches back to Westminster and Abby sitting at the table, listening to the radio and looking to each other with worry.)

Wats: *through radio* Anyways folks, you heard it from the Beak himself! We could be hit at any time so keep us tuned in! Thank you so much for stopping by brotha, we'll be taking another quick break and then I'll play some Journey, from this city boy to my lovely Mercy!

(Commercial begins to play as Westminster and Abby switch the radio off. Westminster lets off a sigh.)

Westminster: Now what?

(Just as Abby is about to respond, her cell phone rings. She covers Westminster's beak with a wing tip as she walks off screen.)

Abby: *trailing off* Oh, hello dad..

(Westminster lets off another deep sigh and has a worried look in his eyes. Tabansi and Ally climb onto his lap and snuggle up against him, both giggling. He kisses both of them on the forehead.)

Westminster: *sighing* I love you guys so much.. I hope nothing ever parts us..

(A moment of silence passes as Westmisnter continues to snuggle with Tabansi and Ally as Abby re-enters the screen and stands to the right of Westminster. Tabansi and Ally look up lovingly at Westminster then back to Abby as she closes up her cell phone.)

Abby: As you probably figured out, that was my dad..

(Westminster looks to Abby with a halfhearted smile.)

Westminster: And?
Abby: And he wants us to come over ASAP. He has a gift and something he wants to say to you in person..

(Westminster lets off a sigh as Abby hugs him around the back, kissing him on the right cheek gently. Tabansi and Ally nuzzle under Abby's wings as they cross his chest.)

Abby: I promise you this time. I really mean it, hon.
Westminster: *sighing* Alright baby, I believe you..

(Westminster picks up Tabansi and Ally as Abby takes them in her wings and holds them close to her. Westminster grunts as he gets up from his seat and stretches out.)

Westminster: We'll need a babysitter..
Abby: I'll call Wynter right now.

(Just as Abby is getting ready to dial on her phone, Wynter pops her head over from the outside edge of the nest with a big smile on her face.)

Wynter: *cheerful* Babysitter? Did somebody say babysitter?

Tabansi and Ally: *excitedly* AUNTIE WYNTER!

(Tabansi and Ally squirm out of Abby's wings and tackle Wynter just as she climbs over the edge of the nest. Westminster and Abby look to each other and chuckle.)

Abby: I hope you don't mind watching the tots for a while, we kind of got called without warning..
Wynter: No problem! Just more training for when I get a tot of my own!

(Abby smiles to Wynter as she hugs her quickly and gets ready to take off. Westminster reluctantly gets ready to do the same. Abby looks to Tabansi and Ally with a stern look.)

Abby: You two behave for your Auntie Wynter. No running off now!
Tabansi: *obediently* Yes, momma..

(Ally is shown gluing Wynter's talons together on her right foot as she looks up at Abby innocently.)

Ally: Yes, momma!

(Wynter looks down at her talons and gasps as she separates her now glued together talons. The scene goes mute and becomes a rectangle at the bottom of the screen as Jayson and Deirdre are shown in the top left corner in their tree, getting ready with a dress tie and flowers.)

Jayson: *annoyed* Didn't we just go on a date last night?
Deirdre: That was with our friends, silly! Tonight is just for you and me.. you know..

(Deirdre winks at Jayson and flirts playfully as Mrs. Redd enters the door to their left. Jayson has a big grin forming on his face.)

Jayson: *grinning* Ohh, I get it now..

(Deirdre gives Mrs. Redd a hug as she and Jayson head for the door, opening it. They turn back and wave to Ellie who is clinging to Mrs. Redd and looking to them with big hopeful eyes. The top right corner now shows Monica and Rhyser hugging and kissing Lil Monie as Akilah lands behind her on their nest.)

Lil Monie: *pleading* I wanna go to the memory-all too!
Monica: *smiles* You can go when you're a little older, sweetheart..

(Lil Monie has a disappointed look on her face as Akilah wraps a wing around her gently. Lil Monie looks up at her.)

Akilah: *gently* The Fallen War Birds Memorial will always stand, little one.. you'll see it soon enough..
Rhyser: She's right, Monie. You'll get to see daddy's fallen comrades before you know it!
Lil Monie: *pleading* Am I a little older now?

(Monica and Rhyser laugh as they both give Lil Monie a kiss on the forehead as they then each pat Akilah on the shoulder. Both top left and right screens disappear as the rectangular screen returns to full size with Westminster and Abby looking back to Tabansi and Ally one last time before they take off into the darkness. The scene ends.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:25 pm

Act II, Scene IV: (Westminster and Abby are standing outside the door to Forte and Bonita's tree underneath the glowing porch light. "Sunday: 12:15 A.M." shows on the bottom of the screen in bold white font, disappearing quickly. Abby rings the doorbell as they both wait patiently.)

Westminster: You really think it'll be different this time, baby?
Abby: Mmmhm. You'll see, he's changed.
Westminster: From hello Westminster, how's she to --

(The door opens revealing Forte and Bonita as Westminster clears his throat. Bonita excitedly hugs both Westminster and Abby.)

Bonita: Welcome home you two! So glad you could make it on such short notice!
Forte: My beautiful daughter!

(Forte hugs Abby as he then extends his wings out to Westminster, smiling big.)

Forte: And my favorite son!

(Forte hugs Westminster tightly as Westminster looks to Abby wide eyed in shock. Abby giggles and winks at him.)

Westminster: *nervous laugh, in shock* My favorite.. father? I'm your only son, Forte..

(Forte chuckles as he moves out of the way to let Westminster and Abby through the doorway. Abby goes through first, kissing Bonita on the cheek on her way in. Westminster reluctantly walks in after her as Forte closes the door behind him. Westminster and Forte are now standing in a lobby with Bonita and Abby heard talking off screen.)

Forte: *chuckling* Just in case you forgot, that's all.. lets go in the living room, shall we my boy?
Westminster: *somewhat uncertain* Um, yeah.. sure thing, Forte..

(The screen transitions to Abby, Forte and Bonita sitting in the living room. The wooden walls are draped with light blue satin with two couches in the room. A clear glass coffee table divides the two couches, with Forte and Bonita sitting on the left side one and Abby sitting on the right side. Westminster is standing near Abby as she scoots over, patting the open cushion motioning him to sit down. Westminster coughs and sits down next to her as Forte has his wings clasped together with a serious look on his face.)

Forte: *sincere* First thing, I'm sorry for how I've treated you Westminster. I've been acting like a child and I apologize for the other day at dinner..

(Westminster has a surprised smile on his face as Abby is glancing at him with a smile on her face.)

Westminster: Why thank you, Forte! I really appreciate that.
Forte: I've also realized that I can't deny you any longer. After all, if you make my daughter very happy and that my grandchildren are being raised so well, that I need to let up on you..

(Forte grabs two checks out from under his right wing as Abby is heard gasping in surprise.)

Forte: So why not give my grandchildren the best educations since they have the best in both of you. I present you with two checks for five-thousand. Dollars. Each.

(Forte slides both checks onto the coffee table in front of Westminster and Abby. Abby is in shock with Westminster also shocked.)

Abby: *shocked* Oh my gosh.. daddy.. we c-can't possibly take that from you..
Westminster: Exsqueeze me? A baking powder? You're giving us $5,000 dollars.. for our children's education?
Forte: *serious* Yes, my boy. Of course if you don't want them I can tear 'em up right here --

(Westminster starts choking as Abby gives him a hard slap on the back. Westminster pats Abby on the shoulder in thanks and takes both of the checks. Forte and Bonita look to each other and smile and then back to Westminster and Abby, smiling.)

Westminster: I don't know how I can thank you for this, Forte.. I really can't..

(Abby gets up from her seat and goes to the other couch, hugging Bonita and Forte around the neck smiling. Forte smiles at Westminster as he cuddles into Abby's hug.)

Forte: You just did. Call me dad.. anyways, what are my grandchildren up to?

(The scene transitions to Wynter, Tabansi and Ally sitting on the nest. Wynter is headbanging with earbuds on as Tabansi and Ally watch her curiously.)

Tabansi: *curious* Auntie Wynter?

(Wynter takes out one earbud.)

Wynter: Yes?
Tabansi: Can Ally and me go under the nest and look for munchies?

(Ally has an excited look on her face and trying hard not to jump as Tabansi has an innocent smile on his face. Wynter smiles back and waves to them.)

Wynter: Alright you two. Stay close enough to where I can hear ya, okies?
Tabansi: *obediently* Yes, Auntie Wynter..
Ally: Yes, Auntie!

(Wynter smiles in response as she puts the other earbud back in and starts headbanging again. Tabansi and Ally climb down off the edge of the nest and land on a long branch just below it. Ally is searching through the brush of the nest as Tabansi is looking into the darkness of the night.)

Tabansi: *worried* Sissy, daddy is sad..

(Ally walks over to Tabansi and hugs him, looking up into his eyes.)

Ally: What you mean?

(Tabansi looks back into Ally's eyes, concern showing.)

Tabansi: I heard him.. He needs us sissy.

(Ally looks at Tabansi, confused, as Tabansi gets in take off stance. Tabansi turns his head and looks to her with a serious expression.)

Tabansi: Let's go find daddy, sissy.
Ally: Okies..

(Ally climbs on Tabansi's back and clings tightly as he takes off into the darkness. The screen transitions to Akilah and Lil Monie at their nest. Akilah is shown dozing off on the couch while Lil Monie is sitting next to her, watching curiously. Akilah has a book in her hands and is becoming increasingly drowsy.)

Akilah: *sleepily* Although her friend was gone.. she could always go.. to the forest.. clearing and hear him.. roaring.. through the.. trees..
Lil Monie: *excitedly* I wanna go to the forest!
Akilah: *sleepily* Oh dear.. we can go.. another day..

(Lil Monie watches curiously as Akilah falls asleep. She gives her a few pokes in the shoulder and realizes she's sound asleep. Sneaking off of the couch, she takes off from the nest and into the darkness. The screen transitions to Mrs. Redd and Ellie in the tree. Mrs. Redd is watching something on the television, with the glare reflecting off of her body proving it. Ellie is standing next to the television and looking impatient.)

Ellie: I wanna go to the clearing!
Mrs. Redd: *staring into the screen* Not tonight, dear. Mrs. Redd is watching the Roots marathon.. goodness I miss the 70's..
Ellie: That's boring! I wanna go to the clearing, NOW!
Mrs. Redd: *sighing* Go play with your toys if your bored, honey..

(Ellie stomps on the floor once and glares at Mrs. Redd. Storming off, she gets her pink "My Little Pony" backpack from the right side of the front door and straps it on. Taking a hairpin out of the front of the backpack, she picks the lock and jumps up, grabbing onto the doorknob and twisting it, opening the door. She closes it behind her quietly and is shown standing on a long branch. Lil Monie is shown approaching the branch as Ellie waves her down.)

Ellie: Hi!

(Lil Monie lands on the branch next to Ellie and smiles.)

Lil Monie: Hi!
Ellie: Where are you going?
Lil Monie: To the forest clearing! Why?
Ellie: Because you're going the wrong way. I'm going there too, I know exactly where it's at!

(Lil Monie has a confused look on her face as she scratches her head-feathers)

Lil Monie: *confused* Really? I swore I was going the right way..
Ellie: *blunt* Well, you're wrong. I'll direct you!

(Lil Monie is about to take off as Ellie leaps onto her back and grabs on tightly. Lil Monie groans a bit as she takes off with Ellie pointing with a wing in the direction she came from.)

Ellie: *cheerfully* To the great clearing!
Lil Monie: *grumbling* I can't believe I'm taking directions from a toddler..

(The screen transitions back to Westminster, Abby, Forte and Bonita sitting in the living room. They're all laughing and appear relaxed.)

Bonita: Thank goodness for grandchildren!
Forte: *chuckling* Where would our world be without them?

(Westminster has a nervous laugh as everyone else joins in with Forte's laughter. Westminster coughs as Abby looks at him with sympathy.)

Westminster: *sighing* Dad.. speaking of our world, I caught the news on the radio a few hours ago..

(Forte has an interested look on his face. Bonita has an intent look on hers.)

Forte: What is it?

(Westminster takes a deep breath with a heavy sigh. Abby has her hand on his thigh comfortingly.)

Westminster: A human plans on tearing down The Woodlands. They say it could happen any time, now.

(Forte's face turns to a look of concern as Bonita holds his wing tightly in hers.)

Forte: Are you certain? Who was the source of this news?
Westminster: The Daily Beak.

(Forte has a suspicious look in his eyes as he stares at Westminster. Westminster nervously adjusts himself in his seat as he tries to look in Forte's eyes respectfully.)

Forte: Is that a newspaper? I've never heard of it..
Westminster: *nervous* No.. he's a.. internet podcaster.. dad..

(Forte shakes his head with a frustrated look on his face. He extends a wing out in motion to silence Westminster as he growls.)

Forte: *growling* Then you know it can't POSSIBLY be true. I told you, boy!
Westminster: *nervous* Yeah, I know but --
Forte: The Woodlands have stood here for years before our time and will continue to stand during and after our time..
Westminster: *nervous* But dad, they said --

(Bonita is shown trying to hold Forte down and comfort him as Abby tries to comfort Westminster.)

Forte: *angry* It's the internet! Full of lies and "opinions", there's no facts! No proof! NONE OF THOSE!
Bonita: *quietly* Dear.. please.. you promised..

(Westminster is trying to hide in his seat with fear in his eyes as Abby pats him on the shoulder while looking Forte in the eyes.)

Abby: Daddy.. mom's right..

(Forte gets up from his seat in anger. He is now standing over the table with his wings crossed.)

Forte: *furious* I gave him my respect. What the hell else do you want out of me?!
Abby: *raising her voice* You aren't respecting his opinion, daddy.

(Bonita gets up from her seat and is again trying to comfort Forte. Forte looks like he's about to blow his top, smoke coming out of his nostrils.)

Forte: *furious* I'm your father, young lady! Don't you DARE tell me what I'm not doing!
Westminster: *half nervous, somewhat courageous* She's right. You aren't respecting my opinion, dad..

(Forte attempts to brush Bonita's wings off of him as he takes a step towards Westminster.)

Forte: *furious* Then stop being so damn LAZY with your resources! Get with it BOY!

(Bonita manages to gently push Forte out of the room as he's stomping and waving his wings around furiously. She looks to Westminster and Abby with apologetic eyes. Abby is furious while Westminster is shaking his head sadly.)

Bonita: He doesn't mean it, Westminster honey.. he really doesn't.. you've got as much of a right to your opinion as anybody else..

(Westminster nods and sighs as Abby gets up from her seat and takes Westminster by the wing, helping him slowly get up.)

Abby: *sighing* Mom, we're just gonna go.. daddy and Westminster both need their space right now..
Bonita: *sighing* I'm so sorry sweethearts.. both of you, I-I'm so sorry..

(Bonita and Forte leave the scene. Abby takes Westminster by both of his wing tips in her wings and cuddles him close, kissing him on the forehead. Westminster is clearly upset.)

Abby: *assuring* You did nothing wrong, baby.. absolutely nothing wrong..

(Westminster sighs heavily as Abby cuddles him closer, kissing him on the cheek. The screen fades to black, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:26 pm

Act III, Scene I: (Ellie is shown riding on the back of Lil Monie from a behind view. The dark night sky is clear and filled with stars, they're flying towards a large group of trees huddled around a grass clearing that is green and luscious. Windows and lights are lit up in the trees with various hues of whites and yellows. Lil Monie heads towards the closest tree and lands on a long branch sticking out from it. Lil Monie is looking around in awe as is Ellie.)

Ellie: See? I told you I was right!

(Lil Monie shrugs and lets off a small giggle as she continues to look around her with her eyes wide in wonder.)

Lil Monie: We all error every now and then, Ellie! That's just how the story is written sometimes..
Ellie: *confused* Story? What story?
Lil Monie: *low voice* Just listen.. listen to the trees, they'll tell you stories upon stories.. that's what my Aunt tells me..

(Ellie looks to Lil Monie with a confused expression as she begins listening intently.)

Lil Monie: *low voice* Hear the wind blowing through the leaves.. how they whisper, like they have a secret to tell but its one that everybody knows..

(Ellie listens harder as Lil Monie lets off a content sigh. A moment of silence between the two passes.)

Ellie: *curious* Monie?
Lil Monie: *low voice* Shh, shh.. yeah Ellie?
Ellie: *whispering* Do the trees have wings?

(Lil Monie has a bit of a puzzled look on her face as she scratches her chin and thinks.)

Lil Monie: *low voice* Well maybe when one dies and rejoins mother earth's soil..?
Ellie: *whispering* I don't know what you're talking about but is it possible to hear their wings flapping, Monie?
Lil Monie: *low voice, puzzled* Why sometimes, yes --

(Tabansi can be heard talking incoherently far away in the distance.)

Ellie: *excited, voice raising* They're even talking! I hear a voice, Monie!

(Lil Monie turns her head to Ellie, who is still on her back. She holds up a wing tip to Ellie's beak and makes a shushing sound.)

Lil Monie: *low voice* I've got two theories. Either you're a fast learner or you've gone off the deep end..

(Ellie smacks Lil Monie up the right side of her head with a wing.)

Ellie: *excited, voice raising* Can't it be both? Listen and you'll hear it too!

(Lil Monie rubs the side of her head as she makes a shushing sound again as she then listens intently.)

Ellie: *whispering* Why are we whispering anyway..

(Just as Lil Monie is about to respond, Tabansi's voice can be heard coming nearer and nearer until the camera zooms out a little, showing Tabansi landing on the branch just to the right of them with Ally on his back. Tabansi has a concerned look on his face while Ally is looking around curiously. Lil Monie and Ellie look at them both and are smiling.)

Lil Monie: *excited, low voice* Tabansi! Ally! What are you two doing here?
Ellie: *excited* Maybe they heard the trees talking!
Lil Monie: *low voice* Shh.. that was Tabansi, not the trees!
Ellie: *whispering, enthusiastic* Aww.. oh well!

(Tabansi loops a wing tip around in circles by the right side of his head in a "they're crazy" motion.)

Tabansi: *worried* I'm looking for my mom and dad. They went to grandma and grandpa's house, they've got to be around here somewhere..
Lil Monie: I haven't seen them. Did you check the trees?
Ellie: *curious* They could of gotten lost on the way there and be miles off course..

(Lil Monie rolls her eyes at Ellie.)

Lil Monie: *irritated* That's impossible. They're using instruments!

(Scene cuts to Westminster and Abby passionately playing a french horn and a clarinet on a tree branch while two background owls on the branch directly behind them are playing a double bass and a saxophone. "Instruments" by Elmer Bernstein is playing. After 8 seconds, scene cuts back to Lil Monie, Ellie, Tabansi and Ally. Lil Monie is rolling her eyes again as Tabansi is shaking his head.)

Lil Monie: Not those kind of instruments, Ellie! They screech!

(Ellie shrugs as she giggles.)

Ellie: *cheerfully* It has a great beat though! Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo! Doot-doo-doo!

(Lil Monie and Tabansi shake their heads again as Ally pokes her head over Tabansi's left shoulder with a big smile on her face.)

Ally: *singing* Doot-doo-doot! Doot-doo-doo! Doo-doot-doo!
Tabansi: *rolling eyes* See what you started, Ellie?

(Ellie holds her wings up in defense.)

Ellie: Hey! Don't hate me, hate the music!
Tabansi: *irritated* Whatever.. *worried* I'm going to go find my mom and dad.

(Lil Monie waves as Tabansi takes off quickly with Ally still on his back, disappearing from the scene. Ellie lets off a big yawn as Lil Monie looks around them attentively.)

Lil Monie: It's so peaceful here.. don't you agree, Ellie?

(Ellie yawns sleepily and begins dozing off. Lil Monie hugs Ellie with her right wing and holds Ellie close to her body. Ellie falls asleep as Lil Monie lets off a big yawn herself. The camera moves up and shows the night sky as it begins to dawn. The camera moves back down and shows Westminster and Abby flying from a front facial view. Trees are shown being passed by them on both sides quickly. Westminster and Abby both have disappointed looks on their faces. "Sunday: 5:50 A.M." shows on the bottom of the screen in white bold font, disappearing quickly.)

Westminster: *sighing* Why do I feel like we left with a tie game?
Abby: My daddy takes it difficult to changing his views, hon..
Westminster: *upset* You THINK?! There's no winning with that man, Abby. I'll never gain his full respect.. never!
Abby: *sighing* I get it, Westminster.. I really do. I'm upset with my daddy too, if you didn't notice..
Westminster: *upset* I know, babe..

(Abby lets off a sigh as Westminster's pendant begins to glow as Wats can be heard talking from it, broadcasting from the radio. Abby glances to the pendant occasionally, half attentive to it.)

Wats: *from pendant, sighing* I regret to wake you up, ladies and gentlemen but this is Wats for K-Woo letting you all know to prepare your friends and loved ones to leave for a safe place.. The Woodlands are about to come down!

(Westminster and Abby look at each other with shocked expressions as they fly.)

Wats: *from pendant* I have just been informed that Walter Blackskull is sitting outside the west side gates with an excavator and that he could start tearing down our homes in the next fifteen minutes!

(Abby gasps aloud as she looks at Westminster with panic in her eyes. Westminster looks back at her with a concerned look.)

Abby: *panicked* Oh..oh my gosh! My parents live on the the west side! We don't have much time!

(Westminster and Abby turn around quickly and increase the speed of their flapping. The camera moves up showing the sky dawning brighter with the sun trying to peek up over the horizon. The screen quickly goes to black.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:28 pm

Act III, Scene II: (The screen opens up showing a giant orange excavator sitting outside a chain link gate. Screen then cuts to Walter Blackskull and Isabella sitting in the excavator with "If You're Happy and You Know It" playing from the radio inside it. Walter Blackskull is holding Isabella in his hands and making her dance with both of his hands. Isabella has an unamused look on her face.)

Walter Blackskull: *enthusiastic* Sing it with me, Issy!

(Isabella responds with an unhappy meow.)

Walter Blackskull: *singing* If you're happy and you know it, clap your paws.. if you're happy and you know it, clap your paws..

(Walter Blackskull begins tapping Isabella's front paws together in beat. Isabella lets off a loud growl and continues to look unamused.)

Walter Blackskull: *singing* If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it.. if you're happy and you know it, clap you paws!

(Isabella lets out an angry yowl as she wiggles a front leg free from his grasp and scratches him in the left eye and begins tearing and scratching at him as she tries to break free. Walter Blackskull chucks her against the passenger side door of the excavator. Isabella lands on the passenger side cushion and glares at Walter Blackskull.)

Walter Blackskull: *angry* You disgusting, flea-bitten animal! How DARE you do that to me!

(The camera zooms out from them and the excavator, returning to the branch where Lil Monie and Ellie are still huddled together sleeping. To their right, Tabansi and Ally are also huddled together, sleeping. Ellie stirs as she begins to wake.)

Ellie: *curious* Guys.. you hear that?

(Lil Monie stirs some and moans as she keeps her eyes shut. Tabansi can be heard yawning.)

Lil Monie: *sleepily* Wha.. what is it now.. it's the middle of the day, ya know that..
Tabansi: *yawning* Know what..
Ellie: I hear music!
Lil Monie: *sleepily* It's just.. just the trees.. I-I'm going back to sleep..

(Tabansi listens intently, his eyes widening. Ally stirs under his wing and a little yawn is heard.)

Tabansi: I don't think trees know the "If Your Happy and You Know It" song, Monie..
Ellie: See? Tabansi hears it, too!

(Lil Monie groans as she rubs her eyes and listens. Ellie breaks out from under her right wing and begins twirling around in dance next to her, bumping into Tabansi.)

Lil Monie: *surprised* You guys are right.. that IS "Happy and You Know It"..
Ellie: *excitedly* I told you so! Let's go to the meadow and dance to it!
Lil Monie: *shrugging* Or if you want to be technical, Tabansi told me so..

(Ellie shrugs in response as she flies off the branch, twirling and spinning around in flight in tune to the song playing faintly. Ally squirms out from under Tabansi's wing and climbs onto his back, looking around her curiously. The screen switches to Ellie dancing around in the air and heading towards the orange excavator, shown in the background far ahead of her. Tabansi and Lil Monie are shown with concerned looks on their faces.)

Tabansi: *shouting* I don't think that's a good idea!
Lil Monie: *shouting, worried* That's human equipment, Ellie! Get back here!

(Ellie can be heard laughing playfully as Tabansi and Lil Monie look to each other and shake their heads. They both take off from the branch and are shown flying through the air and catching up to the still dancing and twirling Ellie.)

Tabansi: *worried* Let's just all go home, Ellie! This is adult stuff, not ours!
Lil Monie: *concerned* He's right, Ellie.. this is too dangerous!

(Ellie giggles as she continues to twirl around in the air playfully to the music.)

Ellie: *giggling* But it's music!

(Ellie lands on the front hood of the excavator as she taps her talons on it in rhythm to the song now playing louder.)

Ellie: And it's coming from this music box!

(Lil Monie and Tabansi land on the hood next to her and are trying to take her by the wing persistently.)

Tabansi: *panicking* We need to get out of here!
Lil Monie: *concerned* This is NOT a music box, Ellie. We'll be in big trouble!

(Ally hops off of Tabansi's back and begins peeping in through the windshield, Walter Blackskull is seen singing on the other side of it with Isabella busy cleaning herself, laying on the dashboard. Tabansi freaks out and tries to drag Ally away from the windshield. Ellie continues to tap her talons and twirl around, ignoring both of them.)

Ellie: *frustrated* At least let me dance until the song ends! Geez!

(The screen zooms out quickly from the excavator and shows Blacky Wolfbane standing out in the meadow a few hundred feet ahead of it. Colt, a lanky male red owl, is holding a video camera in his wings, adjusting knobs on it.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *excited* This is it, Colt brotha! The news story of the century! Start filming!

(Colt rests the video camera on his shoulder, pressing a button on it with a wing tip and is now looking into the eyepiece on it, focusing on Blacky Wolfbane with the excavator resting in the background behind him.)

Colt: Alright, dawg! Rolling!

(Flapping of wings are heard off screen. A few seconds later, Westminster and Abby land to the right of Blacky Wolfbane.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Yo viewers, Daily Beak here --
Westminster: *shocked* Blacky..? You're the Daily Beak?!

(Blacky Wolfbane signals Colt to stop filming as he has a frustrated look on his face. He looks to Westminster and Abby as Colt goes back to playing with the buttons on the video camera.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *sighs* Duh, geek. What did you expect, a one dimensional character?! What do you need so badly that it had to interrupt my big story?
Westminster: We're here to get my in-laws to safety from Blackskull.

(Blacky Wolfbane points behind his back with a wing at the excavator in the background that is still sitting behind the gates. Lil Monie, Ellie, Tabansi and Ally are shown flying around it.)

Blacky Wolfbane: *curious* You mean that thing? What kind of parents lets their children run wild, anyway?
Abby: What the heck are you talking about?

(Jayson, Deirdre, Monica and Rhyser land next to Westminster and Abby. Abby is squinting and sees the four children.)

Abby: *upset* What the HELL are they doing out here?!
Jayson: *confused* Who's they? Sorry I just woke up..

(Deirdre grabs Jayson's head by force, causing him to cry out. She points it in the direction where Abby is squinting. Monica and Rhyser are visibly panicking.)

Deirdre: *demanding* GET. OUR. CHILD.. out of THERE!

(Westminster looks to Abby and pats her on the shoulder. Deirdre is pushing Jayson as Rhyser is shown getting ready to take off.)

Westminster: *stern* Abby. Go get your parents to safety. I'll get the kids.

(Abby nods in agreement and takes off, disappearing from the screen. Jayson and Rhyser take off, leaving the screen as well. Deirdre and Monica are left standing, hugging each other looking frightened as Blacky Wolfbane has an impatient look on his face. Westminster looks him in the eyes sternly.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Save your pups and lemme get my headline, will ya GEEK?!
Westminster: *stern* Blacky Wolfbane.. do you want to be remembered for a day for some news story or do ya want to be remembered for life as a hero? Make the right decision..

(Westminster takes off and leaves the screen. Blacky Wolfbane has a thoughtful expression on his face. The screen changes to Walter Blackskull and Isabella inside the excavator, watching Lil Monie, Tabansi and Ellie fly around them outside with Ally sitting on the front hood.)

Walter Blackskull: *snickering* It's starting to get crowded, Issy! Time to take out some owls and THEN The Woodlands!

(Screen switches to Lil Monie and Tabansi flying around the outside of the excavator. They are chasing Ellie and appear frustrated with her.)

Lil Monie: *concerned* We NEED to get out of here, Ellie!
Ellie: I want ONE more song! That's all I need!
Tabansi: *frustrated* You can get it later! Don't you see the danger we're in?
Ellie: *upset* I want my song NOW!

(The excavator is heard starting up and moves backwards slightly, startling Lil Monie and Tabansi while Ellie continues flying and twirling around it. The camera switches back to Walter Blackskull and Isabella inside the excavator with Isabella now scratching and hissing at the windshield, looking at Ally who is playing around with the windshield wipers on the other side. Walter Blackskull lets off another snicker.)

Walter Blackskull: Looks like we've got a little passenger on board, Isabella. Let's get rid of her, shall we?

(Isabella lets off an evil snicker then purrs as she is still trying to attack Ally through the windshield. Walter Blackskull steps on the pedal and causes the excavator to jolt suddenly, causing Ally to tumble down the front hood. She is shown falling on the hard dirt in front of the machine, tumbling about a foot and coming to a rest, shaking her head to get the cobwebs out. The camera switches back to Lil Monie, Ellie and Tabansi still flying around the excavator that is slowly beginning to move. Rhyser and Jayson fly in quickly and grab Lil Monie and Ellie with their talons like prey, disappearing from the screen just as quickly as they came in. Westminster comes flying in with an angry look on his face, Tabansi is flying up to meet him.)

Westminster: *shouting* You are in so much trouble when you get home, young man! Where's your sister?!
Tabansi: *ashamed* But..but dad, I was worried --
Westminster: *shouting* Go to your mom! NOW! We'll discuss this later!
Tabansi: *ashamed* Fine.. she's on the hood of this thing..

(Tabansi flies off screen quickly as Westminster dives low and zooms underneath the outside of the right side door of the excavator. Ally is shown sitting in front of the excavator, facing the machine.)

Ally: Daddy!
Westminster: I got ya, Ally!

(The excavator hits a big bump in the ground, causing it to come down and strike Westminster on the top of his head just as he's about to clear the right door. He hits the ground hard and lies motionless. Ally is shown about to cry as the excavator gets even closer to her.)

Ally: *sobbing* Daddy!

(Blacky Wolfbane flies in and grabs Ally by his talons, just as the bucket of the excavator grazes her feathers. Zooming away from the excavator, he looks back with a worried expression as the camera shows Westminster still lying in the dirt motionless. The screen returns to him zooming faster and further away from the machine. The screen switches to Abby who is frantically knocking at the door of Forte and Bonita's home. Forte and Bonita open the door with worried looks on their faces.)

Abby: *panicking* Mom! Dad! We have to get out of here!
Bonita: *worried* What's the emergency, dear?

(Forte looks around Abby and sees the excavator about three miles away and heading towards them. Forte has a horrified look on his face as the screen focuses in on it.)

Forte: *stunned* By god.. the boy was right..

(The camera switches back to Abby standing in front of Forte and Bonita. Bonita looks around with a frightened expression on her face as she hugs Abby around the neck quickly.)

Bonita: *worried* Where's Westminster?
Abby: *panicking* He should be here with the tots any second!

(Just as Abby turns around to look for him, Tabansi flies in and lands next to Abby's right and between her and Forte and Bonita. He's shown frightened as he hugs Abby tightly around the legs. Blacky Wolfbane drops in from the top of the screen just to the left of Abby, hovering just over the branch. His talons releasing Ally, she runs up to Abby crying. Abby scoops Ally up in her wings and comforts her just as she becomes overwhelmed with feelings of shock and relief. She looks to Blacky Wolfbane with tears in her eyes, trying to smile. Forte and Bonita also have a small relieved smile but are obviously still worried.)

Abby: *choking up* I.. I don't know how to thank you, Blacky.. wh-where's my Westminster?
Blacky Wolfbane: *out of breath* No time.. Abby.. he's injured.. from the giant machine..

(Abby hands Tabansi and Ally to Forte and Bonita as she covers her mouth with her wings, starting to sob. Forte and Bonita look to Abby with sorrow in their eyes, hanging their heads.)

Abby: *choking up* I-I'm.. going with you, Blacky. Lead me to him..

(Blacky Wolfbane gives her an unsure look, trying to catch his breath. Forte holds his head up for a moment, looking to Abby and trying not to let tears show.)

Forte: *solemn* Yes, dear. Please.. make sure my son is alright..
Abby: Yes, daddy.

(Blacky Wolfbane takes off and vanishes from screen, with Abby taking off right after. Forte and Bonita are holding Tabansi and Ally close to them, nuzzling each other with hopeful looks in their eyes. The scene moves back to Walter Blackskull and Isabella in the excavator. They easily run through the chain link fence in the way, tearing it down to the ground and trampling it underneath the treads. A large group of owls have gathered around the machine outside and are flapping and scratching at the windshield with their talons, trying to slow them down. Walter Blackskull has a frustrated look on his face.)

Walter Blackskull: *angry* It doesn't matter, you ugly rats with wings! I'm going through you like I'm going through your stupid forest!

(Walter Blackskull is trying to increase the speed of the excavator as Isabella leaps onto the top of his head and knocks his hat off. She's hissing and glaring at the owls bunched up outside as the fur on her body stands on end. Walter Blackskull takes a hand off one of the shafts of the dashboard and is grabbing at Isabella for her back.)

Walter Blackskull: *ballistic* Get OFF of me, you idiotic feline!

(Isabella lets off an angry yowl as she digs her claws from three of her paws tightly into the top of his head. Reaching up for a handle with her left front leg, she grabs it with her paw as the driver side door comes flying open, the excavator still in motion.)

Walter Blackskull: *ballistic* What the HELL are you doing?! You cut it out NOW!

(About six owls of various colors get inside through the door and begin aggravating Isabella. Walter Blackskull is now moving violently from side to side, trying to shake off Isabella while she is letting off an evil snickering purr.)

Walter Blackskull: *ballistic* Get OFF! You BLASTED monster!
Isabella: *snarling* You're the one getting off!

(Isabella leaps off of Walter Blackskull's head and onto the dashboard with the levers as he continues to rock himself violently left and right, not yet aware that he's free of Isabella. Walter Blackskull then has a look of horror on his face as he falls out through the open driver door and grabs hold of the edge of the floorboard of the excavator. He's kicking and fighting to climb back up as his pant leg gets snagged and tangled onto the treads just below. Walter Blackskull quickly falls off screen, letting off an agonizing scream as the sound of bones being crushed are then heard. Isabella is shown trying to pull levers with her right front paw as she swipes at the Owls flying around her with her left furiously.)

Isabella: *snarling* Get away from me, pests! Your world is about to be my litter box!
Jayson: *off screen, heroically* Not on our watch!
Rhyser: *off screen* Yeah! You don't mess with owls!

(Jayson and Rhyser come flying inside the cab. Rhyser is biting and digging his talons into Isabella's head, causing her yowl loudly and is now swiping her free paw at him as Jayson lands on the dashboard and watches with wide eyes, the forest shown coming up about a mile away behind him in the windshield.)

Jayson: How do we stop this thing?

(Rhyser is shown occupied with the squirming, angry Isabella as she still has her other front paw wrapped around the lever, slowly losing grip of it.)

Rhyser: Hit the brakes!

(Jayson drops down off the dashboard and lands on the ground next to two pedals. The left one is shown stuck, pressed down against the floor. Jayson looks up at the top of the screen in shock.)

Jayson: One of them is jammed!
Rhyser: *off screen, irritated* Well.. unjam it then!

(Jayson has a thoughtful look forming on his face as he concentrates on the stuck gas pedal, looking close at it.)

Jayson: *muttering* Come on Jayson.. use your head! Think, think --

(The excavator bounces hard, causing Jayson to smack his face on the gas pedal, unjamming it. The screen switches to Rhyser still fighting Isabella, who is now fighting and smacking Rhyser with both front paws as he struggles to keep his talons dug in. The screen shows Forte and Bonita's tree getting closer and closer through the windshield. Forte and Bonita are frozen in fear in front of their door with a panicked look in their eyes with Tabansi and Ally on their backs.)

Rhyser: *off screen, terrified screaming* HIT THE BRAKES! THE BRAKES!

(The screen switches to Jayson who is sitting on the floor, shown with stars floating around his head, a dazed look in his eyes. Shaking them off immediately, he pushes with all his might along with two owls pushing him down with it, causing the brake pedal to go all the way down against the floor. Rhyser is shown from a front facial view, still hanging onto Isabella's head. His face is filled with fear and wincing with pain as Isabella is smacking his sides with her claws extended in her front paws. The screen then switches to a view through the windshield, showing the bucket of the excavator swing forward, snapping off the front part of the branch ahead of them that leads up to Forte and Bonita, who are still petrified in fear, with the machine finally coming to a stop. Forte and Bonita let off a sigh of relief, with Tabansi and Ally peeking their heads around Forte and Bonita's shoulders, looking at the screen in disbelief. The screen switches back to Isabella who is finally let go of by Rhyser as she leaps out the open driver door and onto the grassy land below her on all fours. A large group of owls, at least 30 of them, gather and crowd around Isabella, with Rhyser and Jayson flying down and landing just in front of her. Isabella has an evil smile on her face as she looks at the owls around her while the owls, including Rhyser and Jayson, have very angry scowls on theirs.)

Rhyser: *growling* You're on OUR turf now, cat..

(Jayson is shown nodding in agreement next to him, licking his beak hungrily as the screen switches to Deirdre, who appears furious. She's wearing a blue robe with white trim and a gold crown on her head, with Ellie clinging to her right side in fear.)

Deirdre: *shouting angrily* SEIZE THE FAT ONE!

(The screen shows Isabella lowering her head and running full charge like a football player, dressed in a light blue gown and light blue cap as "Fight on Wisconsin" begins to play. A line of Owls of various colors are shown charging at the screen as it changes back to Isabella, hip checking and making her way through the line of Owls, sending several of them flying out of the way. Another group of Owls is shown trying to dive and tackle her but she hurdle leaps over them easily, showing them pile up underneath her. Two more Owls are then shown trying to tackle her from the left side and the right but she stiff arms one and plants her front paw in the face of another, knocking both of them down to the grass. The scene cuts to Sassy, a white female cat with a pink ribbon on her head, Daggett, a green frog with a brown felt floppy hat, and Squeaks, a light gray mouse standing next to each other, cheering and dancing. The scene cuts back to Isabella, sidestepping an Owl diving at her from the left and missing her and then an Owl diving from the right, with her sidestepping left and causing him to miss. Isabella is then shown stiff arming two more Owls as the scene cuts to Sassy, Daggett and Squeaks now standing in front of a wooden fence, cheering and whistling. Behind them sitting atop the fence is Empusa, a female white wolf, Lamia, a female wolf-dragon hybrid, Heaven, a purple dragoness, waving an orange flag, a light blue flag and a dark red flag respectively with Robbie Greytail, a male grey wolf, standing behind the fence and just to their right. Isabella is then shown celebrating and showboating as the scene cuts to a male grizzly bear shown mauling a scarecrow in a red and white flannel shirt, looking up just long enough to raise a glass mug full of gold liquid in a toast. The scene switches back to Isabella, who's shown trying to get away from a brown male Owl that manages to get a hold of her light blue gown. The gown stretches out behind her in the Owl's grasp and gets ripped off from her body, causing her to go flying through the air, over the arms of another Owl trying to catch her like a football but misses, showing him sliding through the grass and head first into a boulder. The song ends as Isabella is then shown standing in front of a forest clearing, jumping up in the air in excitement. The screen returns to Isabella standing in the middle of the group of angry, scowling owls, indicating it was all a daydream and showing that she's hardly moved at all.)

Isabella: *cheering* Long live King Richard!

(The group of Owls, headed by Jayson and Rhyser, are shown glaring at her and growling even louder. Isabella lets off a nervous laugh.)

Isabella: *muttering* Bloody blasted fat legs..

(The group of Owls close in even more on Isabella, growling louder than ever. She lets off a cough as she looks around nervously.)

Isabella: *nervous* Oh come on now.. can-can't we just be friends?

(Rhyser bursts out laughing along with most of the group of Owls, with Jayson letting off a snicker as he continues to watch Isabella, licking his beak in the process.)

Rhyser: *mockingly* You hear that, folks? The cat.. wants to be friends! Just the other day, we were rats with wings! Now just HOW do you think that came about?
Isabella: *gulps, uncertain* Well.. uh..

(Rhyser gives Isabella a hard shove while Jayson is grinning.)

Rhyser: Is that all you've got to say to us? You stroll in here with your machine, try to take our home down and that's all you got to say?!

(Isabella lets off another nervous laugh as she tries to back away from Rhyser. The group of Owls come in even closer.)

Isabella: *pleading* It was Blackskull's idea! All of it! He made me do it against my will! I'm just a --
Rhyser: *mockingly* A what? Innocent victim? Someone would have to be awfully hungry to buy that excuse. Does anybody here buy that? Anyone?

(The group of Owls growl louder as Rhyser turns to Jayson with a smile.)

Rhyser: *chuckling* That's what I thought. Jayson, you're hungry, aren't ya?

(Jayson nods, drool dripping out and down from his beak. Rhyser looks back to Isabella, with a sweet smile.)

Rhyser: Well that settles it, cat. We've got to do the right thing, don't we?

(Isabella is looking around nervously for an opening in the group around her.)

Isabella: *nervous* So, you'll let me go..?
Rhyser: *stern* Of course not.. let's eat her!

(Isabella tries to back away, visibly terrified, but finds herself stumbling into the Owls behind her. The group of Owls leap in and attack her with their talons with Isabella screaming. She climbs out over the top of the Owls for a moment, tattered and dirty as she tries to run away and over the grassy hill behind her. The gang of Owls, now led by Jayson swarm her from above just before she disappears over the hill.)

Isabella: *off screen: terrified, screaming* Please! I beg you!

(She lets off a blood curdling scream as Rhyser follows the rest of the group over the hill, disappearing from the scene with fur shown flying in chunks into the sky. Her scream echoes as the screen fades to black.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2019 12:31 pm

Act III, Scene III: (Ten minutes after the end of the previous scene, four Owls *two brown males, one tan female and one long-eared gray male owl* are holding up what resembles an ambulance with a white tent with a red cross on both sides of it. The two brown owls act as the front wheels and support with the other two as the back. Two more Owls, one a red male dressed as a nurse and the other a brown female are on each end of a stretcher with Westminster laying on it, his head bandaged and his right wing in a sling and also bandaged. Abby is standing to his right, looking him over as Monica, Rhyser, Deirdre and Jayson are standing a few feet away from her, conversing among themselves while Lil Monie and Ellie are seated at their feet, playing. Forte and Bonita are standing behind Abby, each of them are still holding onto Tabansi and Ally, respectively. Blacky Wolfbane is standing at Westminster's left, with Kendry, Meske Graywing, Jordan Silverstar and Klemens gathered around him.)

Westminster: *groggy* What.. what happened? Are the kids okay?

(Abby leans in and kisses Westminster on the cheek.)

Abby: They're fine, baby.. someone got Ally for you..
Westminster: *groggy* Who?

(Blacky Wolfbane salutes Abby as he then looks to Westminster, sternly. Westminster groans and turns his head, looking to him tiredly.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Hey geek.
Westminster: *chuckles* Nice work, hero. I don't know if I can ever repay you for saving my butt today..
Blacky Wolfbane: *grinning* Hey, it was nothing. Just living in the moment, geek.
Abby: Who knew there was a heart underneath all that leather and wolf fur?

(Blacky Wolfbane blushes a little, holding out a wing gesturing for Abby to stop.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Yo. I have a reputation to upkeep here.

(Westminster chuckles again as Abby giggles in response. Abby gives Blacky Wolfbane a thumbs up and a wink. Blacky Wolfbane snaps his feathers above his head like someone would snap their fingers.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Wolf brothers, sister. Let's roll.
Jordan Silverstar: You got it, Blacky.
Meske Graywing: The pack leader has spoken.

(Jordan Silverstar pushes Meske Graywing jokingly.)

Jordan Silverstar: Stop kissing up, Meske.

(Meske Graywing pushes Jordan Silverstar back.)

Meske Graywing: *irritated* I'm not kissing up! I'm just announcing the pack leader's presence, JORDAN.
Klemens: *grinning* You sound pretty offended for someone that's not kissing up, Meske..
Meske Graywing: *irritated* Shut up, Klemens!
Kendry: *sighing* Men! I swear..

(Abby, Westminster, Forte and Bonita laugh out loud in response to their arguing.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Get better, geek. We're out.

(Blacky Wolfbane walks off screen, with Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing and Kendry quickly following him off. Klemens walks up to Westminster and pats him on the left shoulder gently. Westminster looks to him, smiling.)

Klemens: Feel better soon, bro! See ya at work..

(Westminster nods tiredly as Klemens then runs off screen, catching up to the others. Forte steps out from behind Abby, standing to her left as he leans in close to Westminster. Westminster turns his head to him, watching somewhat groggily as Forte has an apologetic look on his face.)

Westminster: Hey dad..
Forte: Westminster.. the things I said about you earlier today.. I was wrong and I'm so sorry..
Westminster: We're all wrong from time to time, Forte.. even the best of us..
Forte: I've been wrong to doubt you, bud. Not only were you right about the logger, you've proved that you are just as good of a father and man as I am.. even when I didn't give you a fair chance..

(Bonita and Abby hug Forte around the shoulders gently as he hangs his head down apologetically.)

Forte: *solemn* I truly hope you can forgive me, son..
Westminster: *choking up* Without hesitation, dad. I love you..
Forte: *quivering* I love you too, champ..

(Forte places Tabansi in Abby's wings as he and Westminster share a gentle embrace, with Westminster patting Forte on the back. Bonita and Abby have tears in their eyes as Ally looks from one of them to the other, curious.)

Abby: *choking up, smiling* I'm proud of you boys..
Bonita: *smiling, quivering some* I love my two men so much!

(Forte releases his embrace with Westminster as he gives him a stern look. Westminster looks at him hesitantly.)

Westminster: *chuckling, half hesitant* What.. is it, dad?

(Forte chuckles as he pats Westminster on the wing that's in a sling gently, causing Westminster to wince.)

Forte: *smiling* Take care of that broken wing, boy. One step at a time, hmm?
Westminster: *chuckling* I get to learn from the best on that one..

(Forte smiles softly at Westminster once more, leaving to rejoin Bonita. Abby hugs both Bonita and Forte as she makes her way back to Westminster's side. The two Owls are getting ready to raise the stretcher off the ground as Jayson runs up to them with Deirdre following him, standing by his side with her holding Ellie in her right wing.)

Jayson: *excitedly* Wait up!

(The two Owls are grunting and doing their best to hold the stretcher up in the air, waiting. Westminster looks to Jayson with a curious expression.)

Westminster: What's up, Jayson?
Jayson: *singing* You're a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world --
Westminster: *laughing* Shut up, Jayson.

(Jayson laughs in response as the Owls load Westminster into the ambulance. Abby waves to Deirdre as she climbs into the ambulance with him. Deirdre waves back as she then slugs Jayson hard in the shoulder. Jayson is rubbing his shoulder and looking at her confused.)

Jayson: What was that for?!
Deirdre: You're such a dork!
Jayson: *offended* I am not!

(Deirdre gives him an amused look, Ellie looks up at both of them and giggles. Jayson shrugs.)

Jayson: Okay, maybe I am..

(The ambulance is shown being lifted off the ground by the four Owls supporting it as it flies off into the morning sun. Forte, Bonita, Jayson, Deirdre, Monica and Rhyser are all waving at the ambulance as its then shown slowly disappearing from view and into the bright sunlight. The screen rests on the morning sun as it is just rising into the middle of the sky. Narration begins.)

Wats: *off screen* Well folks, that's how Walter Blackskull was defeated and how The Woodlands were saved.. *chuckling* or even better, left standing tall. The question is, what is a hero? What is the definition of a hero, can it be a multitude of different definitions? I know that the envision of a hero can be different from one living being to the next, but in some cases, it can be more than one hero.. isn't that right, my dear Mercy?

(The screen fades to black as Forte, Bonita, Jayson, Deirdre, Rhyser and Monica take off from the meadow with Tabansi following in the direction of Forte and Bonita while Lil Monie follows Rhyser and Monica as Ellie takes off after Jayson and Deirdre. The screen changes to Blacky Wolfbane, Kendry, Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing, Shan, Kellie, Mrs. Cotton, Miles Zoomer, Klemens and Berg sitting at a bar in a tavern, each raising and meeting their glasses with each other in toast with all of them full of wine. They are shown laughing and talking among each other.)

Mercy: *off screen, gently* Yes..
Wats: *off screen* When we all work together, the singular term hero.. becomes heroes. Now let's go back what the definition of a hero is and also ask ourselves, do we know a hero when we see one? Or can somebody change into a hero, even when its from somebody we'd least expect that hero to come from? All it takes is one change, one person to adjust and alter our views, to see what's really going on and to really see what the big picture is. Also, we see things inside of ourselves that we never knew we had or those things that we've held back because someone else doesn't care for some of what we have.

(The screen switches to Forte and Bonita sitting around a radio on their coffee table. They are cuddled together on the sofa and smiling as they are being attentive to the radio.)

Wats: *off screen* But now you'll say, hey Wats! Hold on a moment there, you were just getting into what creates heroes and then you just instantly switch topics and now we're discussing change? I'm not going all over the map and trying to confuse you folks.. *chuckles* .. but change has to happen for a regular joe, or in this case, regular joes.. for them to evolve into said heroes! Even more so, we have to change our visions and be able to drop old habits to see the hero in those we don't suspect it to be inside of!

(The screen switches to Wats and Mercy sitting in their studio booth, with Wats in front of the microphone and Mercy sitting in the seat just to his right, snuggling into his wing and smiling lovingly.)

Wats: So what defines a hero or in our case today, heroes? It's those who decide to change and step up to unselfishly help others.. friends, family and even in some cases a complete stranger.. it could even be somebody we don't necessarily get along with! Remember folks, this is OUR world, not just your world, or even mine.. we are brother and sister here in not just The Woodlands, but we are brother and sister across the earth! We can save our world if we put our differences and feelings aside! All we need to do is aim for the common good for our world and for the common good in each and everyone of us! But anyways.. *chuckles* .. enough of my babbling, it's time for Mercy and I to sign off!

(Wats kisses Mercy on the forehead as both of them smile to each other. Wats focuses his attention on the microphone again.)

Wats: This has been DJ Wats and of course, Mercy for K-Woo saying once again, love each other! Don't just love through the thick and the thin but also through the best and the worst of times! Life can sure a real zoo sometimes.. boy howdy, can it be a zoo out there..

(The screen fades to black. In white bold font, it says "In Memory of Lloyd Timothy "Watosh" Whitehead, October 13, 1954-January 31, 2017.", just below it says "In Memory of Thomas K. Smith, April 8, 1954-April 27, 2019." Below that, it says "In Memory of Joe Carroll (Big Ol' Bear) August 10, 1978-September 3, 2019." The words slowly fade to black. The credits then begin to roll down the right half of the screen, with Jayson, Deidre and Ellie shown entering through the front door of their home and into their living room. Jayson has a tired look on his face while Deidre looks upset. She places Ellie on the couch, hugging and kissing her.)

Deidre: *frustrated* Mrs. Redd isn't here, Jayson! Where the heck could she be?!
Jayson: *yawning* I don't know. I'll check the kitchen.

(Porter is shown popping his head up from behind the couch, wearing a dark red beanie on his head with it over his eyes.)

Porter: *curious* Did somebody say kitchen?

(Deidre rolls her eyes at Porter. Letting off a frustrated sigh, she begins to stomp off camera.)

Deidre: *off screen* I'll check our bedroom. Tell your boyfriend to go home!

(Jayson is shown with his head buried in the fridge.)

Jayson: *frustrated* He's my PIECE OF GARBAGE! Check in next time!

(The half screen changes to Deidre approaching the bathroom door in the hallway. Just as she walks past it, an object can be heard hitting the floor in the bathroom followed by a faint yawn. Deidre stops in her tracks and looks at the bathroom door with suspicion.)

Deidre: *shouting* Jayson! I think I found her!

(Jayson walks on screen holding Ellie in his right wing. He is watching the bathroom door as he is now standing by Deirdre. They are shown from behind as the door opens, faint smoke comes pouring out of the doorway.)

Jayson: *confused* What the hell?!

(Mrs. Redd emerges from the pitch blackness of the bathroom, wide eyed and letting off a big yawn. Deirdre's wings are crossed as both her and Jayson are looking upset.)

Deidre: *upset* Mrs. Redd! Ellie got out! What do you have to say for yourself?!

(Mrs. Redd yawns again as she looks at both of them, still wide eyed.)

Mrs. Redd: *shocked* I'm starving!

(Jayson and Deirdre are shown looking at each other confused as the half screen changes to Rhyser and Monica landing at their nest with Lil Monie landing just to their right. Rhyser has an upset expression on his face as he looks at Lil Monie while Monica gives her an angry growl as she tries cowering in return.)

Monica: *angry* You're grounded after that stunt! You don't run away like that, young lady!
Lil Monie: *pleading* But.. but --
Rhyser: *stern* No buts, missy!
Monica: *angry* You're going straight to bed --

(The sound of snoring can be heard off screen as Rhyser and Monica look to each other, confused.)

Rhyser: Speaking of bed..
Monica: *shocked* Elder Akilah!

(Akilah is shown startled awake on the couch, still holding a book in her lap. Monica and Rhyser sit down next to her, Monica on her left side and Rhyser on the right. Monica shakes a finger at Akilah, trying not to laugh.)

Akilah: *panicking* I'm awake! I'm awake! What is it, dear?!
Monica: *giggling* No more bedtime stories for you, Elder!

(Rhyser joins in chuckling as Monica hugs Akilah around the shoulder, both of them smiling as Lil Monie runs in screen, plopping down on Rhyser's lap, making him go "oof". The screen changes to Westminster and Abby's nest as Wynter is shown sitting in a recliner, with headphones on and sound asleep while Robbie Greytail is lying at her feet, also sleeping. The sound of Westminster, Abby and Tabansi landing can be heard faintly as a rustling sound. The edges of the screen become blurry, indicating Wynter's dream sequence. The half screen is black, Wynter can be heard moaning, tossing and turning with the sound of rustling bed sheets. A lamp on the right side of the bed is clicked on, dimly illuminating the right side of it. Wynter is shown sitting up in bed looking sleepy and in disbelief.)

Wynter: Honey? You awake? You wouldn't believe the dream I just had..

(Rustling of sheets is heard again with Abby moaning aloud. The light on the left side of the bed is clicked on, showing Abby rolled over in bed, giving Wynter a tired, irritated look.)

Abby: *angry* Dammit, Wynter! What the hell are you doing?!

(The dream sequence ends, Wynter is tossing and turning in the recliner while Abby is standing to her left with her wings on her hips with Westminster, who is tattered and beaten looking with his right wing in a sling and still bandaged up around the top of his head, standing next to her with Tabansi on his left side and Ally on his right. Wynter slowly opens her eyes as the camera shows from her own line of sight, showing Abby looking tired but angry.)

Wynter: *sleepily* Oh Abby.. thank the goddess you're here..
Abby: *angry* Be thankful I don't whoop you! The tots ran off into the clearing and about got Westminster killed!

(Wynter is shown blinking sleepily and trying to wake herself up as Westminster glances to Abby.)

Westminster: *tiredly* Calm down, Abby.. not in front of the pups..

(Wynter has a concerned look on her face as she looks at Westminster then back to Abby.)

Wynter: Good god, Abby! When I said beat him good, I meant at Yahtzee, not physically!

(Abby gently kisses Westminster on the cheek. She then sighs, going back to glaring at Wynter.)

Abby: *assuring* Put the tots down to sleep and you go too.. you've had a nightmare of a day, baby..
Westminster: *tiredly* Okay hon.. good night, Wynter.. come on pups..

(Tabansi and Ally hug Abby around the legs as they drag themselves exhaustively off screen along with Westminster, leaving Wynter trying to sit up in the recliner. Abby pulls a kitchen chair to the left of the recliner and sits down, moaning in pain. She gives Wynter an exhausted eye roll followed by a sigh as Wynter is looking at her half attentively.)

Abby: *tired sigh* Wynter.. what -- what the hell happened here tonight?
Wynter: It started when I had the craziest dream, Abby.. I dreamt I was an inn keeper in a town in Vermont, there was this group of owls that all spoke in verses and.. there was another group of owls at this bar, they all were drinking wine --
Abby: *sighing* I meant with the tots.. oh forget it, Wynter..
Wynter: But I CAN'T forget it, Abby.. it was all so real. Your parents were there too! Listening to a radio that was possessed by a DJ that spoke in narration --

(Abby rolls her eyes and lets off another sigh. She pats Wynter on the shoulder as she gets up from the kitchen chair.)

Abby: Stop drinking that sleepytime tea before bed, Wynter. Let's just forget all this ever happened. Good night..

(Abby tiredly walks away and grabs a hold of a chain coming down from the top of the screen, yanking on it and turning off the sunlight, causing the screen to go completely black. The credits end as the screen goes back to full.)

Wynter: I was married to a hot blonde who couldn't decide if he was a thug or a warmhearted sweetie! Then someone hit me with a golf ball and I woke up..
Abby: *moaning* Good NIGHT, Wynter..

(A moment of silence passes as Abby pulls the chain as the daylight turns back on. Abby has a stern look on her face as Wynter is shown sitting in the recliner, looking to her curiously.)

Abby: Oh, Wynter.. one more thing?
Wynter: Yeah?
Abby: *smiling* If you don't mind.. one of these nights, send that blonde my way, will ya?

(Abby gives Wynter a tired smile and a wink. Wynter giggles as she winks back at Abby while she's moving about and trying to get comfortable in the recliner.)

Wynter: *smiling* You got it, Abby!
Abby: Okay.. good night, Wynter..

(Wynter is shown in the recliner as a puff of smoke fills the area, revealing Robbie Greytail cuddling close to her. Wynter hugs Robbie Greytail close as she kisses him on the head.)

Wynter: *yawning* Good night, Abby.. good night, poppa..

(A click from the chain can be heard, causing the screen to go black.)

--- THE END ---

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeWed Oct 23, 2019 11:54 pm

Are you insisting I'm old and prone to falling asleep? ~giggles softly~ Just joking, I loved this.. beautifully written and very complex, especially with so many characters involved. Beautiful work you two!

~Love always, Princess Toadstool/Annabelle ~~

Quote :
"We write of our past to remind us of where we started; we read in the present to know how far we've come." -Heather Butler 1982-2008
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Pookie Von Koopa

Pookie Von Koopa

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2019 2:38 am

So great! Did I spot a Robin Hood in there?
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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2019 11:25 am

Muito obrigado por nos incluir, Nicholas! Como eu disse anteriormente, você realmente capturou nós dois como bonita e forte, até o meu lado brincalhão e temperamento do meu marido para o preguiçoso!

Meu marido especialmente apreciado que você disse que nossos personagens apenas viveu em cativeiro, em vez de mencionar que estar em Rio de Janiero. Ele está tão orgulhoso de sua casa Brasil, como eu sou!

Muito bem! Muito bem feito! Estou tão orgulhoso de você e minha filha e se este era um filme, eu certamente vê-lo. Se eu fosse corajoso o suficiente, eu mesmo me voz!
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeSat Oct 26, 2019 12:06 am

I think you'd do wonderfully, Feliciana.. ~smiles softly~ you are a very confident woman, I can tell and its not just because your Kali shares the same traits..

~Love always, Princess Toadstool/Annabelle ~~

Quote :
"We write of our past to remind us of where we started; we read in the present to know how far we've come." -Heather Butler 1982-2008
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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeFri Nov 01, 2019 10:13 am

Pookie Von Koopa wrote:
So great! Did I spot a Robin Hood in there?

You did! That was so awesome of you to get that in there, Nick.. my sister is with you when you write and is always a part of you when you do!

The Woodlands -ice-age-32561449
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2019 10:00 pm

Is that the NEWHART finale you added to the end of it? That's creative genius Nick
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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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PostSubject: Re: The Woodlands   The Woodlands Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2019 10:04 pm

Yup bro that it is. Thank you Smile

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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