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 A Very Hearts-y Christmas

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A Very Hearts-y Christmas Empty
PostSubject: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:47 am

A Very Hearts-y Christmas
Written by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga, Jessica Rhys-Butler & David James
Characters Created by Nicholas Miller, Rose LaTereza, Quetzal LaTereza, Paul Hellington, Michael Boone, Tia Saree-Muhammud, Skyler Hall, Jessica Rhys-Butler & Heather Butler
Based on Dragons of Darkness, written by Nicholas Miller 1997-2002, 2007, 2018
Special Thanks to Heather Butler and Family/Friends who support our work


Narrator (voiced by TBD)
Daggett, a frog (voiced by David James)
Sassy, a female white cat (voiced by Wendy Williams)
Squeaks, a mouse (voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Queen Dessie, a silver dragoness (voiced by Rose LaTereza)
King Lightning, a gold dragon (voiced by Fernando LaTereza)
Sir Fire, a red dragon (voiced by Paul Hellington)
Princess Annabelinda, a pink dragoness (voiced by Tia Saree-Muhammud)
Sir Kashir, a black dragon (voiced by Michael Boone)
Demon, a red hell-spawn (voiced by TBD)

Also starring:

Crisps, a black dragon (voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Esther, a pink dragoness (voiced by Jessica Rhys-Butler)
Lamia, a female wolf-dragon hybrid (based on Tammy Wallace)
Empusa, a female white wolf (based on and voiced by Mileena Jackson)
Heaven, a purple dragoness (based on Lorii Johnsson)

Minor Characters:

Westminster, a brown male owl (based on and voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Abby, a red female owl (based on and voiced by Kali Wassaserwanga)
Butler, an orange male Barn owl (based on and voiced by Jerome Gaedenwood)
Monica, a brown female owl (based on and voiced by Jessica Rhys-Butler)
Sophie, a blue-gray female owl (based on and voiced by Lorii Johnsson)
Wynter, a female Greater Sooter owl (based on Meghan Jackson)
Gem Rubyfire, a brown female owl (based on Ruby Allan)
Rhyser, a brown male owl (based on Robbie Rhys-Butler)
Tabansi, a male tiger-sparrow hybrid (based on Jacques Landon)
Pippen, a golden lab puppy (voiced by TBD)
Frank, manager of London Bistro (voiced by TBD)


Prototype Daggett, a frog (Hearts-a-Gamble Rough Draft 2002, voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Midnight Dragon, a dark blue dragon (Hearts-a-Gamble Rough Draft 2002, voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Moonlight Dragon, a pale blue dragoness (Hearts-a-Gamble Rough Draft 2002, voiced by TBD)
King Diomedes, a vampire king gray and black owl (The One With All The Owls & Vampires 2018, non-speaking)
Jayson, a brown male owl (Strangers in the Night 2019)
Deirdre, a gray female owl (Strangers in the Night 2019)

Act I, Scene I: (Christmas Eve. Inside a cave that has Christmas lights draped all along the walls and hanging all across the ceiling. There's a huge luscious Christmas tree covered in sparkling ornaments of various colors in the corner of the room with a fire roaring in the fireplace about three feet to the right of it. Five red and white striped stockings are hanging above the fireplace, three of them are smaller and a name written in silver glitter on each. From left to the right, they read "Sweet", "Angelic" and "Heaven". The larger two are to the left and one says "Crisps" and the other "Esther". Crisps and Esther are sitting cuddled together with Empusa, Lamia and Heaven sitting on the floor in front of them chattering and looking at the presents mesmorized. Crisps and Esther are smiling.)

Crisps: Boy, Esther.. that was quite the Christmas dinner you put together tonight. Would you agree, kids?

(Esther smiles to Crisps in response as Empusa, Lamia and Heaven each nod, still mesmorized.)

Esther: Thank you, nothing better than imported human! Sure it's expensive coming from another world, but it was SO worth it.
Heaven: Especially burnt!
Lamia: And with all that ketchup too? Yum!

(Crisps and Esther let off a laugh as all become silent for a moment. Esther looks up to the ceiling and lets off a surprised gasp as she nudges Crisps with an elbow.)

Esther: Do you hear that?
Crisps: I sure do..

(Empusa, Lamia and Heaven turn their heads, looking at Crisps and Esther with a confused look on their faces.)

Empusa: Not my fault humans give me the toots!
Lamia: Eww! Sissy, get away from me!

(Heaven is waving her hand like a fan to get the gas away from her as Empusa begins wrestling with Lamia, trying to shove her butt in her face. Lamia squirms and yells, trying to get away. Crisps and Esther begin to chuckle and shake their heads.)

Empusa: *giggling* Sharin' the love mate! Embrace the toots!
Lamia: Stop it, sissy! You're gonna gag me with that, nonetheless maggots!
Esther: It isn't the farts, you two.. listen closer..

(Empusa, Lamia and Heaven cuff a hand around their ears trying to listen for a sound. Not hearing anything, they look at Crisps and Esther again, confused.)

Esther: My kiddos, you listen with your ears, you need to listen with your hearts. Remember who's coming to visit us tonight..

(Crisps smiles as the three kids think for a moment. A huge grin begins to form on each of their faces.)

Lamia: Santa Claus!
Heaven: Santie Claus!
Empusa: No, sissy. Santa, not Santie!
Heaven: I can call him anything I want! Don't judge me, sis!

(Empusa and Heaven begin to wrestle as Crisps and Esther let off another chuckle.)

Crisps: It's getting awfully late and Santa doesn't visit the homes of awake children..

(Empusa and Heaven stop wrestling as they look to Crisps and then to each other. They let off a shrug as they then look to Esther.)

Empusa: Daddy's pulling our tails.. I want to see Santa!
Lamia: Me too! Why can't we be awake when he gets here?
Heaven: Because Santie works in the night!
Empusa: You don't know that, sissy!
Heaven: Yes I do! Daddy told me so..
Empusa: That isn't what momma says!

(Empusa begins wrestling with Heaven again just as Heaven was about to respond. Heaven cries out as Crisps and Esther break up the match.)

Esther: It's time for you three to go to bed.. you do want Santa to leave you even more presents, right?

(Empusa, Lamia and Heaven each nod excitedly as they rush to their feet and give Crisps and Esther hugs and kisses on the cheeks. They begin to rush off towards their bedroom.)

Crisps: Night kiddos, love you..
Esther: Sleep good, my beautiful angels..

(Empusa, Lamia and Heaven stop and turn towards Crisps and Esther, just in front of the bedroom door.)

Heaven: Love you too mommy and daddy!
Lamia: Mommy's talking to me. She said her beautiful angel!
Heaven: You're not an angel.. she means me and Sweet!
Lamia: *whining* Mommm!

(Empusa is about to wrestle with Lamia again as Crisps and Esther give the three an unamused glare from across the room. Empusa stops herself and has a guilty smile on her face.)

Empusa: *nervous laugh* Bed time.. right..
Lamia: *pleading* But.. but..

(Empusa drags Lamia by the neck into their bedroom as she continues to whine. Heaven blows Crisps and Esther a kiss as she follows Empusa and Lamia through the bedroom door, exiting the scene. Crisps and Esther give each other a smile as they cuddle close and stare into the bright lights and colors of the Christmas tree.)

Crisps: We are so blessed, hon.. three wonderful daughters..
Esther: ..that I couldn't be any prouder of..

(Crisps smiles as he takes Esther's clawed hand in his, looking into her eyes. Esther places her other hand over his and returns the look, smiling and batting her lashes at him seductively.)

Crisps: I could never imagine what my life would be like without you in it, Esther.. I hope that day never comes..
Esther: We're joined at the heart, you'll never be without me.. our love is universal.
Crisps: *confused* Universal?
Esther: Our love goes on and on without limitations, it goes as long and far as the universe allows.
Crisps: I get it now..

(Esther giggles as she leans in and gives Crisps a kiss on the chin. He grins in response.)

Crisps: Work your way up to my lips and I'll show you how far my love goes..

(Just as Esther is trailing a claw up Crisp's chin and towards his bottom lip, she stops and gets back to her feet and walks over to the closet which is just to the right of the fireplace. Crisps has a bigger grin forming.)

Esther: Speaking of work, my love..
Crisps: Getting more comfortable, I see?

(Esther shakes her head and giggles as she opens the closet and throws a bunch of boxed toys at Crisps. He dodges the first four boxes but gets hit in the chest with a larger one. Crisps looks at Esther surprised, rubbing his chest.)

Esther: Whoops!
Crisps: *muttering* Whoops my butt..

(Esther grabs wrapping paper from the closet and walks back over to Crisps, sitting and snuggling close to his left side once more.)

Crisps: Now you'll act all sweet and try to butter me up..

(Esther lets off a giggle as she looks into his eyes deeply, her eyes wide and innocent. Crisps tries to look stern but looks like he's giving into smiling.)

Crisps: How can't I forgive you?
Esther: Because you love me?
Crisps: More than life itself, my darling..
Esther: *enthusiastic* Then you have enough love to wrap these presents!

(Crisps grumbles as Esther continues to give him big puppy love eyes. After a second, he lets off a chuckle as he kisses her on the lips quickly.)

Crisps: Alright, alright.. you worked hard on dinner so it's the least I can do..

(Esther smiles as she hands Crisps one of the boxes that got thrown past him. He smiles back to her as he begins wrapping.)

Esther: With our love, our beautiful home and our three wonderful angels, wouldn't you say we've got it all?
Crisps: Yes, my darling. We are quite complete..

(Esther continues to smile as she hands Crisps a few more boxes. He looks at her and chuckles for a moment as he continues to wrap the gifts.)

Narrator: Christmas time, oh Christmas time.. it's joy for boys and girls.. not just celebrated by Crisps and Esther, but all throughout the worlds..

("Jingle Bells" instrumental starts to play softly as Crisps and Esther are shown placing the now wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree as they give each other a kiss. Walking hand in hand towards a doorway signifying their bedroom, they blow out candles that line the wall along the way, causing the bright light cast from the door to pour down narrowly through the room. They exit the room and turn off the bedroom light, the home is now dark. The camera zooms back, through the window and now points at the starry night sky with the moon just to the far upper left of the screen.)

Narrator: The town grows dark with Santa approaching, the children are snuggled safe in their beds..

(The middle of the screen shows "A Very Hearts-y Christmas" in a white cursive font. It is surrounded by a wreath and covered in flashing red and green Christmas light bulbs. After about five seconds, it disappears and the camera comes down from the starry night sky, focusing on a huge Christmas tree brightly lit and beautifully decorated in the center of town. The town is covered in bright white snow from the ground to the rooftops.)

Narrator: Here we have a Christmas tree, decorated in care by the town. It's beautiful, full of vibrant hues--
Demon: *voice off screen* And it's about to all come crashing down!

("Jingle Bells" instrumental cuts off.)

Narrator: *annoyed* Wait.. no, no. This is MY story to tell. Who the hell are you?!
Demon: None of your business! Buzz off!
Narrator: It IS my business! The director is paying me well for this!

(A mountain covered in sharp rocks is shown behind the town as the camera quickly zooms in towards it, aiming for what appears to be a cavern towards the tip of the mountain.)

Demon: Not as well as you think! Guess who's the star?!
Narrator: Crisps and Esther..

(The camera zooms inside the cave, ducking under spikes and cobwebs lining the ceiling and walls and ends showing a closeup on Demon, he's sitting on a wooden chair with his arms crossed, smirking. He is surrounded by red clouds, the mist of it filling the rest of the cavern around him.)

Demon: *cackles* Wrong! It's me, of course!
Narrator: I thought you were supposed to be dead..
Demon: HAH! You really thought a kiss would kill me?!
Narrator: Well it did --
Demon: *angry* Enough! Just let the story begin, will ya?!
Narrator: *upset* Fine.
Demon: Thank you! Ten years ago, I failed to defeat two disgusting, fat, pompous dragons in my attempt to take over the Dragon world and Earth! But now I'm back with my most ingenious idea yet.. right, my faithful pup?

(The camera backs up a little bit and shows Pippen sitting next to Demon. Pippen looks up at the Demon and laughs sarcastically.)

Pippen: *sarcastic* Faithful?! No, no, no..
Demon: Then what are you doing here?
Pippen: *sarcastic* Collecting a pay check. Easy money, easy villain..
Demon: *becoming upset* I am NOT easy! Tell me how I'm easy!
Pippen: *sarcastic* Uh. You were defeated by a KISS?! DURRR!
Demon: *angry* It was more than one kiss, you stupid dog! Now shut it!

(Pippen crosses his arms, still sitting on his haunches. He looks the other way and mutters something incoherent)

Demon: That's right, you rude mutt! Now back to my ingenious idea.. I hate Christmas more than anything and guess who loves Christmas more than anything? Kids! I'll ruin this vomit inducing holiday for them and haunt them with nightmares for the rest of their lives! Let's see that jolly, fat man come back around here again when I have all the children bawling and the parents in shambles! It's my most brilliant idea yet!

(Pippen is still shown pouting and muttering in the other direction as the Demon mutters something in a strange language as he rubs his hands together, causing a red mist cloud to come from them. His eyes light up a bright red as a huge evil grin forms on his face.)

Demon: Do your work, my misty minions! Go destroy dreams!

(The red mist begins flowing outward through the rest of the cave in front of Demon and pours out of the mountain, shown beginning to cover the town just in front. The Demon is heard letting off an evil cackle, echoing as the screen fades slowly to black.)

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A Very Hearts-y Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:49 am

Act I, Scene II: (Crisps' and Esther's Bedroom. The scene starts off in pitch black and is relatively silent until the sounds of Heaven, Empusa and Lamia's hysterical crying breaks it. Crisps and Esther can be heard moving around and murmuring being awoken from sleep.)

Crisps: *groggy* What.. what's going on..
Esther: *panicking* Oh my gosh, the kids! Crisps!

(Crisps turns on the lamp as the room illuminates and the screen shows them sitting up in their bed in a cold sweat. Esther's eyes are darting around as her concern grows.)

Crisps: *stern* I'll see what's going on..

(Esther looks over at Crisps and shakes her head in disagreement.)

Esther: No.. we'll see what's going on..

(Just as Crisps and Esther are about to get out of the bed, the bedroom door flies open. Heaven, Empusa and Lamia come in running and are continuing to cry hysterically as they leap into the bed. Heaven clings to Crisps as Empusa and Lamia cling to Esther, shivering in fear.)

Esther: My wonderful, sweet, little angels.. why are you so upset?
Crisps: Nightmares from what they ate?

(Esther glares at Crisps as she cuddles Heaven, Empusa and Lamia close to her, kissing each of them on the foreheads and wiping tears away as they continue to cry hysterically.)

Heaven: *through tears* Bad dream! It was Santie!
Lamia: *through tears* Santa is going to hurt us! Please don't make us go back to bed!
Empusa: *panicking* Momma! Daddy! Please don't!

(Esther and Crisps give each other bewildered looks as they both try to comfort the three crying children.)

Esther: *concerned* How could all of them have similar nightmares? It just doesn't make sense..

(Just as Crisps is about to respond, the sound of more crying children can be heard from outside their bedroom window. Crisps gets up from the bed and looks out the window. A red fog has filled the entire town and reduced the visibility of the other caves to the lit windows of them, giving off a bright yellow glow.)

Crisps: *somewhat devastated* I think I just found the problem.. I'm alerting the King and Queen..

(The camera moves from the window and back to Esther who is still sitting on the bed with Heaven, Empusa and Lamia cuddled close to her as they're still sobbing and quivering in fear. Crisps is making his way out of the bedroom.)

Esther: I'll get in contact with our friends.. we're gonna need all the help we can get..

(Crisps hands Esther his pendant as she grabs it and looks into it. She is shown talking into the pendant as the screen fades to black.)

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Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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A Very Hearts-y Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:51 am

Act I, Scene III: (About fifteen minutes before the end of Scene II. A living room with white marble walls with a fireplace surrounded by two giant white roman pillars. Green and red tinsel is decorated along the top of the fireplace. There is a small Christmas tree in the far right corner along the same wall as the fireplace. There is also a sofa that is about 8 feet away facing the fireplace. A coffee table is about two feet in front of the sofa. Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks are sitting on the couch with mugs filled with hot chocolate.)

Daggett: What a crazy year it's been, eh guys?

(Sassy nods slowly as Squeaks takes a sip of his mug then also nods.)

Squeaks: I'd say so. You quit drinking, I got off the street, the cat gained a bunch of weight..

(Sassy glares at Squeaks. Squeaks holds a hand up in defense.)

Squeaks: .. BUUUT she lost all of it and looks great. Don't get your fur in a frizz, Sass!
Sassy: Thank you. I was just expecting --
Daggett: *grinning* To not be single this Christmas?

(Sassy growls at Daggett as Squeaks pats Sassy on the right leg, looking somewhat stern. Sassy looks to Squeaks with a confused look on her face.)

Squeaks: An insult from me? I've changed, Sass. Trust me..

(Sassy is narrowing her eyes at Squeaks determining if he's actually being serious as Daggett looks to be growing bored and yawns.)

Daggett: *frustrated sigh* So are we going to kiss and make up or are we going to sing some Christmas songs?

(Sassy stops looking at Squeaks as she gives Daggett a bop on the head and lets off a giggle. Daggett gives her a confused look.)

Sassy: I think the chocolate is making somebody cranky.. should I start things off?

(Daggett grumbles and nods in response. Sassy turns back and looks at Squeaks expecting a smart remark but Squeaks is shown shrugging with a smile on his face.)

Sassy: *singing* ONNNNNN the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to MEEEE.. that one hunk from the Cafe in London!

(Daggett and Squeaks roll their eyes in response as Frank appears in a poof of smoke in front of the fireplace, looking bewildered. Sassy's eyes grow wide as she sees Frank, red cartoon hearts start coming from her eyes.)

Sassy: *gushing* Come to MAMA! Stud muffin, how you doin'?
Frank: Oh no. No, no, no, NO!

(Sassy leaps from her seat on the sofa and is gushing big time over Frank.)

Sassy: I could just eat ya up, man of my dreams! Don't make me come get ya!

(Frank is seen darting his eyes towards the big window to his left as Squeaks and Daggett look at each other trying not to laugh.)

Daggett: Don't say it, Squeaks..
Squeaks: That a guy like that will go straight to her thighs?

(Daggett tries to place a black censorship sticker over Squeaks' mouth while Squeaks is struggling to kick him away. Sassy is mesmorized and not paying attention to Daggett and Squeaks, still focused on Frank.)

Sassy: HIT IT!

(Sassy snaps her fingers on both hands as a spotlight comes down over her and Frank. "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" by Lou Rawls begins to play as a nervous look forms on Frank's face, nervously darting his eyes back and forth from Sassy to the window. Squeaks and Daggett are looking around to see who's playing the song as Sassy is now shown beginning to run towards Frank in slow motion. She's flailing her arms out as she runs towards Frank as cartoon hearts continue to flow from her eyes and come out her ears. The camera focuses on Frank who is still looking to the window in real time speed as it then returns to Sassy, shown getting closer. Frank lets off a horrified scream and jumps through the window, causing the music to stop. Frank can still be heard screaming outside as Sassy stops running and the slow motion ends, along with the spotlight going away. After about fifteen seconds more of Frank's random screams from outside, Sassy shrugs.)

Daggett: *off screen* You FINALLY done, cat?

(Sassy turns and glares at Daggett who is still on the sofa with Squeaks. Squeaks is struggling to take the black censorship sticker off his mouth.)

Sassy: Haters gon hate. Not my fault you can't be sophisticated like me!

(Squeaks finishes taking off the sticker as Daggett is shown pretending to choke and gasp for air next to him.)

Squeaks: Jesus, Sass.. you about killed Dags! Warn us before you say something like that..

(Sassy rolls her eyes and lets off a low yowl.)

Daggett: If you're finished with your fantasy, can we just continue the song already?
Squeaks: *stern* But I like her interruptions, Dags. They're filled with wholesome goodness with a pinch of a voice that's so --

(Sassy glares at Squeaks, tapping her foot impatiently.)

Squeaks: *serious* Glorious. Soothing to the ears glorious. As you were, soldier.

(Sassy clears her throat as Daggett is shown covering his ears.)

Sassy: *singing* ONNN the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to MEEE --
Daggett: *singing* Hey you two, my pendant's shaking..

(Sassy storms over to Daggett and is about ready to smack him.)

Sassy: How dare you interrupt me! I demand a good reason for it!

(Daggett shows Sassy the pendant that's around his neck as the face of it is glowing pink while it's vibrating.)

Sassy: That's a pretty good reason. What do you think is going on?

(Squeaks is shown wearing Groucho Marx glasses and a mustache.)

Squeaks: *Groucho Marx impression* I don't know but the pendant sure seems to be having a good time!
Sassy: *snapping* Shut up, rat!

(Daggett and Sassy are looking into the face of the pendant as Esther's face appears in it, her face showing panic. Daggett appears astonished.)

Daggett and Sassy: *surprised* Esther?!

(The pink glow increases from the pendant and around Esther's face as Squeaks is shown peeking his head in to see what's going on with the pendant. The three are sucked into the pendant as the screen transitions to what appears to be an endless dark blue sky filled with gray clouds that is circling around them like a cyclone. Lightning strikes come down around the outside of the cyclone every three seconds or so as Daggett, Squeaks and Sassy are seen screaming as they fall down its path. The scene pauses for a moment while Squeaks and Sassy are still panicking but Daggett is calm.)

Daggett: *curious* Haven't we been here before?

(Sassy and Squeaks give him a nasty glare as the scene resumes. Daggett is looking around him curiously as they fall while Squeaks and Sassy are freaking out. A lightning strike fills the entire screen for a moment, when it dissipates the screen goes to black suddenly.)

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Orinda Tarsa
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Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

Posts : 2648
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Age : 38
Location : Layton, UT

A Very Hearts-y Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:53 am

Act I, Scene IV: (About thirty five minutes before the end of Scene II. A snowy night in London. Westminster, Abby and Sophie have scarfs around their necks that are covered in various reds and greens. They are shown walking down a sidewalk with Abby as she's reading a map. Lights from the shops lining the sidewalk come over them as they pass by.)

Abby: *frustration* I still think we could of had the Christmas Party at my nest..
Sophie: Maybe, Abby.. but you know how much Wynter loves this time of year..
Westminster: She doesn't ask for a lot, Abby. It's the least we can do.
Abby: *sighing* You guys are right.. maybe I'm being a bit jealous and this is for our best friend..

(They continue walking the sidewalk, now in silence. About a minute goes by as Westminster nudges Abby with a wing.)

Westminster: Are we almost there?

(Abby looks at the map for a moment as Sophie peeks over curiously to see the map.)

Abby: According to the directions she gave me, it's just around the corner.
Sophie: About time. That girl's not very descriptive, is she?
Abby: She has her moments, Soph..

(The trio turns the corner on the sidewalk intersection and start walking left.)

Sophie: *trailing off* She's also pretty kooky..

(They stop walking as Abby looks at Sophie with an amused expression on her face.)

Abby: *laughing* You say that like it's a bad thing! How "kooky" do you expect this to be?

(Sophie is staring out ahead as her eyes widen into a mix of surprise and fear.)

Sophie: *nervous* Uh.. uhm.. Abby, look at your map..

(Westminster peeks over at the map in Abby's hands as Abby gives Sophie a confused look. Abby then looks at her map and then back to Sophie.)

Abby: We're close. What's your problem, Soph?

(Sophie is shown beginning to tremble as she's poking Abby on the shoulder and pointing ahead with the other wing.)

Sophie: It.. it's hideous.. look..

(Westminster is shown with a look of awe on his face as Abby gives off a sarcastic sigh. She looks away from the map as the three are shown from behind with the massive S.S. Flieth in front of them, covered in Christmas lights and bright yellow lights coming from the various windows and holes on the ship. The camera goes back to facing Sophie, Westminster and Abby. Abby is in disbelief as Westminster is struggling to contain his excitement.)

Abby: *shocked* She.. she chose the ship. We're partying on a rotten old ship.
Westminster: *excited* It's not rotten, it's majestic. It's beaut --

(Abby places a wing over Westminster's mouth as she gives off a frustrated sigh.)

Abby: Enough.

(Abby is shaking her head in disbelief as Sophie gives her a nervous look.)

Sophie: *frightened* Pl-please.. don't make me go in there..
Westminster: *through Abby's wing* I wanna go!

(Abby gives Sophie a look of half-sympathy.)

Abby: This isn't exactly my choice for a party but we're still going in. ALL of us.
Sophie: *frightened* .. all of us?

(Westminster is pushing Abby's wing out of his face.)

Westminster: *assuring* Yeah! Remember, she doesn't ask a lot of her friends..
Abby: And it IS Christmas, Soph. Do it for Wynter, at least.
Sophie: *unsure* I.. I guess we can..

(Abby is patting Sophie on the back reassuringly as Westminster is struggling to not make a run for the ship.)

Abby: If it makes you feel better, we'll hold your hand and keep the mean old ship from scaring you. Would that help?
Westminster: *excited* Let's go already!

(Sophie nods slowly in agreement as she takes Abby's right wing and grips it tightly. Abby is rolling her eyes at Westminster.)

Abby: *irritated* Stop dorking out, Jesus! You're excited over a pile of rotten wood..
Westminster: It's not rotten wood! It's --
Abby: *grumbling* Yeah, yeah.. a beautiful magnificent boat.. let's just go already..

(Westminster, Abby and Sophie make their way to a large hole in the side of the ship where sounds of laughter and Christmas music can be heard coming from it. Abby timidly peeks inside the hole and sees Wynter, Monica, Rhyser, Butler and Gem Rubyfire inside. Gem Rubyfire is sitting alone on a sofa against the wall with the large opening while Wynter, Monica, Rhyser and Butler are hanging around the Christmas tree a few feet away. The tree is decorated with skulls that are lit up in red and green and silver tinsel, the walls surrounding the room are decorated with white skulls with Santa hats on them. Just to the left of the tree is a skeleton with a pirate hat and a Santa beard on it.)

Abby: .. hello?
Wynter: Abby! Westminster! Sophie! You guys made it!
Abby: Of course we did! Well most of us did.
Wynter: *confused* Most of us?

(Monica and Butler rush over to Westminster, Abby and Sophie and give hugs and high fives. Sophie is extremely nervous and is growing pale as she looks around wide eyed.)

Abby: Yeah.. some of us want to be here less than others.. if you see what I mean..
Wynter: In other words?
Westminster: Sophie is afraid of the ship.
Gem Rubyfire: *off screen* She'll get used to it..

(Abby gasps in surprise as she notices Gem Rubyfire sitting on the sofa. She hops up and down excitedly as she hurriedly makes her way over to Gem Rubyfire and extends her wings out wide for a hug. Gem Rubyfire groans and gets up from her seat and embraces Abby in a hug.)

Abby: Hey girl! It's been ages since I saw you!
Gem Rubyfire: *half stern, half joking* For sure. What's your excuse?

(Abby and Gem Rubyfire look at each other. Abby has a wide smile on her face as Gem Rubyfire just has a grin on hers.)

Abby: *laughing* Life! You know how that is. What have you been up to? And are the rumors really true?
Gem Rubyfire: *stern* Disappeared, reappeared, got married, had a few kids..in other words, pretty much.
Abby: *astonished* WOW! Talk about life in the fast lane! Why didn't you bring the hub and kiddos?
Gem Rubyfire: I told him to come and bring them but..
Abby: But?
Gem Rubyfire: *sighing happily* The poor sap forgot. Hence I'm here alone, that absent-minded dope..

(Abby giggles as she gives Gem Rubyfire another big hug. Gem Rubyfire smiles as the camera focuses on Sophie's pale and frightened face as Wynter's wing is shown waving in front of it.)

Wynter: *off screen* Um.. Abby?
Abby: *off screen* Yes, Wynter?
Wynter: *off screen, concerned* I'm knocking on the door but nobody's home over here..
Abby: *off screen* She's just terrified. Maybe the smell of the Christmas tree will bring her back to reality..

(The camera backs out and shows Wynter standing to the right of Sophie as Wynter's eyes light up in joy.)

Wynter: You're so right! Who can resist the power of the Christmas tree? C'mon Sophie!

(Sophie is still pale and wide eyed as Wynter takes her by the wing. Sophie is murmuring as she eventually falls on her face and is dragged along by Wynter as she's skipping across the room.)

Wynter: *excitedly* I love everything about this time of year, Sophie! Well almost everything, the family thing not so much.. being around my parents and sister drives me nuts sometimes! Does your family drive you nuts, Soph? You'll so love my tree!

(Wynter arrives in front of the Christmas Tree where Westminster, Butler, Monica and Rhyser are standing around it. She just now notices Sophie is still laying flat on her face behind her and gasps as she tries to wake her up by tapping on her wings.)

Wynter: *stern* It isn't that bad, Soph! Wake up or I'll find my handy poking stick and see if your dead!

(Monica kneels by the other side of Sophie and checks on her as the camera backs out getting Abby and Gem Rubyfire in the shot as they are still sitting on the sofa to the far right. Abby has a concerned look on her face.)

Abby: *concerned* Death is paradise compared to that damned stick.
Wynter: It isn't that bad! It only hurts a little, ya know that?

(Abby is shaking her head in disagreement as the camera focuses back on Wynter, Monica and Sophie. Monica is still trying to wake up Sophie as Wynter pulls a tiny velvet bag off from a belt tied around her waist and is looking around inside it with one eye all wide. Monica looks to Wynter with a hopeful expression on her face.)

Monica: Do you have any smelling salts in that thing by chance?

(Wynter is still looking inside the bag and digging around with a wing.)

Wynter: I might! I can fit an awful lot in these bags!
Monica: What kind of stuff can you put in a bag so small?
Wynter: Well.. my handy dandy poking stick for one. It's so crowded in there!
Monica: If you don't mind, could you see if the salts are in there?

(Wynter looks up from the bag and gives Monica a frustrated look.)

Wynter: Smelling salts don't wake the dead, Monica! Trust me, I'm a witch..
Abby: *off screen, shouting* Sophie is NOT dead!

(Monica rolls her eyes as Wynter looks off screen in Abby's direction and gives off a childish grin.)

Wynter: My hippopotamus disagrees with that!

(The camera zooms out and shows Abby still on the sofa with a confused look on her face as she tries counting on her right wing tip like a person would do with fingers.)

Abby: *confused* Where would you keep a hippo?!
Wynter: On top of my bed of course! Where else would you put one?

(Abby throws up her wings in frustration and gives up. The camera moves back to Wynter, Monica and Sophie by the tree.)

Monica: *frustrated* Stop fooling around, guys! Rhyser hon, please help me..
Rhyser: *off screen* I would, but first --

(The screen switches over to Rhyser who is just a few feet to Monica's left and is standing in front of the Christmas tree. Westminster and Butler are shown feeling around and below his beak with their wings as Monica looks up at him.)

Rhyser: *frustrated* Tell these two that I DON'T have tusks!
Monica: *sighing* You're making the mammoth grumpy, guys.. leave him alone and let me borrow him, please!

(Westminster and Butler pout as Rhyser lets off a sigh of relief and kneels down on the other side of Sophie and across from Monica. Westminster and Butler stand close by the tree and watch them work over Sophie as she begins to moan and wake up. Monica lets off a sigh of relief as she smiles at Sophie.)

Monica: *relieved* Oh thank goodness.. you okay, Soph?

(Sophie moans as she begins to open her eyes slowly, looking up at Monica dazed. Wynter gets done digging through her bag and pulls out a wooden stick with a very sharp tip at the end of it.)

Wynter: Nurse Wynter, coming through!

(Wynter sees Sophie is awake and becomes somewhat depressed. Monica and Rhyser look to Wynter and shake their heads as Sophie tries to put her hands in front of her face, defending herself and moaning again.)

Wynter: *half bummed, half cheerful* Mayyyy-be not.. but at least she's okay!

(Monica and Rhyser help Sophie back onto her feet as she is looking around still somewhat wobbly. Wynter smiles and gives Sophie a quick hug.)

Sophie: *reluctant* I'm okay, I guess..
Wynter: *grinning* Does my tree make you feel better than okay, Soph?

(The screen shows the big luscious green Christmas tree with its glowing red and green skulls draped all over it. The camera moves to Sophie as a strange look is on her face, squinting.)

Sophie: It's uh.. stunning, Wynter..
Wynter: *off screen* I know! It's gorgeous, isn't it?

(Sophie is struggling not to gawk at the tree as the camera backs out to her and Wynter standing in front of the tree. Wynter is shown picking up the skeleton from the left of the tree.)

Wynter: You should meet the Christmas Pirate!
Abby: *off screen, concerned* Umm.. Wynter..
Sophie: *confused* Christmas Pirate?

(Wynter waves the skeleton in front of Sophie's face suddenly. Sophie falls down on her butt, terrified and sputtering.)

Wynter: *excitedly* BONEY McCREE! Lord of the holiday spirit!
Sophie: *murmuring* Good gawd..

(Abby rushes in and tries to cover up the skeleton with a wing as Monica and Rhyser gather around Sophie who is sitting on the ground with a petrified look on her face. Wynter looks somewhat disappointed.)

Abby: I don't think that was well timed..
Wynter: *saddened* That wasn't meant to scare her, Boney is chill once you get to know him..

(Monica looks up at Wynter confused.)

Monica: How do you know his name is Boney?
Abby: It isn't his real name, Monica. She made it up --
Wynter: You're actually wrong on that, Abby.

(Abby rolls her eyes as Wynter puts the skeleton back down beside the tree and pulls out her cell phone.)

Abby: *sarcastic* Right, and Westy falls instead of flies.
Westminster: It's like Wynter doing the duck walk..

(Westminster does the "Chuck Berry Duckwalk" as Wynter, Butler, Abby, Monica and Rhyser stare at him in disbelief. Westminster realizes he's being awkward and quickly stops.)

Westminster: Sorry about that.

(A moment of silence goes by. Abby coughs and the scene resumes.)

Abby: So, Wynter.. I'm wrong?
Wynter: Just look at this if you don't believe me!

(Wynter shows her phone screen to Abby as Monica and Rhyser gather around curiously. Abby is shown moving her eyes from left to right in a reading motion.)

Abby: George "Boney" McCree was a crew member aboard the S.S. Flieth. He was the lone member who did not survive, the approximate time of death was not determined..

(Abby's jaw just about hits the floor as she looks at Wynter wide eyed in shock. Monica and Rhyser are scratching their heads as Wynter lets off a big grin.)

Wynter: What do you think about that, Abby?
Abby: *disbelief* How.. how did you know that.. what.. where are you from --
Wynter: *casual* Wikipedia, of course! You know I'm from London --
Abby: No.. I mean.. how did you know to name him --

(Wynter puts her phone away and gives Abby a casual shrug.)

Wynter: You know me, I'm just a lil ole witch. I have my ways!

(Abby is still in disbelief and muttering incoherently as Monica gives her a hard slap on the back and causing her to return back to normal.)

Abby: *relieved* Thanks Mon.. so now what?
Wynter: I think we need a change of music. Who's with me?

(Monica, Rhyser, Butler and Westminster raise their wings in agreement as Sophie looks around the room reluctantly and is now back on her feet. Wynter digs through the same tiny bag as before and pulls out a Metallica CD.)

Wynter: A little "Sanitarium", ladies and gentlemen?
Westminster: Good call!

(Wynter puts the CD into the boombox and blasts it as loud as she can get it. Everybody but Gem Rubyfire, who is still sitting on the couch, begin to head-bang to it and play air guitar. Wynter stops headbanging and pulls Monica aside and points as the camera focuses on Rhyser who is headbanging and romping around the tree.)

Monica: What did you want to talk about?
Wynter: Rhyser.
Monica: *giggling* What about him?
Wynter: If you look closely, he looks like a bald guy trying to head-bang..

(Monica narrows her eyes at Rhyser who continues to head-bang and romp around the tree. Giggling, she gives Wynter a playful slug in the shoulder.)

Monica: It could be far worse, ya know that!
Wynter: Like how?

(The music begins to cut in and out suddenly, causing Wynter to glare at the boombox and let off a frustrated sigh.)

Monica: Like that. Your radio is trying to ruin the party!
Wynter: *casually* I'll kick it across the room, that usually works like a charm!

(Monica giggles again as the lights begin to flicker and the boombox shuts off completely. Wynter looks around confused as the pendants around each of the owls' necks begin to glow and vibrate violently. Sophie is staring around in horror as Abby and Westminster look at each other like they've seen this happen before.)

Wynter: *concerned* What the hell is going on?
Rhyser: Bad weather?
Sophie: *frightened* C-can't be.. the weather was good a f-few minutes ago..

(The lights flicker a few more times as Abby's pendant is ripped from her neck by a powerful force that is like a strong wind but is only coming from around her. The pendant smashes against the far wall and opens up a glowing pink portal, the screaming and crying of children can be heard coming from it and echos through the room. Abby is feeling around her neck and staring at the portal in shock as everyone else is watching in disbelief.)

Abby: *curious* Wynter..

(Wynter holds up her hands in defense with a serious look on her face.)

Wynter: I don't specialize in alternate universes, Abby.
Westminster: *scared* Those screams, how terrible..

(Westminster is covering his ears as Monica, Rhyser, Butler and Sophie gather around Abby and hang onto each other tight. Winds pick up all around them as a force begins sucking objects off of the floor and into the portal itself.)

Abby: Hang on tight, guys!
Sophie: *terrified* I-I'm.. I'm scared!
Butler: They.. they always say admittance is the first step!
Rhyser: *scared* I'm too new to go! Please don't make me go!

(Abby is slowly being pulled towards the pink portal with Monica, Rhyser, Butler and Sophie all hanging on tight to her and going along with. Westminster grabs on as they begin to move, the force sucking them in quicker and the wind now howling throughout the room. Abby gets sucked into the pink portal and disappears, along with everybody that is clinging to her. Westminster is the last to disappear into the pink void as Wynter's head pokes out from the portal and causes the entire scene to pause.)

Wynter: *curious* Gem? Wanna come?

(Gem Rubyfire is shown still sitting on the sofa, unaffected by everything going on around her. She gives a wave as she shows little emotion.)

Gem Rubyfire: Nah. I'll wait and see if the lost wonder shows up with the tots.

(Just as Wynter is about to shrug, her head is pulled into the portal as she disappears from view. The portal quickly closes up as Abby's pendant drops to the ground. The lights and music turn back on as the screen fades to black.)

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:54 am

Act II, Scene I: (Lightning Castle, throne room. Walls are lined with white stone pillars with a red carpet with gold trim going down the middle of the room, leading up to two small steps and ending with a pair of thrones with dragon emblems lining all along each one. Princess Annabelinda and Sir Kashir are in the room while the voices of King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire can be heard faintly from elsewhere in the castle. Kashir is pacing back and forth impatiently while Princess Annabelinda has a concerned look on her face as she watches.)

King Lightning: *off screen, faint and echoing* Are you sure it isn't the weather playing tricks on you?
Sir Kashir: *uncertain* I really didn't like the tone of his voice, Princess.. something isn't right..
Princess Annabelinda: Whose voice?
Sir Kashir: Crisps. The one who contacted our king.
Princess Annabelinda: I'm sure our Majesty will make the right call, Sir Kashir.
Sir Fire: *off screen, faint and echoing* Shall we gather the troops, Your Majesty?
Sir Kashir: I don't doubt this, Princess..
Princess Annabelinda: Why do I sense doubt from you, then?

(Just as Sir Kashir is about to respond, the sound of footsteps can be heard approaching the throne room entrance a few feet behind them.)

Princess Annabelinda: *whispering* Here they come..

(Sir Kashir and Princess Annabelinda straighten themselves up as King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire enter through the door and into the scene. They hurriedly make their way to Sir Kashir and Princess Annabelinda with stern looks on their faces.)

King Lightning: Sir Kashir, lovely Princess Annabelinda. We've decided that we're going to investigate this report as a team.

(Everybody in the room nods in agreement.)

Sir Kashir: When do we leave?
King Lightning: Immediately, but I'd like for you and Annabelinda to stay here.

(Sir Kashir has a look of disappointment on his face as Annabelinda gives him an assuring glance.)

Sir Kashir: *disappointed* Stay?
King Lightning: Yes, my good knight. We don't know what we're messing with, if this thing decides to attack our home we'll have you to fend it off.

(Sir Kashir is still disappointed as he forces himself to nod in agreement. Princess Annabelinda continues to look at him thoughtfully.)

Sir Fire: You have as much of a critical role as we do in this, Kashir. We've got the backs of dragons who need us and you'll have ours.

(A moment of silence passes.)

Queen Dessie: We should probably be on our way..
King Lightning: Yes my love. The later we get there, the worse off we may be.

(Sir Fire and Queen Dessie nod in agreement as they leave the room to prepare. King Lightning looks to Sir Kashir and gives him an assuring nod.)

King Lightning: Hold it down for us, Sir Kashir. We'll be back shortly.
Sir Kashir: *forcefully* Yes, your Majesty..

(King Lightning gives Princess Annabelinda a quick hug and then hurries out of the room and out of the scene. About fifteen seconds later, Princess Annabelinda attempts to look into Sir Kashir's eyes but he's looking down at the ground upset.)

Princess Annabelinda: *reassuringly* Don't worry, Kashir.. we need to keep our faith up..
Sir Kashir: *upset* What if this "thing" is too much to deal with? Why did they write us out instead of having us come along?
Princess Annabelinda: We're holding down the fort, Kashir. You heard what our King said.
Sir Kashir: *doubtful* I know that's what he said, but why do I feel like we're being written out?
Princess Annabelinda: You're letting fear take control of you, dear knight..
Sir Kashir: *doubtful* But.. but..

(Princess Annabelinda walks up to Sir Kashir and gives him a quick hug. Sir Kashir is still looking at the ground as Princess Annabelinda lifts him by the chin with her hands as she looks into his eyes, the camera slowly zooming in on her calm face.)

Princess Annabelinda: *reassuringly* We aren't being written out.. they'll be fine.. please dear Kashir, let's have faith..

(The screen fades to black, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:56 am

Act II, Scene II: (Living room of Crisps and Esther's cave. Crisps and Esther are shown holding and comforting Empusa, Lamia and Heaven as they're crying.)

Esther: *sighing* I hope everyone shows up soon. I can't stand to see our children so scared, Crisps..
Crisps: *assuring* They'll be here before you know it, hon.. they should be dropping anytime now.

(A dark blue portal opens up through the ceiling in the middle of the room as Crisps and Esther watch. Daggett is the first one to come through and lands on his stomach. Quickly getting to his feet, he dusts himself off.)

Daggett: I'm the king of the world!

(Sassy comes flying through the portal and crashes hard on top of Daggett, sending him back down the ground. Squeaks comes tumbling through and gently lands on top of Sassy as the portal closes.)

Daggett: *murmuring* Oof..
Esther: *somewhat relived* My friends, thank goodness you got my message..

(Sassy and Squeaks get up and quickly and approach Crisps and Esther. Just as Daggett is struggling to his feet, a loud rumbling sound like thunder is heard. As he looks up with a curious expression, a pink portal opens in the ceiling above him. Westminster, Abby, Butler, Monica, Sophie and Rhyser come pouring through the portal and crush Daggett underneath the pile of bodies. Wynter comes out a second later and gently lands on top of the pile.)

Sassy: *surprised* Boy, when it rains it pours!
Squeaks: *sarcastic* How long did you hold THAT gem in, Sass?

(Sassy glares at Squeaks as the pile of bodies begins moving. Wynter hops off and onto the ground as Rhyser pokes his head out and his eyes grow wide, catching sight of Squeaks.)

Rhyser: LUNCH!
Squeaks: Oh hell no!

(Wynter is looking around in surprise, licking her beak and drooling.)

Wynter: Where? WHERE?
Rhyser: RAT!

(Wynter is still looking around the room as Rhyser busts out of the pile, causing Westminster, Abby, Monica and Sophie to go flying and crashing to the hard ground. Daggett is laying on the ground flattened with stars spinning around his head. Squeaks sees Rhyser making a charge for him as he decides to run. Wynter sees Rhyser running around trying to catch Squeaks and decides to join in the chase.)

Squeaks: *panicking* Get away from me!
Wynter: Noo! You're so tasty looking!
Crisps: *timid* Guys.. this isn't the time..

(Wynter and Rhyser continue to chase Squeaks around the room as Westminster is shown inflating Daggett with a bike pump. Abby is looking frustrated while Monica and Sophie are standing next to each other talking. Sassy is tapping her foot impatiently as she's watching Wynter and Rhyser.)

Sassy: *angrily shouting* Hey! Stop clowning around and listen up!

(Sassy is ignored by everybody as the noise picks up more. Abby's face begins to turn red as smoke comes out her beak.)

Abby: *screaming hysterically* EVERYBODY! STOOOOOP! NOW!

(The room goes silent. Wynter and Rhyser stop in their tracks with Squeaks dangling by his tail from Rhyser's beak. Daggett is now sitting up next to Westminster and both are staring wide eyed at Abby. Empusa, Lamia and Heaven have stopped crying and are cuddled between Crisps and Esther, sniffling.)

Abby: *relieved* Thank you.

(Just as Crisps is about to speak, a rumbling is heard again as a pink portal opens up above Daggett and Westminster. Westminster looks up and quickly gets away from Daggett, just in time as Deirdre comes crashing through the portal and lands on Daggett, crushing him. Daggett is tapping his fingers on the floor, looking disappointed.)

Daggett: Oh, come ON..

(Jayson comes down through the portal and lands on Deirdre, causing Daggett to become angry.)

Daggett: *furious* Get OFF!

(Jayson gets off of Daggett and takes Deirdre by the wing. They both shake their head and frown.)

Deirdre: *rolling eyes* Well that was rude. I know when we aren't wanted..

(Jayson nods in agreement as they walk off camera and focuses back on the rest of the group. A microphone can be heard letting off a loud screech like somebody ran into it.)

Deirdre: *laughing, off screen* Jayson! You're so clumsy!
Jayson: *muttering, off screen* I am not..

(Everyone gives each other a confused look as the camera looks to Rhyser, who still has Squeaks dangling from his beak by his tail. Squeaks is attempting to swing his fists at Rhyser as he sways around.)

Squeaks: *growling* Let me at 'em! I'll sock him and BAM.. down goes Frazier!

(Sassy walks up to Rhyser and clears her throat.)

Sassy: Let Squeaks go please..
Abby: *pleading, off screen* Please, Rhyser! He's a friend of ours..

(Rhyser has a disappointed look on his face as he releases Squeaks from his beak, sending him crashing to the floor. Squeaks gets up and dusts himself off, glaring at Rhyser.)

Squeaks: *sarcastic* Wow, thanks Sass. You'd make a terrible mother!

(Sassy lets off a yowl as she then leans over Rhyser's side, cupping her hands around her mouth.)

Sassy: *sighing* Next time, kill 'em.

(Rhyser has a wide grin forming on his face as he nods. Sassy then looks in Crisps direction as the camera zooms out and shows the entire group.)

Crisps: Thank you, Sassy. My friends, you're probably wondering why I brought you all here tonight..

(Daggett walks over and stands by Sassy, giving Crisps an amused look.)

Daggett: Impulsive, last minute party planning?

(Sassy growls and gives Daggett an elbow in the side, causing Daggett to give her an annoyed look as Crisps lets off a forced chuckle.)

Crisps: No. We've got a major crisis on our hands here.
Sassy: *joking* I told Squeaks not to come! But do men listen?

(Crickets can be heard as the room goes silent. Squeaks is standing on the other side of Sassy and is shown rolling his eyes.)

Squeaks: *sarcastic* Stand-up might not be a good career choice, cat..
Sassy: *snapping* Neither is ending up as a snack!

(Sassy is about to get in a fight with Squeaks as Daggett holds her back.)

Esther: *pleading* Guys.. please, this is serious.

(Sassy and Squeaks stop squirming but continue to glare at each other. A moment of silence passes.)

Abby: So what's going on?
Crisps: It's the children.. they've become upset over nightmares concerning a certain person..
Wynter: *confused* Who could possibly have nightmares when Santa is on his way?

(Esther looks up at Wynter sadly as Empusa, Lamia and Heaven begin crying. Empusa, Lamia and Heaven cling to Esther, burying their faces against her abdomen.)

Wynter: They're about San --
Crisps: Yes.

(Wynter has a puzzled look on her face as she looks to Monica and Sophie who are standing next to her. They give her a puzzled look in return and shrug. Daggett is pacing in front of Crisps and Esther, who are sitting on the ground together and comforting Empusa, Lamia and Heaven. Daggett scratches his chin in thought as he looks to Crisps.)

Daggett: What brought all this on, I wonder?
Crisps: Take a look out the window and see for yourself..

(Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks race to the living room window and are shown looking through it from behind. Abby, Westminster, Monica, Sophie, Rhyser and Wynter follow and are peeking over them as a bright red glowing light is coming through the window, covering all of them. The camera zooms in close on the window and focuses on the town outside, a red dense fog filling it and only leaving the rooftops partially visible.)

Squeaks: *off screen* You guys sure get some strange weather..
Crisps: *off screen* Look in the sky and tell me what you see.

(The camera points towards the sky, which shows red clouds revolving around what appears to be an eye of a storm. The eye is pitch black with lightning strikes flashing in it. Numerous gasps can be heard off screen in response as the sound of crying children is faint and coming through the window.)

Sassy: *off screen* Is that monster in that thing? You know, the one you two defeated?
Esther: *off screen, worried* We're not sure.. we alerted the King and Queen to get here as soon as possible..

(The camera switches to showing the group standing in front of the window and facing Crisps and Esther. Daggett is shown putting on his brown hat.)

Daggett: Let's investigate, gang!

(Esther looks up at Daggett and shakes her head in disagreement as Crisps is shown hugging Empusa, Lamia and Heaven.)

Esther: Until they get here, nobody is going out there. Who knows what we're really facing..

(Daggett sighs but nods in agreement, taking his hat off and holding it against his chest with both hands. A moment of silence passes.)

Crisps: Since we're stuck here, I see we've got new friends among us. Please, introduce yourselves..
Monica: This is my mate, Rhyser..

(Rhyser is shown looking at Crisps and Esther, shaking at the size of the dragons. Crisps gives him a friendly smile as Esther gives a half smile and a quick wave.)

Esther: Don't be afraid, Rhyser.. we're not as intimidating as our size makes us out to be..

(Wynter steps up from the group and looks at Crisps and Esther in awe and excitement.)

Wynter: Dragons! You guys are really tall! I hope you aren't hungry, I'm awfully skinny and boney! I'm Wynter, by the way. I'm the local witch!

(Crisps and Esther both let off a chuckle as they smile in response.)

Esther: I'm glad I got to finally meet you, Wynter. Abby has told me so much about you..

(Wynter gives Abby a suspicious glance but winds up breaking and letting off a giggle. Abby grins.)

Wynter: Good things I hope!
Abby: *laughing* About as good as they get, anyway..

(Crisps and Esther chuckle once more as Wynter curtsies with her wings and moves back in with the group.)

Crisps: We've got a new friend for you all as well.. meet our Heaven..

(Heaven looks up at Crisps wiping tears from her face as she then looks to the group that is still standing in front of the window and gives them a bashful smile.)

Daggett: *joking* And you didn't share sooner? I thought we were friends!
Sassy: It's so nice to meet you, Heaven! What a beautiful name!

(The rest of the group can be heard talking and waving to Heaven. Heaven blushes.)

Heaven: Thank you.

(Esther smiles and cuddles Heaven close, kissing her on the forehead and then doing the same with Empusa and Lamia.)

Crisps: Would one of you mind looking out and seeing if our King and Queen have shown up yet?
Daggett: You got it, buddy!

(The camera zooms in close on the window as Daggett pokes his head over the sill, the back of it showing in the bottom left of the screen. Outside the red fog seems to be growing more dense by the minute.)

Daggett: Nothing yet!
Esther: *off screen* I hope they didn't get lost out there..

(The screen closes in on the red fog outside the window, fading to black and ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2019 9:59 am

Act II, Scene III: (A clear, starry night sky. King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire are shown flying side by side as they are looking at the area around them.)

Sir Fire: So far, so good.. do you think those two scared the "thing" off?
King Lightning: You could very well be right, Sir Fire..
Sir Fire: *uncertain* Something bothers me about what they described, you know, about the red clouds.. like we've encountered this before..

(King Lightning glances over at Sir Fire with a thoughtful expression on his face. Just as he opens his mouth to respond, Queen Dessie gasps and points a claw out ahead of them. King Lightning looks in the direction she's pointing and is caught unaware of the dense fog.)

King Lightning: My queen, what has you so surprised --

(Sir Fire looks ahead and sees they are running into a thick red fog. King Lightning and Queen Dessie run into it first, coughing and wheezing from the mist with Sir Fire following behind them. The camera switches to the center of the town where the Christmas Tree stands as King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire land about thirty feet west from it. They finish their coughing fits and begin looking around the area cautiously while the sound of crying children fills the air.)

Sir Fire: *surprised* I've never heard so many little ones crying like this before..

(King Lightning nods in agreement as he sniffs the air, trying to pick up a scent in the fog.)

Queen Dessie: *confused* How could weather affect children? I don't understand.
King Lightning: I fear there's more behind it than that, my love..

(Demon appears in the eye of the storm and fog, looking down upon King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire with a twisted grin forming on his face.)

Demon: You've made it!

(King Lightning is caught by surprise as he looks up at the direction of the sound and sees Demon in the eye of the storm. He glares at Demon as Queen Dessie huddles close to King Lightning, looking doubtful. Sir Fire looks at the eye and lets off a sarcastic sigh.)

Sir Fire: Not you again..

(Crisps and Esther's cave is shown as Crisps and Esther quickly make their way out the door and towards King Lightning, Queen Dessie and Sir Fire. Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks follow close behind them, looking around with expressions on their faces like they've seen this all before. Westminster, Abby, Monica, Sophie, Butler, Rhyser and Wynter are the last ones out the door as they look up at the sky confused, sticking close together and a few feet away from Esther, Crisps and the rest of the characters.)

Demon: Lovely! You invited friends to this historical event!

(Demon is shown rubbing his hands greedily as the camera is back to zoomed out showing him at the top middle of the screen with everyone else around the tree below. About fifteen seconds of silence passes before Sassy snaps her fingers and looks to Esther. Esther gives her a confused look in return.)

Sassy: Yep, Esther. That's the monster we saw.
Squeaks: *rolling eyes* Holy crap, Sass! You remember stuff..
Daggett: *sarcastic* Congrats, cat.. you finally found Waldo..

(Sassy kicks Squeaks with the heel of her foot as she glares at Daggett. Crisps and Esther both shake their head.)

Demon: *frustrated* I am not a monster! I am a DEMON. DEEEEE-MON!
Sir Fire: *sarcastic* Forgot to mention that you're also a bag full of hot air. Why did you have to show up again when we could of had an original villain, like a pudgy vulture that spouts Shakespeare? I mean, gee --

(Abby's jaw hits the ground in shock as she raises a wing in question. Westminster is shown picking up her jaw for her.)

Demon: ENOUGH! I'll make you all feel my wrath!

(King Lightning glares at Sir Fire.)

King Lightning: Hell of a time to take off that filter..

(Crisps and Esther hold each others hands tightly as they stare up at the Demon.)

Crisps: Just what would this wrath be?
Esther: Especially when we know how to defeat you?

(King Lightning and Queen Dessie glance to each other and then watch Crisps and Esther. Daggett is shown standing next to Sassy and Squeaks, grinning. A nervous expression is beginning to show on Demon's face.)

Demon: *laughing* That don't work on me! Bring it on, reptiles! I'll take you all on!

(Crisps and Esther shrug in response as they embrace each other and kiss passionately. Daggett is whistling playfully as the Demon rolls his eyes and cackles.)

Demon: Oh, please! That kissy stuff? HA!

(Esther temporarily breaks her embrace as she looks to everyone around her with an urgent, pleading look in her eyes.)

Esther: Come on guys! We need to work as a team..

(King Lightning and Queen Dessie nod in agreement as they then kiss each other. Westminster and Abby follow in suit and kiss each other as does Monica and Rhyser. The camera then switches over to Squeaks and Sassy. Squeaks holds his hands up in defense and shakes his head, a disgusted look is on his face.)

Squeaks: NO. Oh, HELL no!

(Sassy giggles and kisses Squeaks on the cheek, causing him to gag. The camera returns to everyone in the shot with the Demon at the top of the screen, showing him cackling once more.)

Demon: *laughing* You fools! Did you REALLY think that would work?

(Esther and Crisps look at each other with upset expressions.)

Esther: *sobbing* We.. we've failed our children..
Sir Fire: *stern* Don't give up yet, Esther. I've still got an idea up my sleeve.

(Crisps is looking at his arms, confused by the sleeves expression. Esther has a curious look forming on her face as she's wiping the beginning of her tears from her eyes.)

Esther: Like what?

(Sir Fire is shown from the waist up as the scene around him fades to black and begins to fill with a faint white smoke. A orange lamp comes down from the top of the screen and is in the upper right corner. A grin forms over Sir Fire's face.)

Sir Fire: *laughing* Oh man, that's better.. so any suggestions on how to get rid of that air bag, guys?

(Camera whips to the right, showing Squeaks from the waist up with dark tinted eyeglasses on and a mustache on his face.)

Squeaks: Well.. the oil companies, you know they control everything, right? There's something they don't want us to know. There's a car that has an air-powered engine and it runs on water, man!

(Camera whips to the right showing Crisps with Esther sitting on his lap. Esther has a confused look on her face while Crisps is looking around fascinated at the blackness around him.)

Esther: Wait.. I don't get it. What does this have to do with defeating the demon and saving the children?

(Camera whips to the left showing Squeaks.)

Squeaks: It runs on water! Water, man!

(Camera whips to the right, passing Esther and Crisps and now shows Sassy, angry.)

Sassy: You'll be running on water after I chase you down for your smart mouth, rat!

(Camera whips to the right, showing Jayson and Deirdre huddled close together. Deirdre is shown looking uninterested and using a laptop that's set on her lap. Jayson is rolling his eyes with an amused look on his face.)

Jayson: Umm Jackie or whatever your name is.. that technically isn't a burn if you carbon copy what someone else is saying..

(The camera whips left and goes back to Sassy, who is now even more angry than before.)

Sassy: I am NOT Jackie! I'm Sassy!

(The camera whips left and goes back to Squeaks, who still has a mustache and tinted glasses on.)

Squeaks: Nice work, Forman. You've taught Jackie how not to execute a burn.

(The camera whips right and goes past an irate Sassy and focuses back on Jayson and Deirdre. Jayson has a frustrated look on his face.)

Jayson: I'm NOT Eric! Geez, how many times do I have to say it?

(The camera whips left and past Sassy who is digging around in a sack, going back to Squeaks.)

Squeaks: Heh. Doesn't change anything, Forman.

(A red high heel is thrown from the right of the screen and hits Squeaks in the side of the head. He glares to the right of him.)

Squeaks: What the hell was that for?

(Sassy can be heard getting up from her seat off screen as she pops up in screen on Squeak's right side, ripping the mustache and glasses from his face with an angry swipe. Squeaks now becomes visibly angry as he glares at her.)

Sassy: *angry* Stop fooling around! We've got children to save!

(Sassy storms off of camera as Squeaks is still rubbing his head and glaring to the right. Just as he's about to say something, the camera whips left and back to Sir Fire.)

Sir Fire: The feline's right. We need to find a way to take that demon down and save the little ones. We need serious ideas, guys.

(The camera whips left to Westminster and Abby, who are cuddling close. Abby has her head against his chest as she looks up at Westminster thoughtfully.)

Westminster: You could always hit him with a banjo..

(Abby lifts her head up from Westminster's chest and gives him a "what the heck did you just say" look as the camera whips left to Rhyser and Monica. Monica has a confused look on her face and Rhyser is shown squinting, as if trying to figure out the logic behind the remark.)

Rhyser: *hesitant* A.. banjo, Westminster?

(The camera whips right back to Westminster and Abby.)

Westminster: I saw a guy get hit by a banjo one time and he went down.

(Abby slugs Westminster in the shoulder frustrated as the camera whips left back to Rhyser and Monica. Rhyser is still squinting his eyes as he shakes his head, letting off a sigh. The camera whips right back to Westminster and Abby.)

Abby: *angry* We aren't hitting anyone with a banjo, Westy!

(Westminster lets off a shrug as the camera whips right past Rhyser and Monica who are shown nodding in agreement and lands on Daggett. He's holding a banjo in his hand and swinging it around menacingly.)

Daggett: I got you covered, buddy! Lights out you --
Abby: *off screen, enraged* ENOUGH!

(The camera whips left back to Westminster and Abby, Abby has smoke blowing out her beak as she looks about ready to tear feathers out of her head. Westminster is holding up his wings in defense.)

Abby: Stop jacking around! We've got to save the children here! Think logically for once in your miserable lives!

(Westminster has an astonished look on his face as the camera whips right, blurring over Sir Fire and Squeaks, focusing on Crisps and Esther. Esther has a pleading look on her face as Crisps is hugging her close.)

Esther: You remind me of my mom, Abby! But really now, we need to use love to defeat this demon..

(The camera whips right to Daggett who has a thoughtful look.)

Daggett: Love.. love.. hmm, didn't Sass get killed by love once?

(The camera whips left to Sassy who is glaring in Daggett's direction. The camera whips back to Daggett who is shown holding his hands up in defense in Sassy's direction.)

Daggett: *higher pitched voice* I'm joking! Don't need to shoot off a speech over it!

(The camera whips left back to Crisps and Esther. Esther lets off a cough to return to the original subject. The camera whips left to Sir Fire who has a confused look on his face.)

Sir Fire: Didn't we just try that? It obviously isn't working..

(The camera whips right back to Crisps and Esther.)

Esther: There's more than one kind of love, Fire. Showing love doesn't affect the demon but giving love might.

(The camera whips left back to Sir Fire who now has a thoughtful expression on his face. He scratches his chin thinking.)

Sir Fire: Interesting. Where did you get that idea?

(The camera whips right back to Crisps and Esther. Esther has a small smile forming on her face.)

Esther: Well, my parents taught me that Christmas is all about what we give of ourselves and not just the greed of presents. So if we give love to our children..

(Esther trails off as Crisps gives her an assuring hug. Both of them are now smiling as the camera whips left back to Sir Fire. He's holding up a claw on his right hand as his mouth opens in a wide grin.)

Sir Fire: It'll get rid of the demon!

(The camera whips right back to Crisps and Esther. Esther is nodding in agreement.)

Esther: Exactly! He's driven by greed and making others miserable with it, so he'll surely fail if we show him the true meaning of Christmas!

(The camera whips left back to Sir Fire.)

Sir Fire: *proudly* Let us go on with the plan!

(The dim light around him and everyone else disappears with the sound of a light switch echoing. The camera whips around the circle and shows everyone cheering and getting to their feet, stopping on Daggett who's got his fist raised in the air.)

Daggett: *proudly* He'll never know what hit 'em!

(The orange light is trying to be pulled up and off the screen but smacks Daggett in the right side of the head. He has a hurtful look on his face as he rubs the side of his head.)

Daggett: *muttering* Gee, thanks..

(Daggett swipes at the orange light above him furiously and missing badly until it disappears from view. The screen zooms back out to the group still standing around the giant Christmas tree in the village with Demon sitting atop his bed of red clouds above, letting off a bored yawn.)

Demon: Are you guys done yet?!

(Sir Fire has a sarcastic look on his face and is about to say something when King Lightning and Queen Dessie reach out and cover his mouth.)

Queen Dessie: *concerned* Are you done torturing these poor, innocent children?
Demon: *cackling* Of course not.. I won't stop until they never sleep again!

(Queen Dessie looks to King Lightning in despair as their hands are still over Sir Fire's mouth. Sir Fire is trying to push their hands away but failing.)

Crisps: Go get the children, please dear. We've got Lord of the Airbags under control..
Demon: *irritated* HEY!

(Esther rushes off screen. Sophie is standing next to Monica, Rhyser, Westminster, Abby, Butler and Wynter as she waves a wing tip at the Demon, making a "tsk tsk" sound.)

Sophie: Shame on you! Making others miserable like that.
Monica: For sure. How do you sleep at night?
Demon: *cackling* Quite well actually. I'm glad you're concerned about that, my mindless bird friend!
Monica: MINDLESS?! How DARE you!

(Monica is trying to lunge at the Demon with fury as Sophie and Abby hold her back, glaring up at the Demon themselves. Esther comes back onto screen, holding Heaven, Empusa and Lamia in her arms as they still have terrified looks on their faces, sniffling occasionally. She stands to Crisps left as she then looks up at Demon.)

Esther: We know exactly how to defeat you, demon! With a secret weapon that you'd never be strong enough to handle yourself!
Demon: But are you strong enough to handle the storm I'm about to wipe out all of you with? A storm powerful enough to flatten your village and land along with it?

(Sir Fire becomes enraged as he's muffled by King Lightning and Queen Dessie, trying harder than ever to remove their hands from atop his mouth. Esther shakes her head in disagreement as Crisps is comforting Heaven, Empusa and Lamia.)

Esther: With the power of love! Like you've never seen before!
Demon: *sarcastic* Oh noes! Not love!

(The Demon is shown jokingly covering his eyes in fear as he struts around on his cloud. The camera focuses in on Esther as she leans down next to Heaven, Lamia and Empusa as she closes her eyes and shapes her hands around her chest in the form of a heart. Her hands begin to glow a bright yellow as silver sparkles come down from them. The camera returns to the Demon as he has stopped strutting as a slightly uncomfortable look appears on his face as he tries to let off a laugh.)

Demon: *nervous laugh* Wha.. what are you trying to do? That won't help you!

(The camera returns to the children as a bright white light forms a ring around Heaven, Empusa and Lamia's necks. The white light rings begin to take the shape of pendants. Silver sparkles fill the bright white light outline as the fearful expressions on their faces begin to disappear and be replaced by smiles. The crying of the children in the village begin to die off as the Demon becomes more and more worried.)

Demon: *upset* Stop it! STOP IT!

(The pendants on Heaven, Empusa and Lamia complete themselves as they give off a bright yellow flash of light, filling the surrounding area and reflecting off of everybody else. The face on Heaven's pendant is a purple dragon scale, the face on Empusa's is a red heart covered in silver stripes making out to be scars and the face on Lamia's is identical to the one on Empusa's pendant. Esther and Crisps hug the children close to them as they look up at the Demon with bright smiles. The Demon is shown starting to fade as he's rolling around on his cloud in anguishing pain and suffering.)

Demon: The pain! The agony! It's tearing my heart to pieces! Make it STOP!

(Crisps gives a small wave at the Demon as Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks approach him and Esther, standing around them as they have smiles on their faces.)

Crisps: Buh bye!

(Esther gives a half hearted wave to the Demon as he lets off one more agonizing scream as the red clouds dissipate along with the Demon, leaving without a trace. A moment of silence passes as cheerful music begins to play, everybody begins cheering and dancing around with Sir Fire shown finally breaking free from King Lightning and Queen Dessie's hands. He walks up to Esther and extends a hand to her. Esther looks to him and smiles, shaking his hand.)

Sir Fire: *astonished* It really worked! How can we ever thank you?
Esther: Don't thank me. Thank love, it can defeat anything as long as we work as one and bestow it into those who need it most!

(Sir Fire nods in response as everyone else continues to dance around and cheer. Daggett and Sassy are shown talking to Heaven, Empusa and Lamia as Crisps' smile fades from his face quickly as he's pointing towards the Christmas tree.)

Crisps: *devastated* Guys.. look..

(The cheerful music ends as everyone else stops what they're doing as gasps comes from the group. The camera zooms in on the base of the tree and shows Tabansi huddled close to a white tiger-sparrow hybrid who is on the ground in a motionless heap. Tabansi is crying and sobbing as the camera goes back to Crisps and Esther. Esther looks like she's about to cry as Crisps is looking to her.)

Esther: *sobbing* Oh no.. oh heavens no.. someone pl-please see if his mom is still breathing..

(Crisps hugs Esther close as the screen switches back to Tabansi and his mother as Wynter comes in. Tabansi is looking at Wynter as he shivers in fear while she checks on her. Wynter pokes her with a wing and listens close for a heartbeat.)

Esther: *off screen* Is.. is she still alive?

(Wynter shakes her head sadly.)

Wynter: No, no, no..

(Crisps and Esther give each other sad looks as Sassy is shown standing to Esther's right, looking like she's about to cry. Squeaks gives her an assuring hug.)

Crisps: *sad* What do we do? We've barely got enough room in our home..

(Esther is wiping her tears away and regaining her composure.)

Esther: We can't leave him out here alone, but I know who might have enough room in their hearts..
Crisps: Who?
Esther: Westminster and Abby.

(Westminster and Abby are shown with their heads hanging down as they look up at Crisps and Esther in surprise and shock.)

Westminster and Abby: US?
Esther: Yes. Abby, please come to me.. if you don't mind..

(Westminster and Abby give each other confused glances as they squeeze each others wings tight as she walks away and over to Esther. She looks up at Esther, straining her neck to see high enough above her. Esther kneels down and drapes a wing around Abby, moving her fairly close to her body.)

Abby: *somewhat scared* Why did you choose us?
Esther: Not many know about this, but I can see inside the hearts of those around me. I sense happiness.. joy.. fear.. hesitation.. and in other cases, if someone's ready or not..

(Abby has a scared look on her face as she looks Esther in the eyes. Esther gives her an assuring smile.)

Abby: How do you know if I'm ready or not?
Esther: You know the answer to that question like I know that you're the one to take that child under your wing..
Abby: But how? How do you see these things? How do you know?
Esther: *lower voice* I have the greatest mom in the world. She sees the greatness that I possess and the greatness that I didn't know I had. She passes everything that made her great onto me and I've learned under her wing to see that same greatness in others I'll meet..
Abby: You really see that same greatness in me, Esther?
Esther: Not just greatness, but an even greater mom. I believe in you, Abby.

(Abby looks like she's about to cry as she continues to look into Esther's eyes. Esther hugs her wing around her gently as she continues to smile.)

Abby: I don't know how I could ever repay you..
Esther: Never worry about that. There is one more thing I want you to take with you though..

(Abby watches Esther with wonder as Crisps leans in and takes off his pendant from around his neck. Esther opens up her wing and gives him room to show Abby. The face of the pendant is a black heart with a gold line in the middle resembling a scar. Abby has a shocked expression as she looks from the pendant to Crisps and then to Esther.)

Abby: *shocked* I.. I can't take this from you. It's your gateway to our world..
Crisps: Our gateway doesn't come from a pendant..
Esther: It comes from the heart.

(Crisps and Esther smile to each other as Abby wipes tears away, hugging each of them.)

Abby: Let me move my necklace so I can put yours on..

(Abby reaches for around her neck and finds her pendant is gone. She lets off a gasp and gives Esther a panicked look.)

Abby: *upset* I lost mine! How could this be.. oh my gosh..

(Esther gives Abby another gentle hug with her wing as she smiles at her. Crisps places his pendant around Abby's neck.)

Esther: Consider it a gift. 'Tis the season of giving, yanno!
Abby: *smiling* You're the most wonderful, caring, beautiful creature I've ever met, Esther.. well you and Crisps. I hope I see you two again..
Crisps: We'll be in your heart.
Esther: Always. Carry love in your heart and carry us along with it.. when the world gets at its worst, together we'll win that fight.
Abby: I will. But I have just one more question..
Esther: What would that be?

(The camera zooms in on Westminster who is standing next to Butler. He's picking his nose and causing his right eye to bug in and out.)

Abby: *off screen, concerned* Are you sure that I can take care of this child.. with him?

(Crisps and Esther chuckle as the camera returns to Crisps, Esther and Abby.)

Esther: When you love a man, you take him in and that includes his flaws. Accept his flaws and he becomes flawless.

(Westminster is shown walking over to Crisps, Esther and Abby with a curious look on his face. Crisps and Esther peek over their shoulder at him and let off another chuckle. Esther reveals Abby from behind her wing as she stands next to Crisps, nuzzling him gently with her body.)

Abby: In other words..
Esther: He'll be a great dad. You have the greatest guy in the world. I should know, not because I also have the greatest one in the world myself but because of how much I see in Westminster and how much you two love each other.

(Westminster walks up to Abby and embraces her in a passionate hug as he looks at Crisps and then Esther from the corner of his eye, giving them a wink. Both of them walk over to the tree and kneel down close to Tabansi who is still huddled near his dead mother. He still has a scared look on his face as he watches Westminster and Abby cautiously.)

Westminster: Hey buddy.. don't be afraid, you have a home with us..

(Abby smiles at Westminster as she looks to Tabansi with assurance in her eyes.)

Abby: A home in our hearts, little guy..

(Tabansi has a moment of hesitation as he looks to his dead mother and lets off a small whimper. Taking a breath, he waddles over to Westminster and Abby and falls at their feet. Westminster and Abby help Tabansi to his feet and hug him close with their wings. Tabansi can be heard cooing as Westminster and Abby both smile to each other again and cuddle Tabansi with their wings. The camera passes over Monica, Rhyser, Butler and Sophie showing them smiling and hugging each other as a group, tears forming in their eyes. Wynter is to close to their right as she watches Westminster and Abby in awe with Robbie Greytail standing at her right, also looking on with a smile. The camera then moves to Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks who are still standing just a few feet to the right of Crisps and Esther.)

Sassy: *sobbing* The greatest gift of them all..
Squeaks: *stern* Don't you dare take me down with that mushy stuff, cat.
Sassy: *crying* T-too late for that..

(Sassy begins crying hysterically as she hugs Squeaks tightly, causing him to make gagging sounds for a moment as he then lets off a sigh.)

Squeaks: Love ya too, Sass.

(Daggett gives Sassy a pat on the back as he walks over to Crisps and Esther and looks up at them, placing his hands on his hips and giving them a semi serious look. Crisps and Esther give each other amused looks then look back to Daggett.)

Crisps: What's up, buddy?
Esther: You've got something on your mind, Daggett.. just let it fly, we're all ears..

(Daggett coughs and looks down at the ground for a moment. Appearing nervous, he gives Crisps a solemn look.)

Daggett: *sad* May I speak to Esther, please? Alone..

(Esther looks to Crisps and gives him a small assuring smile. Crisps looks back at her and nods.)

Crisps: Of course, buddy.

(Crisps gathers up Heaven, Lamia and Empusa and walks off screen. Esther looks around for a moment and kneels down on one knee, watching Daggett with a compassionate look in her eyes.)

Esther: *calmly* Fire away, Daggett..
Daggett: *nervous* Uhm.. well, this has been on my mind for a few years now.. *trailing off*

(Esther spreads her wings out and looks to Daggett in wonder.)

Esther: Come closer, my dear friend. You know you don't have to be nervous around me..

(Daggett loses some of his nervousness as he approaches Esther's feet. Esther gently wraps her wings around Daggett as she looks down upon him from the top of her wings.)

Esther: *calmly* My friend, please tell me what disturbs you so..

(Daggett looks up at Esther from inside her wings and cuddles close to her body.)

Daggett: When you and I first met, I felt sparks almost immediately. Any other new person would be a stranger, but I felt from the start I could tell you anything in the world..
Esther: Yes, Daggett.. continue on..
Daggett: I was in an awful mess before we met and I felt like you picked up on it right away. I didn't have to tell you I had been through personal hell, you read it with your heart.
Esther: It isn't easy to hide the pain we've ran from, my friend. Some of us hide it better than others, but that pain and that journey, in one way or another shows.
Daggett: When I first broke free of all that tortured me, I felt like pain equaled weakness. I've learned since the day we met all that I have to offer the world inside me through a thick wall of pain and doubt, I even learned from one of my best friends that I am not defined by my past but who I am in the present.. but you were the first to tell me that I had a tremendous gift that I could not hide.

(Esther smiles as she continues to look down upon Daggett through the top opening in her wings.)

Esther: You've come a long way, Daggett.. I feel that you've found the path to happiness but what slows you down?
Daggett: Being worlds apart is what causes me pain. The feeling that you're so far away from me, not being able to tell you all the things I wish I could because you weren't physically around..

(Daggett sniffles and tries to hide his tears as Esther watches him sympathetically. Hugging Daggett closer to her, Esther has a gentle smile on her face as she is looking down on him.)

Esther: You look for me in the wrong places, friend. Just because two souls aren't in the same world doesn't mean they aren't there, they keep each other in their hearts..

(Daggett's voice stops quivering as he looks up at Esther questionably.)

Daggett: You've been in my heart all this time?
Esther: Yes, my friend Daggett. I'm in your heart always, no matter how far apart.. when you yearn for me and things get to their worst, search inside your heart and allow me to help you heal those wounds and worries away.

(Daggett smiles as he hugs Esther's tummy, closing his eyes. Esther looks down at him curiously.)

Daggett: You've led me back to where I belong and now I really see what my friends mean when they say they find comfort in you whenever they need it. Your energy and smiling face leads them through the darkest of times and through the brightest as well.. how do I begin to thank someone who means that much to others, but so much more to me?

(Esther smiles.)

Esther: I think you just did, Daggett.. thank you for being in my heart, I wouldn't have it any other way..
Daggett: As wouldn't I, Esther.. as wouldn't I..

(Esther and Daggett hug each other one last time as she opens up her wings. Sassy and Squeaks gather around Daggett, patting him on the back. Crisps is standing next to Esther, with Heaven, Empusa and Lamia in his arms as he smiles at Daggett.)

Crisps: Feeling better, bud?
Daggett: With friends and family like these, I don't believe I could feel any better than I do now.

(Sassy and Squeaks smile as they look to Crisps and Esther as if they're saying thank you. Heaven points to the full moon up in the sky as a shadow of Santa and his reindeer and sleigh pass over it, gasping in surprise.)

Heaven: *joyful* Look! It's Santie!
Lamia: Santa, sissy. Santa!

(Crisps and Esther look to the sky, smiling. The others are shown looking to the sky as well, excited gasps can be heard. Lamia and Empusa look at the moon and then back to Crisps and Esther. Daggett lets off a happy sigh as he looks to Sassy and Squeaks.)

Daggett: Looks like we helped saved the world once again.. should we go back home and wait for Santa?

(Sassy and Squeaks look to Daggett in thought as Esther can be heard clearing her throat. The three of them turn around and look to her in question.)

Esther: Live in the moment while you have it, once it's gone it could be gone for good..

(Crisps is shown nodding in agreement next to her. Daggett smiles as he drapes an arm over Sassy's shoulder and the other arm over Squeaks'.)

Sassy: Well said!
Squeaks: As strange as it sounds, I also agree with cat..
Daggett: *laughing* Are we getting soft there, Squeaks?
Squeaks: *muttering* Just the holidays talkin'..

(Sassy runs over to Squeaks right side and kisses him on the cheek. She quickly runs back to the other side of Daggett, hiding.)

Squeaks: *disgust* Gross! Yuck..

(Everyone can be heard laughing as the screen moves away from them and begins focusing on the moon in the sky. Jingling bells can be lightly heard as they pick up in volume.)

Daggett: *off screen, echoing* Is it just me or has anybody else noticed I'm not wearing pants?
Wynter: *off screen, echoing* Um, none of us are wearing pants..
Daggett: *off screen, echoing* I knew it! I was just testing y'all!

(A groan from the group echos as the jingling bells are now at full volume. "Merry Christmas" is written in all caps on the screen, with green, blue and red lights draped over the letters. Santa can be heard saying "Ho-ho-ho".)

Narrator: *off screen* That is how Crisps, Esther and their friends helped save Christmas for all the children throughout the village. From myself and the writing staff, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Good night..

(The screen fades to black.)

(The screen shows Moonlight Dragon, Midnight Dragon and Prototype Daggett standing around a table lit by a dim white light above. The circular orange lamp is shown dimly lit and hanging from the far right of the screen. The rest of the room is in complete darkness with a smoke haze filling throughout. Prototype Daggett is sitting at a chair in the middle of the table with a pair of forceps in his hand with Moonlight Dragon on the left side standing and Midnight Dragon on the right side standing. King Diomedes is shown laying motionless on the table with a dagger in his chest. The names of the characters appear on the bottom of the screen along with who provides their voice in a 70's style font that's a bright yellow in color.)

Prototype Daggett: Vicers.

(Midnight Dragon places the vice grip on the table by Prototype Daggett as he watches intently.)

Prototype Daggett: Towel.

(Moonlight Dragon wipes Prototype Daggett's forehead with a white towel then goes back to focusing on King Diomedes.)

Prototype Daggett: Suction.

(Midnight Dragon hands Prototype Daggett a "Big Gulp" with a twisty straw in it. Prototype Daggett takes a loud slurp from the "Big Gulp". Midnight Dragon takes the drink away, also focusing on King Diomedes.)

Prototype Daggett: *deep breath* Alright, here we go.

(Prototype Daggett uses his forceps and has a look of concentration on his face as he is shown placing the pair of forceps carefully on King Diomedes' chest. He grabs the vice grip as Moonlight Dragon and Midnight Dragon watch cautiously. Prototype Daggett prepares to move in on the dagger with the vice grip.)

Prototype Daggett: Careful, careful.. I got this..

(The vice grip slips off of the handle of the dagger and connects with King Diomedes on the chest as a loud buzzing sound plays, like in the board game "Operation." Prototype Daggett drops the vice grip on the table and begins gripping the sides of his head with his hands in agony.)

Moonlight Dragon: Time of death?

(Midnight Dragon is shown looking at the watch on his wrist as he looks back to Moonlight Dragon.)

Midnight Dragon: 7:07 P.M.

(Prototype Daggett throws his hands up in the air dramatically as he whips his head back.)

Prototype Daggett: *over-dramatic* NOOOOO!

(The screen goes to black as credits can be shown coming down from the top of the screen. About fifteen seconds in, Esther walks in from the far left of the screen and begins waving. Crisps pops in on her left and begins waving as well, hugging Esther close. "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera begins to play. Crisps and Esther fade from the screen 3/4 of the way through the song as the credits finish rolling. A pale yellow license plate with red hearts bordering it is shown in the middle of the screen, with Esther leaning against it smiling. A black sticker on the bottom of left of it says "82" in pink and a black sticker on the bottom right of it says "08" also in pink. The screen fades to black.)


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Lemmy Koopa
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Veteran RPer
Lemmy Koopa

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2019 11:42 pm

Quote :
Just because two souls aren't in the same world doesn't mean they aren't there, they keep each other in their hearts..

You sure Heather didn't come up with that? You must of been in a major zone if it came from you brah. I love it either way and I felt like she was there listening to my words.

~Lemmy Koopa
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2019 11:17 pm

You were so perfect with my character Annabelinda.. ~smiles softly~ beautifully written, I love how you closed things up with Crisps and Esther at the end.. our dear Heather would be so proud how you handled her Esther, Nicholas..

~Love always, Princess Toadstool/Annabelle ~~

Quote :
"We write of our past to remind us of where we started; we read in the present to know how far we've come." -Heather Butler 1982-2008
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2019 12:05 pm

I wrote those words bro, but I definitely felt her with me while I was writing them. Like I could see Daggett through her eyes in that one moment.

Thank you so much Tia Smile I think she'd be proud of how it turned out too. Kali did most of the writing for Annabelinda, the "writing out" idea came from me remembering Mikey talking about it a while back.

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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Lemmy Koopa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Lemmy Koopa

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2019 10:16 am

That's incredible bro. I'm proud of ya.

~Lemmy Koopa
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2019 10:13 am

I feel we did a wonderful job wrapping things up for my sister, especially with how you handled things with her and Daggett Nick. Thank you guys so much for loving and supporting our work and Nick, I'm so proud of you and couldn't be any more proud to call you my brother!

A Very Hearts-y Christmas -ice-age-32561449
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2019 11:45 pm

Aww, shucks! I love Westminster and Abby so much for adopting me in this! Got the greatest dad on the planet, no doubts! ^.^ <3

A Very Hearts-y Christmas Pidgey11
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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2019 10:31 am

Got the best son on the planet. Love ya kid. <3

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2019 11:04 am

I dig the 70's Show reference. I definitely don't have a filter, you know me well son lol

A Very Hearts-y Christmas Fire3l10
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2019 3:05 pm

Me being concerned of being written out lol that is so me. Nice work Nick
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RP Elder

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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2019 10:57 pm

The demon is full of air. Very well written Nick, you capture my Quetzal and I very good.


Amor ├║ltimo una vida. Se elev├│, Quetzal.
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Hearts-y Christmas   A Very Hearts-y Christmas Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2019 1:30 am

Orinda Tarsa wrote:
Got the best son on the planet. Love ya kid. <3

Much more loves. <3 ^.^

A Very Hearts-y Christmas Pidgey11
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A Very Hearts-y Christmas
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