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 Strangers in the Night

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Orinda Tarsa
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Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:32 pm

Strangers in the Night
Written by Nicholas Miller & Kali Wassaserwanga
Characters created by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga, Jessica Rhys-Butler, Tia Saree-Muhammud and Lorii Johnsson
Based on The One With All The Owls & Vampires, written by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga & Jessica Rhys-Butler, 2018
Special Thanks go out to family and friends who continue to support our work

Main Characters:

Westminster, a brown male owl
Abby, a red female owl
Butler, an orange male Barn owl
Monica, a brown female owl
Sophie, a blue-grey female owl
Akilah, a dark gray elder female owl

Also starring:

Wynter, a female Greater Sooter owl
Ms. Lanette, an orange female Barn owl and Principal of the Owlesly Academy for Gifted Birds
Robbie Greytail, a male grey wolf and gatekeeper
Vlady, a male vulture and main villain

Minor Characters:

Mrs. Berkeley, a female Greater Sooter owl and teacher at the Owlesly Academy for Gifted Birds
Mrs. Gayle, an orange female Barn owl and teacher at the Owlesly Academy for Gifted Birds
Mr. Elklins, a brown male owl and teacher at the Owlesly Academy for Gifted Birds
Karie Moonset, a female snow owl
Meske Graywing, a male gray owl
Jordan Silverstar, a brown male owl
Spud, a red male owl
Gem Rubyfire, a brown female owl
Hoagie Mattson, a blue-black male owl
Blacky Wolfbane, a male Greater Sooter owl
Berg, a tan male long-eared owl
Deirdre, a gray female owl
Jayson, a brown male owl

Act I, Scene I: (Flashback scene: Abby and Westminster standing in front of Akilah, getting ready to kiss at their wedding from "The One With All The Owls & Vampires".)

(Akilah smiles to Abby and then to Westminster.)

Akilah: I declare you both.. Westminster Abby. You may embrace and kiss..

(The scene pauses just as Daggett is shown hiding a giggle with a webbed hand over his face. Abby is now speaking in narration.)

Abby: So we're about to seal our marriage and spend our lives happy together. How did we get there, you ask? Well, we need to go back to where it all began.

(The scene rewinds to Abby hugging Daggett.)

Abby: Westminster and I have decided to become mates!
Sassy: That's wonderful! Congratulations you two!

(The scene pauses just as Westminster walked up to Abby and hugs a wing around her.)

Abby: Not far back enough. Let's try this again..

(The scene rewinds even faster, becoming a blur and stopping with Westminster and Abby being owlets, sitting on the ground outside just underneath a tree. Westminster is dipping the tip of his wing into a jar of glue and taking small gobbles of the paste. Letting off a smile, he dips the wing tip into the jar once more and rubs glue all over Abby's head-feathers.)

Owlet Abby: *sounds upset, shown ready to cry* STOP IT, WESTY! MOMMMM!

(The scene pauses just as Owlet Abby is shown getting up and running away from Owlet Westminster, flailing her wings about crying and screaming.)

Abby: *frustrated* That's too far back! Is it that complicated to work the rewind?!
Westminster: *muttering* Hey, sorry! Nobody's perfect, ABBY..
Abby: Ain't that the truth..

(Scene fast forwards to Abby sitting at a long table in the lunchroom at Owlesly Academy. Butler and Monica are sitting just to her left, Sophie is to her right. Wynter is sitting across the table from Abby and is stuffing her face full of food, making a huge mess all over her face and the table. Scene is still paused.)

Abby: That's more like it. It all started during my senior year at Owlesley Academy. I was still without a date for the Nestle in the Nest dance that was coming up. Bad thing? It was the day of the dance.

(The scene resumes, the lunchroom is full of lower chatter and is fairly busy. Narration ends.)

Monica: I don't get how you don't have a date, Abby.. you're popular!
Abby: You don't just run to any boy for the biggest event in your life..

(Wynter looks up from her food and was about to speak when Gem Rubyfire sits down next to Sophie, placing her tray of food down on the table in front of her.)

Gem Rubyfire: Well either the boys here are awful or you're using the traditional, time tested, tired excuse, Abby.
Wynter: It can't be that difficult to choose. I know I could bring someone to that dance!
Abby: *getting frustrated* It isn't an excuse! I just can't find the right one. Wynter, you're in what.. second grade?
Wynter: Almost to third grade! So more like second and a half!
Abby: So you couldn't bring someone to it. You know what a senior dance means, right?

(Wynter is shown thinking for a moment, placing a wing on her beak tapping it. Her eyes widen with excitement.)

Wynter: Is that where all the geezers go before its time for milk and cookies? You know, that thing before nap time?

(Monica and Sophie look at each other, giggling in response. Abby does a facepalm with one of her wings.)

Abby: Stick to your lunch, Wynter. You're too young for this conversation.
Wynter: Mrs. Berkeley doesn't think I'm too young! She calls me an old soul, so there!

(Wynter sticks her tongue out at Abby. Abby rolls her eyes in response.)

Abby: (in narration) Mrs. Berkeley is the second grade teacher here at the school. Just about everyone else think she's a crack job but Wynter kisses her feet and the ground they touch.

(Scene switches over to Mrs. Berkeley standing in front of a chalk board, with a group of student owls sitting at desks facing her. Wynter is in one of the desks just in front of Mrs. Berkeley.)

Mrs. Berkeley: I'm going to teach you all about casting spells on others and vampires. Take out your readers and open them to Chapter Fourteen, please..
Wynter: *raising a wing in question* Vampires! What kinda vampires?
Mrs. Berkeley: Gangrels!
Wynter: Gangeys?!
Mrs. Berkeley: That's right. Gangeys!

(Wynter begins throwing confetti and glitter around in excitement as the scene goes back to the gang at the lunchroom.)

Sophie: Is there any guy here at all you have in mind, Abby? There has to be at least one who has your attention..
Abby: Not really. I'm either half turned off or the ones I like are already taken.
Butler: What about that dude over there?

(Butler is pointing at Blacky Wolfbane, who is shown in a black leather jacket with a wolf face patched on it and sitting across the lunchroom with Meske Graywing, Jordan Silverstar and Spud. They're joking around and laughing.)

Abby: Blacky? Seriously? That guy is a total egomaniac.
Monica: But he IS the most popular boy in school, Abby. Just about everybody hangs off of his word here.
Abby: More like hanging off his jacket.
Butler: *crossing his wings, looking upset* Just HOW is he an egomaniac, Abby?
Abby: Watch and see..

(Blacky Wolfbane is shown dumping his food tray all over Spud's head. Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar join him in laughter while pouring their milk cartons on Spud.)

Butler: Okay, now I see what you're saying..
Sophie: Wouldn't someone as popular as Blacky be taken already?

(Karie Moonset is shown walking over with her food tray and sitting next to Blacky Wolfbane. He gives her a quick glance of acknowledgment and goes back to mingling with Meske and Jordan.)

Monica: *rolling her eyes* The wolf queen herself has him. Or so she thinks..

(Wynter looks up from stuffing her face, trying to understand Monica.)

Wynter: But she's an owl, not a wolf!
Monica: You wouldn't understand, Wynter. He calls his gang the Wolfpack, they think they're so rebellious..

(Everyone at the table goes quiet for a moment, each eating.)

Sophie: What about Westminster?

(Abby puts her fork down and gives Sophie a disgusted look.)

Abby: What is there about HIM?!
Sophie: *putting up her wings in defense* Is he really that bad?
Gem Rubyfire: I think she has such a big crush on him that she despises him..
Abby: *becoming frustrated* I do NOT have a crush on him! He's disgusting, immature..
Gem Rubyfire: ..and you love him for it..

(Abby very angrily gets up from her seat, startling everyone around her but Wynter and Gem Rubyfire.)

Monica: *looking up at Abby* What's so disgusting about him? Why do you think he's immature?

Abby: Just look!

(Abby is pointing accusingly at Westminster who is sitting two tables away from them with Hoagie Mattson. Monica and Sophie look in the direction she's pointing as the camera zooms close to Westminster showing him trying to lick his right eyeball and failing terribly, not even getting close to it.)

Monica: So he's cleaning himself. I don't get what's gross about that, Abby.

(Camera focuses back on Abby and the rest of the table she's at.)

Abby: He put glue in my head-feathers when I was three!
Monica: Everybody is immature when they're three, Abby. You really need to stop holding a grudge, ya know that..

(Abby throws her wings up in the air, becoming more frustrated. She sits back down.)

Abby: Tell me you can't see what I'm talking about with him! It can't be any more clear!
Gem Rubyfire: I know one thing that's clear here..
Abby: Don't EVEN say it, Gem!

(Gem Rubyfire rearranges the meat cubes on her tray into a shape of a heart, trying hard not to laugh out loud. Abby hears her laughing and looks over and sees the heart and shakes her head.)

Abby: *frustrated sigh* I wish I had the kind of love that those two have..
Butler: Which two are you talking about?

(Abby points at Jayson and Deirdre who are sitting on the other side of the lunch room. Camera zooms in on Deirdre as she is sitting at her laptop and Jayson who's wearing a "Zelda" hat and trying to get her attention.)

Monica: She's focused on her world and he doesn't get it. Why would you want that?
Abby: Because they love each other. Can't you see that?
Sophie: You can't always see love, Abby. You also have to listen for it..
Abby: *sounding confused* I don't get what you're saying?
Monica: Listen to them, Abby..

Deirdre: *sighing* Why can't I get my words to come out right in this story?
Jayson: Beaks me!

(Deirdre rolls her eyes at Jayson as the scene zooms out and focuses back on Abby and the rest of her table.)

Abby: He's got a sense of humor. Love can't carry the load by itself..
Monica: If he's got more than one quality, why can't Westminster?

(Wynter once again looks up from stuffing her face full of food.)

Wynter: Maybe she just doesn't know him very good?
Abby: *sighing* You aren't old enough, Wynter. Stick to your lunch.

(Wynter shrugs and goes back to stuffing her face.)

Gem Rubyfire: *shrugging* I think she's afraid of giving him a chance..
Abby: *frustrated* I am NOT afraid, Gem! I told you once and will say it again --
Gem Rubyfire: Yeah, yeah. Disgusting and immature! You sure seem to be in love with that..
Abby: I do NOT love Westminster! Let it go already!
Gem Rubyfire: If that's so, then I'll go tell him that you want to be with him..

(Gem Rubyfire gets up from her seat just as Abby gets up from hers. Abby quickly plants Gem back down onto her seat by her shoulders.)

Abby: *throwing her wings up* Fine! I'll at least TALK to him.

(As Abby is walking towards Westminster, Gem Rubyfire lets off a wide grin.)

Gem Rubyfire: I saw jealousy! Did anybody else see that?

(Abby turns around and glares at Gem Rubyfire as Monica, Sophie and Butler hide their giggles behind their wings.)

Abby: Bloody hell! Will you STOP, Gem?

(Gem Rubyfire nods and gives a fake stern look until Abby looks away. She then resumes quietly joking and teasing around with Monica and Sophie. The camera zooms in on Abby and Westminster as she approaches him at his table.)

Abby: *timid* Um.. hey.

(Westminster turns his attention from Hoagie Mattson to Abby, giving her an unassuming look.)

Westminster: Hey Abby. Want to talk?
Abby: Um.. yeah, something like that..

(Hoagie Mattson gets up from his seat next to Westminster and gives Abby a quick smile.)

Hoagie Mattson: Let's play Perfect Dark at my house later, Westminster. You know I'll win!

(Westminster turns his attention back to Hoagie for a moment.)

Westminster: Not as long as I hide behind the crates you won't!
Hoagie Mattson: You can't hide from a Farsight! I'm not Eat or MeasySim, you know..

(Westminster and Hoagie Mattson both laugh, with Hoagie leaving the lunch room and scene. Westminster then returns his attention to Abby.)

Westminster: I'm sorry about that Abby. What did you want to talk about?
Abby: Well, I just --

(The school bell rings, signifying the end of lunch break.)

Westminster: Lunch is so short! See you at 7th period, Abby.
Abby: *a hint of sadness* Yeah.. see ya..

(Westminster gives her a quick look as if he picks up on her sadness but leaves for class. The lunch room clears out around her while her head is hanging down in sadness as screen fades to next scene.)

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Orinda Tarsa
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Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

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Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:34 pm

Act I, Scene II: (Present day Abby is shown sitting on her bed reading her journal, Westminster is sitting next to her occasionally peeking over her shoulder but mostly picking at his right eye for what seems to be no reason at all. Abby is speaking in narration.)

Abby: Gem was right, all I was doing was delaying the inevitable.. I didn't just like Westminster, I loved him but I couldn't gather the strength to tell him. If she could see through my walls, could Westy? Being a teenager in love is so hard sometimes. I just had to talk to him, 7th period would possibly be my final chance. But how would I do it?

(The scene goes back to the high school in a classroom full of other owls, including Abby, Monica, Sophie, Butler, Blacky Wolfbane, Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar. Mrs. Gayle is at the head of the classroom, writing on the blackboard behind her.)

Mrs. Gayle: We're going to talk about english propositions real quickly..

(The classroom is full of loud chatter and laughter. Blacky Wolfbane is seen towards the back of the classroom screwing around with Meske Graywing and snickering.)

Mrs. Gayle: *raising her voice* I'm not doing this for my own benefit, I know all this stuff!

(Blacky Wolfbane looks towards Mrs. Gayle and lets off a big grin.)

Blacky Wolfbane: But do you really know, babe?

(A majority of the class breaks out in laughter, cutting their chatter short.)

Mrs. Gayle: Mr. Wolfbane! Do you care to repeat what you just called me to the rest of the class?
Meske Graywing: He called you babe. I think you've got a serious hearing problem.

(Meske Graywing kicks his feet up onto his desk, looking very chill as Mrs. Gayle is shown becoming more angry.)

Mrs. Gayle: *starting to turn red with anger* Mr. Graywing! I suggest that you and Mr. Wolfbane apologize to me before I send you both to the principal's office.
Meske Graywing: Let me get this straight. You want us to apologize to you and then you'll send us to the principal?

(Smoke is starting to come out of Mrs. Gayle's ears and beak as she is becoming more red and angry.)

Mrs. Gayle: I want you both to apologize and stop interrupting my teachings or I'll kick you out of here!
Jordan Silverstar: Would you stop changing what you're gonna do?
Meske Graywing: She's an old bat. What do you expect brother wolf?

(Mrs. Gayle is just about to go ballistic as the scene shows Westminster pass a note over to the owl to his left. The note is making its way over to the next row of owls over where Abby is located.)

Mrs. Gayle: BAT?! All three of you LEAVE, before I come over there and make you leave!

(Blacky Wolfbane is shown shaking a finger at Mrs. Gayle, making a "tsk tsk" sound. Jordan Silverstar and Meske Graywing are both grinning.)

Blacky Wolfbane: All you had to do was say please..
Meske Graywing: Kindness will get you anything you want, Mrs. Gayle.

(The note is shown getting passed to Abby. The screen switches to the note which says "Go to the dance with me?" with check-boxes below it that say "Yes" and "No". Mrs. Gayle, Blacky Wolfbane, Meske Graywing and Jordan Silverstar can be heard over it.)

Blacky Wolfbane: We'll go to the principal's office, just for you Mrs. Gayle. Ain't that right my wolf brothers?
Mrs. Gayle: You three are doing this just to give me gray feathers! Ain't is not a word, don't use it in my classroom!

(Abby checks "Yes" with her pen, the screen switching to her face smiling brightly through tears. It then shows Westminster smiling as he is looking over at Abby then to the nearby window to hide his bashfulness. The scene then returns focus to Blacky Wolfbane, Jordan Silverstar and Meske Graywing as they are getting up from their desks and heading towards the front door.)

Meske Graywing: *blinking innocently* Anything for you, Mrs. Gayle.
Jordan Silverstar: Stop kissing up. That's Spud's job.
Blacky Wolfbane: That's right brothers. Adios teachy teach.

(Just as Mrs. Gayle is about to respond, Blacky Wolfbane snaps his fingers on both hands in the air above his head as he and Jordan and Meske leave the classroom and the scene.)

Meske Graywing: *can be heard from outside the door* Let's go skip class.
Blacky Wolfbane: To the soda machines, gents.

(The camera fixes back on Mrs. Gayle making her way to her desk and the middle of the blackboard but the audio focuses back on Abby narrating just as Mrs. Gayle begins talking and pointing at the board behind her.)

Abby: He planned on taking me all along! I had my doubts about the Nestle in the Nest dance but Westminster said yes! I couldn't wait to go home, find my best dress and be with the bird I loved through all his flaws. Tonight is going to be the best night ever..

(The screen fades to black, ending the scene.)

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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

Posts : 2625
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Age : 37
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Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:35 pm

Act I, Scene III: (The scene is a filthy cave with an old worn out table in front of a throne covered in filth. Vlady is draped across the chair lazily with Robbie Greytail sitting at the table, just to Vlady's right.)

Vlady: *sighing* I'm so bored, Robbie..
Robbie Greytail: Do something then.
Vlady: Like what?
Robbie Greytail: *shrugging* I don't know. Aren't you the genius?

(Vlady sits up in his chair, letting off a smile in response as he scratches his beak in thought.)

Vlady: Indeed I am! How flattering of you to think such of moiself!
Robbie Greytail: You only go on about yourself every fifteen seconds. The wisest bird in the world that none of us can touch, etc. etc.
Vlady: My status of genius! It isn't just proclaimed, it should be common knowledge!
Robbie Greytail: Why aren't you sharing it with the world then? Instead of sitting around, letting yourself go?

(Vlady gets to his feet and looks to be slightly irritated with Robbie Greytail's comments. He is now standing in front of his chair.)

Vlady: *raising his wings high in the air above his head with a charming smile* Does this look like someone who'd let himself go?

(Vlady's enormous gut rolls out and hits the ground. It's so large it causes Vlady to fall over on his face from the overwhelming amount of weight of it.)

Robbie Greytail: By definition, yes..

(Vlady struggles back to his feet and tries ruffling his feather and gut back tucked inside.)

Vlady: Okay, so maybe I've let myself go a little bit.. but it can't be all my doing.
Robbie Greytail: *rolling eyes* I know. You were cursed and set up to fail. Blah, blah, blah..
Vlady: *grinning* You know me so exquisitely well! How can that be so, my spiritually curious friend?
Robbie Greytail: I can read you like a book. You leave yourself wide open.. speaking of open..

(Robbie Greytail points at Vlady's stomach as his huge gut is trying to pop out on him again. Vlady looks surprised as he looks down and tries to tuck himself back in once more.)

Vlady: Have you forgotten that I too can read others?
Robbie Greytail: No, but yours works as the "Achilles heel". You curse yourself when you read.
Vlady: *frustrated* I do NOT curse myself! I was cursed!

(Robbie Greytail rolls his eyes again as he sighs. Vlady is placing his wings on his hips.)

Robbie Greytail: Of course you'll blame somebody else for it. Who else could there be to blame besides the obvious cause?
Vlady: *getting overly dramatic* That dreaded bird school, of course! They played favorites with the owls there over ME!

(Vlady falls back onto his throne, draping over it lazily like before and covering his face with his left wing, becoming dramatic.)

Robbie Greytail: But did you really try? You know, show how good and gifted you could really be?
Vlady: I did show off my gifts! What MORE could they of wanted from me?
Robbie Greytail: But did you show off the goodness that could come from those gifts?

(Vlady drops his left wing down the front of the right leg of his chair as he stares at Robbie Greytail blankly.)

Vlady: What is with all the BUT questions? The principal found out what I was capable of doing!
Robbie Greytail: I'm asking because what one does with their gift can either leave a positive impact that gains respect and admiration from one's peers, or a negative impact --

(Vlady sits up in his chair once more, becoming angry with Robbie Greytail.)

Vlady: Causing the entire teacher staff to regurgitate on command is NOT negative!
Robbie Greytail: *sarcastic* Of course not. Nobody sees the positive side of losing their lunch uncontrollably..
Vlady: So I used my goodness to show them that regurgitating is healthy!
Robbie Greytail: There's more to the story, isn't there?

(Robbie Greytail is narrowing his eyes at Vlady, gathering more insight.)

Vlady: What more could there BE?!
Robbie Greytail: Whatever else it may be, you're sure becoming defensive about it..
Vlady: I tried to control minds. Big whoop-de-doo!
Robbie Greytail: Think I just found the root of your curse, my friend..
Vlady: Didn't I just tell you where that curse came from?!
Robbie Greytail: That depends on who you want to believe it. Me or yourself?

(Vlady leaps out of his chair and kicks it over angrily, hurting himself. He's hopping around on one foot yowling as Robbie Greytail is shown shaking his head.)

Robbie Greytail: Now do you know who's responsible for the mess you've gotten into?

(Vlady is done yowling and hopping around. He lets off a big evil grin.)

Vlady: The Owlesley Academy for Gifted Birds!
Robbie Greytail: *shaking his head* Why do I bother..
Vlady: I know exactly how to put them to an end, too! My inner genius wishes it could of thought of something so genius!
Robbie Greytail: *sighing* Do I want to know?

(Vlady is shown rubbing his hands greedily as then the camera turns to focus on a picture of Ms. Lanette hanging on the wall. Vlady can be heard talking.)

Vlady: Principal Lanette! She's the heart of the Academy, if I kidnap and kill her, the Academy will be destroyed! Nobody can stop me..

(Vlady can be heard letting off an evil laugh, starting off quiet and becoming maniacal as the screen fades to black as the scene ends.)

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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer
Orinda Tarsa

Posts : 2625
Join date : 2012-04-02
Age : 37
Location : Layton, UT

Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:39 pm

Act I, Scene IV: (By the front doors of the Academy Auditorium. The inside of the Auditorium is covered in lavish pink ribbons and party streamers with hearts made of multicolored feathers line the walls and strobe lights are pouring out all over and around it. Monica, Sophie and Butler are gathered just by the front door inside the Auditorium.)

Monica: It isn't like Abby to be late! We usually go everywhere together!
Sophie: *shrugging* Maybe Westy decided not to take her..
Monica: Don't be so negative! You have to have faith, Soph!
Sophie: You heard how she was talking about him in the lunch room. We all did..
Butler: *timidly* Maybe he overheard her..

(Monica places her wings on her hips, upset. She is dressed up in pink ribbons and a white daisy flower hanging on the top left side of her head.)

Monica: Faith! For the love of England, faith!

(Butler is pointing at the front door as Abby is seen walking down the hall and towards them, with Westminster holding her right wing and walking with her. Abby is covered in jade green ribbons with a fancy jade green hair bow in her head-feathers while Westminster has his head-feathers slicked back and has a black tie clipped just under his chin.)

Butler: *speaking low* Speaking of faith.. here they come..

(Monica is waving and smiling towards Abby and Westminster as they make their way to the doorway.)

Monica: Abby! Westminster! You made it!

(Abby and Westminster enter the Auditorium. Abby gives Monica and Sophie hugs and Westminster is giving Butler a high five.)

Abby: Of course we did, girl! What did you expect?
Monica: The early bird that's always out for the worm. We beat you to it!
Abby: Guess who's to blame for this bird being late to the party?
Butler: Aunt Flo?

(Abby gives Butler a slug in the shoulder as Sophie and Monica are holding in laughter behind their wings.)

Abby: No, silly!
Westminster: *raises left wing* I take responsibility for it..
Butler: *pretending to be upset* So I just took one for the team for nothing?
Monica: Pretty much, Butty!

(Abby and Sophie are now hiding their laughter at Butler's nickname as Butler pouts then leaves for the stage and hangs around the DJ'ing equipment. Monica joins them in laughter as Westminster looks at them like they're crazy.)

Sophie: Typical man, behind every prepared woman..
Westminster: *laughing* Hey now! None of ya'll are to talk, ya know.

(Sophie and Monica both give each other a "yeah whatever" look.)

Abby: Somebody's head-feathers weren't perfect.. I thought he'd never leave that mirror by the library!
Sophie: A man concerned with his appearance? What could be holding them up, I wonder?
Monica and Abby: OCD.

(Sophie, Monica and Abby both break into laughter as Meske Graywing, Jordan Silverstar and Spud make their way through the doors and push past the group.)

Spud: Attention, peons! Blacky Wolfbane has arrived!
Meske Graywing: And he brought his stooge with him!
Spud: I am NOT the stooge!
Meske Graywing: Yeah, you are actually.

(Meske Graywing and Spud begin wrestling with each other with Meske putting Spud in a headlock while Jordan Silverstar watches. Blacky Wolfbane and Karie Moonset are shown making their way into the Auditorium, walking past and ignoring Meske Graywing and Spud who are still messing around. The camera temporarily focuses on Blacky Wolfbane and Karie Moonset as they are walking towards the back of the room.)

Blacky Wolfbane: I think I'm gonna steal Spud's date. You care?
Karie Moonset: Nah. He ain't part of the pack.
Blacky Wolfbane: *back turned to Spud and Meske Graywing* Hey Spud! I'm gonna go take your woman, suck on that!

(Spud stops wrestling with Meske Graywing as he's now on the ground under him and looks like he's about to cry in defeat. He squirms away from Meske with a shocked look on his face as Meske and Jordan Silverstar are snickering.)

Spud: Hell no, your aren't!
Berg: *voice heard off screen* You can't talk to the wolfpack leader like that!
Meske Graywing: Can it, Berg!

(Spud is taking off after Blacky Wolfbane as Jordan Silverstar and Meske Graywing follow behind him. The camera focuses back on Abby, Monica, Sophie and Westminster who are still standing by the doorway.)

Westminster: Hey Abby. Do you think I can be like Blacky Wolfbane?
Abby: Nah. Your ego doesn't suffocate the entire school.

(Just as Westminster is about to respond, "Karma Chameleon" is starting to play from the speakers on the stage.)

Monica: This song is so gay! Who would ever enjoy it?

(Camera shows Butler dancing and doing the Batusi, making V-shaped opening with his wing feathers going over his eyes.)

Sophie: *voice off camera* I think I found your answer..

(Camera returns to Monica, Sophie, Abby and Westminster. Monica is shaking her head while Abby and Westminster are doing a facepalm.)

Monica: Now what do we do?
Sophie: Find our boyfriends and leave the two lovebirds to dancing?

(Monica and Sophie giggle as Abby gives them a cross look. Westminster is still staring in disappointment at Butler.)

Abby: We are NOT lovebirds!
Sophie: Right and we're guys.
Abby: Ugh! Just get OUT of here!

(Monica and Sophie both giggle some more as they go off screen looking for their boyfriends.)

Westminster: I've never seen someone move like that before..
Abby: They do that all the time. How do you not notice?

(Abby notices that Westminster is still staring at Butler. Abby smacks Westminster upside the head to get his attention.)

Westminster: *rubbing his head-feathers* Ow! What was that for?!

(Just as Abby is about to respond with a smart response, "Karma Chameleon" ends as Ms. Lanette's voice is heard, clearing her throat to gain attention. The camera switches over to her as she's standing on the center of the stage next to Akilah.)

Ms. Lanette: Good evening, my Owlesly Academy students! I'm glad you all could make it to the Nestle in the Nest and I'd like to kick it off with something special..
Blacky Wolfbane: *shouting off camera* A disappearing act?

(Everyone in the auditorium laughs as Ms. Lanette glares in Blacky Wolfbane's direction.)

Ms. Lanette: Are you finished, Mr. Wolfbane?
Blacky Wolfbane: Whenever you are, chairbird of the bored!

(Laughter fills the auditorium again in response as Ms. Lanette's face reddens.)

Ms. Lanette: I want to see you in my office first thing Monday morning, Mr. Wolfbane!
Blacky Wolfbane: Lemme just pencil that in, aight?

(Chuckles can be heard throughout the auditorium as Ms. Lanette ignores Blacky Wolfbane.)

Ms. Lanette: I would like to recite from Shakespeare's Othello quickly and allow you students to enjoy tonight's social!

(Some groans can be heard from the students in the auditorium.)

Ms. Lanette: Why, this is not a boon! 'Tis as I should entreat you wear your gloves.. or feed on nourishing dishes, or keep you warm.. or sue to you to do a peculiar profit to your own person! Nay, when I have a suit.. wherein I mean to touch your love indeed! It shall be full of poise and difficult weight.. and fearful to be granted!

(The dark blue curtain behind Ms. Lanette and Akilah moves a bit as Vlady comes out from behind it. He is to the left of Ms. Lanette, about three feet away from her. Some surprised gasps can be heard from the crowd, a stunned look is on Akilah's face as she is watching him.)

Vlady: *gesturing his right wing out towards Ms. Lanette, then using it to cover his eyes dramatically* I will deny thee nothing! Whereon I do beseech thee, grant me this.. to leave me but a little to myself!
Ms. Lanette: *waving back with her left wing as she is looking away from him* Shall I deny you? No! Farewell, my lord..

(Vlady quickly approaches Ms. Lanette from behind and holds a dagger to her throat with his right wing while holding her with the left. A crazed look is forming in his ugly yellow eyes as Akilah is stunned.)

Vlady: Farewell, my Desdemona! Say farewell to your precious academy!

(Ms. Lanette is visibly frightened as she is struggling to free herself of his grasp.)

Ms. Lanette: P-please! Let go of me! I-I'll give you anything you want!
Vlady: You are twenty years too late for that, my dear!

(Camera changes to Abby and Westminster who look at each other stunned and scared.)

Westminster: Who in the hell is this guy?
Abby: I don't know, but we need to do something Westy!

(Camera turns back to Vlady and Ms. Lanette. Vlady is glaring in Westminster and Abby's direction.)

Vlady: Try something and your principal dies! Don't you dare think I won't take her out right here, right now!
Ms. Lanette: *sounding a little less frightened* Twenty years? Do we know you?

(Camera goes to Abby and Westminster who look somewhat scared but it then returns Vlady as he is now glaring directly at Akilah as he continues to hold Ms. Lanette hostage with the dagger. Akilah is glaring back at him.)

Vlady: If you don't remember me, I know someone else that is BOUND to remember!
Akilah: *angry* Vlad.. you attempted to brainwash our teachers into harming their own students.. what the hell did you expect other than being expelled?
Vlady: Respect! You were the superintendent, you represented the gifted birds of Owlesly Academy! I had a gift and you turned me away!
Akilah: Don't you DARE argue respect with me, you beast! Respect is given when it's shown and you never showed an ounce of that..

(Ms. Lanette attempts to squirm away from Vlady but Vlady wraps his wing around her tighter while keeping the dagger at her throat.)

Vlady: A gift is a gift, is it not?! Answer me this!
Akilah: You got your answer when I kicked you out of here.. and I'm about to do that again..
Ms. Lanette: *becoming hysterical* Let me GO! P-please, just let me GO!
Vlady: I shall let US go, my dear lady.. and nobody here will stop me!
Akilah: You care to bet on that?
Vlady: You don't have the guts or brains to handle what I'm capable of! You stop me from leaving and her death begins! Got that?!

(Akilah is shown becoming angry to the point she's fuming as a huge grin forms on Vlady's face.)

Akilah: Last warning, monster! Don't you DARE make me get physical with you!

(Some gasps come from the Auditorium as Vlady shakes a finger at Akilah.)

Vlady: Now, now.. don't make a promise you can't keep, otherwise I'll have to go through with mine! Farewell, Owlesly Academy!

(Just as Akilah is about to lunge at Vlady, Vlady quickly disappears through the curtain with Ms. Lanette still being held by him as she's kicking and squirming. Ms. Lanette can be heard screaming as her voice is echoing through the room and quickly disappears. A few moments of silence pass, then students can be heard beginning to panic as Abby and Westminster are shown staring at each other in disbelief. The camera returns to Akilah on the stage.)

Akilah: *sighs, stern look on face* Students.. due to the event that has just taken place here, the dance is canceled. Go home and grieve and pray with your families for your principal's safety.

(Surprised gasps are heard from the students in the Auditorium as students begin to leave. The camera changes over to Westminster and Abby as Butler, Monica and Sophie approach them and gather around.)

Abby: Guys.. we just have to do something about this..
Butler: But you heard her, we have to leave!
Westminster: Elder Akilah will do something about it, Abby. The security officers will do something about it. Even the police will do something about it. They don't need us, Abby..

(The camera switches over to Akilah who is just getting off of her cell phone and is now leaving the stage, disappearing behind the curtain quickly.)

Abby: *off screen* We can make a difference though. I just know it guys.

(The screen goes back to Abby, Westminster, Monica, Sophie and Butler.)

Monica: But do you really, though?
Butler: I think your just being stubborn, Abby. We should go home like the elder said..

(Sophie and Monica both nod in agreement as Abby is shown becoming angry.)

Abby: I am NOT stubborn!
Sophie: Face it. You're stubborn and that's all there is to it. You've got witnesses.
Monica: She's right, Abby. You are too stubborn for your own good! Right, Westy?

(Westminster raises his wings in defense and backs away out of the group.)

Abby: *rolling her eyes* Alright, fine. I'll just go home if that gets you all off my back. Good lord, guys!
Butler: We could always take the post dance party over to my house! Anybody with me?

(Blacky Wolfbane pushes past the group, with Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing, Spud and Karie Moonset walking along side him.)

Blacky Wolfbane: No way, geek. We're goin' over to Shan and Kelly's nest for the keg party.

(Butler turns around with a disappointed look on his face while Sophie and Monica roll their eyes with their backs still turned to Blacky Wolfbane, who is now standing next to them with his group.)

Jordan Silverstar: Yeah. The leader of the wolfpack has spoken.
Meske Graywing: If you ain't cool, you ain't important.
Spud: Stop kissing up!
Jordan Silverstar: We wouldn't want to put poor Spud out of work, would we wolf brother Meske?
Blacky Wolfbane: Gotta give him something to do, he sure can't cut it as a member of the pack.

(Blacky Wolfbane snaps his fingers as he points towards the door with his left wing, signifying they're leaving.)

Blacky Wolfbane: Later geeks. Let's roll, brothers..
Spud: I can too cut it!

(Blacky Wolfbane exits out the doorway and leaves the scene. Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing, and Karie Moonset laugh at Spud mockingly as they follow Blacky out the door.)

Berg: *off screen* I still love you Spud!
Spud: *pouting* OH shut up, Berg!

(Spud exits through the door and out of scene. Butler is shaking his head as Monica and Sophie each give him a pat on the head.)

Monica: Poor Butty!
Butler: *frustrated* Stop calling me Butty!
Sophie: *grinning* Somebody is making Butty angry..

(Butler pouts and turns away from the group. Monica gives him a hug from behind.)

Monica: I'm sorry, I won't call you that again.. can we still come to your party?

(Butler thinks for a moment and then nuzzles into her wings as she's hugging him with a big smile.)

Butler: Of course you guys can come! All of you! How can I stay mad when I have such wonderful friends?
Sophie: Because your a huge softie and you've got no choice?
Butler: *laughs* You're probably right!
Westminster: Probably?
Butler: Okay, okay. Definitely right.

(A moment of silence passes, the rest of the Auditorium is now empty as everyone has gone home. Monica is still hanging her wings over and around Butler as she looks over to Abby.)

Monica: You'll be coming to Butler's house for the party too, right Abby?
Butler: She just has to! It wouldn't be the same without her, wouldn't it Abby?
Abby: *somewhat uncertain* Right.. I just need to go home to do something real quick and I'll catch you guys there..
Monica: *smiling* Great! Don't forget to bring your love date!
Westminster: How could she forget me? We've still got a dance to share!

(Monica and Sophie both laugh in response. Monica gives Abby a quick hug as she, Sophie and Butler begin to head for the door. Butler turns around to Abby just before he is out of the room.)

Butler: See you there guys!
Abby: *waving* See ya..

(Butler gets turned around by Monica excitedly as she and Sophie exit the scene with him.)

Westminster: So.. what's at your house that's so important?
Abby: Nothing. We've got a date..

(Westminster is trying hard not to roll his eyes, but instead lets off a grin.)

Westminster: I know that! Why did you tell them you were going there, though?
Abby: *slowly smiling* Because it's a date with destiny.. something we just have to do..
Westminster: You really would do THAT on a first date?

(Abby gives Westminster a light punch in the shoulder as her smile turns into a wide grin.)

Abby: Why do you men think like that? That isn't what I'm talking about..
Westminster: Teenage hormones, perhaps?

(Abby giggles and shakes her head as she points in the direction of the curtain as Westminster looks and keeps grinning.)

Westminster: Now I know your just teasing me!
Abby: Get your head out of the gutter, gah! Just follow me..

(Abby walks over to the stage and goes behind the curtain. Westminster follows closely and looks behind him one more time as he's on the stage before he goes behind the curtain with her. The scene changes to behind the main stage where the area is dimly lit and there is various equipment lining the walls.)

Westminster: So now what are we going to do?
Abby: We start by looking for clues.
Westminster: *disappointed* Don't tell me..
Abby: We're going to find Principal Lanette. It's up to us, Westy.
Westminster: But Elder Akilah --

(Abby places a wing tip over Westminster's beak, narrowing her eyes at him.)

Abby: I'm going with my gut on this one, Westy. She needs us, we need to go to her.
Westminster: *speaking through her wing* We?
Abby: *pleading eyes* For me?

(Westminster thinks it over with a disappointed look as he shrugs and then sighs.)

Westminster: Fine.. for you.. only because we're on a date..

(Abby gives Westminster a kiss on the cheek and smiles.)

Abby: You're the best! All bad guys leave some kind of clue behind in the movies, you know.. like a ransom note or in his case a feather..

(Westminster points to a desk against the far left wall with a piece of paper attached to the top of it.)

Westminster: Kinda like that note over there?

(Abby looks towards the desk and then back to Westminster with her wings on her hips.)

Abby: That's just assuming! Anybody could of put that there!

(Westminster walks over to the note as Abby follows him. Westminster picks it up and reads it just as Abby is trying to peek over his wing.)

Westminster: *sarcastic* That anybody just happens to be Vlad.. who happens to have horrible penmanship..
Abby: *reaching over his wing* Well what does it say?
Westminster: It says if you come looking for me, I'll wipe out Principal Lanette and the Academy along with it. Sincerely, Vlady.
Abby: *grinning* P.S., tell Westy to stop being sarcastic..

(Westminster throws the note at Abby as he growls in response. Abby lets off a giggle and reads through the note herself.)

Abby: I'm just joking! Chill out, dude..
Westminster: You know, for someone who is in a hurry to find Principal Lanette, you sure like to stall..

(Just as Abby was about to smack Westminster, he put up a wing in motion for her to wait. He began sniffing the air.)

Abby: Speaking of stalling..
Westminster: No. I smell something. Does it smell like a river in here to you?

(Abby sniffs for a moment and thinks, rubbing the tip of her right wing under her chin.)

Abby: Kind of. Maybe someone left their gym socks back here?
Westminster: How nonsensical can you --

(Westminster sniffs some more, his eyes widen. Abby is looking at Westminster as she attempts to sniff the air once more.)

Westminster: I've got it!
Abby: Got what? The urge to become a sea urchin?
Westminster: No, I know exactly where this smell is from. It's the Thames River!
Abby: You think Vlad took Principal Lanette to Thames River?

(Westminster is thinking as he walks away from Abby and back over to the desk where the note was found. A splinter of rotten wood is laying on the desktop, he picks it up and sniffs it.)

Westminster: The S.S. Flieth..
Abby: The what?

(Westminster walks back over to Abby and shows her the splinter of wood.)

Westminster: The S.S. Flieth. Don't you know your history?
Abby: I thought I did but I've never heard of that.
Westminster: Well, the S.S. Flieth was a large ship that carried cargo all along the Thames. In 1939 it was sailing down it one day and the mast wound up getting caught on the Hungerford Bridge, this caused the ship to lose control, bounce violently off the support pillars and it eventually grounded at the London Eye Waterloo Pier.
Abby: Vlad's taken her to the S.S. Flieth..
Westminster: Almost certain he has. The proof is in the pudding.
Abby: We better get going but we need to stop by my nest first. There's something I need to grab real quick..

(Westminster nods in response as he offers a wing to Abby. Abby places her wing in his and gives him a quick but forced smile.)

Abby: I fear we don't have much time..

(Westminster nods as he releases her wing and runs for the exit door of the backstage area. Abby catches up with him as they both exit the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:40 pm

Act II, Scene I: (Present day Abby is shown sitting on her bed reading her journal. Westminster kisses Abby on the cheek quickly then goes back to playing a video game. Abby smiles softly in response as she is speaking in narration.)

Abby: Well, the dance was a flop.. not at the expense of Westminster, but because Principal Lanette was kidnapped in front of everybody by that terrible vulture Vlad! I so badly wanted that first dance and if things worked the way they should, that first kiss with Westy.. he'd never see that coming, perhaps not understand at the time what it even means, but I had that desire taken away from me! I felt terrible and wanted to cry, but maybe I was just over-reacting.. there was still time, wasn't there? Anyways, getting back on track, Westy and I discovered the note and thanks to him being a history nut, we found out Vlad was hiding with Principal Lanette at the shipwrecked S.S. Flieth. Getting in there and finding him however, those chances looked awfully depressing..

(The scene fades out to black and changes to a clear sky night at the London Eye Waterloo Pier. Westminster and Abby are approaching a toll booth where Robbie Greytail is sitting, which is just in front of the remains of the S.S. Flieth, which the moonlight is casting off of it and giving it a peaceful yet eerie glow. There is shrubbery sporadically placed between them and the toll booth.)

Westminster: Isn't it a beauty? Just magnificent!
Abby: It's just a rotted out boat. You are such a dork!

(Just as Westminster was going to respond, the toll booth is shown straight ahead with Robbie Greytail peeking out the window. Robbie Greytail begins to move around, causing Abby to duck behind the bushes just in front of them pulling Westminster forcibly down to the ground with her, causing him to land on his butt just to her right.)

Abby: *whispering* Your commentary got us spotted! Thanks a lot!
Westminster: *whispering* It's just an old wolf.. I highly doubt he even saw us.
Abby: *whispering* Wolves CAN hear and they have a great sense of smell, you know that?!

(Robbie Greytail is now outside the booth and is sniffing around the grounds about 75 yards away from Abby and Westminster. The camera switches back to Abby who has a frightened look on her face as does Westminster.)

Westminster: *whispering* Now what do we do?
Abby: *whispering hiss* Do I have to think of EVERYTHING? For the love of Diana!

(Westminster is shaking his head as rustling is shown in Abby's backpack, which is strapped to her back.)

Wynter: *voice coming from the backpack* Wolves?!

(Abby turns her head and catches a peek of Wynter as she is struggling to get her head to poke out of the backpack.)

Abby: *frustrated* Wynter! How the heck did you get in my backpack?!

(Westminster holds his left wing over Abby's mouth as the camera shows Robbie Greytail sniffing about 50 yards away from them. His ears perk and are now trying to focus on the direction of their noise. Camera goes back to Westminster and Abby behind the bush.)

Westminster: *whispering* Keep it down! You'll give us away!

(Abby pushes Westminster's wing away from her beak as she then focuses her attention back to Wynter.)

Wynter: *whispering* I wanted to see what kind of homework 12th graders got.. you guys sure got some strange math!
Abby: *whispering* Quit being so nosy.. we are NOT in a good situation right now as it is!
Wynter: *whispering* Well excuse me for being curious! I'm just a kid, duh..

(Abby and Westminster go silent for a moment as they are shown thinking. Wynter kicks and struggles her way out of the backpack and is now sitting on Abby's lap.)

Wynter: *whispering* So uh, what's the situation?
Abby: *whispering* We've got a wolf out there looking for us..
Wynter: *whispering* A wolf, huh? I know just the thing..

(Wynter is digging through her own backpack as Abby has a confused look on her face.)

Abby: *whispering* You know how to deal with wolves?!
Wynter: *whispering* There's a lot of things you don't know about me.. like for example, this!

(Wynter pulls out a pair of dirty white tube socks from her backpack. Abby and Westminster look at Wynter and scratch their head-feathers in bewilderment.)

Abby: Socks?!

(Westminster places his wingtip over his beak as he glares at Abby.)

Abby: *whispering* Sorry..
Wynter: *whispering* This might be strange to some.. okay, maybe most.. well actually--
Abby: *whispering* Get to the point already..
Wynter: *frowns, whispering* Don't push me! Watch and learn!

(Wynter tosses the socks over the bushes, sending them flying in the air and landing a few feet away as she gives off a light whistle.)

Abby: *whispering* What was the point of that?!
Wynter: *whispering* Take a peek and bask in my twisted genius!

(Abby and Westminster both peek through the bush as Robbie Greytail is about five yards away from them. He spots the socks and begins sniffing them cautiously as he then begins to play with them, whipping the socks around in his mouth happily. Laying down on the grass just in front of the bush, he is now distracted by the socks he is sniffing and chewing on.)

Westminster: *whispering* How.. did you.. know that?
Wynter: *shrugging, whispering* I'm just a little ole witch.. I have my ways and you now have a way to get past the wolf.. everyone wins!
Abby: *stunned, whispering* What.. why, how.. ugh, I'll just ask later.. get in my backpack..

(Wynter climbs off of Abby's lap and struggles back into her backpack. Abby and Westminster step back a few inches and take off, flying over the bushes and the distracted Robbie Greytail, landing in front of a hole that is located on the middle of the S.S. Flieth. The hole is about five feet wide by about two feet tall.)

Wynter: *poking her head out of the bag, whispering* I think he might be my dad..
Abby: *whispering, watching the hole* That's just nonsense.. he's not an owl..
Wynter: *whispering* Blood doesn't always mean family.. I think I'll call him.. Poppa Grey..
Abby: *whispering* You're just strange..

(Wynter tucks her head back into the backpack.)

Wynter: *whispering comes from backpack* Thanks!
Westminster: Are we going to stand here and talk or save Principal Lanette?
Wynter: Well technically I'm not standing..

(Abby holds a wing tip over her beak as she looks to Westminster.)

Abby: *whispering* Shh! Let's get inside before the wolf notices us..
Westminster: *whispering* For sure. Who knows who or what might be noticing us..

(Abby and Westminster make their way through the hole in the ship and disappear immediately into the pitch blackness inside as the scene transitions over.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:42 pm

Act II, Scene II: (A medium sized room on the S.S. Flieth. The badly rotted walls of the room are covered in green moss and there is an equally rotted kitchen table sitting towards the right left end corner of the room. There are security monitors just across from the table in the right end corner. Ms. Lanette is tied up in brown rope to one of the matching chairs at the kitchen table, Vlad is sitting in a broken office chair and is seated next to the monitors, his back turned to them.)

Vlady: My dear lady, believe it or not.. there are many who think I'm crazy and paranoid. Why do they find the need to judge me before they get the chance to know me?
Ms. Lanette: Maybe it's because you are crazy and paranoid?

(Vlady lets off a chuckle as he leans back in his chair, the back of the chair starting to give out.)

Vlady: How blind of you! You're like the rest of how the world sees me, my dear.. you see from one dimension in a three dimensional world! Can't you see how obvious my gifts are and how badly they've been misunderstood?
Ms. Lanette: *trying not to laugh* I might be blind but I can also see something about to give out on you..
Vlady: Bold for one dimension --

(The back of the chair gives out on Vlady, causing him to fall to the floor and landing hard on his back. Ms. Lanette is trying hard to hide her laughter and winds up snorting. After a moment of being stunned, Vlady gets back up to his feet and dusts himself off, giving the broken chair an angry look.)

Vlady: That chair was a pile of garbage anyway, I've been planning on getting rid of it! Do you know what else I plan on getting rid of?

(Ms. Lanette shakes her head as she is shown trying to bite through the ropes with her beak but is having no success.)

Vlady: You, of course! Indeed my dearest, you must be blind if you forgot that already..

(Westminster and Abby can be heard talking from the monitors behind Vlady. He turns around and sees them on the black and white screen, stepping in from the hole in the wall and into the ship itself.)

Vlady: Looks like I've got some visitors to rid of, too! How foolish of them to come and rescue you, Principal!
Ms. Lanette: Foolishness and bravery are two different things, Vlad.

(Vlady flips a few red switches on the control panel just below the monitors as a twisted grin comes to his face. He turns around to face Ms. Lanette, his back once again turned towards the monitors.)

Vlady: But it acts as a double-edged sword, depending on the hands that it's in.. does it not?
Ms. Lanette: If that somebody doesn't know how to use it or uses it with bad intentions.. much like --
Vlady: Myself? Let me stop you there before you start pointing fingers like your sorry excuse of a friend Akilah did to me!

(Ms. Lanette is shown frowning and becoming angry at Vlady's remark.)

Vlady: The academy is for gifted birds, Principal! All gifts, of many varieties.. is it not?
Ms. Lanette: Gifts that are used for good, Vlad.. you however, never used it for good but for your own gains.
Vlady: Do you understand what defines "good", or do you understand what it is that makes your students as gifted as they may be?
Ms. Lanette: Of course I do! I wouldn't be a bird of my position if I didn't understand or respect those values.
Vlady: You truly then must realize that your academy screwed up on one occasion.. well at least once. I imagine you've all made them more often than that, but the biggest mistake ever--
Ms. Lanette: Don't you get it? You screwed yourself over, we did nothing to you!

(Vlady becomes very angry and kicks the remains of his chair across the room, hurting himself in the process as he's hopping around the room on one foot, howling.)

Ms. Lanette: For someone who passes themselves as sophisticated, you sure are --

(Vlady stops hopping around as he growls aloud. Walking over to Ms. Lanette, he strikes her hard across the face with his left wing, causing her to cry out.)

Vlady: *hysterical* Silence! Nobody ridicules me! Just for that, I've decided I'm going to put on a show!
Ms. Lanette: *through tears* H-haven't you done e-enough?
Vlady: This will be my greatest victory! Not only will I kill you, I'll do it in front of your nosy students and then I'll get rid of them as well!

(Vlady throws up his wings and lets off a blood curdling series of cackles as he begins skipping around the room.)

Vlady: I'm brilliant! Brilliant! Vlad will finally get his crowning achievement!

(The camera slowly enlarges and focuses on the security monitor with Abby and Westminster walking down the dark hallway. Vlady lets off another series of cackles as the screen fades to black, ending the scene.)

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Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:42 pm

Act II, Scene III: (Abby and Westminster are walking down a nearly pitch black hallway on the bottom floor of the ship. Green moss is draped all over the walls and there are pictures lined up along both sides with about a foot gap between each, photos of different ship captains in what appears just as raggedy brown wooden frames. There are occasional doorways along the way which are covered up by severely broken doors. There is a doorway without a door about 3/4 of a mile away with a faint white light coming from it.)

Abby: *nervous* It's way too quiet here.. I sure hope Principal Lanette is okay..
Westminster: Me too. Besides the occasional creak, it feels like nobody's occupying this ship.

(Wynter pokes her head out from out of Abby's backpack and looks around, a big smile forming on her face.)

Wynter: This place looks awesome! I wanna live here, I bet its loaded with stories to tell and treasures to explore!
Abby: No, Wynter.. you are NOT staying here.
Wynter: Can I at least visit? Please?
Abby: I'd say you're strange, Wynter but I know you'll just say thanks..
Wynter: You're catching on to me fast! Do you think this place is full of ghosts?
Westminster: I doubt it. Everybody on board just unloaded the cargo off the ship since there was no chance of repair and left it to rot.
Wynter: Maybe somebody got murdered here!
Abby: Good lord, Wynter! You are just so depressing..
Wynter: I think the word you're looking for is curious. But thanks for noticing!

(Abby and Westminster stop just a foot away from the open doorway, a skeleton is resting against the wall about 8 inches away at the end of the hall.)

Westminster: I sure hope this is the path Vlad took, every other doorway I've seen there's no way someone could navigate themselves through it.. plus room for another..
Abby: There's only one way to find out, Westy.

(Wynter is pointing at the skeleton resting against the wall.)

Wynter: Bones! I wanna touch 'em!
Abby: Hell no you're not!
Wynter: Can I at least give the skelly a name?
Abby: Fine. Hurry so we can go.
Wynter: I'm going to name him Boney McCree, lord of the deep!
Westminster: Why a him?
Wynter: Because my momma says women are smart enough to leave looking for food, a man just stays and starves to death!

(Abby giggles as Westminster just shakes his head. Abby peeks through the doorway for a moment before she and Westminster go in. The room is built like the inside of a well with narrow wooden walls going straight up for about 15 feet. At the top of the room is a hole with a bright white light coming from it, pouring down and filling the entire area. There are vents and pipes around various places in the walls, along with holes that seem to be man-made that are scattered all over.)

Westminster: This looks straight forward. Just need to get through the hole in the ceiling.
Abby: There has to be traps somewhere, Westy.. no bad guy is dumb enough to not set some up.
Westminster: But where would they --

(A metallic clicking noise echoes through the room as the sound of pipe banging begins. Westminster covers his ears as a painful grimace is on his face, Abby gives him a strange look as she cannot hear anything loud.)

Abby: What's going on with you?

(Wynter peeks around and taps Abby on the back of the head with a wing tip.)

Wynter: I'm going to shield you guys. There is something here that I really don't like..

(Abby has a confused look on her face as she attempts to check on Westminster, who is now down on one knee and still covering his ears.)

Abby: What are you hearing?
Westminster: *wind knocked out of him* Screaming.. crying.. death.. make.. make it stop..
Wynter: I've got you shielded from it, Westminster. This room is full of very negative things. We need to make for the roof fast, I can't shield you guys for long..
Westminster: I can still hear them.. so horrifying..
Wynter: You should be able to fly through it. We need to go while I can hold my shields up..

(Abby and Westminster are about to take off and fly for the ceiling when gleaming white spikes begin coming through the holes lining the walls, slowly filling up the room.)

Westminster: It IS a trap..
Abby: *worried* He definitely expected visitors.

(Abby and Westminster take off and quickly make their way to the hole in the ceiling, which is big enough for them to easily fit through. Wynter ducks back down in the backpack as they are shown dodging and swooping in a first person perspective around the white spikes which are getting dangerously close to crushing them. They manage to make it through the hole just as the last of the spikes clank and lock themselves together, filling the entire room that's now below them. Abby and Westminster are now in a medium sized room which is filled with a bright white light, almost to the point where it's blinding. Breathing heavy and looking around nervously, the screen transitions them now being shown on one of the black and white security monitors.)

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Strangers in the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:44 pm

Act II, Scene IV: (Returns to the room with Vlady and Ms. Lanette. Ms. Lanette appears shaken up as Vlady is standing in front of the security monitors, eyeing them.)

Vlady: So those pesky teenagers managed to get through my first trap.. wait until they get a taste of the next one! They'll never expect it!
Ms. Lanette: *shivering* S-shouldn't they? I m-mean --

(Vlady turns around and glares at Ms. Lanette.)

Vlady: Silence! Speak against me again and I'll break out the gag!

(Ms. Lanette is tearing up as she nods and goes quiet.)

Vlady: *calm* My dear lady.. please remind me of what happens to Desdemona in Othello?
Ms. Lanette: She's smothered.. to death by Othello..
Vlady: That's right! Feel free to take a guess what I'll do to you if that gag doesn't work?

(Ms. Lanette thinks for a moment and shivers some more, starting to cry. Vlad lets off an evil grin as he turns his back to her and attention back to the security monitors. The screen zooms in closer on the monitor focusing on Abby as Vlad can be heard off camera.)

Vlady: *growling* I'll smother that teenager too.. she knows way too much..

(The scene changes over to Monica, Sophie, Gem Rubyfire and Butler hanging out in Butler's living room. Generic 2000's music is blasting from the surround sound speakers connected in each corner of the room. Monica, Sophie and Gem Rubyfire are sitting on a blue couch that is in the center of the room, Butler is standing next to the end table just to their right on his cell phone.)

Monica: Any luck, Butler?

(Butler hangs up the phone and shakes his head and sighs.)

Butler: Straight to voicemail.. where the heck could Abby be?
Gem Rubyfire: *grinning* Knowing her, she's probably getting lucky with Westminster at her nest..
Sophie: What kind of person gets lucky at their parents house, Gem?!

(Just as Gem Rubyfire is about to respond, Monica gets up from her seat on the couch and starts pacing around in front of the television which is about a foot away.)

Monica: *worried* No. I know her way too well. She was awfully set on finding Principal Lanette..
Sophie: I swear her stubbornness gets the best of her, how is she not in trouble more often than she is?
Monica: I don't know Sophie, but I hope that she's okay wherever she went..

(Monica continues to pace back and forth as Sophie gets up and walks over to Monica, giving her a hug.)

Sophie: She'll be fine, Monica. Trust me. Westy is with her.
Gem Rubyfire: Abby is a tough ole bird. Believe in her, guys.

(Monica and Sophie nod in agreement as Butler turns his phone back on.)

Butler: Gem? Do you happen to have Westminster's phone number?

(Gem Rubyfire pulls out a piece of paper and hands it over to Butler.)

Butler: Thanks. One of them has to have their phone on..

(Butler dials on his phone and waits for an answer. It rings a few times and goes to voicemail.)

Butler: *speaking into the phone* Westminster, this is Butler. Where are you guys? I beg you, please call me back.. we're all worried sick.. please call back..

(Butler hangs up the phone and begins to cry. Monica and Sophie walk over to Butler and give him a group hug while Gem Rubyfire is sitting on the couch, shaking her head in disbelief. The scene fades to black.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:47 pm

Act III, Scene I: (Abby and Westminster are in the room with the bright white light filling it. Like the rest of the ship, the wooden walls surrounding them are rotted out and covered in green moss. There is small piles of clutter throughout the room and a simple wooden door in the middle of the wall ahead of them. Abby and Westminster are attempting to adjust to the lighting.)

Abby: *squinting* Could that light be any brighter?!
Westminster: *grinning* Maybe Vlad uses this room to pluck nosehairs..

(Abby slugs Westminster in the shoulder, giggling.)

Abby: Very funny! Remember, things are not as straight forward as they appear here.
Wynter: *voice coming from Abby's backpack, weakened* All that shielding took a lot out of me.. can't help here..

(Westminster nods as he looks around the room, looking for pipes or vents. He does not find any.)

Westminster: I don't SEE anything.. but just to be safe --

(The room is filled with an extremely loud, buzzing sound, almost nauseating. Abby falls to her knees, covering her ears as she's screaming in agony. Westminster is wincing and struggling to stay on his feet.)

Westminster: ABBY!

(Abby begins to vomit between her screams which are becoming more and more agonizing. She eventually passes out on the floor as Westminster struggles to stay on his feet. Focusing his eyes on her, his heart beat drops to a very slow pace as the pendant around his neck begins to glow a bright blue. He begins to see her life pass by his eyes in story book form, each phase having a separate page dedicated to it. He begins to feel numb and the loud buzzing noise that surrounds him slowly phases itself out until its at a very low volume. He picks her up in his wings, cradling her close to his body as he uses the top part of his right wing to cover her face. The camera moves to a first person perspective, showing him slowly approaching the door. His slowing heart beat can be heard as an occasional blurriness pops up and for just a second, fills the screen. Looking around occasionally as he walks, everything is shown moving in slow motion. After what seems like about three minutes has passed, he kicks the door open as he feels his legs start to become very tired and sluggish. Making it through the doorway, he forces himself to sit down with Abby still shown being wrapped up tightly in his wings and against his body as he looks down. His heart beat can still be heard beating slowly as the screen fades to black almost instantly, signifying he's passing out.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:48 pm

Act III, Scene II: (Abby and Westminster are in a smaller room that is now fairly dim compared to the last one. The walls, like the previous areas, are covered in green moss and rotted out badly at points. Westminster is sitting against the wall just to the left of the doorway that he came through with Abby still held tightly against him with his wings.)

(The screen is still black as sounds start to come through, echoing and seeming distant.)

Westminster: *assuring* Come on, Abby.. please wake up..
Wynter: Maybe she's dead?
Westminster: That's just silly, Wynter. She isn't dead..
Wynter: Are you sure? I can poke her with a stick and find out how she died!

(The screen begins to open like eyelids, fluttering slowly and then beginning to open fully, showing Westminster looking down at the camera with caring eyes.)

Westminster: Abby.. thank god you're okay..
Wynter: *off screen* Just when I found a good poking stick! Darn it!

(Abby can be heard groaning in pain as Wynter pops her face in next to Westminster's, looking a little too happy as she's wearing a stethoscope around her neck with a circular metal plate attached to a bright green belt strapped to her head while holding a large brown twisted stick in her right wing.)

Wynter: I think she's paralyzed.. good thing this poking stick is sharp!

(The screen regains focus as the camera switches over to showing Westminster holding Abby as she jumps in his wings, causing Wynter to back away a few steps.)

Abby: Don't you dare poke me with that thing!
Wynter: She's certainly not paralyzed! Do you think she suffered an aneurysm?
Abby: *sighing* Gah, Wynter why are you such a weirdo..

(Wynter is shown with a beaming smile as she begins to dance around the room happily.)

Wynter: Yay! Abby's okay!
Abby: Of course I'm okay..

(Abby is shown looking up at Westminster as she is moving around inside his wings up against him.)

Westminster: I'm grateful for that, Abby.. you were really worrying me..
Abby: Wha-what happened? Buzzing noises and I felt this terrible pain..
Westminster: You puked a lot and passed out. I carried you out of there and passed out myself..
Abby: You.. you saved me.. oh my gosh, Westy..
Westminster: I had to. You're my friend..

(Abby lets off a smile as she reaches up and strokes his chin with the tip of her left wing as she snuggles closer to him.)

Abby: I.. don't know what to say.. thank you so much. I'm so lucky..
Westminster: *smiling* I think you just said it.

(Abby and Westminster are looking into each others eyes and becoming very comfortable with each other as Wynter is shown pointing at a door against the opposite left wall of where Abby and Westminster are resting. The door looks to be like one put on a bank vault and of very high quality steel.)

Wynter: Hey Westminster! I don't think you can kick this door open without hurting your toesies..

(Westminster and Abby both snap out of their love trance and look towards Wynter and the vault door. Abby crawls off of Westminster's lap and slowly gets back to her feet as Westminster gets back to his feet as well, groaning a bit and having to stretch his wings out from cramps. They are now standing side by side.)

Abby: Well, this is a very different type of door.. I bet Ms. Lanette is behind it!
Westminster: Very well could be. But how do we get it to open? We don't have the key.
Wynter: You could always talk to the pendant around your neck.. Mrs. Berkeley taught us that at the beginning of the school year!
Abby: That's just an old wives tale, Wynter! Everyone knows it doesn't work.
Wynter: How do you know it doesn't work? Have you even tried it?
Abby: No, but it sounds childish.. talking to an inanimate object, how lame can you be!

(Wynter frowns and crosses her wings, upset.)

Wynter: But you haven't TRIED it!
Westminster: Maybe it's worth a try, Abby..
Abby: Don't tell me you believe in that kiddie nonsense too!
Westminster: I'm just sayin'..

(Abby walks about a foot away from Westminster and Wynter and is next to the vault door. She is looking it over and trying to find a button to push on it.)

Abby: *sighing* No key-slot, no button to activate it.. not even a handle. Nothing..
Westminster: Maybe it can only be opened from the other side. There has to be another way, Abby.
Abby: Like what?
Wynter: You could always talk to the pendant..
Abby: *back turned to Wynter, frustrated* I get it! Fine, we can try it your way! Geezus..

(Westminster's body twitches for a moment as he is shown standing behind Abby, his eyes begin glowing a sickly yellow.)

Wynter: Great! Do you happen to remember what your teacher taught you to say to it?
Abby: *frustrated* How the heck should I remember that? That was over 10 years ago, Wynter!
Wynter: Because! Every owl has a strength they are born with and taught to refine over time with the academy and it's all activated within their pendant!

(Westminster is shown snickering in the voice of Vlady as he rubs his wings together, his yellow eyes glowing brighter.)

Abby: Well, I don't remember the words. Now what do you suggest?!
Wynter: If you don't remember, repeat what I say and see if it has any effect..

(Abby nods as she awaits Wynter's words. Westminster is sneaking up on Abby as Wynter gives him a strange look.)

Wynter: Westminster, this isn't time to play!
Abby: Westminster, this -- wait, what the heck are you talking about?

(Abby turns around just as Westminster throws himself at Abby, knocking her down to the ground hard. His eyes flash red for a second then go back to the glowing yellow color.)

Abby: DUDE! What the hell are you doing? Get off me!
Wynter: I don't think that's Westminster in there..
Abby: *becoming scared* Now what is that supposed to mean?
Westminster: *voice of Vlady* It means.. your adventure is over young lady!
Wynter: See what I meant?

(Abby's eyes widen as she recognizes the voice.)

Abby: Vlad! You leave me and Westy alone!
Westminster: *voice of Vlady* Oh I'll leave him alone.. by getting rid of you!

(Westminster wraps his wings around Abby's throat tightly, choking her.)

Abby: *struggling* You.. monster.. get the bloody hell off of me!

(Abby is kicking and struggling against Westminster as Wynter is flying around both of them frantically, looking for a way to get involved.)

Westminster: *voice of Vlady* I've smothered your principal to death.. now it's your turn you worthless little tramp!
Abby: *struggling* You don't know.. who.. your.. messing.. with!

(Westminster starts pounding Abby's head against the floor.)

Westminster: *voice of Vlady* You wanna bet on that? Your eyes tell me that's a lie!

(Abby continues to struggle with Westminster as Wynter is flying frantically around her, panicking.)

Wynter: Abby! You ready for the words?

(Westminster glares at Wynter, attempting a pathetic swipe at her with one wing while he's reaching at Abby's throat with the other. Wynter evades easily and flies around them but higher up.)

Abby: *struggling* Wynter.. hurry up.. already!
Westminster: *voice of Vlady* OH, I'll hurry it up alright!

(Abby struggles and fights back by kneeing Westminster in the crotch a few times.)

Westminster: *voice of Vlady* All you'll do is hurt your friend! Give in, you teenage ignoramus!
Wynter: He's right, Abby! You're not hurting Vlad, all you're doing is hurting Westminster!
Westminster: *voice of Vlady* Shut your trap, little girl! Nobody asked for the town midget's explanation!
Abby: *muttering* Well that isn't right to say about your boys..

(Westminster's eyes flash a brighter yellow as he prepares to place both his wings down over Abby's mouth, cracking the joints out loudly.)

Westminster: *voice of Vlady* WHAT did you just say?

(Just as Abby is going to respond with a smart comment, Wynter makes a pass over Westminster and poops on his head. The white poop is runny and in a large quantity, dripping down to just above his beak and between the eyes.)

Wynter: She said you've got a tiny pee-pee!

(Westminster gets to his feet and begins frantically trying to swipe at Wynter, growling loudly in anger. Wynter flies just out of his reach.)

Westminster: *voice of Vlady* You get back here, you little twat!
Wynter: *panicky* Repeat after me, Abby! Evil, evil hit the floor.. pray to Goddess, open the door!

(Abby quickly sits up and pulls her pendant up to her beak.)

Abby: *shouting angrily* Evil, evil hit the floor! Pray to Goddess, open the door!

(The pendant begins to glow a jade green as a woman in a white gown can be seen inside the pendant. The camera then focuses on the door in suspense. The screen goes black.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:51 pm

Act III, Scene III: (Takes place about three minutes before the end of Scene II. Same room that Vlady and Ms. Lanette have been in, now Ms. Lanette is tied up in rope from neck to feet and hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room by a metal chain. Vlady is walking around in a circle just to the right of where Ms. Lanette is hanging. The vault door is about 10 feet directly in front of Vlady. The camera focuses on Vlady.)

Vlady: Well, my dear lady.. it's about time for your magnificent exit.. any requests?

(Camera shows Ms. Lanette wiggling and struggling.)

Ms. Lanette: *frightened* You won't get away with this, you terrible, disgusting, vile --
Vlady: Genius? Why thank you, miss.. I couldn't put it any better myself!

(Vlady elegantly bows as a wide grin forms on his face.)

Vlady: Is there a song I can perform for you as a final request? Perhaps a ballad?
Ms. Lanette: *pleading* Let me GO! Please just release me!

(Vlady shakes a wing tip at Ms. Lanette as he shakes his head.)

Vlady: *becoming angry* I've told you once and I'll tell you again, my lady.. I do NOT know the song Let Me Go, so stop asking for it!

(Ms. Lanette is shown with a look on her face that shows her about to cry, her beak trembling as her eyes tear up.)

Vlady: Fair enough! Allow me to sing an excerpt from a song called.. "End of Session" by Phish.

(Vlady extends his right wing up in the direction of Ms. Lanette as he closes his eyes, a white spotlight forming around him as the sounds of angels voices can be heard cooing. Ms. Lanette is shown looking around, confused and trying to figure out where the spotlight and voices are coming from.)

Vlady: *singing dramatically* A silent bird! A raging tide.. a mountainside! An open door.. looming from the surf! A --

(The vault door is shown blowing itself open, the hard steel hitting the wooden wall behind it hard and placing a massive hole in it easily. Abby is shown still sitting, staring in disbelief as Westminster is seen still chasing Wynter as he stops himself, no longer controlled by Vlad. Wynter lands beside Abby and blinks in disbelief.)

Wynter: *bewildered* Wow! It worked!

(Abby gives Wynter a stern look. Wynter shrugs and has a beaming smile as she dances around.)

Wynter: Worked! Just like I knew it would! Worked! Wooo!

(Vlady has a wider grin form on his face as the spotlight and angels voices disappear suddenly. He begins slow clapping as Abby walks through the doorway, staring Vlady down.)

Vlady: Bravo! You made it just in time, young lady!

(Vlady pulls out a silver remote with two red buttons from behind his back, waving it at Abby teasingly. Westminster and Wynter walk through the doorway and stand beside her, Westminster on her left and Wynter on her right.)

Vlady: You are about to witness the death of your principal and the Owlesly Academy of Gifted Birds! With a press of a button, I have a jet engine that will suck her in and kill her! Genius, is it not?

(Vlady is smiling proudly as Abby takes a step forward, her eyes still glaring at Vlady.)

Abby: *angered* You're sick! How the hell do you live with yourself?!
Vlady: *calm* Quite comfortably, actually.. thank you!

(Vlady presses the top red button on the remote, causing the wooden planks below Ms. Lanette give way, revealing a round steel door that's about twenty feet wide.)

Westminster: *angered* Let Principal Lanette go..
Abby: You won't get away with this as long as we're here!
Vlady: Oh, won't I now?

(Vlady puts his left wing behind his back, revealing behind it a red button that is implemented in the wall.)

Vlady: *growling* You try anything, this button releases the chain and Ms. Lanette becomes hamburger!

(Westminster steps forward and is now standing next to Abby. Vlady begins to trail his left wing tip gently over the red button. Wynter becomes infuriated as she flies at Vlady, attempting to attack him with her talons.)

Abby: *crying out* Wynter! DON'T!
Vlady: *angry* You AGAIN?! I'll take care of you once and for all you little pest!

(Vlady is swiping at Wynter furiously with both wings, dropping the remote from the grasp of his right wing in the process. Wynter is shrieking loudly as she is flying around Vlady, grabbing at his head with her talons and drawing blood just above his right eye.)

Vlady: *furious* Now you've DONE it! You ugly little animal!

(Abby runs to grab the remote which is just a foot and a half to the right of Vlady as he's distracted swinging wings at Wynter. Wynter drops a chocolate bar out of her backpack, causing it to hit the ground and lie where the remote once did. Vlady connects with a wing, causing Wynter to go flying across the room and hitting the wall just to his right. Wynter crashes to the floor hard, now motionless.)

Westminster: Oh my god! Wynter..
Vlady: Teaches her! What a vile rat with wings!

(Abby scrambles over to the outside right of the circular door on the floor, still holding the remote in her left wing.)

Vlady: *growling* The young lady wants a better view, I see! We've wasted enough time, it's time for the show to go on..

(Vlady walks over to the chocolate bar that's laying on top of the circular door, not looking down and unaware that it isn't the remote, he picks up the chocolate bar and raises it in the air letting off an evil cackle.)

Vlady: *maniacal* Goodbye, Owlesly Academy! Goodbye, Ms. Lanette! Goodbye.. melting remote?

(Vlady looks closely at his left wing and realizes that he's holding a melting chocolate bar. Abby and Westminster both grin as Robbie Greytail is shown sitting next to Wynter, who is still crumpled on the ground and unresponsive.)

Vlady: *muttering* Crap..
Westminster: *laughing* That's not crap, it's chocolate!
Vlady: *angered* Nice work, Sherlock.. but who has the --

(Abby waves the remote at Vlady, letting off a sweet smile.)

Abby: Bon appetit!

(Just as Vlady is about to lunge at Abby, she presses the bottom red button and opens the doors. Vlady's eyes open wide in fear as he screams loudly and is sucked inside the now open hole in the floor, he can be heard being impaled loudly on the metal spike that's set on the middle of the jet engine several feet down, causing Abby and Westminster to cringe in disgust. A moment passes as the camera slowly moves up to Ms. Lanette.)

Ms. Lanette: *frightened* Please students! Get me down! PLEASE!

(Police sirens and helicopters can be heard from outside as Ms. Lanette closes her eyes and sighs in relief. A half dozen Police officers drop through a large hole in the roof above sliding down on ropes with Akilah following them down as one of the last ones, flying around Ms. Lanette frantically.)

Akilah: Thank god we found you! Are you hurt?
Ms. Lanette: *relieved* I'm not hurt Akilah, but PLEASE get me down from here..

(One of the police officers gets done talking to Westminster as he walks over to the red button on the wall and presses it, slowly lowering Ms. Lanette down. Two police officers are looking inside the hole in the floor where the jet engine and Vlad's remains are, shaking their head and talking into walkie talkies. Two more bring over a large white tarp and cover up the hole as Ms. Lanette is untied by another police officer as she thanks them then hugs Akilah.)

Akilah: What the heck happened here?

(Just as Ms. Lanette is about to respond, Akilah catches Abby and Westminster in her eyesight and glares at them.)

Abby: Elder Akilah! Let me explain --
Akilah: I told you to go home! Are you aware of the danger --

(Ms. Lanette tugs on one of Akilah's wings. Akilah turns to her, irritated.)

Ms. Lanette: Before you rip my students a new one, you should know that they saved my life!

(Westminster is now standing next to Abby, hugging her with his right wing. Akilah has a surprised look on her face as she looks back to Abby and Westminster.)

Abby: Vlad left a note back at the gym and we just had to find her! Please don't be mad, Elder Akilah..
Westminster: If you want to be mad Elder, then I'm the one to blame. I asked Abby to come with me.

(Abby gives Westminster a stunned look as Akilah nods.)

Akilah: Unless your principal has any objections, I have nobody to blame. You two young adults are heroes and should be treated as such!

(Abby and Westminster both smile and then look over to Wynter who is still being tended by Robbie Greytail.)

Abby: Elder.. the real hero is Wynter..

(Akilah looks over and sees Wynter is still crumpled on the floor. She lets off a horrified gasp as she makes her way quickly over to her, trying to shoo off Robbie Greytail.)

Akilah: *stern* Shoo! Beat it, wolf! She's not yours!

(Robbie Greytail looks up at Akilah as Wynter moans and begins to finally move.)

Robbie Greytail: *calm* Akilah, I am this young owls' guardian..
Wynter: *out of it* Guardian?
Abby and Westminster: GUARDIAN?!
Akilah: *confused* How? You aren't documented or related.
Robbie Greytail: Blood relatives aren't always family, Akilah. Isn't that right, Wynter?
Wynter: *surprised* Um, yeah. Nailed it on the head.

(Akilah gives Robbie Greytail a suspicious look as she then looks to Wynter, concerned.)

Akilah: Dear, are you okay?
Wynter: I'm sore and you could call it, damaged goods.. but otherwise I think I'm okay Elder Akilah.
Akilah: *confused* Do you trust this wolf?

(Wynter looks to Robbie Greytail and smiles, he smiles back. Wynter looks back to Akilah and nods.)

Wynter: He's my poppa. Of course I trust him!
Robbie Greytail: I'd never lie to gain someone's trust, Akilah. Believe me this.

(Akilah thinks for a moment and then nods. She looks over the police officer that untied Ms. Lanette.)

Akilah: Officer, unless you have questions for these two, can you take them home?

(The police officer shakes his head as he walks over to Robbie Greytail and Wynter. Kneeling down, he checks an injury on Wynter's wing and the side of her head then motions them to follow him. Robbie Greytail and Wynter follow him, about to go past Abby and Westminster.)

Abby: Hold on a second, officer. Can I talk to Wynter for a moment?

(The police officer nods as Wynter walks over to Abby and hugs her leg tightly.)

Wynter: Yeah Abby?

(Abby kneels down and hugs Wynter, smiling.)

Abby: I.. don't know how to thank you, Wynter. You saved our butts tonight..
Wynter: *smiling* That's what friends are for! You two are the greatest friends any bird could ever have!
Westminster: Big or small, you're the best of them all Wynter! Thank you so much..
Wynter: Like I said! Friends!

(A few seconds of silence passes. Wynter is about to head back over to Robbie Greytail and the police officer.)

Abby: One more question, Wynter..

(Wynter turns to Abby.)

Wynter: Wha?
Abby: When we get back to school on Monday, will you explain what you did tonight to me?
Wynter: I'll do my best.. my mind is a scary thing to explain though..

(Abby and Westminster laugh as Wynter giggles along. Abby smiles again and waves to her. Wynter waves back as she walks back to Robbie Greytail and the police officer.)

Robbie Greytail: I have one more thing I'd like to add.. Abby, Westminster.

(Westminster has a bit of a confused look on his face as Abby is still smiling.)

Westminster: What would that be?
Robbie Greytail: Brother and sister owl.. what our world would be like without you, is a world I don't want to imagine.

(Westminster and Abby look at each other confused as Robbie Greytail chuckles and gives them a quick wink. He and Wynter follow the police officer out the other door of the room and exit the scene.)

Ms. Lanette: Abby. Westminster.
Abby and Westminster: Yes, Principal Lanette?

(Ms. Lanette walks over to Abby and Westminster, giving each of them a handshake.)

Ms. Lanette: Come graduation, you two will receive the highest honors that Owlesly Academy has to offer! You two define the phrase, "birds of a feather fly together", so truly and completely. Thank you both so much for saving me!
Abby: *smiling* Thank you Principal Lanette, but it was Westy's idea. You heard him!
Ms. Lanette: Also, Westminster.. uhm.. you got feces.. on your.. ehm..

(Ms. Lanette points as Westminster feels the top of his head and sees its owl poop coming off on his wing. Abby lets off a giggle as Westminster just gives her a look of disgust.)

Abby: I'll explain later..

(Ms. Lanette, Abby and Westminster all laugh as the camera zooms out showing them still surrounded by police officers that are waiting to talk to them. The camera flips towards the hole in the roof, showing a half crescent moon in a cloudless sky. It zooms in closer on the moon with the laughter in the background, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:53 pm

Act III, Scene IV: (The camera comes back down and settles on Abby and Westminster, who are sitting on the top deck of the S.S. Flieth with the view of night time London in front and all around them. It's about an hour after the end the previous scene. Abby's feathers are a mess as her chin and chest are covered in dried vomit and blood, Westminster feathers are also a dirty mess and has remains of the white owl poop on his head, which has mostly dried. They are sitting right next to each other.)

Westminster: What a night, eh Abby?
Abby: *relieved sigh* Been a real trip, I'm bushed..
Westminster: Did you want to go home?
Abby: Not quite yet.. I actually wanted to talk to you about something, Westy..

(Westminster has a surprised look on his face as he looks to Abby.)

Westminster: Oh? What about?
Abby: *sighing* About the way I talked about you in the cafeteria today. I shouldn't of said any of that out loud, I'm so ashamed..

(Abby hangs her head as Westminster gives her a hug.)

Westminster: I'm not hurt, Abby. Trust me, it isn't the first time someone's tried to label or see me as immature. I'm just used to it..
Abby: Used to being labeled or being immature?
Westminster: Both. My childish nature makes me who I am, those who label or talk about me wish it would change but I can't change that..
Abby: Because you wouldn't have yourself any other way?
Westminster: Exactly.

(Abby nuzzles Westminster as she looks up at him.)

Abby: I know someone who wouldn't have you any way either..

(Westminster smiles as he kisses her on the forehead, causing Abby to blink.)

Westminster: Funny how getting to know someone after the first impression changes your perspective, isn't it? It's a beautiful thing..
Abby: Must be more beautiful than me right now.. I smell like a woken drunk..
Westminster: I think your beautiful no matter what, Abby.. it doesn't matter what you been through, true love sees the beauty from within.
Abby: *happy sigh* You have such a way with words, Westy..

(Abby cuddles and settles in with Westminster as a moment of silence goes by.)

Abby: I'm sorry tonight didn't go the way you probably planned it..
Westminster: Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, Abby. That's just how life is. I'm sure your plans didn't all go as you liked.
Abby: Well one of them did. I got to spend the night with you.

(Westminster smiles as he looks down at Abby.)

Westminster: What were the other plans you had for it?
Abby: *sighing* Our first kiss, our first dance.. I'm bummed that we didn't get to do either of those things tonight. It makes tonight seem so bittersweet, oh lordy here I go babbling, I'm so sorry Westy..
Westminster: Allow me..

(Abby looks into Westminster's eyes as he is looking into hers. They both start leaning in to kiss when they're interrupted by flapping wings in the night. They both look and see Butler flying towards them.)

Butler: Abby! Westminster! Thank goodness you're both alive!

(Butler lands next to Abby and Westminster as they stop their kiss but are still cuddled close.)

Westminster: Of course we're still alive.
Abby: I'm sorry we didn't show up to your party, Butler.. I imagine we worried you all sick..
Butler: You sure did! So what happened?

(Abby and Westminster glance at each other and smile and then back to Butler.)

Westminster: We found Principal Lanette and saved the day..
Abby: Mhmm, through teamwork of course.

(Butler is gesturing a wing in a beckoning motion.)

Butler: Details! I want details!
Abby: *laughing* We're exhausted.. talk to you about it on Monday at school?
Butler: First thing?
Abby: First thing.
Butler: I'll see you guys later. Right?!

(Abby and Westminster have amused looks on their faces as they look to each other then back to Butler and nod.)

Abby: *laughing* Right! I promise, I mean it this time!
Butler: I've got your word and my eye on you. No tricks!

(Butler does the "keeping an eye on you" gesture with his left wing tip as he lets off a giggle, causing Abby and Westminster to smirk.)

Westminster: We're leaving here shortly. See you on Monday man.
Butler: See you then! Adios for now!

(Butler gives both of them a salute as he takes off towards the London night lights and disappears into the darkness. Abby and Westminster let off a sigh of relief as they look at each other again.)

Abby: So where were we?
Westminster: Right about here..

(Abby and Westminster lean into each other, kissing each other passionately. They both part beaks, smile at each other as they kick their legs off the edge of the boat and look around.)

Abby: I love being with you here, Westy.. it's so peaceful.
Westminster: Even if its a rotted out boat?

(Abby let off a giggle as she slugs Westminster in the shoulder playfully. They both look each other in the eyes once more, smiling.)

Abby: We still haven't had our dance, ya know..
Westminster: What would our song be?
Abby: You choose.

(Westminster pulls out his cell phone and is shown typing on it. Abby looks away as thirty seconds go by. Westminster places his phone on a wooden crate near them as he rises to his feet, extending a wing down to Abby.)

Westminster: Abby, your dance awaits.

(Abby looks to Westminster as he takes his wing and gets back to her feet. She wraps her wings around him and he wraps his wings around her as "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith starts playing from the phone, low volume.)

Abby: Beautiful choice.. why for us?
Westminster: I've had my eyes on you for the longest time, Abby.. you just had to open your eyes and see me..

(Abby looks up at him with adoring eyes as they dance slowly in each other's embrace. The words in the song begin to play as the volume grows louder. They are shown slowly shuffling their feet and bodies around the top of the boat under the moonlight.)

Abby: *softly* I'm glad I got the chance to..
Westminster: You were so much worth the wait..

(Both continue to dance as the words in the song end. Westminster is continuing to dance as Abby is shown as fallen asleep inside his embrace.)

Westminster: Abby.. the song is over..

(Light snoring can be heard from Abby as Westminster lightly nudges her. Seeing she's asleep, Westminster gently lays her on the ground next to the crate as he grabs his phone and puts it away, the song trailing off. He picks her up in his wings, kissing her lightly on the forehead and smiling once more. He carries her off of the boat as the camera begins to focus on the crescent moon in the night sky.)

Westminster: *softly, off screen* Good night, baby..

(The screen fades to black, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 5:54 pm

Act IV, Scene I: (Present day Abby is shown sitting on the bed, reading her journal as Westminster is sitting to her left, with a wing draped over around her. They're both smiling as Abby is speaking in narration.)

Abby: It was the perfect end to a spectacular night! It may have not been at the Nestle in the Nest Dance, but I got my dance and first kiss with Westy! I'd say who know he was the one, but he knew I was the one from the beginning.. crazy how love turns the tables and can also restore the blind's vision, or in my case open that vision up for the first time. He may have had to carry me through for the second time that night and maybe some would feel terrible about falling asleep on their big moment, but I couldn't be more grateful for it and I know he feels just as grateful.. if not more than I. Our worlds have now been rocked and I know that they will never be the same.. but then once you see what real love is all about after a lifetime of denying the love that's given to you, it's almost a certainty it'll rock your world.. or at least change it forever. A change that'll make you wonder how you survived without them, or in my case, how you could deny them for so long. What will tomorrow bring for us? We'll be there with open arms for whatever it presents us with..'

(The screen transitions out and shows everyone standing on the stage in the Auditorium. White bold letters on the screen saying "One Month Later.." appear briefly and fade out. Everyone is dressed up in blue graduation gowns and have blue caps on their head with golden tassles coming out the top of each of them. Ms. Lanette is standing just in front of the group of students on stage with a microphone stand in front of her, a group of parents are on the Auditorium floor below.)

Ms. Lanette: It's been a wonderful experience with your students, parents.. 2008 has been a memorable year for our Academy and a special one as well, because we have the greatest students any Academy could ever have! Please give them an applause!

(The room fills with applause and a few cheers here and there as Abby, Westminster, Monica, Sophie, Butler, Gem Rubyfire and Hoagie Mattson are shown standing in the group behind Ms. Lanette. She quickly quiets the audience down.)

Ms. Lanette: Not only is everybody in the senior class graduating today and transitioning into adulthood, I have two birds here I greatly admire and owe so much towards..

(Abby and Westminster smile brightly as Butler and Monica glance at them from the corner of their eyes, grinning.)

Ms. Lanette: Abby and Westminster, please step forward and next to me please..

(Abby and Westminster step forward from the group of students as Abby is on the left side of Ms. Lanette while Westminster is on the right side.)

Ms. Lanette: When I told you two I would bestow the highest honor Owlesly Academy has for their students, I meant it.. you two stand for everything this Academy represents.. heart, strength, courage, determination and the ability to use what gifts we're given to the best of our ability and for the good of birdkind!

(Ms. Lanette pulls two solid gold medallions with an owl holding a sterling silver heart in its talons from a purple velvet bag tied to her waist, placing it around Abby's neck first and then around Westminster's. Abby and Westminster smile to Ms. Lanette.)

Ms. Lanette: I award you both with the Soldier of Bravery medal! Congratulations you two! Owlesly and especially myself, owe so much to you!
Abby: Principal Lanette, may I say something before you dismiss us for graduation?
Ms. Lanette: Of course you can, dear!

(Ms. Lanette steps aside from the microphone as Abby steps forward, clearing her throat.)

Abby: Working up through the Academy doesn't just mean doing homework, getting good grades and hanging out with friends.. there's so much more. We not only grow in terms of knowledge and grow taller, but we grow up in terms of maturity. We see the world in a limited vision when we're little, but we learn that there are so many ways to view the world in as we get older and that there are so many dimensions to the world and classmates around us. We don't always catch on at the same time, but we do get caught up when it's our time. I'm honored to have had that chance to see all the dimensions my classmates here are made of, some I won't name I've seen dimensions I would of never imagined they could ever had..

(Westminster smiles at Abby as she looks to him briefly and smiles back before continuing.)

Abby: We can either see the world through open eyes and stepping off of the front porch, or see it through tunnel vision and be too afraid to see what's out beyond the porch. We've decided to go beyond the porch, I hope the senior classes after us get beyond that porch and perhaps venture out even further than we have.. thank you.

(A loud applause comes through the room as Ms. Lanette is shown applauding, smiling softly and trying to fight off tears. Abby steps away from the microphone and gives Ms. Lanette a hug. She then stands back next to Westminster as Ms. Lanette is back behind the microphone again.)

Ms. Lanette: Westminster? Do you or the rest of this class of 2008 have anything else to add?
Blacky Wolfbane: Goodbye and good riddance!

(The audience and students break into laughter as Ms. Lanette turns around and sees Blacky Wolfbane who is in his graduation gear and standing with Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing, Spud, Karie Moonset and Berg.)

Ms. Lanette: I'd say I'll see you after graduation, Mr. Wolfbane, but you're no longer a student of this Academy!

(Blacky Wolfbane smirks as he high fives Jordan Silverstar and Meske Graywing.)

Ms. Lanette: It is my honor to say.. congratulations graduates of the class of 2008!

(The room fills with applause in the audience as everyone throws their blue caps up in the air, signifying the graduation and dismiss of the class. Gem Rubyfire throws her cap in the air and it gets stuck in mid-air parodying the "Mary Tyler Moore show" opening. Hoagie Mattson and Butler are shown looking at Gem Rubyfire with a confused look on their face and then to the cap that's suspended in the air, attempting to poke at it. The students are shown shaking hands and congratulating each other as the scene goes silent, returning to Present Day Abby narrating.)

Abby: So that's the story of how a stubborn teenager opened her eyes and helped save the Owlesly Academy for Gifted Birds! From that first night, to graduation day and every day after that, I now see the world so differently. I go to bed each night laughing and wake up every morning smiling because I've got Westminster in my world.. change that, he IS my world.

(The screen fades to black with Abby still in narration.)

Abby: I forgot one more thing. You know that little owlet Wynter? The one I thought was too little and so strange?

(Wynter is seen growing up in fast forward and now has a witches hat on and Robbie Greytail is sitting next to her, smiling.)

Abby: She graduated this year and surprise, surprise.. she became a witch!

(The screen fades back in, showing "The One with all the Owls & Vampires" moving in fast forward.)

Abby: Of course, you know where Westy and I ended up..

(The screen pauses just before Abby and Westminster are shown embracing each other in their wings and about to kiss.)

Westminster: Happily ever after!
Abby: And forever more!

(The screen resumes as Abby and Westminster and kiss, with applaud filling the area around them. The scene ends going straight to black. "Made in Heaven" by Queen begins to play as the credits begin scrolling.)

(The Queen song is about 30 seconds from the end when Blacky Wolfbane, Jordan Silverstar, Meske Graywing, Spud and Mr. Elklins walk onto the black screen behind the scrolling credits. Mr. Elklins sits behind a desk as the others surround him from behind, standing casually. The song goes very low in volume.)

Mr. Elklins: It's time for the sweet chapter review. What's the answer to question #1?
Blacky Wolfbane: More of us, less geeks.

(Mr. Elklins nods in agreement.)

Spud: Yeah, that's what I think too! More of us, no geeks!
Meske Graywing: Shut up, Spud. Nobody cares what you think.
Jordan Silverstar: Yeah, can it! The pack leader has spoken.
Berg: *off screen* I care about what you think, Spud!
Spud: *pouting* Shut up, Berg!

(The characters all disappear off the screen as the credits continue rolling. "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne Warwick & Stevie Wonder begins to play as the credits reach the end.)

(A picture of a gray wolf fades in and says "Dedicated to Robert Grey, 1954-2017" in bold white text. Both fade out slow to black.)


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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2019 12:01 pm

I loved that so much, you really made the high school scenes really realistic! Also is Wynter our own winterfae?

Strangers in the Night -ice-age-32561449
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2019 2:52 am

Beautifully written pops and Aunt Kali.. ~hugsss ~ I couldn't write myself as Sophie any better than you guys have.

Strangers in the Night Full
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2019 11:58 am

sacredangel82 wrote:
I loved that so much, you really made the high school scenes really realistic! Also is Wynter our own winterfae?

Yep, that's Megasaurus! It's very obvious, well to me it is. You all did a great job writing this, I enjoyed reading it.

~Lemmy Koopa
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2019 1:32 pm

Beautiful piece. Reminds me of Hearts-A-Gamble.. ~smiles softly~

~Love always, Princess Toadstool/Annabelle ~~

Quote :
"We write of our past to remind us of where we started; we read in the present to know how far we've come." -Heather Butler 1982-2008
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2019 4:21 am

I can see the resemblances. Like a modern version of it?

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2019 11:55 am

A little long but I enjoyed it. Who is Vlady based on?
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2019 12:21 pm

Thanks everyone. You could say it's a modern take on it bbg but I think its more of a capsule in time of where I am now compared to where I was with your mom. Both are time capsules, really..

Vlady is loosely based on myself, a mixture of my years growing up and what I was going through at the time writing it.

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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2019 5:59 pm

I'd totally dance to Karma Chameleon. ^^ you guys know me so well!
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2019 8:08 pm

Exactly lol

Strangers in the Night Kali10
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PostSubject: Re: Strangers in the Night   Strangers in the Night Icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2019 1:34 am

Iggy Koopa wrote:
I'd totally dance to Karma Chameleon. ^^ you guys know me so well!

That's cuz my bro is such an open book! Sometimes. Most of the time.

~Lemmy Koopa
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Strangers in the Night
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