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 classic Mushroom Bowl

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Veteran RPer

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classic Mushroom Bowl Empty
PostSubject: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2016 10:57 am

Many years ago, when I tried to run a personal website based on my Mario fanfic Game Over - and tried to blatantly rip off Lemmy's Land in the process - I made a thing that was also blatantly ripping off one of Lemmy's Land's sections. That section was Roy's Sports Hall, and that thing was the Mushroom Bowl.

Taking place in the Game Over continuity (where among other things Bombette, Doopliss, Lord Crump, and General Guy of the Paper Mario games worked for my self-insert villain character), the Mushroom Bowl was a tournament featuring sixteen contestants split into two blocks: the Mushroom Faction, made up of the playable characters of Mario Party 3; and the Opponent Faction, made up of the Koopalings and Bowser. The format was a simple single elimination tournament where each block fought against each other to determine their own individual Faction Champion, who would then face against the other Faction Champion in the Grand Championship match. Each match was written during the course of the week when I had free time and was determined by a poll on the site. Needless to say, I never quite got Webmaster Lemmy's turnout, but I did get at least one vote for each poll as I recall, so better than usual.

Originally the writeups were hosted on Tripod, but after I switched computers a couple years ago and they closed my account, they've pretty much been off the Internet entirely. And as luck would have it, it was only when I thought of asking Lers about putting them on the KKE site (since they're basically Mario fanfiction) that he coincidentally declares he's closing the site. Ah well. They go here then.

I'll be posting one battle daily.

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

Current status: Seek out the Heart of the Matter

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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

Posts : 698
Join date : 2012-06-20
Age : 31
Location : Southern California

classic Mushroom Bowl Empty
PostSubject: classic Mushroom Bowl - Quarterfinal 1: Wario vs Peach   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2016 11:04 am

Wario vs. Peach

classic Mushroom Bowl WarioFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl PeachFrame


Bombette: Welcome, one and all, to Mt. Majesty's Mushroom Bowl battle pit for the maiden battle of the Mushroom Bowl Tournament! I'm Bombette, your default announcer for this season, coming to you from the announcer's booth down near the pit. And down by the pit is the Boomerang Bro, Dicer, who will be the default referee. Say hi to the people, Dicer!

Dicer (shouting into crowd): Hi to the people, Dicer!

Bombette (laughs nervously): I'm sure he's just joking, folks... Anyways, tonight's match is the first of the quarterfinal rounds, and the winner will proceed to the semifinals! It's time to introduce tonight's fighters from the Mushroom Faction!

The battle bit is a large cube-shaped hole in the ground. Two blue pipes rise out of opposite corners.

Bombette: In this corner, the head of the Mushroom Kingdom while the King is out on vacation (and has been for the past several years), let's hear a round of applause for Princess Peach!

The crowd cheers as Peach emerges from one of the pipes.

Peach: No matter who I fight, I'll win this!

Bombette: And her opponent, coming in at so heavy he almost broke the scales, the greedy mad-and-muscleman known as Wario!

Wario bursts out of other pipe, cracking it some, and lands with a slam.

Wario: WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA! With this girl as my opponent, I'll easily smash my way to the semifinals!

Peach: Oh yeah?

Wario: Yeah!

Peach: Oh yeah?

Wario: Yeah!

Dicer: Hold on, blokes! Wait till the bell before you start hitting each other!

Bombette: And now for the prediction of our winner, a die will be rolled by the host of the tournament and founder of the Game Over, supercomputer276!

supercomputer276 (in announcer's booth next to Bombette and holding six-sided die): All right, let's see what we got!

Bombette: The die is cast, and we have... Two! The result is two! And that means our predictor for this round will be one of our very own Game Over Commandos, Doopliss!

A green Warp Pipe emerges in front of the booth and sc276 and Bombette holding a wireless microphone move toward it as Doopliss emerges from it.

Doopliss: So I take it I got chosen.

sc276: Right, and guess what? If you don't choose right, you're taken off the list and I have to find someone else to take side number two. So pick! Wario or Peach?

Doopliss: Big duh! Wario has the experience and the strength! He'll send Peach to the emergency room within the first ten minutes at the most!

Peach: After I beat up this fatso, I'm going after you.

Doopliss: You wish! I'm outta here!

sc276: Like you say, you wish. (pulls out remote control and presses button)

Doopliss: Wha the-?!

Bombette: I don't believe it! Red Glove Grabbers emerged from the announcer's booth and strapped Doopliss in an electric chair that attached to the booth's front!

Doopliss: What's the meaning of this?!

sc276: Simple. If Peach wins, I throw this here switch and BZZAP! The residue charges will last for the rest of the season to make sure you don't make the predictors list again!

Doopliss: Wario, if you don't win this, I swear, I'm gonna kill you!

Wario: Once again, you wish!

Doopliss: That line's gonna be a running gag, isn't it?

sc276: You wish. Let's get this party started! (rings bell)

Dicer: (blows whistle)

Peach: Hup!

Wario: Power Dash!

Peach: WHA- OOF!

Bombette: Peach ran forward to get started, but Wario charged and rammed her into the wall!

Peach: Parasol Swing!

Wario: Hm? Was that a breeze?! Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Peach recovered quickly and swung her parasol at Wario, but it doesn't look like it did anything.

sc276: Like Pokémon puts it, "It's not very effective..."

Doopliss: War-i-o! War-i-o!

Peach: Angry Vibes! Parasol Swing!

Wario: GACK- OOF!!

Bombette: What a comeback! Peach suddenly got pumped up and swung again, this time sending Wario across the pit! And... yes, the front of Wario's shirt where the parasol hit has caught fire!

Wario: It has? WAAAAAAAAA!!

Bombette: And now Wario has just noticed and has starting running around the arena at random!

sc276: I think it's time to shake things up.

Dicer: You don't mean...

sc276: That's right! Time for the first RANDOM EVENT! Spin the slots!

Bombette: The slots on top of the booth spin around... and the results are... Four! Two! Three! The sum is nine, and that means...


Bombette: Tightropes have begun to span all over the pit just as Wario ran into a wall, which both knocked him down and put out the fire! And there it starts!

Peach: What on Pilt?!

Wario: WAA!

Bombette: The floor is opening up to reveal the bottomless pit below the battle pit! Um, why did we install a bottomless pit?

sc276: I was running out of Random Event ideas.

Bombette: Both fighters have grabbed the ropes as the floor finished retracting and are hanging from them like from monkey bars! It'll be a battle of agility now!

Doopliss: Can I change my mind and say Peach will win?

sc276: Double-crossers get double-voltage.

Doopliss: Considering I work for you, I thought you'd treat me with respect!

sc276: If I didn't respect you, I would've ripped your sheet off a long time ago. Now be quiet and watch.

Wario and Peach: Hup!

Bombette: Back in the pit, both contestants have flipped themselves up and are now attempting to maintain their balance!

Peach: (giggles)

Wario: Waaa... waaaa...

Bombette: Wario is having trouble staying on, but Peach is moving relatively quickly down toward her opponent!

Doopliss: NOOO!

Peach: Hup! Hup! Hup!

Bombette: Peach has now bounded across the ropes and is now standing on the rope Wario's still trying to balance on! But wait! Why is Wario grinning?

Wario: Heh heh! Ground Pound!

Bombette: I can't believe it! Wario is ground pounding into the pit!

Peach: Yeeek!

Bombette: It's amazing! Wario broke his pound by grabbing the tightrope, not only saving him from an automatic loss, but knocking Peach off balance! In fact, the pound greatly increased the verocity of the shake at least tenfold!

sc276: And now I'm gonna throw in my next shake! Random Event slots, go!

Bombette: One! Four! Two! That's a seven, so what happens now? Wait! What's that hiss?

Peach: (cough) Hee hee... What's this? Hee hee hee...

Wario: Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! Wha ha ha ha ha!

Bombette: Wait... that hiss wasn't...

sc276: Yep! Laughing gas!

Peach: Ha ha! Not fair! Ha ha ha- whoa!

Bombette: The laughing has thrown Peach off balance! She's falling!

Doopliss: Yes!

Bombette: No wait! Peach has saved herself by grabbing the rope!

Doopliss: No!

Wario: Wha ha! Looks like a game of chicken! Wha ha ha!

Peach: Ha ha ha! Why not? Ha ha! I'll beat you anyway! Ha ha ha ha!

Bombette: Looks like they're taking the path of least resistance and have started moving along the rope hand-over-hand toward each other! And they're both laughing like maniacs!

Doopliss (chanting): Go, go, Wario!

Bombette: The two are reaching each other, and they've started kicking, trying to knock each other off! Most of them seem to be missing due to their laughing, but the gas seems to be wearing off, they're not giggling as loud!

sc276: This'll be interesting...

Dicer: How's that, boss?

sc276: Neither of them have a lot of leg strength.

Peach: Happy Vibes!

Bombette: Peach suddenly started glowing and her kicks are becoming faster and more accurate!

sc276: Considering Wario's size, how could they miss before?

Wario: Ow! Watch- OW! It! OW!!

Bombette: Wario is taking a beating out there!

Doopliss: Dear DAD, no!

Wario: Swing Shot!

Bombette: Wario's begun to swing around and around on the tightrope like an acrobat! Peach has stopped kicking; one wrong move and Wario's velocity will send her hurdling into the pit!

Wario: YAAAHH!

Peach: Oh!

Bombette: Wario let go and is now flying across the pit!

Doopliss: C'mon, c'mon...

Bombette: Yes! He's grabbed another tightrope!

Doopliss: Whew!

sc276: I wouldn't sigh in relief just yet. Random Event, go!

Bombette: There go the slots! Four! One! Five! Add 'em up, and that's ten! So what's number ten?

sc276: whisper whisper whisper...

Bombette: WHAT?! You're not-

sc276: Just do your job.

Bombette: OK, but this idea's probably overkill... The floor has started to reappear and the tightropes are contracting back into the wall.

Peach and Wario: Hup!

Bombette: The two contestants land the dismount as the cages above the entrances to the Bowl start to open! Ladies and gentlemen in the audience, please do not panic as-

Audience: YAAAAAAAA!!!

Bombette: -Chain Chomps come out of the cages and rush down the aisles toward the battle pit!


Peach and Wario: CHAIN CHOMPS?!?!

Dicer: Bombette's right, boss! Chain Chomps are overkill!

sc276: Oh c'mon, they're only medium-sized. They should be thankful that only three Random Events are allowed per match. Now get back to refereeing.

Bombette: The Chain Chomps have reached the edge of the pit and are diving down into it!

Chain Chomps: ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF!



Bombette: This is what I mean by overkill; the two contestants have completely forgotten about fighting each other and instead are spending most of their time fleeing from the Chomps!

sc276 (singing): You better run for your life if you can, little girl...

Doopliss: I can't tell whether the pro that Peach is threatened outweighs the con that Wario is threatened.

Wario: Power Dash! Power Dash!

Peach: Surprised Vibes!

Bombette: Wario is maintaining his distance from the Chain Chomp by rapidly dashing away from it! Peach, on the other hand, is still struggling! Her Surprised Vibes gave her a large speed boost, but Chomp is still gaining!

sc276: Those of you with weak stomachs may want to skip the next few lines.

Bombette: Closer... closer... and CHOMP! The Chain Chomp has caught up and it grabbed Peach with his mouth!

Chain Chomp: CHOMP! CHOMP!! CHOMP!!!

Peach: OW! OW!! OW!!!

Bombette: Oh, another example of overkill! The Chain Chomp is chewing up the princess! Looks like she's dinner if the match doesn't end-

Dicer: I declare the match over! Wario is the winner!

sc276: Security! Get in there and sedate those Chomps for in case ten comes up again! And get Peach out; if I have a casualty in the first match, people are gonna stop coming.

Wario: WHA HA! Wario's the winner!

Bombette: Congratulations, Wario, you've just become a semifinalist!

Wario: Does it come with a cash bonus?

Bombette: Win the tournament, and you'll get the solid gold Mushroom Bowl trophy, appraised for millions of coins. Will that do?

Wario: I suppose...

Bombette: And all fighters receive a consolation prize of 100 coins at a time determined by supercomputer276. But right now, Wario, you have the choice of being either the announcer or referee for the next Quarterfinal match in the Opponent Faction. Which will you be?

Wario: Hmm... I'm not much of a talker... I'll ref.

Bombette: OK then! That's all for now at the Mushroom Bowl battle pit! I'll be seeing you again next time!

Several hours later...

Doopliss: Hello! Bombette! Dicer! sc! Anybody! I'm still strapped to this electric chair! (sigh) End transmission.

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl WarioFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

Current status: Seek out the Heart of the Matter
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

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classic Mushroom Bowl Empty
PostSubject: classic Mushroom Bowl - Quarterfinal 2: Iggy vs Ludwig   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeMon Nov 07, 2016 11:49 am

(Right after I said I would post these daily, I miss a day. Figures. Ah well, onwards.)

Iggy vs Ludwig

classic Mushroom Bowl IggyFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl LudwigFrame


Bombette: Welcome, ladies and germs, to the second battle of the Mushroom Bowl! I'm Bombette, your announcer for tonight, and the referee is the winner of the last battle, the ever expandable Wario!

Wario: Wha ha ha! It's-a me, Wario! Hey, wait a-

Bombette: Now let's move on and meet the two Opponent Faction contestants that will duke it out in our Mushroom Bowl battle pit!

Two red Warp Pipes emerge in the pit's corners.

Bombette: Over here is the Giant Land boss and with specs that he just can't seem to clean the spirals off, meet and haze Iggy Koopa!

Iggy emerges from one of the red pipes.

Iggy: Oh yeah! I'll beat up my siblings any day of the week!

Bombette: Don't get too confidant, Iggy, as your opponent is the oldest and smartest Koopaling ever to rule the Pipe Maze, Ludwig von Koopa!

Ludwig emerges from the other pipe and lands on the ground with a slam.

Iggy: (is knocked to feet) Oof!

Ludwig: So, my opponent is just this little pipsqueak. Vhere is the challenge in this?

Iggy: Watch it! I've been training hard for these types of situations! I'll mop the floor with that big hairpiece of yours!

Ludwig: One, this is not a hairpiece; it is naturally-made hair. And two, you have that backvards!

Wario: You two don't fight until WARIO says so!

Bombette: And for our prediction guy, here's the G. O. boss, supercomputer276!

sc276: Before I roll the die and summon our newest victim- I mean, prediction guy-, I have to ask Doopliss why he's still sitting in the electric chair.

Doopliss: I'm still here because you didn't release me after the last match!

sc276: Oh yeah... (pulls out remote and presses button, removing straps)

Doopliss: (gets out) Phew!

sc276: Don't sigh with relief yet. If two comes up again, back in you go!

Doopliss: (gulps)

sc276: Trust me, that gulp was not nearly loud enough. (casts die)

Bombette: And there's the cast! The result is... Four! Who's number four?

Doopliss: Does that mean I can leave?

A green Warp Pipe appears in front of the announcer's booth.

sc276: Number four just so happens to be Petey Piranha!

Bombette: PETEY WHO?!

Petey Piranha: (bursts from green pipe, shattering it) GRAAAAAAAAAACK!

Wario: Mama mia!

Iggy and Ludwig: Wah!

Doopliss: Petey Piranha?! I doubt he can even understand English, much less speak it! Besides, he won't even fit into the electric chair!

sc276: No biggie! Game Over! Gulliver's Travels formation!

Bombette: The audience members suddenly jumped from their seats and started to pin down Petey Piranha with ropes!

Iggy: Uh, hello? I thought me and Ludwig were going to fight.

Ludwig: You're so eager to lose?

Iggy: No, just eager to beat you up.

Ludwig: In your dreams!

Bombette: The audience has now returned to their seats, and Petey Piranha has been roped, or rather chained, down like Gulliver was on Lilliput in front of the announcer booth!

sc276: (straps a shock collar around the area were Petey's neck would be) Alrightly, little plant, who do you want to win: Iggy or Ludwig?


sc276: Sorry, didn't catch that.

Petey: GRAAACK! *spits out a huge amount of graffiti and it covers a quarter of the audience* I said, "Ludwig! Ludwig!"

Bombette: Right from the plant's mouth, the predicted winner is Ludwig!

sc276: And should Iggy win, this plant will be hacked! Off the die, that is. Now the game shall begin! FIGHT! *rings bell*

Wario: Let's-a go!! *blows whistle*



Bombette: The two opponents dash toward each other! Closer... closer... BAM!

Iggy: OOMP!

Ludwig: OOVP!

Bombette: I don't believe it! They threw each other back!

Wario: Pathetic to be seen by me, WARIO! Wha ha ha!

Ludwig: So you have been vorking out.

Iggy: Yeah. Now to send you flyin'! Shell Swipe!

Bombette: Iggy curled into his shell and shot for Ludwig!

Ludwig: Shell Defense!

Bombette: Ludwig countered by spinning in place with his shell, and Iggy bounced off of it! No wait, Iggy hit a wall and is rebounding toward Ludwig, but Ludwig is still spinning and BAM! Iggy goes spinning off again!

Wario: This is-a boring.

Petey: Yeah! Can't we spice things up a little?

sc276: My thoughts exactly!

Wario: Oh no...

sc276: Random Event slots, GO!

Bombette: There go the wheels! They're slowing... Meanwhile, Iggy is continuing to bounce constantly off Ludwig! Isn't one of them getting tired?

sc276: Bombette! Hel-LO! The slots have stopped already!

Bombette: Huh? Oh yeah, they have! And the results are five, one, and one. Wait, that's seven!

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Isn't seven laughing gas?

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Are you listening to a word I'm saying?

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: ... Forget it.

sc276: What?

Bombette: The same thing happened last battle!

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Are people gonna keep coming if the same random event happens over and over?

sc276: Hmm... good point. The fighters aren't affected by the stuff anyway, it seems. So let's use the second of the three Random Events. Respin those slots!

Bombette: There they go... and there they come! Five! Two! Four! The total is eleven! And that means... what?

sc276: Hee hee hee... something that'll break the shell cycle.

Bombette: Both contestants have stopped spinning and emerged from their shells, extremely dizzy, as... the floor opens up again like it did last time.

Iggy and Ludwig: WAAAA!

Bombette: Platforms are flying into the arena, and the two Koopalings quickly hop on as the floor disappears completely!

Wario: Hey, where are the tightropes like it was during WARIO's fight?!

sc276: That was nine. This is eleven. Now go ref or somethin'.

Bombette: Ludwig seems to have trouble getting on the platform! His massive girth is keeping him from climbing up and he's hanging onto the edge for dear life!

Ludwig: Vhoa... vhoa...

Iggy: Now's my change! Fire Shot!

Bombette: Iggy threw a fireball at Ludwig! Is this the end for the elder Koopaling?

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: No it isn't! By spinning up, not only did Ludwig securely manage to get on the platform, but he hit the fireball back at Iggy!

Iggy: Uh oh!

Ludwig: Flame Breath!

Bombette: Ludwig breathes fire on the fireball as it returns! It looks like it just tripled in size!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Iggy just spun in his shell and hit the fire ball back toward Ludwig!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Now it’s back to Iggy!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Back to Ludwig! The fireball's getting faster!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: What is this, a battle or a game of fire tennis?

Wario: Not-a again... BOOOOOOORING!

sc276: Both these guys are getting Stale Moves after this match for this. RANDOM EVENT, GO!

Bombette: The slots spin as the fireball keeps kicking! And the results are... Three! Five! Five! And we have... thirteen? What's thirteen?

sc276: Something truly unlucky indeed... it's all in the stars...

Bombette: *looks up* Huh?! I don't believe it! Mirrors of all shapes and sizes are raining down from the ceiling!

Iggy and Ludwig: *both emerge from shells* Mirrors?!

Petey: But breaking mirrors is seven years bad luck!

sc276: Were you paying attention? Seven was taken by the laughing gas. Don't worry; I change the Random Events around after every round.

Bombette: Even more amazing! The fireball has begun bouncing between the mirrors! There's no telling where it's gonna end up!

Wario: Number seven was the same as WARIO's match!

sc276: I mean, after all the quarterfinals are done then I change them around for the semifinals and so on. Now watch the match.

Ludwig: Fire Ball! Fire Ball! Fire Ball!

Bombette: Ludwig is adding more fireballs into the mirror guantlet!

Iggy: Now why'd ya do that? You wanna see how your own fire feels.

Ludwig: Quite incorrect. In fact, by my calculations, you vill feel extreme pain very soon.

Iggy: Phht! Like that's gonna- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW! HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!

Bombette: How astonishing is that?! All of the fireballs hit Iggy at the exact same time!

Iggy: *collapses burnt on platform* I give! Uncle! Uncle!

Wario: Match over! WARIO is the winner! Oh, and so is Ludwig.

Bombette: Great work, Ludwig! Do you want to announce or ref for Match 3?

sc276: You think I'm giving him a choice on this matter? He's reffing!

Ludwig: And vhy is that?

sc276: Because I can't stand to hear your voice the entire time! Thank you for joining us at the Mushroom Bowl, be sure to tune in next time! End transmission!

Petey: But what about-

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl LudwigFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

Current status: Seek out the Heart of the Matter
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Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

Posts : 698
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Age : 31
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classic Mushroom Bowl Empty
PostSubject: classic Mushroom Bowl - Quarterfinal 3: Luigi vs Waluigi   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2016 4:11 pm

Luigi vs. Waluigi

classic Mushroom Bowl LuigiFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame


Bombette: Welcome, one and all, to the third battle of the Mushroom Bowl! Did you know that the Mushroom Bowl is now considered an official division of Game Over Productions?

Ludwig: And pray tell, what are the others?

Bombette: ChAos, Ltd., Schwaniger Studios, In-noying Inteviews,...

s276: Bombette, you're not supposed to discuss G. O. Productions with the fighters! They might try joining it!

Bombette: To be honest, I don't see a problem with that.

sc276: I see several, and all of them are metaphysical. Just introduce the fighters already.

Blue pipes appear in the corners of the pit.

Bombette: Fine fine... In this corner is the green-clad, younger-but-taller, high-jumping, super-hypenated Luigi Mario!

Luigi emerges from one of the blue pipes. He has the Poltergust 3000 on his back.

Luigi: I'm-a Luigi, number one!

sc276: Who let him take the Poltergust into the ring?

Doopliss: You let Peach take her parasol.

sc276: The parasol can't eat the ghost division of my army in less then a night. Hey, wait a minute - why are you still here?

Doopliss: I'm an audience member for this round.

sc276: For the moment...

Bombette: And in the other corner is the tall, skinny stick in purple and black with a bigger ego then himself, meet and haze Waluigi!

Waluigi emerges from the other pipe.

Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Waluigi's gonna be the winner!

sc276: Why do the Wario Bros. have an annoying tendacy to refer to themselves in the third-person...? Let's just roll the dang die to determine our prediction guy for this round before the "destined match" cliches start sprouting. (rolls die) And we have a... two. Two is... lemme see...

The green pipe rises in front of the announcer's booth.

Doopliss: WHOA! (falls through another green pipe that appears below him and he pops out the first one)

sc276: Oh yeah, it's Doopliss!

Doopliss: Why me? WAH!

The Red Glove Grappers strap Doopliss into the electric chair.

sc276: Now remember, you little shape-shifter of a Commando you, your chance to keep on the die depends on your guess. You also risk paralysis as this time the electricity is provided by a friend of mine.

Pikachu: Pika!

Bombette: Pikachu is a friend of yours?

sc276: It's not the one on the TV show. I couldn't find that one before the match started. Anyways, it's choosin' time! Luigi or Waluigi?

Doopliss: Tough pick, really. Luigi has some serious moves not to mention the Poltergust, but Waluigi has a ton of potentinal yet to be unlocked... All in all, I'm going with Luigi because he has more experience, not to mention that Waluigi has never been in a real adventure.

Waluigi: You just weren't there when I stole the Mischief Star Stamp! Wha ha ha, Waluigi's gonna be the winner!

Luigi: We'll-a see about that...

sc276: We have the contestants, we've had the prediction, now we just need the main show! Game start! (rings bell)

Ludwig: (blows whistle)

Waluigi: Bob-omb Lob!

Bombette: Waluigi starts by lobbing a Bob-omb at Luigi!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Bombette: Luigi caught the Bob-omb in the suction of the Poltergust!

Luigi: Reverse!

Bombette: And Luigi launches the Bob-omb back and it explodes in Waluigi's face!

Waluigi: WHA!! You little- GAH!

Bombette: And the black one rushes the green one!

Luigi: Sidestep!

Waluigi: Waa- OOF!

Bombette: Luigi sidestepped the charge, causing Waluigi to hit the corner of the pit!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Waluigi: Waaaa! Hey, let-a go!

Bombette: Now Luigi turned the vacuum on and grabbed Waluigi by the seat of his pants!

Luigi: Reverse!

Waluigi: Wahahahah- OOF! Mama mia...

Bombette: And Luigi sent him flying into the opposide wall!

Pikachu: Pika pika...

sc276: My thoughts exactly. This is as one-sided as it can get. Go, Random Event!

Bombette: There go the slots! The results are... Two! Three! Four! The sum is nine and that means its tightrope time!

Doopliss: Oh, not again...

Bombette: Up they climb as the floor disappears... it looks like trouble for both; Waluigi has less-then-average balance, but it'll be difficult for Luigi to handle the Poltergust and keep from falling.

Doopliss: Why'd you do that?! You took away my guy's advantage!

Pikachu: Pika pika pikachu! Pika pi.

sc276: Yeah, I'm with him. Now keep quiet and watch the match, Ghostly.

Waluigi: One foot... in front of... the other...

Bombette: Waluigi is moving slowly but steadily toward Luigi's rope!

Luigi: Oh no you-a don't!

Bombette: Now Luigi is heading toward Waluigi's rope!

Waluigi: Racket Swing! Racket Swing! Racket Swing!

Luigi: Poltergust on! Waaa...

Bombette: They've both reached the junction. Waluigi is constantly swinging a tennis racket at Luigi's rope, while Luigi is holding on and using the vacuum to shake Waluigi's rope, forcing him to hold on as well!

Pikachu: Pika pi...

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ludwig: How'd he get in here?

Jessie: Sorry, that's mine. It keeps breaking out of its ball for some reason. (to Wobbuffet in a loud whisper as they leave) I'm gonna give you a long talk after we get back to base!

sc276: Nevertheless, I agree with both of them. Random Event slots, go!

Bombette: Three! Four! Three! That adds up to- oh no, not the Chain Chomps at ten again!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Luigi: At least the floor's coming back- YAAAHH!


Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf!!!

Bombette: The Chain Chomps have entered the pit and have begun chasing the contestants around!

Pikachu: Pika pikachu!

sc276: Quite so! Now things are getting interesting! Except that, like last time, the fighters are too busy with the Chomps to try and fight each other like they're supossed to. As Largo would put it, there's a "small flaw in d4 pl4n."

Waluigi: Bob-omb Trail! Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Waluigi has left a trail of Bob-ombs in his wake! The explosions are discouraging the Chain Chomps from chasing him!

Waluigi: Now to take the offensive! Bob-omb Ball!

Bombette: Waluigi has whipped out his tennis racket and serving up Bob-ombs in a rapid-fire manner toward the still-being-chased Luigi! Oh, the humanity!

Luigi: Mama mia! Poltergust on! Reverse!

Bombette: Luigi is catching the Bob-ombs and blowing them up in the face of the Chain Chomp chasing him, slowing it down enough to... hop on?!

sc276: Ride 'em, plumber boy!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Doopliss: Go-igi! Go-igi!

Waluigi: Oh yeah? Yah!

Bombette: Waluigi has jumped aboard his own Chain Chomp! Now what will happen?

Luigi and Waluigi: CHARGE!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Bombette: The Chain Chomps are attempting to knock their opponent's rider off! But from the looks of things, it's not up to just that!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Ball! Yah! Yah! Yah!

Luigi: Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!

Bombette: Waluigi's continuing to serve Bob-ombs in Luigi's general direction while Luigi's launching a volley of green fireballs back! Most are just plain missing, but a few are hitting the Chomps and some are colliding in midair!

sc276: Pretty fireworks!

Pikachu: Pika!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ludwig: What's he doing back?

sc276: How would I know?

Jessie: Wobbuffet, you pain! Get back in your Pokeball!

Wobbuffet (while running as fast as he can from Jessie): Wobba wobba wobba wobba!

sc276: Whoo whoo whoo. Now we return our attention to the real battle going on in the Mushroom Bowl Battle Pit.

Bombette: Oh sorry, just watching Wobbuffet run from Jessie is rather entrtaining. Not much has actually happened, really; Waluigi has just used Bob-omb Trail to try and blow Luigi away, but the green guy's Chomp just barely managed to dodge in time. Chain Chomps do not have very good cornering at high speeds.

Luigi: Waaa- oof!

Bombette: Which is why Luigi just ran into a wall. But the Chomp's recovering and heading back into the fray!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Blitz! YAH!


Bombette: The explosion is blinding as Waluigi pulled at least twenty Bob-ombs from somewhere on him and threw them all at Luigi at once! The resulting unhumane explosion sent him and his Chomp high into the air!

Pikachu: Pikachu...

sc276: Yeah, that is really really REALLY high.

Bombette: Luigi's reaching the peak of his flight just short of the ceiling! He's about to come down!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Bombette: Oh my! Goodness me! I'm seeing it and I'm not believing it! Luigi has grabbed onto the ceiling of the battle arena with the Poltergust!

Koopa (in audience, at the sight of Waluigi's shocked expression, in the same way as Nelson): Ha ha!

Waluigi (up to Luigi): You coward! Come down here and fight like a man!

Luigi (shouting back): I like it just fine up here! Fireball! Fireball!

Bombette: Luigi's launching fireballs down from the ceiling, but because of their rather slow speed, Waluigi is able to dodge them easilly, especially on top of his Chain Chomp!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Ball! Yah! Yah!

Bombette is still trying to use his tennis racket to hit Luigi with Bob-ombs, but they can't arc high enough to reach!

Waluigi: Wait a minute! That's it! Vacuum Orb!

Bombette: Waluigi popped open a blue orb and pulled out that vacuum device from Mario Party 7, and he's turned it on and aiming for the ceiling!

Luigi: Mama mia! Max Suction!

Bombette: Luigi's staring to being pulled in by the Vacuum Orb, but he upped the Poltergust to max suction power!

Luigi: Fireball!

Waluigi: Oh no!

Bombette: Luigi launched a fireball down the nozzle of the Vacuum Orb! What will happen now?!

Waluigi: Vacuum Reverse!

Bombette: Waluigi reversed the flow of his vacuum and sent the fireball back!

Luigi: Waa! Uh-oh! Mama miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Bombette: Luigi twisted to dodge the reversed fireball, but it caused the Poltergust to lose its grip on the ceiling! And now's he's falling... falling... falling...

Waluigi: Bob-omb Blitz!


Luigi: Mama miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bombette: And there goes Luigi, flying right out of the stadium from that last Blitz!

Ludwig: Match end! Waluigi wins!

Doopliss: WHAT?! NO!!

Bombette: Congradulations, Waluigi! Against the odds, you defeated your alter ego! Do you want to announce or ref next match?

Waluigi: I'll-a announce for a change.

Bombette: That means Dicer will ref next match, and I get a well-deserved break.

sc276: Now for the fun part!

Doopliss: No, please, I beg of you!

sc276 (ignoring him): Pikachu, you're up!


Doopliss: BlagidiblagadiblagidiAAG! *dizzy* End Transmission...

Pikachu: Chu!

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2016 3:54 pm

Wendy vs. Lemmy

classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl WendyFrame


Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Welcome to the Mushroom Bowl! I'm-a Waluigi, your announcer for tonight, and your referee is-a the Boomerang Bro. known as-a Dicer!

sc276: I don't know if I can take this for an entire match...

Two red pipes rise in the corners of the pit.

Waluigi: Tonight is-a a clash of the Opponent Faction. Introducing the only girl among the Koopalings, Wendy O. Koopa!

Wendy emerges from one pipe.

Wendy: I may be a girl, but there's nothing my tantrums can't handle!

Waluigi: And-a now her opponent! He's-a slow when he's low, but when he's-a on the ball, he-a rolls along to victory! Lemmy Koopa!

A ball pops out of the other red pipe and lands on the ground, followed by Lemmy who lands on top of it.

Lemmy: Oh yeah! I'm feeling good! I haven't felt more limber in my life!

Wendy: Maybe if you're lucky, it'll help you recover better in the emergency room!

sc276: Time for the prediction. (rolls die) We have a 5.

A green pipe rises in front of the announcer's booth and General Guy pops out.

General Guy: Do I have to get into the electric chair?

sc276: Rules are rules, man. Strap yourself in before the Red Glove Grabbers do.

General Guy: (sits in chair and it straps him in)

sc276: Ya know the drill. Wendy or Lemmy? Name your pleasure.

General Guy: Hmm... I predict Lemmy will win because he has the advantage of speed and more experience in battle being older. Also, his element of ice trumps Wendy's water.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Waluigi: Oh, don't-a tell me that the little electric furball is back.

Pikachu: Pichu! Pika... CHUUUUUU!

Waluigi: BlahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiAAAH! Head... hurts...

Pikachu: Pi.

sc276: Oh, pull yourself together, skinny. You've got announcing to do. Remember, ya don't diss the Pokemon that runs the electric chair!

Dicer: I really don't know what's going on here. Being out for a few matches does that sometimes.

Waluigi: (rubs head vigrously with a patch of carpet) I'm-a OK now. (tosses carpet patch away)

Doopliss: Hey guys, guess what? I'm finally of the hospital- (steps on carpet patch) BlahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiAAAH! (collapses) Medic!

Lemmy: Pick a card. Any card.

Wendy: OK. (takes one)

Lemmy: Your card is the... queen of hearts!

Wendy: No.

Lemmy: King of diamonds?

Wendy: Uh-uh.

Lemmy: (somewhat desperately) Jack of clubs?

Wendy: Seven of spades.

Lemmy: D'oh!

sc276: Hey, guys. We're ready to start. Get back to your corners.

Wendy: Hmph.

Lemmy: Crybaby.

sc276: I heard that! Boy, this is the longest fight intro yet. Anyways, match start! (rings bell)

Dicer: (blows whistle)

Wendy: Candy Ring!

Lemmy: Whop! Missed me!

Waluigi: Wendy whipped out her wand and-a launched one of-a those rings at-a Lemmy, but he-a dodged to the right!

Lemmy: Ice Spread!

Wendy: Whirling Fortress!

Lemmy: Missed me again!

Waluigi: Lemmy uses his own wand to-a throw a horizonal wave of ice at-a Wendy, but she spun in her shell to-a reflect a part of it back and dodged through-a the gap, although Lemmy avoided the piece a-going back!

Wendy: No fair! Why does he get to use his ball?

sc276: Less talk, more fighting!

Pikachu: Pi!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Wendy: Time to rain on your parade. Rain of Terror!

Waluigi: Wendy threw-a magic into the air and-a made a storm cloud! It's-a raining all over the pit! Puddles are-a quickly forming!

Lemmy: Whatcha gonna do, drown me to death? Freeze Ray!

Waluigi: Lemmy whipped out his freeze ray and-a froze the water under Wendy! She's-a beginning to slip, but she-a seems to be able to-a keep her footing!

Wendy: Water Gun!

Lemmy: Ice Aura!

Wendy: What?!

Waluigi: Whoa! Just when-a the water that Wendy shot was about to hit Lemmy, it-a froze in midair and didn't harm him!

Lemmy: That's right! Anything that gets too close is gonna be frozen solid!

sc276: Dull, dull, dull! This is too one-sided! Random Event, go!

Waluigi: One, one, and three! Random event number five is-a... what?

sc276: Something Wendy isn't already doing.

Waluigi: Mama mia! Pipes are appearing and-a pouring water into the battle pit at a rapid pace! Lemmy's Aura has-a frozen the water around him to make-a an ice floe, but Wendy seems to perfer to tread water!

Lemmy: Oh man... this aura will last for a full half hour...

Wendy: I'm gonna dunk you in and froze you solid, ice breath! Now I'm in my element!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Wobbuffet: Wobba wobbuffet!

General Guy: ...

Waluigi: Wendy has-a dived underwater! What will happen now?

Lemmy: Too easy! Here I go!

Waluigi: What the-?! Lemmy is-a rolling off the floe on his own power! No wait! His Aura is-a freezing the water before he can-a fall in.

sc276: Didn't see that coming... I think.

Lemmy: This is too slow. Ice Spread!

Waluigi: Another wave of magic and-a one half of the pit is frozen solid! Lemmy's a-rolling over to it! The shadow in the water is-a now under him and-a trying to break through!

Lemmy: Sorry, sis, but that ice is too thick for even you to break through! Ice Spread!

Waluigi: Now the other half of the pool is-a frozen! The ice is-a so thick... Can-a anyone see through that?

sc276: Sigh... There's a reason I only told Bombette about the in-pit camera.

Dicer: In-pit camera?

sc276: Yeah, I installed it for these types of situations. It's everything-proof. (presses button)

Waluigi: The camera image is-a now coming in on the big screen above the pit. Wendy's vigoursly trying to-a break out, but the ice is-a simply too thick to break, and she can't-a use Candy Rings without losing her air supply!

Lemmy: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Waluigi: Meanwhile, above the ice, Lemmy is-a having troubles, as it's-a still raining, and his Ice Aura is-a turning the drops into small balls of hail! Who will-a last it out?!

Pikachu: Pika pikachu?

sc276: No, Pikachu, you can't Thundershock the ice. That's illegal.

Dicer: Why don't you-a call another Random Event, boss?

sc276: Because this is almost over. As you may or may not know, I hate the cold! I want to get this chilly match over with!

Waluigi: Something's-a happening to-a Wendy! Her-a air supply seems to have-a run out! She's-a drowning! Big air bubble... eyes-a closing... drifting down... and she lands on the pit floor.

Dicer: Match over! Lemmy wins!

sc276: Drain the pit! Open the drainage pipes! And get General Guy out of the chair!

Pikachu (sadly): Pika...

Lemmy: I'll keep myself from dropping down. Freeze Ray!

Waluigi: Lemmy froze his-a icy surface to-a the walls of the pit to keep from a-dropping down with the water as it drains from underneath! Congratulations, Lemmy! Do you want to-a announce or ref next-a match?

sc276 (takes out G. O. Wand): Compound Fracture!

Lemmy: Hmm... I think I'll annouuuuuuuuuuuuuuunce! Oof!

Waluigi: How come you-a broke the ice? I was-a talking to him!

sc276: There may be drainage pipes and a camera in there, but there aren't any ventilation shafts. Just sign us off.

Waluigi: And-a that's all tonight from-a the Mushroom Bowl tournament! End trans-

Doopliss: Hey guys, I'm back from the hospital again! All I gotta do to avoid another shock is keep away from cold water- Whoa! (trips into pit and lands in puddle) BlargiblargiblargiblargiAAAHHH!! (collapses) End transmission... and Medic! (faints) Blargiblargibla-

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2016 4:53 pm

Well of course I beat Wendy. Friggin' duh and don't rip off my ideas! Geez.

~Lemmy Koopa
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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2016 2:21 pm

(Aaaaand missed another day. Oh and here comes one of the most shameful ones. While at the same time the one most important to Game Over's overall continuity. Ah well.)

DK vs. Daisy

classic Mushroom Bowl DKFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl DaisyFrame


Lemmy: Welcome to the Mushroom Bowl tournament for what promises to be a fight hosted by one of my worst enemies.

sc276: Oh chill. I'm after other targets these days. I'll come back after I finished taking over the Archie Sonic world and turning all the cute girls into Panchico. And I mean in personality. There's such a thing as too many Birdos.

Two blue pipes appear in opposite corners of the Battle Pit.

Lemmy: Yeah, whatever. Anyways, in this corner, the big ape with a banana craze bigger then his brain, Donkey Kong!

DK bursts from the pipe and lands on the floor of the pit.

DK: *pounds his chest and yells like Tarzan*

Lemmy: And in the other corner, a tomboy princess so pathetic she doesn't even have a decent voice, Daisy Toadstool!

Daisy pops out of the other pipe and backflips into the floor.

Daisy: *while doing karate poses* Hi-YA!

Dicer: Whoa. Looks like its agility verses brute force down there.

Lemmy: Well it's obviously not a battle of wits.

sc276: Another crack like that and I'm bringing Bombette back out. *rolls prediction die* Our prediction is by guy 6, who is none other then Al Gore!

Al emerges from the green pipe.

Doopliss: Al Gore? Can you say "overused?"

Al Gore: I invented overusing!

Doopliss: Not to mention annoying?

sc276: First of all, why are you hanging around?

Doopliss: What, you didn't notice the wheelchair? I can't get up the dang steps out of the Bowl!

sc276: Oh chill.

Raichu: Raichu.

Doopliss: A Raichu?

Al Gore: I invented Raichus!

Doopliss: What's a Raichu doing here?

sc276: It's the Pikachu. He evolved using a Thunder Stone from my collection. I let him because not only does he have double the volts as before, but because Raichus are cooler then Pikachus.

Raichu: Raichu!

sc276: See? He agrees!

Al Gore: I invented agreeing!

sc276: Which reminds me, Al's on the dice for just this one time. Whether he's wrong or right, I'm going to shock his brains out. Or rather, Sparkz is going to shock his brains out.

Doopliss: Who's- oh, the Raichu is named Sparkz, isn't it?

sc276: Well, what do you know? You can still think even though your brain has has been exposed to three different semi-lethal electric blasts. You're hardy. I like that.

Al Gore: I invented liking!

sc276: Which reminds me again. *presses button on remote and Red Glove Grabbers strap Al Gore to the electric chair* *goes to Al* You're going to get shocked anyways, but that still shouldn't affect your choice. DK or Daisy?

Al Gore: I invented Daisy!

sc276: I'll take it you predicted Daisy. Now to make sure you don't interrupt the fight... *takes out a roll of duct tape*

Al Gore: I invented du-mmmp mmmmmmp!

Sparkz: Raichu?

sc276: Sorry, man, I can't break that rule. You have to wait until the end of the match.

Sparkz: Rai...

sc276: So let's get the dang thing over already! *rings bell*

Dicer: *blows whistle*

DK: *Tarzan yell*

Lemmy: And the flea-ridden ape starts the battle by rushing toward the tomboy.

Daisy: Racket Swing!

Lemmy: The yellow girl counters with a dash forward and a tennis racket to the monkey's noggin, sending him flying.

sc276: Y'know, eventually, you're going to run out of names for them.

Lemmy: We'll see about that.

DK: Ooo ooo OOO!


Lemmy: The monkey has started slapping the ground repeately, shaking the pit floor.

Daisy: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa... Club Swing!

DK: *that monkey yelling sound that I don't know how to spell*

Lemmy: Daisy counters by knocking DK over the head with a golf club. How original.

sc276: Wait, she still has the club out.

Daisy: Vertical Slash! Horizontal Slash! Vertical Slash!

Lemmy: Oh my DAD she's swinging that golf club like a Keyblade!

Dicer: Some chap's been watching too many Kingdom Hearts 2 videos online recently.

Al Gore: Mmm mmm-mmm mmm mm mmmmmmmm mmm! (I invented Kingdom Hearts 2!)

sc276: Look, my brother was the one who let me see the videos over his shoulder on YouTube. Besides, it's that or she's been doing some serious training. Might make things more interesting. Now watch already.

Lemmy: The monkey's going to have to come up with quick thinking if he can. There's no telling how much into the Disney-Square combo Daisy's gone.

DK: Ooo ooo!

Lemmy: The ape's started using Spinning Kong and is flying towards Daisy.

Daisy: Guard!

Lemmy: Daisy's blocking with the Keyblade- I mean, Keyclub- I mean golfblade- I mean-

sc276: Yeah we know what you mean.

Lemmy: But DK's not letting up. He's still applying pressure. And... Daisy busts! DK breaks through, and the tomboy is flung into the pit wall.

sc276: And now, just for the hell of it, random event, GO!

Lemmy: The slots result is 4.. 5... 4. Which is 13. And the mirrors have already started falling.

Daisy: Overhead Slash! Overhead Slash!

DK: Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

Lemmy: Daisy's swining the club over her head to keep the mirrors from hitting her while the monkey destroys them with punches.

DK: *monkey yell*

Lemmy: What's this? DK has grabbed a mirror out of midair and thrown it at Daisy.

Daisy: Guard!

Lemmy: The tomboy counters, shattering it.

DK: *more monkey yells*

Lemmy: Using that pipsqueak brain of his, the monkey has found a spot with minimal mirror raining on it and started throwing more mirrors at Daisy and even one at- ACK!

sc276: That just goes to show the old saying: don't insult a gorilla because he might throw a wall mirror at you.

Sparkz: Rai rai rai rai rai rai rai!

Lemmy: Stop laughing at me! Anyways, the tomboy's having a tough time countering both the falling mirrors and the ones DK is throwing. At least the storm is starting to thin.

sc276: Great. Now I have to go and get new mirrors.

Daisy: I think I'm going to need some backup. *catcall*

Lemmy: Daisy's whistle has risen the blue Warp Pipe and... four Snifits have popped out of it. Obviously from the Sarassaland troops. They form a semi-circle around their leader.

Daisy: Attack!

Lemmy: The Snifits are now spitting paintballs at the monkey, who's running out of mirrors.

DK: Hup! Hup! Hup!

Lemmy: The ape is using a large clap to create a short-range pulse to block the paintballs, but several are still getting through.

DK: Ooo ooo!

Lemmy: And the monkey has drawn a Coconut Launcher. It seems to work, though, as he's firing at the coconuts at the paintballs fast enough to get through to the Snifits and send them flying. And now that that's done, he's firing at Daisy.

Daisy: Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard!

Lemmy: It looks like the ape has unlimited ammo on, because he's not letting up, and Daisy's still countering strongly.

sc276: Two words: duh-ULL! RANDOM EVENT SLOTS, GO!

Lemmy: And tonight's winning lottery numbers are... 2, 1, 2. Which is 5. I don't think 5 has come up before- holy guacamole, the pit's flooding!

Daisy: What the?!

DK: *monkey yells*

Lemmy: Water has started pouring from the walls and started filling the battle pit. Platforms are popping out of the walls, and both combatants are climbing on. Now they're level with the top of the pit.

sc276: They oughta be careful. One foot out the pit's rim and it's disqual time.

Lemmy: The water has reached it's peak, just below the higher platforms, and both contestants are facing off.


Lemmy: The fleabag has resumed fire with the Coconut Shooter.

Daisy: Guard! Guard!

Lemmy: The tomboy has started countering again.

Daisy: Retalliating Smash!

Lemmy: Daisy has slammed a cococut at the monkey with the force of a bullet and it HITS! The ape is now teetering on the edge of the arena... If he falls backwards, he'll come out of the ring!

DK: Ooooo... ooooo... ooooooo... ooo! *Tarzan yell*

Lemmy: And the monkey has regained his balance and stayed in the ring! And now he's prepping up a Giant Punch, but Daisy's too far away to get hit by it.

Daisy: Strike Raid!

Lemmy: Daisy throws the golf club at the monkey, but he finishes charging the Giant Punch just in time to use a Spinning Kong to counter it.

Daisy: Hmph!

DK: *Tarzan yell*

Lemmy: The club still comes boomeranging back and Daisy takes it just as DK uses another Spinning Kong move to cross the pit and land on the platform next to Daisy.

Daisy: Gua-



Lemmy: The Giant Punch connects and sends Daisy flying toward the wall of the Mushroom Bowl!

sc276: Oh that better not hit since it's a pain to fix that wall.

Daisy: Retalliating Smash!

Lemmy: Unbelieveable! Daisy has smacked the wall with the golf club and used the equal and opposite reaction to reverse her direction and send her flying back into the pit! And, I just can't believe what I'm seeing, she's pulled out a yellow baseball bat in her other hand!

Daisy: Sonic Blade!

DK: *monkey screams*

Lemmy: Oh, Donkey Kong is freaked out! He jumps to another platform in an attempt to get away, but Daisy streaks by and slams the big guy with both of her pieces of sports gear!

sc276: Why does everyone use sports stuff as weapons?

Dicer: Maybe for the same reason Daisy fights with a golf club as a Keyblade?

sc276: This is absolutely no sports equipment in any KH game that I know of.

Dicer: That's not what I-

sc276: Shut up and ref, man.

Lemmy: The force of the attack has sent DK spinning into the water like a torpedo! He's lucky he's one of the few gorillas that can swim!

DK: *surfaces* *monkey yells*

Lemmy: He surfaces and climbs back onto another platform.

Daisy: Double Strike Raid!

DK: *monkey yell*

Lemmy: And what a finish as Daisy throws both the baseball bat and the golf club at DK and they knock him head-over-heals and out of the ring!

Dicer: Ring out! Daisy is the winner!

sc276: Drain the field!

Lemmy: *gets out of announcer's booth* Congrats, little-known princess. From what I've come to understand, you can either announce or ref for the next match between two of my brothers.

Daisy: I need a rest. I'll ref.

sc276: And now for the main attraction: Shock the Human Idiot! *rips duct tape off of Al Gore*

Al Gore: Yes! For once, I got it right! ... I mean, I invented the phrase "please don't shock me!"

sc276: ......... Take 'im to town, Sparkz.

Sparkz: Raaaaaaaaaaai... CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Al Gore: Blahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgi....

sc276: That's all for now, and be sure to tune in for the next extreme Mushroom Bowl battle!

Al Gore: ...blahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiAAAAAAAAAH!! End transmission...

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl DaisyFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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Morton vs. Roy

classic Mushroom Bowl MortonFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl RoyFrame


Bombette: Welcome to another awesome battle in the Mushroom Bowl! I'm Bombette, and today's guest referee, the winner of the previous match, the princess of Saladland, and able to fight with sports equipment like they're Keyblades, Daisy!

Daisy: It's Sarasaland!

Two red warp pipes rise out of opposite corners in the battle pit.

Bombette: And now tonight's Opponent Faction fighters! In this corner, the second-youngest Koopaling with a speech for every occasion imaginable, and some unimaginable, Morton Koopa Jr.!

Morton emerges from one of the red pipes.

Morton: I would like, enjoy to say, speak, talk that it is an honor, privilege to be here.

Bombette: And his opponent, the third oldest Koopaling and probably the one the boss got the idea for sunglasses from, Roy "Bully" Koopa!

Roy leaps from his pipe and slams the ground, causing a massive earthquake!

Roy: Oh yeah! I want that trophy for my collection and I'll flatten everyone that gets in my way!

Morton: I think you mean "anyone."

Roy: Says the guy that one letter away from being named "Moron!"

Daisy: Strike Raid!


Morton: Ow, ouch, yipe!

Roy: Eh, that barely hurt.

SC: Daisy, we have an unwritten rule around here that the referees don't attack the participants, especially with boomeranging golf clubs.

Daisy: Well, Sor-RY! Wait, you look different from last match...

SC: So you've noticed I decided to be my kitsune self instead of Lakitu for this tournament. Doesn't matter; these people know who I am.

Random Passerby: Hey, StupidComputer, you STINK! HA ha ha ha h-


Daisy: You just hit that guy in the head with a brick.

SC: I swear, he's been stalking me. This the second time Mr. Passerby has insulted me for no real reason.

Random: It's... because... you stink... (faints)

SC: Anyways, now it's Sparkz's favorite part of the match, Who Gets Shocked For Not Being Psychic!

Sparkz (excited): Raichu! Raichu!

SC: Also known as the match prediction guy. (rolls die) Four! Which means it's the return of Petey Piranha! Ready the chains!

The green pipe rises and Petey Piranha bursts from it. The audience quickly chains him down and SC attaches a shock collar connected to a helmet on Sparkz's head.


SC: Great. His throat's clogged with sludge again. Umbrellas ready! (whips out umbrealla)

Audience: (also whip up umbrellas)

Petey: GRAAAAACK! (spits out a large chunk of sludge that is mostly blocked by umbrellas but lands on the unconscious Random)

SC: You've been here before, you know the drill. Morton or Roy?

Petey: GRAAAAACK! No just kiddding. Roy.

SC: Goodie. And if by some crazy fluke Morton wins, Sparkz has some fun.

Sparkz: Rai rai!

Doopliss: I would like to point out I'm still in the wheelchair here.

SC: We stopped caring. Now, game start! (rings bell)

Daisy: (blows whistle)

Roy: Roy Special!

Morton: Shell Guard!


Bombette: Roy attempted to do a cannonball on Morton, but Morton spun in his shell and deflected it!

Morton: Shell Drive!

Bombette: Morton's still spinning! He looks like he's charging up something!

Roy: Stomp!

Bombette: Roy jumped and shook the pit floor, and it seems that stopped Morton's move.

Roy: Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Morton: Oof! Oof! Oof!

Bombette: Roy's repeatiately stomping the ground and it seems to be doing a little damange to Morton!

SC: What the hell is this? Roy looks like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. Random Event Slots, go!

Bombette: The slots spin and we have... Five, one and three! Which adds up to nine and... the tightropes again?

SC: Why not? The odds of getting a sum of 9 is 15.2%.

Daisy: What makes you say that?

SC: I did the math. Now go ref or something.

Bombette: Both fighters have climbed onto the tightropes and are hanging from them, probably because they're too fat to balance.

Roy: I heard that, pinky! This is all muscle, ya hear me?!

Sparkz: Raichu! Raichu! Raichu!

Daisy: What's he doing?

SC: Egging them to fall, I think.

Doopliss: That Raichu shares your Mushroom Bowl mean streak.

SC: Shut up and go ref.

Daisy: I'm the ref.

SC: Then you ref and Freek-Sheet shuts up.

Bombette: Meanwhile, during that nearly-dumbing conversation, Morton and Roy have climbed close to each other and started kicking at each other!

Morton: Let go, release, break away! And ow!

Roy: Not on your life, Big Mouth. Although do keep the massage going.

SC: This is even duller then before. Go, Random Event!

Bombette: And the results this time are... Four, one and two, which is seven. Which is laughing gas. And true enough, both of them are starting to crack up.

Morton: Ha, ho, tee hee, giggle! Ha, ho, tee hee, giggle!

Roy: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

SC: Will these guys just let go already? I'm getting bored.

Doopliss: Oh now you jinxed it. Someone is gonna let go.

Roy: Roy Mega Kick!

Morton: Oof! WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

Daisy: Match over! Roy wins!

Bombette: Roy stopped laughing long enough to launch a two-footed kick move that sent Morton into the pit! Um... is he going to be OK?

SC: Let's just say we won't have to be bothered with him for a good long while.

Daisy: Y'know, I have to say, this is one of the most one-sided fights I've ever seen. And one of the dumbest.

SC: I have college to deal with. What do you expect? The Indy 500?

Daisy: The Indy 500 is a race.

SC: So?

Bombette: So Roy, announce or ref?

Roy: I'll make this short, Shorty McShortenson: ref.

SC: If that's a diss on my height, I'll find some way to hurt you.

Doopliss: Oooh, I was so right! Someone let go moments after you said it!

SC: Sparkz?

Sparkz: Raaaaaai... CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!


This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl RoyFrame

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Mario vs. Yoshi

classic Mushroom Bowl MarioFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl YoshiFrame


Bombette: When was the last time there was a Mushroom Bowl battle? First season's been going on for over a year now or something.

SC: According to my records, the last match was back in March.

Dicer: Whoo-ie. We really need to catch up on this.

SC: Worst part is Doopliss quit during the downtime. Something about not being respected. Now we lost our running gag.

Bombette: I'm sure we can always come up with another one later.

SC: Yeah, you're right. Start the match, we'll see what happens.

Bombette: Welcome, sports fans, to another exciting Mushroom Bowl battle, still surprisingly in the first season! Our referee for today is the Koopa Kid that exchanged his brain for more muscles, Roy Koopa!

Roy: Finally! I've been waiting for months! ...Hey wait a-

Two blue pipes emerge in the corners of the battle pit.

Bombette: And here are your Mushroom Faction fighters! In this corner, the man in red, Mr. Video Game himself, Super Marioooooooooo!

Mario emerges from the blue pipe like he does in Brawl.

Mario: It's-a me, Mario!

Bombette: And in the other corner, the green dino with a 'tude and one helluva tounge, Yoshi!

A large Yoshi egg pops up from the blue pipe as it retracts, and it bursts in mid-air into Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Bombette: Looks like it's going to be a classic fight between two old friends.

Roy: More like two dumb morons. (laughs)

SC: Ignoring that. (rolls prediction die) 6 again? The new guy already? Or rather, new girl?

The green pipe emerges and spits out an Amazee Dayzee.

Amazee Dayzee: Hello!

The Red Glove Grabbers stuff Amazee into the electric chair and strap her in.

Amazee: Hey! This is no way to treat a pop idol!

Bombette: She's a singer?

SC: Yep. Won Mushroom Idol a few months ago.

Bombette: Then what's she doing here?

Amazee: See, I sorta asked the Game Over for a favor to... y'know... rig the competition.

SC: She owes me her career, so in return, I put her on the prediction die.

Amazee: You didn't say anything about giant red hands stuffing me in an electric chair, though.

SC: Live and learn, huh? Anyway, make your prediction. Will Mario or Yoshi win this match?

Amazee: Mario, hands down. The guy's got experience going back years.

SC: That's what she says, but will she be right... or be shocked?

Sparkz the Raichu: Raichu raichu...

SC: Oh c'mon now, you can't possibly tell me you don't want to shock her!

Sparkz: Rai raichu!

SC: You're the leader of her fan club?!

Amazee: Really? Always a pleasure to meet my fans!

Sparkz: (blushing) Raichu...

SC: Snap out of it, mon. You're supposed to be the big tough guy. Let's get this match underway. Three to eat chedder and four to go! (rings bell)

Roy: (blows whistle)

Mario: Did-a someone say chedder?

Yoshi: Yoshi! Hup!

Mario: Owowowow!

Bombette: A surprise start! Yoshi hit Mario with an egg while the plumber was distracted!

Mario: Let's-a go! Fireball!

Yoshi: Haa! Yoshi! Hup!

Bombette: Mario throws a quick fireball, but it's an easy dodge by Yoshi! And he's thrown another egg right in Mario's face!

Mario: *growls angerly* Hammer Throw!

Yoshi: Wah! Owowowow!

Bombette: Mario pulled out an Ultra Hammer and thrown it at Yoshi for a clean hit to the stomach!

Yoshi: Hup! Yup! (gulp)

Bombette: And Yoshi has eaten the hammer.

SC: Anyone else getting bored by this already? Random Event, go!

Bombette: And we have... four, five and two! Which adds up to eleven! Have he had eleven before? It's been so long I can't remember.

Mario: Mama mia!

Yoshi: Wah!

SC: I think for Ludwig's match, this popped up, the bottomless pit with floating platforms to fight on.

Bombette: Ah yes, I remember now. Looks like this match might get a little more airborne. Both sides are very good at ariel battle. The pit is now bottomless and both sides are on platforms across from each other.

Yoshi: Hup! Hup! Hup!

Mario: Whoa! Aha!

Bombette: Mario barely managed to dodge the small swarm of eggs Yoshi has thrown.

Yoshi: Hup! Grrrrrrrrrrrrn! Boing HA!

Mario: Whoawhoawhoawhoa Whahahahaah!!

Bombette: Amazing! Yoshi flutter jumped above the platform Mario was on then did a ground pound to send the platform spinning! Mario was flung away but Yoshi stayed on the platform!

Mario: Oof! Mama mia... Ooh!

Bombette: And Mario slammed into the Bowl wall and fell to the floor in a heap.

Roy: Ring out, Dumbo the Dino wins. I'm outta here; I got my own arena to run.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi!

SC: Well. That was quick.

Dicer: On the plus side, Boss, we won't have to pay as much for the camera film.

SC: Hm. I suppose you're right.

Bombette: And Yoshi's reffing, isn't he?

SC: No duh there.

Amazee: Hooray! I'm still alive! Oh wait...

SC: Sparkz, do you thing!

Sparkz: (hearts for eyes) Raichu...

SC: Well snap. Oh well, she's staring to grow on me and we still need a running gag. I suppose we'll keep her.

Amazee: Hooray! I'm still alive!

Bombette: Well that's all for today at the Mushroom Bowl tournament Battle Pit. End transmission.

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl YoshiFrame

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Larry vs. Bowser

classic Mushroom Bowl LarryFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl BowserFrame


Bombette: Welcome sports fans, to the final Quarterfinal match of the first ever Mushroom Bowl battle tournament!

SC: Finally! The end of the Quarterfinals! It's been at least two years since the first match!

Dicer: And who have we to blame for that?

SC: ...go ref or something.

Dicer: I'm not the referee today. Yoshi is.

Bombette: Yes, in fact, our referee for today is the dumb dino that can't talk to save his life, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Hup!

Bombette: OW! EGG!

Two red pipes rise out of the corner of the Battle Pit.

Bombette: (shakes shells off) Anyways, here's the final Opponent Faction contestants! In this corner, the youngest Koopaling makes use of being the most overshadowed to tend to his plants and spy on the others, Larry Koopa!

Larry hops out of one of the red pipes.

Larry: I hope Roy isn't nearby. I'm tired of getting shocked. Anyways, I'll take anyboy on!

Bombette: Too bad he didn't say "within reason" (not that it'd save them), as his opponent is the biggest bad guy in the video gaming world, the original, the devestating, King Bowser Koopa!

The other red pipe simply explodes and Bowser is standing where the pipe was when the dust settles.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha ha! Lucky you I've decided to grace your pathetic tournament with my presence! But I've been waiting over two years since I signed up!

SC: Winter holiday's coming up, and I'll try to update as often as I can. For now, though, it's prediction guy time!

Sparkz: Raichu...

SC: Oh come on, like I'm going to get six three times in a row! (rolls die) There, see? A three.

The green pipe rises and Lord Crump is spit from it.

Lord Crump: Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh huh! I see it's time for Lord Crump's CRUMP-O-BOMB Predictions! Zvarri! And I predict SC's going to tell me to get in the electric chair!

SC: ...Get in the chair.

Lord Crump: Ha! I am right! YAH!

The Red Glove Grabbers strap him in.

SC: (rapping) No need to worry, 'cause you know the deal. (normal) Now, Larry or Bowser? Your regular electricity level depends on it.

Lord Crump: Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh! That's so easy, even my awesome predicting skills aren't necessary! Bowser's the winner for sure! Zvarri!

SC: Stop saying that. Let's get this match underway! (rings bell)

Yoshi: Yoshi! (blows whistle)

Larry: Gotta act quick! Piranhas, come to me! (whistles)

Bombette: Three fairly large Piranha Plants have sprouted in front of Larry!

Larry: Attack, my beauties!

Bombette: The Piranha Plants are spitting fireballs at Bowser, but they don't seem to be doing anything!

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! Is that a breeze? You think I'm going to be stopped by those things? Let me show you a real Fireball!


Bombette: Bowser has coughed up three fireballs and burned the Piranha Plants to the ground!

Larry: NO! I spent weeks growing these guys!

Bowser: Bowser Stomp! RAWR!

Larry: WaaaAAAaaaaAAAAaaaa!

Bombette: And Bowser has done a ground pound and given Larry a good shake!

SC: (yawn) These battles are always so one sided, are they not? Roll the Random Event!

Bombette: The slots spin and we have... two, four, and four. For a sum of ten, so roll in the Chomps! Here they come down the aisles!


Larry: Oh you gotta be kidding me!

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! You think I'm scared of a little Chomp? I rode them all the time when I was kid! GAK! What the-?! A barbeque sauce-covered T-bone steak?

Yoshi: *angerly* Yoshi yoshi!

SC: Oh come on, I had to even the field. Everyone knows Chomps can't resist a good steak dinner with a side of Koopa!

Sparkz (laughing) Rai ai ai ai ai ai ai!

Bombette: And the Chomps drop into the pit!

Chain Chomps: ARF ARF ARF!!

Bowser: Bowser Stomp!

Larry: Yeow!

Chain Chomps: AAAAAaaaaarrrrrffff.....

Bombette: Amazing! Bowser's ground pound overturned and knocked the Chain Chomps out temporarily! And now he's... picking up the closest Chomp like it was a kickball?!

Bowser: Hey Larry! I think now's a good time for some father-son bonding! So let's play Catch! CATCH!! RWA!!

Larry: I don't wanna play! YIPE!!

Bombette: And Bowser has thrown the Chomp at Larry, and he barely manages to dodge by diving to the floor! And the big guy's picked up another one!

Bowser: Now now, son, that's not how you catch a ball! TRY AGAIN!! RWA!!

Larry: Let's get dangerous! I mean, sneaky! Hup!!

Bombette: Larry hops into the path of the flying Chomp and... disappears?! Isn't leaving the pit grounds for disqualification?

SC: Relax, my little pink friend. He's still in there.

Bombette: How can...? Oh, the Cell Shades! You're tracking him!

SC: Exactly. And he's still in pit boundries. The match is still on.

Bowser: (singsong) Oh Larry... Come out, come out wherever you are!

Bombette: Larry's still in play, but is nowhere in sight! And the Chomps are starting to recover and are righting themselves!

Chain Chomps: Arf... Arf arf... Arf arf arf...

Bowser: Alright, Larry, enough is enough! Come on out now or you'll getting the dungeon for a month! Three months!

Larry: If you say so! Telescope Slam!


Bowser: Ow-ser!

Bombette: Larry suddenly sprung out from behind one of the Chomps with an extended telescope and slammed his father over the head with it!

Larry: Whirling Fortress!

*sound of drilling*

Bowser: Owowowowowwow!

Bombette: Larry was still in the air after the telescope attack and now he's spinning his shell into Bowser's noggin! That has gotta hurt!

Bowser: Whirling Fortress!


Larry: Waaaaaa-!


Bombette: And Bowser has spun in his own shell and sent Larry flying into the wall!

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! You just can't koop the Koopa King- OW MY TAIL!

Chain Chomp: Arf arf!!

Bombette: One of the Chain Chomps bit Bowser's tail and he fell down!

SC: Since it's been a while since we had one, let's have us another Random Event!

Bombette: Even if there's no need, he'll still do them, folks! What will the slots say...? Four, three, and five, for a total of twelve! Now that I know we haven't had before.

SC: About time twelve came up, though. The pipes were starting to decay.

Bombette: Pipes decaying...? What's this? Openings in the pit walls are pouring out a strange green liquid-like substance! And... Pee-yeew! What's that's horrible smell?!

SC: A biting acid eating away at the pit floor. What else would it be?

Bombette, Bowser, Larry: ACID?!

Yoshi: WAAA?!

Bombette: The Chain Chomp holding Bowser reeled in pain from being hit with the acid and released his tail, and he's quickly getting up as the acid begins to cover the floor!

Bowser: Time to make for higher ground! Hup!

Larry: Gangway!

Bowser: Hey, get offa my head!

Bombette: Larry leaped up onto Bowser's head to get away the acid as Bowser hopped up on the quickly-dying Chain Chomp!

Larry: Not nearly far enough! I'm outta here!

Bowser: Ow! That was my eye, you brat!

Bombette: And Larry has leaped and grabbed the edge of the Battle Pit and is pulling himself out from it.

Yoshi: Yoshi! Yosh yoshi!

SC: Quite so, quite so. Larry left the pit, so he loses by default. And one more second and... pop!

Larry: What?! There were going to be platforms?!

SC: Better believe it mon. Guards! Drain the field, see what the infirmery can do about those Chomps, and get me some salami! I'm hungry!

Bombette: I now join Bowser as he's airlifted out of the Battle Pit. Tell me, sir King Koopa, do you want to be the announcer or referee for the first semifinal match?

Bowser: You! You're the stupid regenerating Bob-omb that blew up my castle!!

Bombette: Ref it is.

Bowser: No! I want to announce! That way I won't have to be in the same room as you during the next fight!

Bombette: I dunno...

Bowser: C'mon! I promise I won't bust up your little organization thing.

Bombette: SC, what do you think?

SC: Let him announce. We could use another perspective after so long.

Lord Crump: Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh! I am right once again!

Bombette: And that's all for the quarterfinals of the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament. Good night whoever's-watching and end transmission!

Lord Crump: Zvarri!

SC: I told you to stop saying that.

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl BowserFrame

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Waluigi vs. Yoshi

classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl YoshiFrame


Bowser: Bwa ha ha! Unwelcome, you all, to the Mushroom Bowl battle arena for the first ever Semifinal match! I'm Bowser, King of all Koopas and soon to be champion of this scrawny little ring! Your announcer tonight is that pathetic excuse for a Brit, Dicer.

SC: We had an agreement, ugly. You leave your bias against the Game Over out of this.

Bowser: Yeah yeah, whatever.

Two blue pipes rise out of the corner.

Bowser: Anyway, here're the Mushroom Kingdom's pathetic hopeful champions. In that corner over there is a guy that looks like he should be on my side, even though it won't do me an ounce of good, Waluigi.

Waluigi hops out of one of the blue pipes.

Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Waluigi is number one!

Bowser: And in that other corner thing, that stupid green donkey that doesn't feel bad about throwing its own unborn children, Yoshi.

Yoshi leaps out of the other blue pipe.

Yoshi: Waa?

SC: Now now, what did I say?

Bowser: To leave my bias against the Game Over out of the commentary. However, you said nothing about my bias towards the opponents.

SC: ...whatever. Let's see who will be Sparkz's next potental victim.

Sparkz: Raichu rai?

SC: I keep telling you, the die will say six only if it wants to. (rolls die) A three. Again.

The green pipe rises and Lord Crump pops.

Lord Crump: Zvarri! It's one again time for Lord Crump's CRUMP-O-BOMB Prediction Sho- (Red Glove Grabbers strap him in) Ow!

SC: Congrats, Crump, you get to be the first prediction guy of the semifinals, and if things turn out the way I hope, the first victim of Sparkz's Thunderbolt attack as well. Waluigi or Yoshi?

Lord Crump: Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh! Is it not obvious? Yoshi winning was a fluke! A chance in a thousand!

SC: Actually, an 11 on the Random Event Slots has a probably of 3/25, or twelve percent.

Lord Crump: Whatever! Doesn't change that Waluigi won his match with skill and cunning! My confidence is on him! Zvarri!

SC: Seriously, it's getting annoying. I'm hoping for Yoshi winning because then I won't have to listen to you anymore.

Sparkz: Raichu...

SC: Neither can Sparkz, apparently. Let's get this party started! (rings bell)

Dicer: (blows whistle)

Waluigi: Bob-omb Lob!

Bowser: The stick has opened by throwing a bomb. Real original.

Yoshi: Yup! *gulp*

Bowser: And the donkey snatched the bomb out of the air with its tounge and ate it, producing an egg. Whoopie.

SC: Step it up, pepper breath. This is a battle commentary, not a funeral procession.

Bowser: Then tell them to do something interesting. Sheesh.

Yoshi: Hup!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Yoshi: Wah!!

Bowser: And the donkey threw the egg at the stick, who knocked it back at the donkey and hit him in the nose. And it looks like that really hurt the donkey, since it just fell down. Uneventfully.

Waluigi: Bob-omb Ball! Ser-VICE!!


Yoshi: Waa! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Yoshi!

Bombette: How surprising. It got up just in time to dodge all those bombs the stick smacked his way.

SC: Look, if this is so dull, why don't I shake things up? Roll the Random Event Slots!

Bowser: And the ever-so-boring numbers are... one, four, and two.

SC: Which adds up to seven, so the first Random Event of the Semifinals is... this!

Waluigi: What the-?!

Yoshi: Waa?!

Bowser: Three giant dice tumble from gates in the wall into the battle pit and... stop. Hold on, now they're opening up! A Boo emerges from the 4 result, an X-Naut from the 5 result, and a Chargin' Chuck from the six result!

SC: Excitin' enough for ya now, Bowser-boy?

Boo: *cackles* Things are gonna get spooky now!

Waluigi: Back off, you-a stupid specter! Bob-omb Ball!

Boo: Outta Sight!


X-Naut: Ow! No fair, I didn't even do anything!

Bowser: The stick tried to hit the Boo with a Bob-omb, but it just turned transparent and blew away the X-Naut instead!

Boo: *cackles* Can't touch me!

Waluigi: Says-a you! Bob-omb Ball!


Boo: Owowowow! Forget Outta Sight, I'm outta here!

Bowser: Well whattaya know? The stick has brains! He turned away from the Boo and bounced the Bob-omb off the wall so it hit it while his back was turned, causing the Boo to disappear!

Waluigi: Not that that's-a settled, back to-a busi-


Waluigi: Owow! Mama mia!

Yoshi: Nonie nonie whoo hoo!

Bowser: Whoa! Where'd that giant egg come from!?

SC: Offhand I'd say a swallowed Chargin' Chuck.

Yoshi: Hup! Grrrrr!

Bowser: And Yoshi's curled up, turned himself into an egg, and has started rolling at high speed toward his opponent.

Waluigi: Uh oh! Racket Swing! Yaa!

Yoshi: Waa!


Yoshi: Owowowow...

Bowser: Amazing! Waluigi hit the wall with his racket, vaulting him over Yoshi, causing Yoshi to hit the wall instead!

Waluigi: Finishing move! Bob-omb Blitz!!


Yoshi and Waluigi: Waaaaaaaa!!

Bowser: Waluigi threw a ton of Bob-ombs at once and the massive explosion sent them both flying up into the air!


Bowser: ...And into the overhead display monitors. Hard.

SC: In the event that either of those two win the tournament, I'm taking the price of repairing those dents out of the prize money.

Bowser: And it looks like they're barely conscious and badly burned, but down and not out! They're both clinging to the bottom edges of the display monitors!


Yoshi: Waa! Yup!

Bowser: Yoshi's fingers slipped and he started to fall, but he used his tounge to grab the monitor!

Waluigi: The perfect opprotunity! Bob-omb Lob!


Yoshi: Waa! Owowowowowow... OOF!! Waaaa...

Bowser: And Waluigi threw a Bob-omb at Yoshi's tounge, causing him to drop back into the pit! And it looks like that's it!

Dicer: Match over! The winner is Waluigi!

Waluigi: As I-a always say, Waluigi is number one!

SC: Lakitus, get the winner down! And someone get me a soft pretzel! Watching battles makes me hungry.

Bowser: I now join Waluigi as the Game Over's Lakitu forces bring him down. Will you be the announcer or referee during the next match?

Waluigi: I-a already had my announcing time. I'll-a ref this-a time.

Bowser: Yeah yeah whatever. Anyways, thanks for joining us at for tonight's boringexiting Mushroom Bowl battle! This is Bowser Koopa, signing off! Now, how much am I getting paid to do this?

Lord Crump: My prediction was right! Let me outta the chair!

SC: Not until you stop saying Zvarri for no real reason.

Lord Crump: Never! It's a snazzly word! Zvarri!

SC: All right then, Mr. Atmey, you can just stay there until the next battle starts. And given my updating schedule, that'll be a few months. End trasnsmission.

Sparkz: Raichu!

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame

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as clothes for those who cannot see~

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2016 8:06 pm

Ludwig vs. Lemmy

classic Mushroom Bowl LudwigFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame

REFEREE: Waluigi

Bombette: Welcome back to the Mushroom Bowl for our battle tournament! ...Um, did we ever give the tournament a name besides "Mushroom Bowl Battle Tournament?"

SC: Not really, no.

Bombette: Um, OK. Our referee for tonight is the man who looks like Mr. Skinny in American McGee's Alice, Waluigi!

Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Waluigi is number one!

Bombette: And of course we also have our electric-chair-running Raichu of the Pokian Division, Sparkz, ready to shock poor predictors as always.

Sparkz: Raichu!

Two red pipes rise in the corners of the battle pit.

Bombette: And here are our Semi-Final Opponent Faction contenders! In this corner, Koopaling of ice and a circus freak to boot, Lemmy Koopa!

Lemmy pops out of one pipe, riding his ball.

Lemmy: Cool as ice and smooth as a glacial plain! That's me!

Bombette: And his opponent, every group of thugs needs a guy that can actually think, and for the Koopalings that's Ludwig von Koopa!

Ludwig hops out of the pipe but something is different about him.

Lemmy: Hey bro, what's with the blue helmet and matching tights?

Ludwig: I see you've noticed my new combat outfit. I decided to take inspiration from my favorite video game for this tournament, since I wanted something faintly original.

SC: Mega Man, I take it.

Ludwig: Mega Man original series, to be exact.

Lemmy: Why that game?

Ludwig: Because I'm all about technology, and vhat says technology better than robots trying to blow each other up?

SC: The way the world works these days... I'll allow it. Now for our prediction dice roll.

Bombette: I thought I should point out that you only roll one die.

SC: ...No one asked you. (rolls die) Lucky you, Sparkz. A 6 yet again.

Sparkz: (happy surprise) Raichu?!

A green pipe pops up and out pops Amazee Dayzee.

Amazee: Hello, all my wonderful fans~

Sparkz: (lovey-dovey) Raichu...

SC: What the-?! C'mon man, don't throw yourself before her, she's a pop idol, not a god. ...Oh don't start kissing her feet! Ew! You don't know where those have been! Ugh! Fanboys!

Amazee: My my, it's sweet to see you again, Sparkz~

Sparkz: (hearts in eyes) Raichu rai...

SC: If this keeps up, I'm gonna throw up. Get in the chair, prediction girl.

Sparkz: Rai! Raichu!

SC: Don't defend her, Sparkz! The predictor watches the match from the chair! No exceptions!

Sparkz: Raichu! Rai rai chu rai!

SC: Fine fine! I'm on a schedule here! Just this once I'll get her watch this not in a metal chair. But this is the only time, and if she predicts wrong you shock her whether you're a fanboy or not.

Sparkz: ...Chu. (nods)

SC: We're good then.

Amazee: Aww, it was so sweet of you to defend me like that, Sparkz~ (peck on cheek)

Sparkz: (swoons) Rai... (faints)

Bombette: ...OK, if the fanboy melodrama is all done down there, can we have the prediciton now?

SC: Yes yes, we have seriously digressed. Amazee, Lemmy or Ludwig?

Amazee: Oh Ludwig for sure! Especially with that powerful-looking suit of his! Although it's horribly out of style; helmets went out with the nineties. Tee hee~

SC: Ludwig then. Without further ado, let the party begin! (rings bell)

Waluigi: (blows whistle)

Ludwig: Let's start vith the basics! Mega Buster!

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Lemmy: Whoops! Missed me!

Bombette: Ludwig fired plasma shots at Lemmy with his arm cannon, but the clowny Koopaling danced around them on his ball!

Ludwig: Grr! Charge Shot!

Pow! Boom!

Lemmy: Ye- OW!

Boing! Smack!

Ludwig: OW!

Bombette: Ludwig fired a charged up plasma shot at Lemmy's ball, pulling it from under him, but the ball bounced off the wall and hit Ludwig in the face! That helmet should've been outfitted with eye guards.

SC: Sparkz would be laughing at that if he weren't out of it right now.

Amazee: Hee hee~ Such a silly Raichu~

Ludwig: Time to crank out the Master Veapons! Metal Blade!


Lemmy: YEOW! Watch it! You could hurt somebody!

Bombette: Ludwig's suit turned brown and started to fire saw blades at Lemmy, who is barely able to dodge without his ball!


Lemmy: What the-?!

Ludwig: Vhoa. Didn't see that coming.

Bombette: And one of the saw blades has just sliced off almost all of Lemmy's hair.

SC: He looks like a bald Iggy. Heh.

Bombette: Uh oh. Looks like Lemmy's boiling over. His face is turning all red.

Lemmy: Why you little...!

Ludwig: Vho are you calling "little"?


Ludwig: Ahh! Can't slip into shell in this suit! Atomic Fire!

Lemmy: NO FAIR!

Ludwig: All is fair in love and battle tournaments!

Bombette: In his anger, Lemmy sent a large wave of ice toward his opponent, but Ludwig managed to melt a hole in it and slip through!



Ludwig: Vhoa- oof!

Bombette: Lemmy started waving his wand around recklessly and throwing snowballs everywhere, one of which hit Ludwig in the face!

SC: Let's mix things up. GO, Random Event!

Bombette: And the reels are stopping on... five, three, and five. With a sum of thirteen, what's our new unlucky event? The hatches in the pit walls are opening and out comes...

mew mew mew mew mew

Lemmy: HUH?!

Ludwig: Vhat is the meaning of this?!

Bombette: A huge group of black cats?!

SC: What can I say? They were cheap down at the local shelter.

Ludwig: GAH! CATS!!

SC: What the...?!

Ludwig: Getavaygetavaygetavaygetavaygetavaygetavay!!

Bombette: And Ludwig, scared to death of the cats, ran up the pit wall and out of the pit, and the Mushroom Bowl.

Waluigi: Ring-a out! Lemmy is-a the winner!

SC: Ludwig is afraid of cats?!

Lemmy: Playful doesn't exactly leave a very fond childhood memory in her wake. And before you ask, I'm reffing next match.

Bombette: OK then, while we get Lemmy out of the cat pen down there, I suppose that's the end of another Mushroom Bowl battle.

SC: OK, all that's left is to shock the Dayzee and- hey, where's my shock victim? Where's my shocker?! Huh, a note...? "Dear SC, we have decided to go out on a date together, be back soon. Signed, Sparkz and Amazee." Ooh, just my luck. Like the guy with the cool new gimmick getting kicked out. End transmission...

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame

(Be sure to tune in tomorrow! Arguably the best match of the entire season's coming up next!)

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2016 1:13 pm

(I managed to find another place to put up the fights that I have more control over, but no reason to not continue posting. Especially for the best fight of the season.)

Wario vs. Daisy

classic Mushroom Bowl WarioFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl DaisyFrame


Bombette: Welcome, sports fans, to the penultimate semifinal of the Mushroom B-

SC: SPARKZ!! What is the meaning of this?!

Sparkz: Raichu raichu?

SC: Don't play dumb with me, young man! I needed you to give a semi-lethal dose of electricity to Amazee Dayzee after her prediction was wrong last match, and I found you ran off with her to go out on a date?!

Sparkz: Raichu! Raichu raichu!

SC: IT IS NOT LOVE!! I know love, and that is not it!!

Lemmy: They're gonna be at it for awhile. Just keep going, Bob-omb.

Bombette: Smart idea....

Two blue pipes rise in opposite corners of the Battle Pit.

Bombette: For those of you that can hear over the racket of our promoter and electric-chair runner, in this corner, the man with as questionable hygiene as you can get in an E10+ game, Wario!

Wario hops out of one pipe.

Wario: It's WARIO time!!

Bombette: And in the other, the mistress of Keyblade-weld sports equipment, Princess Daisy!

Daisy emerges from the other pipe.

Daisy: I'll show you the power of the tomboy!

Lemmy: ...That was a lame intro.

Bombette: And now for the promotor to roll the die to determine the prediction guy for this round.



Bombette: ...Lemmy, you do it.

Lemmy: Fine, if it'll get this over with quicker. *rolls die* The result is a 5. Who's the number 5 person?

A green pipe rises in front of the electric chair.

Bombette: According to this paper I have here, number 5 on the prediction die is our own military mind in the Marioverse, General Guy!

General Guy emerges from the green pipe.

General Guy: Ten hut! General Guy ready for prediction- Sir?

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

Bombette: The boss is currently unavailable at the moment, General Guy. Your prediction, please? Wario verses Daisy, who do you think will win?

General Guy: Hm... This will be a close one. Wario is an very experienced treasure hunter and combat fighter, as well as a brute powerhouse, while Daisy, while lacking in experience, is quick, nimble, and knows how to use those golf clubs. In addition, Wario won his previous match in this tournament due to a random event, while Daisy won through her own power. All things considered though, I'm going to go with Wario because he could probably break all of Daisy's equipment over his knee.

Bombette: Wario it is. And um, how about we just take you off the list without shocking you?

General Guy: Sounds good to me.

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

Lemmy: Not that I care, but they're going to spoil the match if they keep arguing.

Bombette: I'll handle this.

sssssssss... BOOOOM!!

SC: DEOW!! (cough cough) What the hell is wrong, Bombette?! Can't you see I'm trying to lecture Sparkz on how running away to date a pop idol is wrong?

Sparkz: (cough) Rai raichu...

Bombette: Yes, I know that's important, but you can't spend all day doing that. We have a Mushroom Bowl match today.

SC: Ah yes, I nearly forgot. Man I'm gonna hate having kids. So, get to announcing the fighters.

Bombette: We already did all the pre-match stuff. We just need you to ring the bell.

SC: (sigh) I suppose that's what I get for not paying attention. Again. Let's just go. (rings bell)

Lemmy: (blows whistle)

Wario: Earthshake Punch!


Daisy: Whoa- oof!

Bombette: Wario opened the match by punching the ground, creating a quick earthquake that caused Daisy to fall down!

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Not so fast! Racket Guard!


Bombette: Amazing! Wario tried to dash either into or over Daisy, but she raised a racket to shield herself! Now Wario's pushing on the racket, trying to get Daisy to loosen her grip!

Daisy: Watch your step! Golf Club Swing!


Wario: What the-?!


Daisy: Bat Swing!


Wario: Ow.


Bombette: Whoa! Daisy tripped Wario with a golf club, causing Wario to fall down, then Daisy hit him across the pit and into the wall with her baseball bat!

SC: Heh. Who knew she had it in her, knocking that tub of lard away?

Daisy: Had enough yet?

Wario: After what the dorky-looking fox said, no way! Earthshake Punch!

Daisy: Jump!


Wario: Dangit!

Bombette: Wario tried to shake the ground again, but Daisy managed to jump and avoid it!

Daisy: Ariel Strike!


Wario: Ow! How dare you hit the great WARIO!

Bombette: Daisy turned her leap into an attack and hit Wario several times with the bat!

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Oof!

Bombette: And Wario took advantage of Daisy being busy landing to ram her to the ground!

Wario: Grab!

Daisy: Hey, unhand me, you brute!

Wario: Thanks for the compliment! Mega Toss!

Daisy: WaAAAaaaaAAAaaaa-


Daisy: Oh dear... everything hurts...

Bombette: Wario grabbed Daisy off the ground and threw her hard into the wall! That has gotta hurt, folks!

General Guy: By my calcuations, admir- sir, this is the longest you've gone since the start of a match without starting a Random Event.

SC: Well now that the author's out of college, I think he has more time to do some interesting writing. No more "scared of cats" copout, I think.

General Guy: ...Huh?

SC: I don't have to. This is entrtainment enough.

General Guy: Ah.

Wario: How's about you give up now before WARIO has to start putting effort into it?

Daisy: Grr... Firaga!



Bombette: Mama mia, Daisy just threw a large blast of fire from her bat and hit Wario! But it doesn't seem to be doing any damage, just seems to be causing him to run around the pit with his clothes on fire.

Daisy: Hey watch it, you almost ran me over!


Daisy: Why don't you chill?! Bizzarga!


Wario: Waa! WARIO hates when that happens.

Bombette: Daisy threw an ice attack at Wario, which deep-froze him and slid him across the pit, but he only broke out, fire extinquished, when he hit the pit wall! And amazingly, neither of those attacks seems to have done any actual damage to the portly plumber!

SC: OK, now I think I'll have a Random Event just on principle. Go!

Bombette: And there go the slots and the result is... One, three, and three! That adds up to seven, which is the rolling dice spawning enemies I believe.

Wario: Whoa!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!

Bombette: Both contestants dodge the large dice as they land and they open up! An X-Naut from the 5 and a Chargin' Chuck from the 6, that much we know, but from the 2 emerges an ordinary Koopa Troopa.

Koopa: Hey, what am I doing here? I was sitting at home and watching my favorite wrestling match on TV. Today is between this strong fat guy and this small quick girl in an orange dress-

Wario: Stomp!

Koopa: OW! Hey I need that shell!

Wario: WARIO needs it more! Grab! Mega Toss!!

Koopa: OW! *poof*

X-Naut: Ouch! I didn't get to do anything again!


Chargin' Chuck: Barely a breeze across the field.

Bombette: Wario stomped on the Koopa, expelling it from its shell, then picked up the shell and threw it, taking out the Koopa and the X-Naut, but it dinged against and disappeared when it hit the Chargin' Chuck!

Wario: So you think you're tougher than WARIO, pugsy?!

Chargin' Chuck: I'm not sure what that insult meant, but yeah I think I do.

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Strike Raid!

Wario: OW! No fair, attacking WARIO like that!

Bombette: Wario tried to attack the Chargin' Chuck, but Daisy threw her golf club like a boomerang and hit him while he was charging!

Chargin' Chuck: Hike!


Wario: Ow!

Bombette: The Chargin' Chuck has hit Wario in the head with a football.

Wario: WARIO's had it, you pugsies! Wario Bike!!


Chargin' Chuck: Ooh! *poof*

Daisy: Wha-aaa!

Wario: Ha ha! That's now it's done, WARIO style!

Bombette: Astonding! Wario pulled his motorbike out of thin air and ran over Daisy and the Chargin' Chuck with it, causing the Chargin' Chuck to disappear while Daisy's peeling herself off the floor!


Wario: Waa! No fair!

Bombette: And he just crashed into the pit wall, destroying the motorbike in the process. Daisy's looking pretty warn down though...

Daisy: Cure!

Bombette: Daisy used her golf club to cast a spell that healed some of her injuries! She's getting back up!

Wario: Stay down, before WARIO has to give you some more of his medicine! Wario Dash!

Daisy: Stopra!

Wario: Huh?! Why isn't WARIO moving?!

Daisy: Ars Arcanum!


Wario: Whaaaa!

Bombette: Wow! Daisy used magic to freeze Wario in his tracks, then sent him flying with a strong combo attack!

Wario: You won't deter WARIO so easily! Mega Toss! Mega Toss! Mega Toss!

Daisy: Whoa! Guard! Guard! Guard!

Bombette: Look at this, folks! Wario is grabbing pieces of his broken motorcycle and throwing them at Daisy at great speed! However, she's managing to block every one of his shots with either the golf club or bat!

Wario: Mega Toss! Mega Toss! Mega Toss! MEGA TOSS!

Daisy: Guard! Guard! Guard! Gua- ow! My arm!

Wario: Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Except for that last one.

Wario: Earthshake Punch!


Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Whoa- ouch!!


Bombette: Wario took advantage of Daisy being injured to shake up her balance and bowl her over with a dash attack!

SC: Man, I'm starting to think this is the longest match on record. But let's have a Random Event anyways. Go, Random Event Slots!

Bombette: And the results are... One! One! Four! The sum is six, and that means... I don't know what that means.

SC: I'll tell you what it means. It means the return of a popular classic.

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Bombette: I was wondering why you didn't get rid of the Chain Chomps.

Daisy: Whoa oh!

Wario: Mamamia, not again!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf ARF ARF!!

Wario: I'm-a not goin' through this again! Earthshake Punch!


Daisy: Wa- oof!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf...

Bombette: Whoa! Wario's earthquaking punch stunned all the Chain Chomps!

Wario: Now it's WARIO time! Grab! Wild-Swing-Ding!!

whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-and so on and so forth...

Chain Chomps: Arf!! Arf!! Arf!! Arf!!

Bombette: Astounding, folks! Wario grabbed the closest Chomp by the chain and started swinging it around like a huge hammer! And it's knocking the other stunned Chomps it hits out of the pit-

Audience: YEEEEEEEK!!!

Bombette: ...and into the audience. Great. That'll help attendance.

Wario: Get outta here!!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Chain Chomp: Arf arf aaaaaaaarf...

Wario: What were you doing dodging WARIO's shot, you pansy?!

Daisy: If I can't win, fatso, I'd at least like to survive.

Bombette: Wario flung the Chomp at Daisy, but she managed to sumersault out of the way, resulting in the Chomp slamming and embedding itself the wall!

SC: Hey Wario, you're paying for the damages!

Wario: Don't-a be silly! WARIO pays for no man!

Daisy: Pay THIS! Home Run!


Wario: Waa- oof!

Bombette: Daisy made use of the distraction to bat Wario into the wall!

Wario: Grab! Mega Toss!


Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Bombette: Wario had landed next to the embedded Chain Chomp, which he grabbed by the chain and threw at Daisy, but she managed to dodge it again! It bounced off the other wall, leaving a deep dent, and landed on the pit ground.

Daisy: No way a fat idiot like you could possibly beat agile little me! Hee hee~

Wario: Grr... Enough! Time for my ultimate attack! I've been saving it up for just this sort of moment!

SC: Oh no! He's gonna do it!!

Wario: Wario Waft!



Lemmy: Ye DAD, I can't breathe!

SC: The horror, the horror! This four odor, it cannot be human!

Bombette: (cough cough) PW, Wario just cut one huge cheese and filled the Bowl with a (cough) noxious green cloud! (cough) It's pretty hard to see, folks-that-are-still-conscious! (cough cough) Wario seems to be unaffected, but what happened to Daisy?!

Wario: (deep sniff) Ah, the sweet scent of me. Wha ha ha!

Daisy: Trinity Limit!

Wario: WHAT THE-?!


Wario: Oof... War... Ee... Oh that hurt... Oof.

Lemmy: Match over! Daisy wins!

Bombette: Amazing! I'm not sure what happened, but Daisy somehow managed to stay conscious and throw one really powerful attack that finally managed to K. O. Wario! And it seems like it blew away all of Wario's flatuence as well. An astonding victory to be sure, and certainly unexpected! Congradulations, Daisy! Do you want to be the referee or the announcer for the next match?

Daisy: I sorta liked being the referee. I'll do that again.

Bombette: And that's all for tonight's astonding Mushroom Bowl battle! End trans-


Sparkz: RAI RAICHU!!

General Guy: A good soldier knows when it's time to retreat, and Admiral, this is that time!


Bombette: Er... end trasnsmission!

Sparkz: Raiiiiii... CHUUUUUUUUUU!!

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl DaisyFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2016 6:39 am

Roy vs. Bowser

classic Mushroom Bowl RoyFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl BowserFrame


Bombette: It's that time again... It's Mushroom Bowl battle time! And already we've come to the last of the Semifinal matches!

SC: This season has really overstayed its welcome. Let's see if we can't get this over with quickly.

Bombette: And our referee for tonight, the princess of sports-equipment-pain, Princess Daisy!

Daisy: And you know it!

Two red pipes rise in the corners of the Mushroom Bowl pit.

Bombette: And now, the Opponent Faction contenders! In this corner, the master of the sky with a head as thick as the crust of the Earth, Roy Koopa!

Roy bursts from one of the red pipes, cracking it.

Roy: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Roy is in the house! Ladies, get in line!

Bombette: Looks like Roy's feeling confident, but will that change when his opponent makes his entrance? Introducing, Mr. Video Game Villain himself, King Bowser Koopaaaaaaa!!

Bowser bursts from the other red pipe, obliterating it.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha! I fight last because that's what you save the best for!

SC: Great; the brainless match-up.

Bombette: Well, it really does seem to be a contest a brute force out there.

SC: And up here, it's a contest of seeing the ever-fluxing future. Sparkz, wanna see who's gonna get it next?

Sparkz: Rai raichu!

SC: Alrighty, here's our next prediction guy! (rolls die) SIX?!

Sparkz: (hearts in eyes) Raichu?!

The green pipe rises and out pops Amazee Dayzee.

Amazee: Hello, my adoring public! Tee hee~

Sparkz: Raichu... (thud)

SC: Oh show some dignity, you spineless mouse! You're supposed to be bowing to me!

Amazee: (petting Sparkz) Oh don't be such a sourpuss, SC. If he wants to grovel, let him~

Sparkz: (somehow... purring?!)

SC: You emotion-manipulating little... Gah! I don't need this after my break-up! You're here to predict, so predict! Roy or Bowser?

Amazee: Oh that's almost too easy, tee hee~ Bowser's such a big strong brute, there's no way Roy stands a chance! He's gonna get creamed~

Roy: Hey just so ya know, I hit girls!

Bowser: I taught you better than that! You're supposed to hit both! Unless it's your mother. In which case you're not supposed to hit her because she'll just tell me how bad a father I am, and I don't like it when she talks to me that way!

SC: Look, let's just get this done before the fanboyism of the room hits critical mass. Get to it!! (rings bell)

Daisy: (blows whistle)

Bowser: Roy, I am your father!

Roy: Oh gee how amazing, I only knew that my entire freakin' life!! Roy Tackle!

Bowser: Whirling Fortress!


Roy: Oof!

Bombette: Roy charged at Bowser, but Bowser spun in his shell and threw Roy to the floor!

Bowser: Bowser Stomp!


Roy: GAK!!

Bombette: Oh, that's gotta hurt! Bowser just butt-bombed Roy! Could this be over already?!

Bowser: Gra ha! Too easy!

Roy: Oh... yeah...? Whirling Fortress...!


Bowser: Graaaaaaaaaa!?


Bowser: Ow.

Bombette: Incredible! Roy spun in his shell and sent Bowser spinning headfirst into the wall! But wait! Bowser's getting up pretty quickly!

Bowser: There are times when I like having a hard head.

Roy: Roy Slash!


Bowser: ......Bowser Swipe!


Roy: Gaack!

Bombette: Roy tried to scratch Bowser, but his hard hide prevented him from taking damage, and Bowser countered with a similar move. Ooh, those cuts look nasty!

Bowser: Bowser Stomp!



Bombette: And yet another butt-slam from Bowser! And this time he's getting off quickly!

Bowser: Flamethrower!



Bombette: Oh the Koopanity! Bowser is drowning Roy in his flame breath! And now he's... lifting him into the air?!

Bowser: I've had a rotten day, I have a rotten job, and I'm in a rotton mood! So I'm gonna end this rotten match right now! Bowser Toss!




Bombette: And there goes a well-broiled Roy, sailing clear out of the Mushroom Bowl!

Daisy: Ring out! Bowser wins!

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha! And that's how you win pit battles!

Bombette: Congratulations, Bowser, you're our fourth Finalist! Do you want to be the announcer or referee for the Mushroom Division Final?

Bowser: Eh, I'll ref.

Bombette: ...um...

Bowser: Oh relax, no one likes seeing two idiots trying to hurt each other as much as me.

SC: Whadda know. Amazee actually got a prediction right! Who could've predicted that?

Amazee: I knew I would get right. Didn't you, Sparkz~ Tee hee~

Sparkz: ♥_♥ Raichu...

SC: Due, you're hitting "love trance" here! Snap out of it already!

Amazee: It's too late; he's mine now. And he'd love to move in with me and be my opening act before every one of my shows and be able to constantly adore me, now wouldn't he~

Sparkz: ♥_♥ Raichu...

SC: WHAT?! I will not stand for this! As leader of the Game Over, I will not allow you to Shanghai one of my officers!

Amazee: Oh Sparkzie-poo, he doesn't want us to be together. If you love me, you'd shock him so he can't stop us~

SC: Hold on! Sparkz won't shock me, it's against protocol-

Sparkz: Raiiiii... CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!


Bombette: SC!

Daisy: Oh dear!

Bowser: Even I thought that was low!

Amazee: Come, let's go home my little love pet~

Sparkz: ♥_♥ Raichu...

Bombette: ...Well?! Isn't someone gonna stop them?!

Bowser: You kidding? Electricity is one of the few things that can pierce this shell! I'm not getting within ten feet of that rodent!

Daisy: Same here!

Bombette: Oh when SC wakes up, he will be furious... Um, thanks for joining us here at the Mushroom Bowl. Next time you see us, if at all, will be the finals round. End transmission. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go assemble the troops.

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl BowserFrame

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as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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Veteran RPer

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classic Mushroom Bowl Empty
PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2016 2:44 pm

(Sorry for all the delays! All the Thanksgiving prep has been very distracting this week.)

Daisy vs. Waluigi

classic Mushroom Bowl DaisyFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame


Bombette: Where is he?! We're not supposed to start a match without him! He's the one that rolls the prediction die!

666: Amazee and Corporal Sparkz have gone AWOL, and the boss is persuing them! We cannot contact him in case he's undercover!

Bombette: Well then what are we supposed to do?

666: I'll substitute for the boss until he returns, major. You just make sure this match runs as smooth as the army!

Bombette: All right, sir... *sigh* I can only hope things will work out well enough...


Bombette: Welcome, brawl fans, to the first of the two final matches of the first season of the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament! Our referee for tonight's match is the King of Dark Land and the arch-enemy of Mario, Bowser!

Bowser: Grah ha ha! I'm feelin' pumped! So pumped I'm surprised I'm not even fighting!

Bombette: Sadly, due to circumstances controlled only by a psycho manipulative flower, SC could not attend tonight's match. Shame, as for the last three matches, the field of battle is going to be a little different...


Audience: *various murmurs of surprise*

Bowser: What the-!

Bombette: That's right, folks! For the finals, the Battle Pit will instead be... the Battle Ring! Custom-fit with red and blue wrestling boundry ropes!

Bowser: I wouldn't say that's awesome, per se, but I will say that's pretty cool.

Blue pipes rise in opposite corners of the ring.

Bombette: Here are tonight's Mushroom Faction contenders! In this corner, the sports enthusiast with Kingdom Hearts on the brain, Princess Daisy!

Daisy pops out of one of the blue pipes.

Daisy: Oh yeah! I'm gonna win!

Bombette: And her opponent, the evil twin whose lameness was surpassed only by Shadow the Hedgehog, Waluigi!

Waluigi emerged from the other pipe, and both retract.

Waluigi: Wha ha ha ha! It's Waluigi time!

Wario: Hey, that's-a my line! That'll-a cost you ten bucks!

Waluigi: But I'm-a your brother!

Wario: Now ask if I-a care.

Bombette: Substatuting for the boss while he's out despensing villain justice, our Mushroomian Division Head, 666 the Fire Brother, will roll the prediction die.

666: Ten-hut! Forwaaaaaaard, ROLL! (rolls die) Result is one, major! Now reporting for duty... Mr. Game & Watch!

The green pipe rises and out pops Mr. Game & Watch.

MG&W: Beep beep beep!

Bombette: Great, and I thought we had enough problems with Petey and language.

666: Not a problem, major. During my extensive military training, I learned at least twenty different languages from around the multiverse.

Bombette: Is Game & Watch one of them?

666: The language is called Bleepbloop, and you will refer to it as such. (turns to MG&W) Now, private, Princess Daisy and Waluigi are about to go into hand-to-hand combat. Who will be the victor?

MG&W: Beeeeeeep... beep beep bloop, beepbeepbeep, bzzzzzzzzt! Bip bip bip!

666: He believes it will be Princess Daisy, major, on account of her combat prowess that she has shown throughout the tournament due to winning against Donkey Kong and Wario, two of the strongest contenders.

Bombette: All right then. Sir, if you would be so kind...

Bowser: Will you stop with the formalities and start the dang match already?! I've got a kingdom to run over here!

Bombette: I was going to ask him to ring the bell so that the match can start.

666: Gladly, major! Contestants! CHARGE! (rings bell)

Bowser: Finally! (blows whistle)

Waluigi: Bob-omb Throw! Wah!

Daisy: Counter!


Waluigi: WAH!!

Bombette: Waluigi opened by throwing a Bob-omb, but that blew up in his face last time he used that move and it did again once Daisy batted it back.

Waluigi: Grr! Bob-omb Barrage!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Daisy: Whoa!

Waluigi: Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Waluigi threw a stream of Bob-ombs at Daisy. She tried to roll away, but got caught in the blast anyway!

Waluigi: How you likin' this?! Bob-omb Ball!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Coun-!


Daisy: WAH!

666: Fifteen-love.

Daisy: Time to get up close! Sonic Blade!

Waluigi: WAH! Bob-omb Trail!

Daisy: What the-?!


Daisy: Ow...

Waluigi: Ah ha ha! Can't hit me!

Bombette: Waluigi seems to be gaining the edge quickly here! Daisy rushed at him, but Waluigi ran along the ropes, leaving a few Bob-ombs in his wake to hit Daisy!

Daisy: You're really starting to annoy me!

Waluigi: That-a, my dear, is-a the point! Bob-omb Barrage!

Daisy: Aerora!


Bombette: Waluigi threw more Bob-ombs, but Daisy managed to greatly lower the damage with a cushion of air!

Daisy: I won't go down that easy!

Waluigi: The hard way it is then!

666: Attention, contestants! Incoming Random Event! Begin slots!

Bombette: And there go the Random Event Slots! The results: four; two; one, which sums up to seven! This round is the first one with a random event lineup that includes weather effects, and as for now... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow all over the Battle Ring!

Bowser: Snow?! That's the best you guys could come up with?!

Waluigi: Mama mia, who changed the thermostat?

Daisy: Bizzarga!

Waluigi: Wah-!


Waluigi: ...!

Bombette: My goodness! Daisy's ice attack got boosted by the snowfall! She froze her opponent solid!

Daisy: Let's try this again. Sonic Blade!

Waluigi: ...!!



Bombette: Oh that HAD to hurt ladies and gents! Daisy just apparently blasted right through Waluigi with her baseball bat, shattering the ice in the process!

Daisy: Follow Up!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Throw!


Daisy: Oof!

Waluigi: Waa!

Bombette: Daisy tried to hit Waluigi while he was down, but he threw a Bob-omb and blasted them apart from each other!

Waluigi: Huff... I-a said... I won't-a don't down so easily...

Daisy: Puff... Well... me neither...

Waluigi: I'll-a end this now and-a save us both-a the trouble! Bob-omb Blitz!

Daisy: ...Aw shoot.


Daisy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....

Bowser: Ring out! Waloser wins!

Bombette: ...Well that ended rather suddenly. And anticlimatically.

666: Without a doubt, major, without a doubt.

MG&W: Beep beep beep.

Bombette: Um, without Sparkz, how are going to punish the prediction guy?

666: Not a problem, major. I took the liberty of arranging that before the match. Observe.



Bombette: Nitro crates?!

666: That'll be all from the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament today. De-smissed! ...Uh, that's "end transmission" in military talk.

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl WaluigiFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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PostSubject: Re: classic Mushroom Bowl   classic Mushroom Bowl Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 3:15 am

(Last of the text ones! Now I just have to figure out how I want to do the finale...)

Lemmy vs. Bowser

classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame VS classic Mushroom Bowl BowserFrame


Bombette: Welcome back to the second Final round of the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament! Our referee for tonight is the Boomerang Bro. from Britain, Dicer!

Dicer: Pip-pip and tally-ho, gents! Let's keep it clean!

Bombette: Sadly, our host, SC, is still out looking for Amazee and Sparkz, and due to various reasons we don't know if he's even still alive. Although I'd wager he is, given one of the many creeds he lives by is "die very very hard." In his continued absence, the fire-breathing leader of the Game Over's Mushroomian forces, 666 the Fire Bro., will substitute.

666: Ten-hut! Contestants, report to the battle arena, ten-four!

Two red pipes rise in opposite corners of the wrestling-ring-like Battle Arena.

Bombette: Which two turtles have the title of Opponent Faction Champion a Koopa shell's throw away? On one side, the prince who sates his subjects with ice and circuses, the surprisingly chilling Lemmy Koopa!

Lemmy emerges from one of the red pipes.

Lemmy: Feelin' ice now, baby! Ha ha!

Bombette: And on the other side, a brute with the sheer strength and willpower to survive being hurtled into the center of the universe, the firey-tempered King Bowser!

Bowser bursts from his pipe in an explosion, like all the other times.

Bowser: Let's not mince words! It's pounding time!

666: Attention, troops! Now rolling prediction die! *rolls die* We have a 5!

A green pipe rises in front of the announcer's booth.

Bombette: And according to this list here, a 5 on the prediction die means that our predictor is... a Bumpty.

A Bumpty (small penguin-like creature) emerges from the green pipe.

Bumpty: ...Hey, I'm on TV! Hi, Ma!

The Red Glove Grabbers strap the Bumpty to the electric chair.

666: Time for you to talk, private! Who would win in hand-to-hand combat, Lemmy or Bowser?! Speak!

Bumpty: Hey hey hey, chill out, man! What's the deal with the questions? Sure, Bowser would probably win, but what does that have to do with anything?

666: The private chose Bowser, major!

Bumpty: Hey wait, what?

Bombette: Alright then, we have the contestants, we have the prediction, so if you would please start us off, sir?

Bumpty: Will someone tell me what's going on?!

666: Contestants, ready! Preseeeeeeent... arms! *rings bell*

Dicer: *blows whistle*

Bowser: Fireball!


Lemmy: Whoop! Missed me! Snowball!


Bowser: Fireball!


Bombette: Talk about accurate countering. Bowser melted the snowball by hitting it with a fireball!

Bowser: Sliding Punch!

Lemmy: Yipes!

Bowser: Flamethrower!


Bombette: Lemmy dodged Bowser's moving punch only to immediately get hit by Bowser's fire breath!

Lemmy: Bouncy Balls!


Bowser: ...

Lemmy: ...Oh yeah, this isn't a pit anymore...

Bowser: Sliding Punch!


Bombette: Lemmy released small bouncing balls from his wand, but they bounced out of the ring, allowing Bowser to hit him while he was distracted!

666: I say enough is enough! Activate Random Event!

Bombette: And the results are... five, two, and one! That adds up to eight, meaning...


Bowser: Ow! What the- Question Blocks?

Bombette: Three of 'em!

Lemmy: Alright, let's see what I get!


Lemmy: ...Is this some sort of joke! I am not wearing a penguin suit!

Bowser: Ah ha! A Fire Flower! Down the hatch!


Bowser: ...WHOOOOOOO!! I can feel it! I can feel it burning with victory!

Bombette: Bowser just ate the Fire Flower he got from one of the blocks! Lord knows what that'll due to his firepower!

Bowser: Throw!


Lemmy: Yeowch!

Bombette: ...And he throws the brown block at Lemmy.

Lemmy: I call for a mistrial, er misbattle! This is completely unfair!

666: Gonna keep whinin', private?! Then how's about I just go and even the odds for ya!


Bowser: Ow! Who keeps throwing these steaks at me?!

Bombette: ...what.

666: That was what the boss did when he wanted to even the playing field last time, major.

Bombette: But ravenous Chain Chomps were being poured into the pit. That justified it.

Lemmy: Ice Ball!


Bowser: Ow! That hurt!

Bombette: Huh? Oh, Lemmy made use of the distraction my superior and I made by arguing.

Bowser: Grr! Let's heat things up! Super Flamethrower!

Lemmy: Ice Beam!


Bombette: They're really putting the pressure on each other, folks! Fire and ice flying! If either one of them falters, it's really gonna hurt!

Bumpty: I still don't know what the hell's going on!

Lemmy: Snowball!

Bowser: Ow-!


Bowser: ...

Bombette: What an upset! Lemmy threw a snowball at Bowser's head, cutting off Bowser's fire breath and causing the King Koopa to freeze solid!

Lemmy: Now, before he breaks out! Ice Pillar!


Bombette: Lemmy stuck his wand in the ground and... whoa! A giant pillar of ice burst from beneath Bowser and launched him up... up... now he's coming down... down... right into the-


Audience: EEEEEEEEK!!

Bombette: ...audience...

Dicer: That's a ring out if I ever saw one! Lemmy wins!

Bombette: Who ever thought that Lemmy would ever be the underdog? Nevertheless, by defeating his father, he has become the Opponent Faction Champion and will take on Waluigi in next time's Grand Championship battle! Until then, this is Bombette, signing off! End trans-


Bumpty: Sweet stars, it burns!!

Bombette: ...mission.

Bowser: (dizzy) Anyone get the license number of that Fawful Express...? Oooooogh...


Meanwhile, in a world not quite outside of yonder...

SC: (looks up a large fancy apartment building) Finally. After much much trekkin', I've tracked you down, Amazee. Watch yourself, 'cause I'm comin' for ya... and I'm taking Sparkz back with me!

This game's winner is...
classic Mushroom Bowl LemmyFrame

~Nothing fits so perfectly
as clothes for those who cannot see~

-"Nothing's Too Good for You"

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classic Mushroom Bowl
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