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 Strange Dream with a twist of reality

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Orinda Tarsa
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Strange Dream with a twist of reality Empty
PostStrange Dream with a twist of reality

I had one of those "at work" kind of dreams where everything started off normal but slowly but surely the surroundings turned completely different like an abandoned building or haunted house and it even began to affect the outside world. Also, my co-workers and bosses began to turn from human into monsters that were so bizarre and messed up that I can't describe it. Some reason I bought my N64 and games with me to work too. There was a point where I just didn't want to be there at all, I felt like I was in a world I couldn't recognize anymore and that I was the only one who hadn't changed while everything else drastically did. The last I saw of all the "people" I once worked with, a small green insect came flying in and he slowly became an enormous flying beast, a rather cartoony one and made of clay it seemed, with big white and red eyes. People at my work kept trying to swat and exterminate him until he proved he could talk and said that he was here to save somebody in particular and get them "away from here". My initial attempt to run away, I ran out of the building and ran down the street from where I worked and everything around me was like a fractured haunted house full of ghosts and bizarre demons in a bright and foggy bright light. I was terrified and when I came back down the street to find the building I worked in, which seemed to now not exist and the world around it had now drastically changed once again. I entered a building with an old broken down door and came across old skeletons lying in the dirt and the entire place had an eerie sense of death to it. It felt like nothing of the world remained until I came across some old wooden steps embedded in the dirt ground and I appeared to be outside again. I then saw the green monster again with a human owner who had a long grey beard. I told them about where I had been and the people I was working with before that had turned into monsters and they acted like it never existed and seemed like they had never ever heard of such things. They recruited me as one of their "scare tactics" and we went on a bus and scared people in a real life world type of scenario but that "real life" felt like it was in a sense just a dream or simply a scenario. After we did two scare scenarios on the bus, I was back at the wooden steps and ran into a talking raccoon that seemed to be aware of the green monster and the grey bearded figure and even knew them and then I woke up.

Thoughts? I think it was a confirmation of how I feel about my job. I honestly feel that the place has changed for the bad with its policies into a place that I don't recognize from when I got there two years ago, though I'm not sure why my co-workers eventually became monsters.

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Strange Dream with a twist of reality :: Comments

Re: Strange Dream with a twist of reality
Post on Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:53 pm  DragonessDessie
The bearded man is someone who cares about you and is trying to protect you. The green creature and the raccoon are close friends who keep encouraging you to get away from this job that is causing you stress.
Re: Strange Dream with a twist of reality
Post on Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:40 am  annabelle56
How late into the dream did the raccoon enter? I sense that the bearded man isn't a friend of either the raccoon or the green creature, he seems more of a mentor to you.

Strange Dream with a twist of reality

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