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Remembrance  Empty

Eight years ago yesterday, my big sister Heather was taken away from this world unfairly. We're still trying to catch that other guy that had a hand in murdering you sis.

You're missed every day. We love you. You would of been 33 this past November.

Remembrance  -ice-age-32561449
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Remembrance :: Comments

Orinda Tarsa
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:49 pm  Orinda Tarsa
Miss you every day Heather babe, see you when its our time.
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:40 pm  annabelle56
Remembers when she helped me get Black Sands Pride back up and rolling.. such a sweet girl, you are missed Heather hun...
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:26 pm  HeavenKoopa-Dragon
She'd always show me the newest poem she wrote. Always knew it was a good one when she'd say "Whatcha think, kiddo?"

Miss my 'mum', we're all doing fine on earth so don't worry about us so much.
Re: Remembrance
Post on Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:59 pm  xHellzBellzx
lolz remember long ago in excite vp me and bro Hellfyre would be lighting our tails on fire and she'd just shake her head. miss u Grandma Heather u were one of a kind.
Pookie Von Koopa
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:05 am  Pookie Von Koopa
Remembers Heather and I would have those chat girl nights out! We had so much fun sister Heather, you are badly missed! Love you so much!
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:10 am  FireKoopa
Ya mom is doing good now Heather, don't worry about her. Nick and her have now found each other but I know you were there in the room with us so you already knew that.

Yep you'd call me a dork too lol Miss you every day kiddo.
Orinda Tarsa
Re: Remembrance
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:53 am  Orinda Tarsa
Thank you for your words the other night Heather. Know that you are very proud of me, Kali and your fam, love you always hon.
Re: Remembrance
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