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 The Three Kings

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PostSubject: The Three Kings   The Three Kings Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2015 5:29 am

Nope, it's not what you think. Despite the title, I am not talking about the "Three Kings" as such but I am talking about three very different kings. They are in fact Bowser, Dedede and K. Rool. The three Nintendo kings who have have introduced and made their style of villainy quite fun and interesting. 

Unlike most villains such as Ganon(dorf), these three seem to show some form of goodness and have their moments. I do not know too much about Dedede but from what I have seen, he shares the same qualities as Bowser and K. Rool.

They all have castles, which they reside and all have their own group of minions what are loyal to them and who worship them. 

Bowser is the only one who seems to have a family as neither K. Rool or Dedede have been shown to have families. 

The cartoon version of K. Rool seems to be better than the game version as I've not actually seen much development in the game version of him other than his "Super Show" style aliases. His henchman Klump and Krusha in the cartoon seem pretty cool also and do not seem intent on hurting anyone.

In contrast, the game version of Bowser is better than the cartoon version of King Koopa who is portrayed as a mean, Scrooge like bully who only cares about himself who at one point said "forget the kingdom, I just want to save my own scaly skin". Bowser on the other hand would never say or do something like that.

I still have to research Dedede more as I have not played enough of Kirby or seen the anime/cartoon to make much decisions on him. Seen a few Wiki articles though.

All in all, I can imagine these three teaming up in a Smash-like game whenever K. Rool is brought back and ganging up on their enemies.

Speaking of their enemies, who are the supposed "heroes", it does seem that they do cause a lot more damage and destruction than the villains do. Mario, Kirby and DK have all caused lots of death and mayhem along their so-called adventures. 

The three kings all deserve to have more recognition and have more of their own games.
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The Three Kings
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