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 Koopas and Kremlings

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PostSubject: Koopas and Kremlings   Koopas and Kremlings Icon_minitimeFri Dec 18, 2015 3:38 pm

I don't particularly like crossovers much and like to show characters from different franchises in their own respective universes. However I have been thinking and have thought of the connections between two of my favourite gaming species, koopas and kremlings.

Now as you probably know, I have always considered the DKC franchise to be more of a Rare franchise than Nintendo despite DK's origins. And I am very disappointed at the treatment of the DKC franchise post-Rare and the absence of the kremlings.

Anyway, another species what I love and one of the earliest fandoms I got into is that of koopas. Not Mario but just koopas.

I had thought of a Koopa/Kremling based crossover a few times. I do think they may or may not be based on the same planet although a long way from each other. Probably about the same distance between the UK and Australia roughly with a large ocean separating them.

Culturally, koopas and kremlings are very similar. The fact that both of their species begin with K is just one. The use of K instead of C at the start of words is more prominent with the kremlings with it being used in various things such as the kremling breeds themselves, place names and various weaponry.

Koopas also have a wide range of weapons, although probably not as effective as the kremlings.

Koopas and kremlings are both reptiles while Bowser and K. Rool share some physical similarities as well as similar personalities. Both have a wide range of different kinds of koopas and kremlings serving them. Bowser and K. Rool are both kings.

Both have castles largely built as a home for the respective kinds. The castles are both very different but serve the same purpose. It is also a military base as well as a home for troops, prisoners and guests.

It is also possible that K.Rool and Bowser probably know each other although rarely see each other. They probably share intelligence information by various means of contact.

One other interesting thing of note. It seems that Mario and K. Rool share a common enemy, that of Donkey Kong.
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Koopas and Kremlings
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