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 More Gremlins theories

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More Gremlins theories Empty
PostSubject: More Gremlins theories   More Gremlins theories Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2015 3:43 pm

In my "After Midnight" theory journal, I described what I thought it could have actually meant by "midnight". I also thought of tying it in with the first rule, the one about keeping away from sunlight. Well midnight, which is extreme darkness is the opposite of sunlight. So to turn into Gremlins, mogwai need to be fully in tune with the dark in order to progress to the next stage. Latitude and the time of year would also play a part in it.

The amount of water consumed by a mogwai or gremlin whether drunk or spilt on them is also a factor to how much offspring is made. If just one drop is spilt like the one in Mr Hanson's lab in the movie, then only one mogwai is born. If a whole glass is spilt then up to 4 or 5 can be born.

Depending on whether the mogwai/gremlin is good or bad will also result in good/bad mogwai. If a good mogwai is subjected to water against its will or accidentally, then the chances are the resulting mogwai will be bad. If it is done wilfully with intent, then the resulting mogwai will be good.

Also if a good mogwai eats after midnight with intent on battling bad gremlins, then that mogwai will turn into a good gremlin while retaining all the memories of its mogwai stage. Same applies to water spilt on it.

I believe that the mogwai/gremlins probably come from a planet what is mostly dark far away from it's parent star and is rich full of water.

There are several factions of both good and bad gremlins. Although the good gremlins can still be as chaotic and mischievous as the bad ones.
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More Gremlins theories
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