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PostSubject: Abilities Store   Abilities Store Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2015 3:20 pm

Special Abilities:
Shell Shelter (Koopaling, Koopa Troopas, Koopas and Koopa Hybrids) -- Character hides in shell and uses it as a shield. -Roll dice after attacker rolls theirs. More successes than the attacker blocks attack, lower successes takes a limited amount of attack.-

Angel's Touch -- Character can heal another player by just touching them. Basically helps get them back to their feet. -If over half the roll is successful, healing has been completed in turn. If fail, player has to use up next turn to try the roll again. Healing is then completed once half the roll is successful.-

Ice Beam -- A koopa wand for the general Koopa species and a regular magic wand for any other species. Shoots out a beam of ice at a foe to freeze them solid. -First roll determines if it connects, must be at least half successes to work. Second roll, same amount of dice from the first roll determines how many character posts the player must wait before unthawing and resuming. Amount of successful dice determines the # of posts.-

Underwater Modifier (Crocodile or Alligator Hybrids, Dolphins, all underwater Marioverse characters) -- -Increases their attack dice by +2 dice when in a battle scene underwater.-

Fire Modifier (Blarggs, Reznor, Podobos, Hot Foots, Dragon Hybrids and other Marioverse characters found in lava and fire areas) -- -Increases their attack dice by +2 dice when in a battle scene in lava or in a place with fire-

Frog Suit (Cannot be used by underwater Marioverse characters) -- A spandex green frog suit that a character can wore to enhance abilities in the depths. -Increases their speed and counter dice rolls by +2 in a battle scene underwater.-

Advanced Special Abilities:

Power of Intimidation (Cost: 60 XP) -- Character gives off a powerful glare with his eyes to frighten an enemy and cause them to become paralyzed in fear. -Roll to determine how many dice you take away from the other player's next move. Successes equal the number of dice the player loses. If greater than the player's skill, the amount of dice is cut in half (if the number doesn't break even, take one more dice)-

Piranha Ally (Cost: 120 XP) --Character can create a Piranha Plant Ally to double team on an enemy. -Roll number of skill points for the Ally and then roll regular strength attack of the character. Combine successes between the two and if its greater than counter or evade of the other player, the attack is a success.-

Dark Flash (Cost: 100 XP) -- Character causes the playing area to become shrouded in complete darkness and make seeing and attacking an enemy nearly impossible. -Roll number of skill points available. Amount of successes are how many dice are taken away from each player that attacks the character in any battle move or ability for four complete turns. However, the character loses two dice in their attack rolls for four turns as well.-

Kuribo's Shoe/Glove (Cost 90 XP) -- Uses the green goomba shoe or in other cases, a green glove to punch or kick/stomp a player with a bit more of a pack. -Add three dice to your skill points in strength during the roll. Successes are no different than a normal attack, must be more than half to be successful attack.-

3-UP Moon (Cost 120 XP) -- A character can run faster than normal, heighten their ability to counter attacks, increase strength in their special or the strength in their attacks for a short time. -Skill points are increased by +3 in all any of the basic areas for three complete turns. If any skill is already at 9 points, you can roll 12 dice. Must notify in action of usage of the 3-UP Moon in some kind of physical form. Can only be used once per storyline.-

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Abilities Store
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