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 Race #2: 2013 Subway 400 @ Rockingham

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Orinda Tarsa
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PostSubject: Race #2: 2013 Subway 400 @ Rockingham   Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:54 pm

Starting Grid:
Row 1 - James Ganon & Milke Dillon
Row 2 - Cody Landon & Chris Saunders
Row 3 - Kali Wassaserwanga & Jerome Gaedenwood
Row 4 - David James & Albert Lewis
Row 5 - Mike Boone & Greg LaMothe
Row 6 - Lorna Rose & David Cross
Row 7 - Mileena Jackson & Renae Brown
Row 8 - Isaak Claude & Lamond Jackson
Row 9 - Lorii Johnsson & Lars Schlitzenberg
Row 10 - Lance Hall & Al-Zahir Muhammud
Row 11 - Pookie Schlitzenberg & Todd McMillan
Row 12 - Wendy Williams & Kevin Pritchett
Row 13 - Paul Hellington & Rose LaTereza
Row 14 - James Jackson & Geoffrey Ganon
Row 15 - Dale Durlach & Tia-Saree Muhammud
Row 16 - Vladislav Dragimar & Laura Hellington
Row 17 - Nick Miller

Coming In: Coming fresh off of the near guarantee of Rose LaTereza in last week's race, she came out in the driver's meeting again and made a promise that she and Quetzal would win the 2013 Rockingham race. The previous race ran here in 2010 was notorious for a roll-over crash that involved Nick Miller, but scrapped it to finish 14th.

The Good: Rose LaTereza led the final 30 laps of the race to become the oldest driver ever to win a race at 75 years old, shattering the original record set by Mike Boone (Age 53) in 2007. Mike Boone finished 2nd, making it the first time that the two oldest drivers in the league finished consecutively.

The Bad: An 8 car crash on lap 58 that took Laura Hellington, Albert Lewis, Isaak Claude and David Cross out of the race. It also involved Paul Hellington, Kevin Pritchett, James Jackson and Greg LaMothe.

The Ugly: Kali Wassaserwanga was spun out while in the lead with less than 50 laps ago, costing her a shot at her first series race victory.

Race Significance: Besides being Rose LaTereza's first win, that win also ended a streak between Quetzal and Rose in the #21 car. Combined, they had previously gone 327 races without a win.

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Race #2: 2013 Subway 400 @ Rockingham
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