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 The One With All The Owls & Vampires

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Orinda Tarsa
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PostSubject: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:31 pm

I've decided to work on a sequel to what Heather and I wrote ten years ago. This is still very early in development but I will at least list characters and the plot here over time.

Title TBD

Plot: Set 10 years after Hearts-A-Gamble; Daggett, Squeaks and Sassy have all fallen off and lost communication with each other over time. Daggett has lost himself, Squeaks has gone to being a hermit and Sassy has gained a ton of weight and became lazy. Daggett receives a message through the pendant given to him by Esther initially from Westminster and Abby but ignores it, then getting a message from Esther herself. Being reminded that he was once and always will be a hero and leader, Daggett reaches out and finds his two friends as they make the journey from the states to London, to help save mankind and the world from the villainous Lamia and Empusa.


Westminster, a brown male owl (based on Nicholas Miller, to be voiced by Nicholas)
Abby, a red female owl (based on Kali Wassaserwanga, to be voiced by Kali)
Butler, an orange male Barn owl (based on Jerome Gaedenwood, to be voiced by JerBear)
Monica, a brown female owl (based on Jessica Rhys-Butler, to be voiced by Jessica)
Sophie, a blue-gray female owl (based on Lorii Johnsson, to be voiced by Lorii)
Akilah, a dark gray elder female owl (based on Tia-Saree Muhammud, to be voiced by Tia)

Daggett, a frog (loosely based on David James, to be voiced by David)
Squeaks, a mouse (to be voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Sassy, a white cat

Lamia, a female wolf-dragon hybrid villain (based on Angelic)
Empusa, a female white wolf villain (based on Mileena Jackson)
King Diomedes, a vampire king gray and black owl

Minor Characters:

Esther, a pink dragoness (to be voiced by Heather Butler and Jessica Rhys-Butler)
Crisps, a black dragon (to be voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Frank, manager of London Bistro
Police Chief
Police Officer #1
Police Officer #2

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite

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Orinda Tarsa
Veteran RPer
Veteran RPer

Posts : 2502
Join date : 2012-04-02
Age : 36
Location : Layton, UT

PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:31 pm

The One With All The Owls & Vampires

Written by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga & Jessica Rhys-Butler
Characters created by Nicholas Miller, Kali Wassaserwanga, Heather Butler, Jessica Rhys-Butler, Tia-Saree Muhammud and Lorii Johnsson
Based on Dragons of Darkness, written by Nicholas Miller 1997-2002, 2007
Special Thanks to Heather Butler and Family/Friends who have supported our work


Westminster, a brown male owl (based on Nicholas Miller, to be voiced by Nicholas)
Abby, a red female owl (based on Kali Wassaserwanga, to be voiced by Kali)
Butler, an orange male Barn owl (based on Jerome Gaedenwood, to be voiced by JerBear)
Monica, a brown female owl (based on Jessica Rhys-Butler, to be voiced by Jessica)
Sophie, a blue-gray female owl (based on Lorii Johnsson, to be voiced by Lorii)
Akilah, a dark gray elder female owl (based on Tia-Saree Muhammud, to be voiced by Tia)

Daggett, a frog (loosely based on David James, to be voiced by David)
Squeaks, a mouse (to be voiced by Nicholas Miller)
Sassy, a white cat
Esther, a pink dragoness (to be voiced by Heather Butler and Jessica Rhys-Butler)
Crisps, a black dragon (to be voiced by Nicholas Miller)

Lamia, a female wolf-dragon hybrid villain (based on Angelic)
Empusa, a female white wolf villain (based on Mileena Jackson)
King Diomedes, a vampire king gray and black owl

Minor Characters:

Frank, manager of London Bistro
Police Chief
Police Officer #1
Police Officer #2

Act I, Scene I: (Modern Day London, outside a Coffee Shop.)

(Nightfall, between 8 and 9 PM. The sidewalks are crowded with people and the roads are filled with traffic. Gentleman and Lady are walking up to the front door of the Coffee Shop.)

Gentleman: Our second date should go a heck of a lot better than the first one, I promise you this dear..
Lady: *she lets off a hopeful sigh* It better! You even made the waiter nervous!
Gentleman: *approaching the front door to the cafe, he opened it and gestured* We'll look back on it someday and laugh..

(The sound of people screaming can be heard from the alleyway just ahead of them, along with some crying. About a dozen of people are seen fleeing in fear out of the said alleyway.)

Lady: *stopping in her tracks, she looks to Gentleman with concern* What the heck is going on?
Gentleman: *pulling out his cell phone* I don't know but I'll call the police..

(Lamia and Empusa come out from the alleyway and continue to attack the people that are fleeing, tackling them to the ground and biting down into their necks.)

Lady: Better yet.. animal control. There shouldn't be wolves in downtown London..
Gentleman: *sounding more distressed and frustrated* I'm sure the police can handle a couple of dogs! How bad could they really be?

(Lamia and Empusa look in the direction of Lady and Gentleman, their eyes flashing a bright red. The people crowding the sidewalks around them scream and cry in panic as they begin to run.)

Lady: *tugging on Gentleman's arm* How many "dogs" do you know with glowing red eyes?
Gentleman: *talking on phone* You've already recieved a call from this location? Sure, we'll go for shelter, my lady and I are standing in front of the cafe right now..
Lady: *panicking some, she punches Gentleman in the shoulder* Look! They're coming for us next!

(Lamia and Empusa are seen crouching and planning their next move, staring the crowds lining the sidewalks down. The people that they attacked are also getting back to their feet and staggering, looking rather pale.)

Gentleman: *hanging up the phone, he takes Lady by the hand* So let's go into the cafe! They won't attack us there..

(Lady lets off a gasp as she covers her mouth in disbelief with a hand, pointing out towards the people who were attacked that are now chasing after other people on the sidewalks and trying to hijack vehicles. The screaming and crying becomes louder.)

Gentleman: What the hell is going on out here? Whatever it is, we're going in for shelter.. c'mon dear!

(Lady is frozen in place, stunned by the outbreaking violence. Lamia and Empusa are now making a full charge through the crowd, taking down people and biting them through the necks as they go and making their way closer to Lady and Gentleman.)

Lady: *in tears* My god.. w-what is going o-on?
Gentleman: *in full panic* We need to go inside! We can't help here!

(All of the people in front of Lady and Gentleman on the sidewalk have been attacked and are now rising back to their feet, staggering towards them. Lamia and Empusa are pushing through the crowd and also pushing some of the more pale ones forward with them.)

Empusa: Hey look, sissy! *pointing a claw towards Lady and Gentleman* Do you see what I see?
Lamia: Food dressed up with no place to go! Let's get em sissy!

(Lamia and Empusa make a charge towards Lady and Gentleman, drooling with their fangs exposed, dripping with blood.)

Gentleman: *opening the door and frantically dragging Lady through the doorway* We're so out of here!
Lady: *still frozen in place and stunned, choking through tears* T-talking wolves.. I so did not h-hear that.. oh god..

(Lamia and Empusa dive at Lady and Gentleman, sending them crashing through the glass door and onto the hard concrete.)

Lady: *screaming as she is sobbing uncontrollably* Don't hurt us! Let us go! Please!
Gentleman: *throwing his wallet and cell phone towards Lamia and Empusa* Take everything you want! Just leave us alone!

(Lamia is sitting on top of Gentleman, she lets off an evil cackle. Empusa is sitting on top of Lady as she lets off a blood curdling howl.)

Lamia: *evil grin on her face* This won't hurt.. much. Prepare to die, mortals!
Empusa: We aren't we taking your worthless possessions.. we just want to take your life!

(Chaos has filled the streets and sidewalks around them as people are still being attacked and thrown out of their vehicles. A police car comes into the scene blaring its signal.)

Lady: The cops! *whispering* Oh god.. please save us..
Empusa: Your god has failed you! *she bites down into the right side of Lady's neck, sinking her fangs in deep*
Lamia: *her fangs dangerously close to Gentleman's neck* Scream out to your little friends in the car! I dare you, boy!
Gentleman: Eat me, you beast! *spits in the face of Lamia*

(Police Chief and Police Officer #1 quickly get out of the squad car and point their guns at Lamia and Empusa, who are about 10 feet away from them.)

Lamia: *letting off an angry growl, she wipes off her face* Don't ever confuse bravery with smarts! *she bites into the side of Gentleman's neck, sinking her fangs deep in*

(Empusa gets off of Gentleman as she sets her attention towards the Police Officer and Police Chief, glaring at them with red eyes flashing.)

Empusa: Nothing I love more than a man in uniform.. you up with me on that sissy?

(Lamia stares at the Officer and Chief from her spot on top of Lady.)

Lamia: I just LOVE me some attractive flesh! You don't see that too often sissy!
Police Officer #1: *has his gun still aimed towards Lamia and Empusa* Drop your weapons or we'll be forced to open fire!
Empusa: *growling* I believe Pat Benatar said to fire away too.. take your shot, foolish mortal!
Police Chief: Last warning! Drop your weapons or we WILL open fire! We've got another squad on the way if you think about escaping!

(Lamia looks to Empusa with a evil grin.)

Lamia: Are they saying they can catch us?
Empusa: Men are all talk! I say we make them prove it!
Lamia: *snickering* Love the way you think sissy..
Empusa: *snickering in return* Tell them you dare em to catch us, sissy..

(Lamia's eyes flash a blood red as she lets off an evil grin towards the Officer and Chief.)

Lamia: Let's test your honor and word, boys.. catch us! We'll even give you a five second head start.

(Lamia and Empusa snicker again, keeping their eyes fixed on the Police Officer and Police Chief.)

Police Officer #1: Better yet, you stay still and cooperate!
Lamia: We don't believe in behaving!
Police Chief: *taking out his gun and ready to fire* Last chance!

Lamia and Empusa: FIVE!!

(Both Lamia and Empusa leave the scene in a blur, running into the alleyway. Police Chief and Police Officer #1 each take a shot but completely miss as they leave in a split second.)

Police Officer #1: Where the hell did they go? Nothing living runs that fast!
Police Chief: *grabs his walkie talkie off his belt* I need a backup officer down here quick. We'll block off the alleyway and give these creatures nowhere to run.

(A large crowd of pale people stumble towards the Police Officer and Police Chief, growling as blood is dripping down their chins and out their mouthes.)

Police Officer #1: Everybody! *he holds a hand out in front of him* We have ambulances and medical assistance on the way. Please refrain from crowding, we will help as many of you as we can.
Police Chief: *becoming panicking and looking towards the squad car* Somehow I don't think that will be enough..

(The crowd attacks and takes down the Police Officer #1 and Police Chief easily, biting them as they scream and try to kick the crowd of people away. Lady and Gentleman are seen still laying on the ground in a mess of blood and shattered glass as the camera moves up to the rooftop of the 6 story building that the Cafe is built into, focusing on Akilah who is looking out through the glass at the chaos below. Westminster, Abby, Butler, Monica and Sophia are standing behind her, watching over her shoulder eyes wide in horror and surprise.)

Akilah: Superior beings? *she lets off a sad sigh*
Sophia: They say so.. yet, animals don't start wars and frenzies. We need to do something.
Butler: *looking over to Sophia nervously* Like what? The humans won't listen. If it doesn't have a voice, it doesn't matter.
Akilah: We need to save the human beings from themselves, but how? *looks thoughtful*
Monica: We could always take out those wolves.. *shrugging*
Akilah: But what about the humans that they attacked? They seem to be working FOR those wolves now. We'd have to deal with those humans AND the wolves..
Westminster: We obviously can't handle all of them alone. We need another plan.
Abby: *looking at the half sun-moon medallion around her neck, thinking* Well.. I remember being taught as owlets that our medallions have special powers..

(Akilah and the rest of the owls look at the medallions that are also around their necks.)

Sophia: *sounding disbeliefed* Do you really believe that though? It seems so childish and like a fable..
Akilah: I don't think we've got anything to lose, Sophia. It's worth a shot.
Abby: Westminster and I will give it a shot, Elder Akiliah.. if you don't mind, of course.. *respectully bowing*
Akilah: I approve.. *she gestures to Abby to rise*
Sophia: *still in disbelief* But it's so child's play! It can't possibly work!
Akilah: *holding up a wing towards Sophia, sounding stern* I said it's worth a shot..
Monica: She is the elder here, Sophie..

(Westminster and Abby step away from the other owls and go towards the back of the seemingly abandoned floor, which is adorned with red velvet fabric lined with gold trim. There are feathers of many colors that cover the floor as well, through molting and also from all the owls that come far and wide to this area.)

Westminster: You really think this is gonna work, Abby?
Abby: We may as well try.. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work..

(Westminster and Abby huddle against the far wall, about 200 feet away from the others who are standing in front of the window. Westminster is looking at his crescent moon medallion as Abby takes hers off and holds it in her wing, looking into it.)

Westminster: Do you think whatever we contact will be big enough to clean up this awful mess?
Abby: *placing her other wing over Westminster's beak hushing him* Let me work..

(Abby's medallion begins to glow pink as the color switches over to a golden yellow, continuing to stare into it.)

Abby: *just above a whisper* I call out to you spirits.. please help us, we are in grave danger..

(Westminster watches Abby work in silence as the scene fades out.)

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite

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Orinda Tarsa
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:32 pm

Act I, Scene II:

(Inside a house. Bottles and trash are laying all over the living room, Daggett is laying on the filthy dingy floor with the pink and yellow pendant on the ground just to his left.)

Daggett: *waking up, very groggy* Man.. what did I do last night.. what a headache..

(The pendant begins to glow brightly as a muffled voice can be heard coming from it. The pendant is laying face down on the ground.)

Daggett: *turning his head in the direction of the pendant* Just give me ten minutes.. to slee.. um.. to gain my compo.. compos.. composure..

(Daggett flips the pendant over as he goes back to closing his eyes and trying to sleep again.)

Abby: *talking to Westminster, her voice coming from the pendant* Think I've come in contact with someone! I saw a green hand!
Westminster: The Loch Ness Monster?
Abby: *sounding sarcastic* Yes. Swamp Thing and the monster in the lake had a love child and we've contacted the fetus. Of course not!
Westminster: Geez, I was just joking Abby..

(Daggett grabs the pendant and looks into it, still laying down. He appears frustrated.)

Daggett: Get out of my head! You're the drinks talking and I've got a huge migraine!
Abby: *pleading* Mister frog.. we aren't drinks talking, we're from London and we need your help.. please..
Daggett: So you're just the hangover talking! Please get out of my head.. ugh..

(Daggett drops the pendant back onto the ground just to his left and closes his eyes, trying to sleep once more.)

Abby: He doesn't believe us, Westminster. What do we do now?
Westminster: I don't know but we can't wait. Let's reach out to someone else..
Abby: *sighing* We need to find somebody and fast..

(The pendants' glow dissipates. Daggett moans as he tries to get comfortable on the hard floor.)

Daggett: *mumbling* Quiet at last.. holy moley..

(About a minute and a half passes before the pendant begins to glow again, brighter than it did previously.)

Esther: *her voice coming from the pendant* Frog?
Daggett: *sits up, looking around in disbelief* Esther?! W-where are you?
Esther: Look at the necklace I gave you..

(Daggett frantically grabs the pendant, looks into the face of it and sees Esther in it.)

Daggett: Where the heck have you been?! It's been ages!
Esther: *becomes serious* There isn't time for questions.. the world needs a hero, Daggett..
Daggett: *sad sigh* A few years too late for that.. I-I'm not that guy anymore..
Esther: You need to find that "guy".. there's serious trouble in London and it has the potential to spread through the rest of the planet.
Daggett: I'm not a hero anymore.. those days are long gone and lost.. I told you.
Esther: The hero is lost, the days can be made up for.. what happened to the proud and confident frog I used to know?
Daggett: Bullies and negative people ran the old me out, Esther. Put downs turned into mental abuse and anguish, so I put myself down and here I am drinking the hell filled pain away.. all alone..
Esther: You're too strong for that, Daggett. Something so special doesn't get discouraged that easily..
Daggett: *sarcastic laugh* I'm strong? Not anymore. I'm about as special as a Land Before Time sequel..
Esther: You need to look inside yourself! If I can see something so unique in you, what makes it so hard for you to see it?
Daggett: People told me that there's nothing unique about me.. who am I to argue with them?
Esther: You're Daggett, that's who you are. You helped us save the world once before.. you led your comrades, you looked into the eyes of that demon and stood alongside Crisps and I.. we beat evil because of you! You!
Daggett: *sighing* What am I supposed to do? Just bounce back up to my feet, run out the door and save the world because you told me to?!
Esther: Find your comrades.. they'll provide the bounce. True friends not only give you the bounce to get back on your feet, they keep that bounce within you and flowing through each other..
Daggett: You're right, Esther. Do you think that Sassy and Squeaks will still be my friends?
Esther: I cannot answer that question for you.. that is for you to seek the answers to. If you stuck together that long, there can't be anything more truer..
Daggett: *sounding confident* Time to pull it all back together! We've got a world to save!
Esther: *smiling* That's the frog I know.. go to London and pay attention to the pendant. Not only will the owls contact and direct you, I'll guide you and keep your heart in the right!
Daggett: Right what? If it wasn't in the right place, I wouldn't be alive.
Esther: *lets off a giggle* Smart butt! You know where the right is.. now go!

(Esther disappears from the pendant face as the glowing goes away as well. Daggett places the pendant around his neck.)

Daggett: *smiling brightly* We've got a world to save..

(He heads out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him with enthusiasm and ending the scene.)

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Orinda Tarsa
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Veteran RPer

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:33 pm

Act I, Scene III:

(Outside on a city street on a bright sunny day, presumably in America. Daggett is seen walking down the sidewalk next to a building made of red brick and approaching a small shop with a crowd gathering around its door.)

(Daggett is now carrying the pendant in his hand, looking into the face of it occasionally as he walks. Abby and Westminster are showing in the face.)

Daggett: I'd like to apologize to you guys for this morning. It takes me a while to pull myself together, I am so not an A.M. person if you get what I'm sayin'..
Westminster: *smiling with a shrug* No problem. We're not A.M. creatures, ourselves..
Daggett: Makes sense. What's going on that made you two reach out to me?
Abby: As mentioned earlier, we've got a major crisis here. I'll share a preview of it now.
Daggett: *lets off a short laugh* As if you gave me a choice..

(Abby and Westminster disappear from the face of the pendant and in its place shows the street outside the Cafe in London. Bodies, blood and broken glass and destroyed vehicles are shown under the night moon.)

Daggett: Holy moley.. I thought I had a rough night..

(Abby and Westminster reappear in the face of the pendant.)

Abby: Isn't it just awful?
Daggett: It's terrible. What could make a mess of that nature?
Abby: Werewolves. We think that it was werewolves because they were biting humans and then the humans that were bitten were attacking any others in the area..
Daggett: Werewolves? London? *hiding a giggle*
Westminster: It isn't a coincidence. At the rate they are attacking, London could be done for and that's just the beginning.
Abby: We fear that they'll attack neighboring countries and take the world with it. It could happen real quick too.
Daggett: Where are they now? Does anybody know?
Abby: They disappeared down an alleyway after attacking some police officers.. that was the last we saw of them, well over half an hour ago..

(In front of the shop Daggett was now approaching, the voice of Squeaks was coming from the crowd.)

Squeaks: I'm the fabulous sarcastic Squeaks! The only sarcastic mouse in the world that talks! Want a sarcastic remark, I'll give you one for a dollar!

(Moans can be heard from the crowd as many of them walk away, talking amongst themselves. Squeaks is standing next to a silver bucket, leaning against the wall between the doorway and the window.)

Daggett: So where do we meet you all at? We will need more information once we arrive..
Abby: The Owls Nest, just above the Friends Cafe.. w-we? Do you have help with you?

(Daggett looks up from the pendant, recognizing the voice of Squeaks. Surprised, he looks back down at the pendant.)

Daggett: About to. Hang on a moment guys..
Squeaks: C'mon guys! Help a poor fella make rent! Don't go bailing on me now..
Daggett: Squeaks?! Are you a bum?!

(Squeaks looks and sees Daggett, a sly smile forming on his face.)

Squeaks: Hell to the yeah! But don't tell the kids..

(Daggett has a puzzled look on his face as he runs up to Squeaks, the crowd that was once forming around the mouse was now gone.)

Daggett: Seriously dude.. what are you being a bum on the street for?
Squeaks: For the same reason you look like you were hit by a truck. Showing the world how tough I've had it..
Daggett: I'm pulling things together, like you're about to.
Squeaks: *lets off a nervous laugh* Make it sound so easy. Can you see anything else in my future, Miss Cleo?
Daggett: The world needs us to pull together! For the sake of mankind!
Squeaks: What kind of drugs have you been doing? We ain't heroes, we're just animals.

(Daggett shows Squeaks the pendant, Abby and Westminster are still shown in it.)

Daggett: Tell these two that we aren't heroes, I dare you..

(Squeaks looks at the face of the pendant and jumps back, giving Daggett a mean glare.)

Squeaks: *sarcastic* Just what I needed.. hungry window shoppers looking for lunch! Since when did you get the Nature Channel on that thing?
Daggett: *shrugs* I don't know how they got there, all I know is that these two owls and Esther have reached out to me.. err us, to help save London from an apocalypse.
Squeaks: *scratching his chin in thought* That's why she said it was for a hero if the world needed saving.. interesting..

(Abby and Westminster have concerned looks on their faces.)

Abby: We promise that we won't eat you, mister rat.. you're a friend of the frog. Any help we can get here, we'll be the more grateful for it..
Westminster: Speak for yourself, Abby. You know how I am late at night..
Squeaks: I'm a MOUSE, not a rat. Your Abby, I'm assuming?

(Abby gives Westminster a hard smack.)

Abby: *smiling* I am Abby, thank you. A pleasure to meet you, but we must really save our proper introductions for later. There isn't much time left here..
Westminster: *rubbing his wing, glaring at Abby* Why'd you do that? I was just saying I'm a late muncher..
Abby: *crossing her wings, upset* In front of friends?
Westminster: *rolling his eyes* Oh, for the sake of London Bridge!

(Squeaks and Daggett look at Abby and Westminster then back to each other, letting off a smirk.)

Squeaks: I have a feeling we'll all get along..
Daggett: It's almost like we bring out the best in folks. It never fails!
Squeaks: Or sometimes bringing out the worst.. nobody said heroes had to be a good influence!

(Daggett dusted himself and whipped out his brown felt hat, putting it on his head.)

Daggett: *nodding towards Squeaks* We better get our butts on the road, man..
Squeaks: Absolutely. Speaking of butts, where's Sassy?
Daggett: Probably living a life of luxury, spoiled as hell..

(Squeaks and Daggett both laugh at the statement as a door opens from the restaraunt just ahead of them. An angry shout is heard from a male as Sassy is tossed out the door.)

(Sassy is on the ground in a crumpled heap as she turns her head towards the now shut door, glaring at it.)

Sassy: All you can eat buffet, my butt! How dare you treat a lady like this!

(Daggett and Squeaks look at Sassy and then back to each other, at first excited. They do a double take at Sassy and realize she is extremely overweight, looking again to each other trying not to burst out laughing.)

Daggett: Man! What the hell happened to her?
Squeaks: Best get that information from the horse's mouth..

(They both struggle to contain their laughter again.)

Daggett: Sassy! Run on over here! We've got a major crisis!
Squeaks: Just don't smack yourself in the face on the way over..

(Daggett and Squeaks burst out in laughter, pointing at Sassy and teasing her.)

Sassy: How DARE you two talk like that to a lady! Men.. I swear, you're the cause of everything evil!

(Westminster and Abby are still visible on the face of the pendant, giving each other a confused glance.)

Abby: What's going on out there, mister frog?
Westminster: *shrugging* Apparently something funny is eating at them..

(Daggett looks down at the pendant, trying to settle down his giggling fit.)

Daggett: Whooo boy.. *trying to be serious* .. we just found our other friend..
Abby: *a smile forms on her face* Another friend? Wonderful news!
Squeaks: Eating at us? Oh man, that's an understatement.. if only you could see what we are seeing right now..

(Daggett turns the pendant to face out towards Sassy who is still laying on the ground.)

Daggett: A glimpse of the rare white haired humpback whale.. beached, no less! What a sight!

(Squeaks bursts out laughing, about falling over.)

Sassy: *glaring harder at Daggett and Squeaks* That's IT! I'm coming over there and pounding you both!

(Sassy struggles to her feet, growling loudy.)

(Abby and Westminster smile and wave at Sassy.)

Abby: You guys are really in for it. She's really mad!
Daggett: More like the ground is in for it.. all three of us are due for a pounding!
Squeaks: Prepare yourselves! *pointing at Sassy*

(Sassy starts to run towards Daggett and Squeaks as "Chariots of Fire" starts playing. Sassy is shown moving in slow motion, her flab bouncing up and down violently as Daggett and Squeaks have horrified looks on their faces, struggling to keep on their feet and holding onto each other for dear life. Westminster and Abby are shown full screen for a moment, looking at each other confused in full speed as the rest are still in slow motion. Three minutes and 30 seconds pass as it goes from showing Sassy running with her flab going about to Daggett and Squeaks with their terrified look until she arrives directly in front of them. The slow motion and music ends.)

Squeaks: *muttering* Took her long enough..

(Sassy crosses her arms and glares at Squeaks.)

Daggett: What happened to you, Sass?
Sassy: Men! Bloody men!
Squeaks: How many men did you eat, exactly?

(Sassy lets off a yowl at his comment and ignores Squeaks.)

Daggett: Not exactly healthy to blame others for your problems, Sass.. but like I said we have a serious problem on our hands.
Sassy: *shrugging* Whatever.. so what's going on?
Squeaks: Well, the cracks left on the sidewalk for one..
Sassy: *smacking Squeaks* Can it! Classy people are talking..

(Squeaks rolls his eyes as he takes a step backwards and gives Sassy and Daggett space.)

Daggett: You remember the necklace that was given to me by Esther?
Sassy: I remember it well. Why?
Daggett: I was approached by two owls way over in London through it and Esther too. Werewolves are on the loose taking down humans..
Sassy: She said she gave it to you for when the world needed a hero..
Daggett: Exactly. Now I understand what it all means, Sass.
Sassy: When we're together, we are and can achieve greatness.. just like she said..
Daggett: Yes. No matter how much time and distance there is between us, greatness will always be there..
Sassy: Like a chemistry.
Daggett: Exactly. We don't have much time, let's find a way to get to London and save the humans and the world!
Sassy: But that'll cost a lot of money to get us all there! How do we pull it off?
Daggett: Where there's a will, there's a way Sass.
Squeaks: *rolling eyes* I hope there's a lot of money in that will..
Daggett: I'll find us the best way we can get there. *pulling out empty pockets showing from his hips*
Sassy: *crossing her arms* Without money?! I don't believe this..
Daggett: *waving his finger at Sassy* Now now.. I'll show you we can travel in class without money.

(Fast forwards to Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks standing in front of a wooden box that is getting ready to be loaded into the back of an airplane at the local airport.)

Sassy: A plane? I'd take first class but coach works for me too..
Daggett: It isn't coach.
Sassy: First class?!
Daggett: *shakes head in disagreement as he places a hand on the wooden box* Not classy enough for our budget, Sass..
Sassy: *getting impatient* Then how the hell are we getting to London?!

(Daggett begins tapping his fingers on the wooden box, a grin coming across his face.)

Sassy: *moaning* In a BOX?! You CAN'T be serious!
Squeaks: It took you that long to get the hint? You sure you ain't a blonde?
Sassy: *yowls* You shut up, rat! I refuse to travel in a box!
Daggett: *a sarcastic smile on his face* I refuse to travel in a box, I refuse to travel with a fox because the cat needs some serious 'tox..

(Sassy lets off another yowl as she kicks Daggett in the leg. Airport workers are opening the top of the wooden box and preparing to load something into it.)

Daggett: All aboard! *he hops inside the wooden box*
Squeaks: Wait up for me! *climbs up and into the box*
Sassy: *grumbling as she struggles to climb into the box, kicking her fat legs* Travel with class he said.. take my word he said..
Daggett: *reaching over the top of the box and yanking Sassy inside the box* Hey, you had a choice and you made it!
Sassy: *falling to the bottom of the box and sitting against it, she crosses her arms* Choice my butt!
Squeaks: Your butt made quite a few of..
Sassy: *kicking Squeaks furiously* SHUT UP!

(The airport workers seal up the box as the three become enclosed in pitch black, ending the scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:36 pm

Act II, Scene I:

(Around 4 P.M. in front of the Friends Cafe in London the next day. The streets are unusually bare and quiet as a frieght truck is passing through, catching all the potholes and bumps on the road as one of them jarrs the back door of the truck loose, sending it flying open along with a few packages including the wooden crate. It all hits the ground hard and scatters all over the road, busting the crate open, wood splintering and flying all around. Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks come tumbling out from the impact of the crash landing.)

Daggett: *rubbing his head and looking around dazed* What the hell did we just hit?
Squeaks: *moaning and also rubbing his head* The ground..
Daggett: No crap, Sherlock.. everyone alright?

(Sassy was struggling to her feet and shaking the cobwebs out of her head from the crash, causing her fur to poof out massively and into a square shape similar to the crate they had been in.)

Squeaks: *pointing at Sassy, trying not to laugh* Since when did sugar cubes come in giant size?
Daggett: And here I thought everything was bigger in Texas..

(Squeaks and Daggett both continue to point at Sassy, bursting into hysterical laughter as they roll around on the street.)

Sassy: *crossing her arms, yowls* I hope you morons get hit by a car! It'd be a real blessing!

(Sassy looks around and sees that there is literally nobody out on the street, not even a passing car. A concerned look is on her face as she looks to Squeaks and Daggett who are still dying of laughter.)

Sassy: *straightening her fur back down to normal* It wasn't that funny, you dumb.. dumb guys! We don't have the time for this!

(Daggett and Squeaks end their laughing fit and get back to their feet, each of them looking around and being surprised by how barren the area is.)

Daggett: *expression goes from shocked to saddened* Abby was right..
Squeaks: I thought London was busier than this..
Daggett: It will be "was" if we don't do this. I believe they said they were on the floor above the cafe..
Sassy: *pointing towards the Friends Cafe* That cafe?
Squeaks: *looking in the direction that Sassy is pointing and then looking into the camera breaking fourth wall* Don't you just LOVE coincidental writing?
Sassy: *punching Squeaks in the shoulder* Stop fooling around! I know you "men" like to procrastinate but this isn't the time!
Daggett: Don't drag me into this.. *putting on his brown felt cap and tipping it slightly over his eyes* We've got a world to save!
Sassy: Right! To the owl den!
Squeaks: *being sarcastic* It's almost like you try to fit in..

(Sassy lets off a yowl as she stomps off towards the side of the building to find stairs to get to the upper level. Daggett does a superhero pose and runs in after her. Squeaks shakes his head and goes after them.)

(The screen transitions to Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks coming up a flight of stairs and are now walking down a hallway that is almost pitch black and has a ragged, worn red and gold carpet going all the way down it. There are doors lining the halls left and right, some are numbered and others are blank. There is a faint noise from below them, music being played and people are talking and laughing.)

Daggett: *squinting as he looks around cautiously* I think somebody forgot to pay the light bill..
Squeaks: They apparently don't like the outside world either. I haven't seen a window for ages.

(Sassy nods in agreement as she is looking around nervously. The three walk for a moment in silence, eventually stopping in front of a door without a number or name on it.)

Sassy: Okay Squeaks, I'm going to get something that's been bothering me off my chest..
Squeaks: *holding his hands up in defense and backing away* In public? Are you trying to KILL us?!

(Daggett is hiding laughter behind his hands.)

Sassy: *her hands now placed on her hips, upset* What is your problem with me? You've been insulting me since we all got back together!
Squeaks: *becoming defensive* I'm JOKING, Sassy! Don't get your flubby in a nubby..
Sassy: Stop calling me FAT! I've had enough of your insults and I don't have to take them!

(A figure can be heard approaching the other side of the door slowly, sounding like claws tapping across the floor.)

Daggett: *lower voice* Guys.. can you be quiet? This isn't the time..
Sassy: Not until I get an apology, frog! If you were me, would you be offended?
Daggett: I ain't touching that one..

(Just as Sassy was about to give Daggett a mean glare, the door is opened by Akilah as she is looking rather messy and sleepy. Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks jump back, startled.)

Daggett: I-I'm sorry.. I was trying to get them to be quiet..
Squeaks: *nervously looks at Akilah and then back to Sassy* Before I die, I'm sorry Sass--
Akilah: *her eyes widen as she licks her beak* Room service has brought us breakfast!

(Squeaks hides behind Sassy as Daggett stands in front of both of them, trying to look and sound braver than he really is staring down Akilah.)

Daggett: If you plan on eating any of us, you'll have to get through me first!

(A grin forms on Akilah's face just as Abby's voice can be heard behind her.)

Abby: *trying to push and see her way around Akilah* Elder Akilah! They're my friends!
Daggett: Abby? Is that you?

(Akilah moves away from the doorway and lets Abby through with Westminster coming up right behind her.)

Abby: *she is smiling, sounding excited* Yes! You found us.. please come in. We'll provide you all the rest of the details..
Squeaks: *poking out from behind Sassy* You guys won't EAT me, will you?
Westminster: *glances over to Akilah and back to Squeaks* No. You are here to help us, you have our word.

(Abby and Westminster back away from the doorway and give Squeaks, Sassy and Daggett space. Sassy and Daggett walk in calmly, looking around the dark room filled with carpets and feathers. Squeaks is far more hesitant, looking around nervously as he timidly walks into the room. Glancing at Akilah, he jumps and runs after Sassy and Daggett.)

Daggett: A fine place you guys got here, though I can tell you all are clearly not morning or even afternoon people..

(Sassy is nodding in agreement as she looks around, seeing Butler, Monica and Sophie along with Akilah. She gives them a smile and a quick wave.)

Abby: Thank you, friend frog. Please, all of you may sit.. *she extends a wing towards a bunch of chairs sitting in the middle of the room*

(Daggett and Sassy find a chair and sit. Squeaks stands near Daggett, still on the defensive and nervous.)

Abby: You've met Westminster and I, so I'll introduce the rest of us.. I'd like you to meet Butler, Monica, Sophie and our elder Akilah..

(Butler and Sophie bow gracefully in respect. Akilah has an apologetic look on her face as she curtsies slowly.)

Monica: Hello! Do you guys have names?
Daggett: I am Daggett, though you can call me Dags.
Sassy: I'm Sassy.. a pleasure to meet you!

(Squeaks is still standing next to Daggett, clinging to the chair leg.)

Daggett: *gesturing a hand towards Squeaks* This is Squeaks.. well he will be sooner or later..

(Abby and Westminster let off a hearty laugh as they find a place to perch.)

Westminster: Squeaks.. be assured, our word is our word. You've got nothing to be afraid of here.. a friend of Abby's is a friend of ours..
Abby: Absolutely!

(Squeaks gives them a nervous look as he hops in an open chair next to Sassy.)

Squeaks: Fair enough.
Abby: Very good. I'll let our elder do the talking from here, I've said more than enough about our problem..

(Daggett and Sassy's faces turn serious, looking ready to listen.)

Akilah: As you've been informed, we have vampires on the loose in the city.. or werecreatures, for that matter..
Daggett: Yes. It looks like a ghost town out there.. have they gotten to everybody else?
Akilah: *shrugging* I assume so but the last time we saw them, they disappeared down an alleyway. They could be anywhere by now..
Sassy: So if all the humans haven't been caught by them, does that give us some time?
Akilah: One can hope.. otherwise surrounding cities are in danger.. surrounding countries..
Daggett: Then the world..
Akilah: *nodding sadly* Yes. Hence why Abby contacted you three.. you are not only our only hope, but humanity's only hope as well..
Daggett: Do you have a place you suggest we start looking for these werecreatures?
Akilah: Yes, any place where humans may possibly gather..
Sassy: Like the cafe below here?
Akilah: If those monsters haven't reached it already, yes that would be a good place to start..
Daggett: *rising from his seat and back on his feet* In other words, we better get there and get there now..
Akilah: Yes.. you three will go to the Friends Cafe below, we will wait and back you up outside..

(Sassy and Squeaks both get out of their seat to join Daggett. Daggett turns to both of them and tips his hat towards them.)

Daggett: We've got a world to save! Let's go get em' guys!

(Daggett makes a sprint for the door with Squeaks running behind him. Sassy takes off behind them as they disappear from the room.)

Butler: *raising a wing* Elder.. they're just animals, what can they do?
Akilah: The only thing that can be done.. their best. Our world is failing, what else does it have to lose?
Monica: They've got our best too!
Akilah: *smiling* Absolutely, Monica.. let's go give these foes the best we've got..

(The scene fades out.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:37 pm

Act II, Scene II:

(About 4:30 PM in the alleyway around the corner from the Friends Cafe. A police squad car at each end of the way has the area blocked off, with a police officer standing by the front door of one of them loading a gun. Lamia and Empusa are hiding behind wooden crates that are stacked against one of the walls.)

Police Officer #2: *talking into walkie talkie as he keeps an eye out on the alleyway* I've got them blocked in with no way to go, captain.. of course I'll open fire.. what did you expect? A fist fight?!

(Screen moves to Empusa and Lamia.)

Empusa: Are we gonna hide here forever, mate? Let's make like roos and bounce out of here..
Lamia: While those clowns see us? Are you nuts sissy?!
Empusa: Like you've got a better plan!
Lamia: Get out while they aren't looking so we can go out and play, of course!
Empusa: And you'll distract them how?
Lamia: Give me a second, sissy.
Empusa: You mean you haven't come up with anything yet?!

(Lamia lets out a growl as she begins to think.)

Empusa: I've got a crazy idea..

(Lamia is about to cover Empusa's mouth but is a second too late.)

Empusa: *throwing her voice down the opposite end of the alley with a Lisa Kudrow impression* Someone stole my top! Police! Police!
Lamia: Are you NUTS?!

(Police Officer #2 looks towards the end of the alleyway behind him and his squad car and holds his talkie up to his mouth.)

Police Officer #2: I have a robbery in progress as well.. I don't know why bras and tops are being stolen, captain! I just call what I hear!

(Empusa peeks out from behind the crates and sees the Officer is now looking away and distracted. Tugging at Lamia's arm, she makes a run for the nearest door that says 'Cafe Employees Only'.)

Lamia: *barely getting to her feet and getting dragged along* You are insane, you know that?!
Empusa: *opening the door hastily* This is a helluva time to question your genius sissy.. c'mon!
Lamia: *ducking inside the doorway* You're always right.. I should know better!
Empusa: *talking low, holding a finger to Lamia's lips* You'll give us away!

(Empusa quietly shuts the door behind them, leaving the alleyway just as Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks climb down the stairs attached to the wall, just above the door.)

Daggett: *jumping down to the ground from the ladder* Come on guys! The longer we take, the greater the risk!
Sassy: *gingerly climbing down and leaping onto the ground on all four feet* I'm a lady! Steel and concrete is hard on me!
Squeaks: *scurrying down the wall easily* All that weight isn't making it easier..
Sassy: *getting angry* I said--
Daggett: Enough you guys! *pointing at the police car just ahead of them leading back to where they came from* We're on the right path!

(Sassy gives Squeaks a mean glare as she takes off towards the squad car. Daggett makes a dash to catch up to Sassy as Squeaks chases.)

Daggett: Sassy! Don't go running like that! Those werecreatures could be anywhere around here!

(Squeaks was about to make a smart mouthed comment but kept it to himself. They exit the alleyway and make their way to the Friends Cafe.)

(Police Officer #2 puts the talkie away and looks down the alleyway and sees no activity. He picks it back up and starts to respond to the talking again, the scene transitions out.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:39 pm

Act III, Scene I:

(Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks are standing out in front of the Friends Cafe window and about to enter through the front door. A handful of people are seen talking and walking around inside the Cafe, Frank is behind the bar of the Cafe serving customers.)

Daggett: *peeking through the window with his hands shaped like binoculars around his eyes* Looks like they haven't taken down everyone here yet..
Sassy: The keyword is yet.. we need to be the lookout for the werecreatures, we best get inside.

(Daggett opens the front door and gestures with his free hand for Sassy and Squeaks to come inside.)

Squeaks: *a grin forms on his face* Lookout as in bait? I think we've got the perfect bait for those monsters..
Sassy: *sarcastic tone* Yeah. You of course..

(Sassy struts through the front door. Squeaks rolls his eyes and quickly goes in after Sassy with Daggett closing the door and following behind them.)

(Scene: The inside of the Cafe has a very 1990's look to it and closely resembles the Central Perk featured in the television show Friends. Empusa and Lamia are on the stage not far from the couch in the middle of the Cafe. Empusa has a guitar on her lap and is sitting behind the microphone, Lamia is sitting to her left.)

Squeaks: *looking around, disappointed look on his face* Could this BE anymore of a ripoff of a 90's sitcom?
Daggett: *pointing towards Empusa and Lamia* Look guys!

(Frank is still walking around behind the bar and has caught Sassy's attention. He is young and rather handsome, wearing black pants and a white dress shirt with a black velvet vest.)

Sassy: *watching Frank, gushing* Oh I see it. Come to me, hot fit and studly!
Daggett: *turns to Sassy* No! What we're looking for, they're here!

(Sassy is infatuated with Frank and has her back turned to Daggett as she begins to strut up to him.)

Daggett: *facepalming* Surely, you cannot be serious..
Squeaks: *focusing on Empusa and Lamia* She sure as hell ain't a Shirley..
Daggett: *looking at Squeaks, confused for a moment* What the heck are you talking a-- oh yeah, right..

(Sassy takes an empty seat at the bar and climbs up into it, waving at Frank trying to get his attention.)

Sassy: Hey big guy! How you doin'?

(Daggett and Squeaks sit down on the couch and pretend to look around the Cafe but are really keeping their eye on Empusa and Lamia instead, who are still on stage.)

Squeaks: *whispering* Now what do we do?
Daggett: *giving a wave and a cheap smile to Empusa* We wait..

(Empusa waves back and gives Daggett a wink and a toothy grin. Picking up her guitar, she looks around the Cafe and bangs on the table to her right to get attention of the room.)

Empusa: *Lisa Kudrow impression* Alright guys. My next song is one I've written myself and I know you'll enjoy. The name of it is Smelly Cat..
Squeaks: *shouting loudly* Sassy! They made a song about you!

(Sassy is heard letting off an angry yowl from the other side of the Cafe, still seated at the bar.)

(Empusa begins playing her guitar. Lamia sits still with a grin on her face. Realizing her fangs are showing, she quickly covers them up with her upper lip.)

Empusa: *Lisa Kudrow singing* Three, four.. Smelly Cat! Smelly Cat! What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, oh Smelly Cat.. it's not your fault!

(Squeaks is covering his ears, giving Daggett an irritated look.)

Empusa: *Lisa Kudrow singing* They won't take you to the vet, you're obviously not their favorite pet! You may not be a bed of roses, you're no friend to those with noses..

(Daggett gives off a golf clap and gives Empusa another cheap smile with a wave.)

Empusa: *winking again, still Lisa Kudrow singing* Smelly Cat, oh Smelly Cat! Why are we FEEDING off you.. Smelly Cat, OH my Smelly Cat, it isn't my fault!
Daggett: *looking at Squeaks, confused* Feeding off? That doesn't make sense..

(Customers in the bar are heard applauding in response to Empusa's song.)

Squeaks: Neither does a song about a stinky cat..
Lamia: *still with a grin on her face* Well of course it makes sense.. doesn't it, sissy?
Empusa: *grinning, she looks to Lamia and nods and then looking at Daggett again* It sure does.. don't you know we're about to be fed?

(Daggett is seen thinking and realizes the terms of feeding and werecreatures/vampires actually go together. A feared look crosses his face.)

Daggett: *shouting* Everyone leave! The entertainment are vampires!

(Customers can be heard laughing in response, catching it as a joke. Frank looks up and laughs as well.)

Frank: They're just doing a paid gig to work their way up.. no need to name call!
Daggett: *peeking over the top of the couch, he looks at Frank and shakes his head* No. I mean they're the monsters from outside!

(Empusa and Lamia's eyes begin to glow red as they're now growling and looking ready to pounce/attack.)

Frank: *eyes widen, panicking* Everyone leave the Cafe! Contact the police!

(Customers are now beginning to run and panic, screaming. Empusa and Lamia have a sick grin form on their face as they begin taking down customers that are near them, biting into their necks.)

(Sassy turns around and sees Lamia and Empusa attacking. She screams and scrambles over to the couch where Daggett and Squeaks are.)

Daggett: *getting up from the couch* Hey, you ugly freaks! Find someone else your own size to pick on!

(Empusa and Lamia stop biting customers and glare at Daggett, each of them licking their lips and growling louder.)

Squeaks: *trying to hide behind Daggett* Um.. not exactly the words I would of chosen..
Lamia: Your little buddy is right.. you've got a problem with that mouth of yours and we'll permanently put it out of business.. ain't that right sissy?
Empusa: *eyes glowing, licking fangs* That's right sissy. We devour those who meddle in our affairs.. care to join us for a meal, frog boy?
Daggett: *sounding nervous* You don't scare us!
Sassy: *frantically tapping Daggett on the shoulder, whispering* Your mouth is going to get us killed you know..

Empusa: What a tasty mouth it will be too!

(Empusa and Lamia show they are getting ready to pounce and attack Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks. Their eyes are glowing a brighter and brighter red, almost turning a blood color.)

Lamia: Any last words before you three die with the rest of this sorry planet?
Sassy: *raising a hand, stepping in front of Daggett, stern face* I've got one last thing to say..
Empusa: *toothy grin* And what would that be, madam cat caviar?

(Scene: The surviving customers have fled the Cafe, along with Frank, leaving the place empty except for Daggett, Squeaks, Sassy, Lamia and Empusa.)

Sassy: Wouldn't your mommy and daddy be disappointed in you for what you've done here? Taken lives and turning them against innocent lives? I'd be ashamed if it was me..

(Lamia and Empusa both let off a laugh and shrug, looking at each other and grinning wider and then back to Sassy.)

Lamia: Our father told us our purpose in this world and we're serving it! You take the world and don't give a damn what the rest of it thinks of ya!
Sassy: Fathers and mothers teach us to love and we love others like we'd want to be loved! They'd never teach us to unleash our pain onto others and fill that negativity into their souls!
Empusa: Cut the chatter! You're just trying to stall us!
Sassy: Then tell me this.. does your father ever tell you he loves you? Does he say that he cares? Either of you?

(Lamia and Empusa look to each other again, the red starting to fade some from their eyes. Just as they're about to turn their attention back to Sassy, King Diomedes comes flying in through the Cafe front window, shattering it. He perches on the curtain rod just above said window.)

King Diomedes: What's the hold up here? Can't you two handle these small, petty creatures?
Lamia: There's no hold up, father. We're just about to finish them off.. nothing will stop us after!
Empusa: We'd just LOVE a quick munch before we feed.. love..

(Daggett and Squeaks watch Lamia and Empusa, becoming confused. They both then look to Sassy, staying behind her.)

Sassy: That's right. Your father has never told you that he loves you, has he? Hmm?
Lamia: *red eyes fading more* Doesn't love.. us?
Sassy: If he hasn't told you he loves you, you don't know that he loves you..
King Diomedes: *growing impatient* Stop the damn stalling and finish them off, you fools!

(Lamia and Empusa turn around to look at King Diomedes, the red glare is almost gone from their eyes.)

Empusa: *growling* Fools? Father, you don't love us..
Lamia: In fact, how are you proud of us if all we are to you are fools?
King Diomedes: *eyes glow red, growling* They're filling your heads with lies! Now finish them before I do it!
Empusa: Father.. where's our mother..

(Sassy crosses her arms and grins, watching. Daggett and Squeaks look to Sassy again, confused.)

King Diomedes: That doesn't matter! Just end their insignificant lives and let's go!

(Lamia has become enraged with King Diomedes, she morphs from wolf into a large turqouise dragon with large, yellow wings with turqouise limbs lining them.)

Lamia: *growling* You DIDN'T answer her, father. WHERE.. is our mother..

(Daggett's and Squeak's eyes widen seeing Lamia morph. King Diomedes is becoming nervous as he leans against the wall behind him.)

King Diomedes: S-she's.. out shopping?
Lamia: *angry* Don't you DARE lie to us!
King Diomedes: *evil grin on his face* You don't deserve a mother.. I mean you two can't even handle lies coming from a lousy house cat after all..

(Lamia grabs King Diomedes suddenly and begins to crush him with her claws, her eyes filled with hurt. Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks back away shocked, with Sassy shielding them away with her arms.)

Lamia: *growling* Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you..

(A flash of bright white light fills the room. The light dissipates as Crisps and Esther appear to the right and just behind Lamia and Empusa.)

Esther: Because you're my daughter and I won't allow it.

(Lamia and Empusa turn around and have shocked expressions on their faces. Daggett also has a stunned look on his face while Sassy is jumping around trying to contain her excitement, Squeaks gives a slight wave.)

Lamia: Momma?!

(Esther smiles as she extends her wings out for a hug, with Crisps having a supportive claw on Esther's left shoulder.)

Daggett: *shocked* MOMMA?!
Esther: Yes.. both of you are my children..
Daggett: You're my mom? Holy crap!

(Esther and Crisps both let off a laugh.)

Esther: No, Dags.. both Angel and Sweet are our children..

(Lamia and Empusa both begin to cry as they both run to Esther and hug her and Crisps tight.)

Sassy: *in awe* Angel.. Sweet.. those are beautiful names..

(A moment of silence passes as King Diomedes is slowly making his way towards the end of the curtain rod and out through the broken window.)

Empusa: You mean that Diomedes is--
Esther: A liar.. a thief.. a kidnapper..
Crisps: *glaring at King Diomedes* A scumbag that doesn't deserve to live..
Esther: That monster will get what's coming to him.. later dear.
King Diomedes: *nervous laugh* I've clearly overstayed my welcome.. maybe I-I'll just take my stuff and leave now..
Esther: *stern* No. You'll tell me what you did to the children I had just given birth to that we cried ourselves to bed every night..
King Diomedes: Y-you expect me to respect your demands and just come out with it?!

(Crisps nods with a grin as he gestures his hands in a twist motion, simulating a broken neck.)

Esther: You don't really have a choice.. now spill it, you monster!

(Lamia and Empusa now have stern looks on their faces as they stare down King Diomedes, staying under the hugging wings of Esther and Crisps.)

(The scene changes to a flashback scene with King Diomedes sneaking into the nest in a near pitch black night, with just moonlight peeking over him and Lamia and Empusa. He's seen gagging their mouthes shut as they sleep and throwing them in a burlap sack. He is shown flying through mountains that progress into trees and wooded areas towards a large tree that is glowing a fire orange.)

King Diomedes: I stole your little ones while you were both asleep! They were out in the open and who am I to turn down free gifts that are left out so negligently for the taking..

(The flashback is interupted and returns to Esther as she begins growling. Crisps holds her back, he also has an angry expression on his face.)

King Diomedes: Did I just push your buttons, dear? Allow me to push even more!

(Flashback returns as King Diomedes is now shown beating Lamia and Empusa relentlessly, then chaining them into chairs inside a stone chamber as a red light fills the room and their open eyes, sucking the color of their eyes and replacing them with a blood red hue, fangs growing out of their mouthes. Their bodies go limp and lose all life.)

King Diomedes: I took them to my home and I beat into them what a father really wants out of their children! I allowed my little machine to do the rest of the work.. and then I gave your little ones one directive!

(The flashback ends and returns to the scene in the Cafe.)

Esther: *enraged* You are nothing but a MONSTER! A disgusting, low, worthless, pitiful.. MONSTER!
Crisps: How DARE you call yourself a father to not only the children you STOLE, but beat and try to mold into your horrible image..
Sassy: *tearing up* How.. h-how do you live with yourself?! I.. I.. --

(Daggett places a hand on Sassy's shoulder to comfort her as Squeaks gives Sassy a hug around her neck, whispering incoherantly into her ear.)

Esther: I think you need to go. Go and DON'T ever come back to this planet.. to any planet..
Crisps: If you don't find something that'll torture you for life, I'm certain I could.
King Diomedes: *sarcastic* Yes, dear.. whatever you say, dear..

(Esther is about to lunge at King Diomedes but Crisps, Lamia and Empusa hold her back. King Diomedes flies out the broken window and disappears from the scene.)

(A moment of silence passes while Crisps and Esther hug Lamia and Empusa tightly again, kissing them on the heads. Daggett and Squeaks are still comforting a crying Sassy by the couch.)

Lamia: Why did you name me Angel?
Esther: *smiling* Because.. I knew that despite anything you'd have to face in your life ahead, no matter if it broke your heart or made you mad, that the better part of you would make it out in the end. Plus you'll always be my Angel.. only the toughest and roughest are Angels and I know you're as tough and rumble rough as they come..
Crisps: *smiling also* Absolutely.. we named your sister Sweet because we know as tough as things get, to those she loves and those who love her for her, forever Sweet she shall remain..

(Lamia is speechless and begins to cry as she hugs Esther and Crisps again.)

Empusa: We're Sweet and Angel because of how you felt when we arrived and how we come out at the end of things?
Crisps: You got it kiddo..
Esther: And we wouldn't have that any other way..

(Esther and Crisps have another embrace with Lamia and Empusa, with Esther occasionally peeking over towards Sassy.)

Esther: Sassy.. are you alright?

(Sassy looks up from Daggett and Squeaks, wiping tears from her eyes.)

Sassy: I-I'm sorry.. that a m-monster would put you through so m-much..
Esther: We're strong like that.. life puts us all through a test, the stronger always come out intact..
Sassy: You are so right and so strong.. I doubt anything could ever take you down..
Esther: Nothing can take us down unless we let it.. fighters only fight when its required..

(Sassy nods in agreement as silence hits once more.)

Daggett: Something is bothering me..
Crisps: What's that, buddy?
Daggett: *holding up pendant* If I'm the hero and this makes me a hero, why does someone else save the day?
Esther: *smiling* I hope you haven't forgotten what I told you..
Daggett: Yellow snow is not lemon flavored?
Esther: *giggling* No, no, no. A hero doesn't need to be one person to become a hero, families and friends can be the hero too..
Daggett: So what does that make me?
Esther: You're the piece that brings that hero together. Look at Sassy and Squeaks and tell me what you see..
Daggett: Heroes!
Crisps: Now you got it, buddy..

(Sassy and Squeaks both smile.)

Esther: They can work together without you, but without you they cannot fully function..

(Empusa looks up at Esther and smiles.)

Empusa: Like you did without us?
Esther: *smiling* Not neccesarily. We had you in our hearts, that helped your dad and I function. With you two in us, we had the drive to look for our babies..
Lamia: Together it makes us..
Crisps and Esther: Fully functionable..
Lamia: I get it now! We had to be complete!
Sassy: Now if only if the frog's brain was complete..
Daggett: HEY!

(Everybody but Daggett laughs as the camera moves away from the gang, through the broken front window and transitions to the roof several stories above.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:40 pm

Act III, Scene II:

(It is now nightfall. Westminster, Abby, Butler, Monica, Sophie and Akilah are hanging around the edge of the rooftop as King Diomedes flies up and lands just behind the group of owls.)

King Diomedes: Brothers and sisters! Am I glad you're here..
Akilah: *stern, places wings on her hips* Just who are you calling brother and sister?
Sophie: Yeah, really. Who the heck are you?
Butler: Don't you mean what the heck?
King Diomedes: *nervous laugh* We're owls! Birds of a feather fly together, remember?
Akilah: Cut the act. We heard the whole thing..

(King Diomedes lets off a nervous laugh as he backs away from the group of owls that are starting to close in on him.)

King Diomedes: This whole thing was an act! Just a game..
Monica: You call THAT a game? Killing hundreds of humans and doing so by traumatizing someone else's children as your pawns?
King Diomedes: *nervous* Oh now, c'mon..
Monica: Not so tough without your vile sorcery, are ya? Sorry excuse for an owl..
Akilah: *growling* This monster is an INSULT to owls..
King Diomedes: Won't an apology make it all go away? Their parents did come back after all..

(Monica, Akilah and the rest of the owls shake their head in disagreement. They close in even further, pushing King Diomedes dangerously close to the edge of the roof.)

King Diomedes: *looking at the end of his right wing* Well look at the time.. I need to leave, how about that?

(Monica pulls out a silver dagger and holds it up to King Diomedes's neck.)

Monica: *very angry* Oh, you'll be leaving alright..
Abby: The same way you came in, too.. a dead, disgusting, worthless excuse for a monster..
King Diomedes: *becoming frightened* Now, now.. an elder wouldn't allow this..

(King Diomedes looks at Akilah with pleading eyes.)

King Diomedes: ... would they?
Akilah: *stern* Without question..

(Akilah steps away from the group of owls and King Diomedes.)

Akilah: Kill him.
Westminster: *sounding confused* Kill him? What'll that solve?
Akilah: Everything. His vampires are a source of evil magic. He dies, those that were affected return unaffected..
Westminster: Oh! I get it now..

(Monica lowers the dagger towards King Diomedes' heart, anger is flowing in her eyes.)

King Diomedes: D-do.. I get any last words?
Monica: You just said them..

(Monica plunges the silver dagger straight into King Diomedes' heart. Everything moves in slow motion as King Diomedes eyes widen as they then begin to pale out. A red light emits from his chest and spreads to the skies above and disappears as quickly as it came. Opening his mouth to say something but only a gasp comes out, he falls off the roof impaled and all, hitting the hard sidewalk below with a thud and dies.)

(Camera zooms off the rooftop and focues on King Diomedes' dead body, slowly turning towards the broken Cafe window where Daggett, Sassy, Esther, Crisps, Lamia and Empusa can be seen together hugging. The camera slowly goes up the building to the rooftop showing the owls also hugging and gathering amongst each other. The camera moves to the night sky and fades to black, ending scene.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:42 pm

Act III, Scene III:

(The scene starts in a hospital operation room with Lady and Gentleman covered in sheets on tables, with doctors walking around them.)

(Gentleman kicks off the sheets, looking alive and well.)

Gentleman: *moaning, coming back to* Where are we? This isn't our dating place..

(Two of the doctors stand there in shock, watching.)

Lady: *kicking her sheets off* I have no idea. This sure isn't a place to die for..

(The rest of the doctors including the two doctors take off running from the room, panicking. The scene then moves to the London police station, where Police Officer #1 and Police Chief are drinking ketchup bottles and scaring fellow officers in the process.)

(Police Officer #1 coughs and throws the bottle onto the table. Police Chief does the same.)

Police Chief: That was the strangest nightmare I've ever had..
Police Officer #1: No joke! How did I wake up here?
Police Chief: Better question.. how did we get a hankering for ketchup?

(Both slap each other on the back and laugh as the tension is relieved from the rest of the officers who join in on the laugh. Scene moves to the streets of London where people go from covered in blood with fangs to where their fangs disappear and the color returns to their faces and bodies. Everybody is shaking hands and hugging.)

(Scene goes back to the Friends Cafe where Daggett, Squeaks, Sassy, Esther, Crisps, Lamia and Empusa are still standing around talking and hugging. Lamia and Empusa's vampire fangs disappear.)

Lamia: *surprised* What was that?
Empusa: I have no idea!

(Both feel their mouthes and realize the fangs are gone.)

Daggett: I don't know but all of a sudden I want to be a professor and study dinosaurs..
Squeaks: *sarcastic* Hey look, I'm Ross and I have no manhood!
Daggett: *looking confused at Squeaks* Your name is Ross?
Sassy: *rolls eyes* Right, and I'm a soap actress..

(Esther and Crisps are just as confused as Daggett is.)

Crisps: I have no idea what you're talking about guys, but we probably should head back home..
Esther: *smiling* Yes, with more than we came with even..

(Lamia and Empusa both smile, giving Crisps and Esther a big hug around their legs. They then look over to Daggett, Sassy and Squeaks.)

Empusa: We really don't know how to thank ya mates.. especially you Sassy.
Sassy: *smiling* You just did. I believe it was your mother that said love can defeat and conquer anything?
Lamia: I never imagined I'd say this, but you guys have just as much faith and love as my mom and dad do.
Daggett: Well you know what they say.. big feet..

(Crisps and Esther try to cover Daggett's mouth but don't get there in time.)

Daggett: .. means big hearts! What did you think I was gonna say?
Squeaks: Another bad dinosaur pun?

(Everybody laughs as they walk out of the Cafe front door and see the body of King Diomedes' is still laying on the sidewalk. Akilah, Westminster, Abby, Monica, Sophie and Butler are standing around the body.)

Abby: Daggett! We've done it!

(Abby runs over to Daggett and gives him a big hug and a quick smooch.)

Daggett: *blushing* He's dead and London is looking back to normal.. it isn't THAT exciting!
Abby: Not that.. Westminster and I have decided to become mates!
Sassy: That's wonderful! Congratulations you two!

(Westminster walks up to Abby and hugs a wing around her.)

Westminster: Thank you. Why wait your whole life wondering when you can take a special moment with a special someone in the now?
Abby: *smiling at Westminster* It couldn't be anymore special. We'd love for you to come Daggett, Sass and Squeaks.. even your dragon friends!
Akilah: Any friends of yours--
Squeaks: Is breakfast?

(Akilah lets off a giggle as she wraps a wing around Squeaks and Daggett without warning.)

Akilah: No! Is a friend of ours..
Daggett: We'd love to be there for you two!

(Daggett turns to Crisps and Esther, with begging eyes.)

Esther: *giggles* Of course we'll come along..
Crisps: I can't resist those eyes, buddy. Count all of us in.. when and where is this joyous event occurring?
Daggett: *winks at Crisps, talking low* Knew ya couldn't!
Abby: We'll fly there, just follow us!

(Abby and Westminster smile at each other lovingly as the scene transitions.)

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:43 pm

Act IV, Scene I:

(Scene is a beautiful green and dark brown forest clearing with the sun shining down on it.)

(Akilah is perched on a rock in front of Abby and Westminster. Sophie, Esther, Lamia, Sassy and Monica are surrounding Abby on her left side and Butler, Daggett, Squeaks, Crisps and Empusa are surrounding Westminster on his right side. There is also a vixen, a black wolf, a red wolf, a white wolf, a purple dragon and a hippo near the surrounding party, observing.)

Akilah: Brothers and sisters, dear friends and our goddess.. are gathered here today to see Abby and Westminster, declare their love for each other and to mate for life.

(Abby and Westminster look to each other and smile lovingly, then look back to Akilah.)

Akilah: Love has such a broad spectrum.. it stands for caring for those around you, caring for those who mean the world to you, caring for those who are kindred--

(A colorful butterfly floats around Akilah's beak, causing her to sneeze. She gently swats it away as it flies off.)

Akilah: *hides a giggle* As I was saying.. and combining all of those cares into love. A unique kind of love, one that is dedicated to one other and one other only.. and that love we are going to bestow today..

(Akilah turns to Abby and smiles to her.)

Akilah: Abby?
Abby: Yes, elder Akilah?
Akilah: Please place the tip of your wing upon the left wing of Westminster's..

(Abby places the tip of her right wing on Westminster's left.)

Akilah: Very good..

(Akilah turns to Westminster and smiles to him.)

Akilah: Westminster?
Westminster: Yes, elder Akilah?
Akilah: Please place your right wing over Abby's left wing..

(Westminster smiles as he places his right wing over Abby's left wing.)

Akilah: Good.. please goddess of earth, these two owls are ready for your blessing. If you could and if this love is eternally true between Abby and Westminster, please share your light and give us a sign..

(A bright white light forms around Abby and Westminster, with sparkle confetti coming down in light showers over both of them.)

Daggett: *whispering to Empusa* Part of me wants to be drowned in that stuff..
Empusa: *whispers* T.M.I. mate..

(A woman in white with red hair is seen above Abby and Westminster as she smiles warmly, she disappears in thin air.)

(Akilah smiles to Abby and then to Westminster.)

Akilah: I declare you both.. Westminster Abby. You may embrace and kiss..

Daggett: *hiding a giggle* Isn't that a place in London?

(Empusa smacks Daggett.)

Empusa: *whispering* It wasn't that funny, mate.. well actually it was..

(Daggett smirks.)

(Abby and Westminster embrace each other within their wings and kiss. Both surrounding parties applaud.)

Abby: *smiling to Westminster* We did it, baby..
Westminster: We did it, love..'

(Lamia points to a shattered rock on the ground that's between her and Sassy, pretending to be upset.)

Lamia: Damn butterfingers! We did it.. and gone broke it..
Sassy: You did it, not me. I'm the innocent one here!
Lamia: Innocent my butt! I'm named Angel..
Sassy: HAH! In name only!

(Camera zooms out to Akilah who is perched on the rock still. Abby and Westminster are celebrating with Monica and Sophie with Daggett not far behind.)

Akilah: Well I think that's a wrap..

(Camera turns to Squeaks as he's holding a chicken wrap.)

Squeaks: No. Now this is a wrap!

(Everyone else but Daggett laughs, while he's moaning at the bad pun.)

Daggett: Don't quit your day job..
Squeaks: What job? We're animals!

(Daggett slaps his forehead and moans again as Crisps, Esther, and Sassy make their way over to them.)

Esther: Now I think it's time we head for home..
Sassy: It was quite the adventure, wasn't it Esther?
Esther: *smiling* The past 10 years have been a real adventure.. onto the next, a happier one..

(Daggett sighs and sits down on the grass.)

Esther: Crisps hon, go gather the kiddos so we can get home..
Crisps: Sure thing.

(Crisps leaves to go find Empusa and Lamia.)

Sassy: *concerned* What's wrong, frog? We've saved the world again!
Daggett: *sighs again* I'd like to talk to Esther, alone.. if you don't mind Sassy..

(Esther gives Sassy and Squeaks a shrug as both of them walk off.)

Squeaks: Don't walk so close to me, Sassy.. you might hip check me..
Sassy: *yowls* I will not!

(Esther sits down next to Daggett and looks at him.)

Esther: *concerned* What's got you down?
Daggett: I just feel so bad about what you had to see when you first contacted me..
Esther: Is it because of what you saw of yourself or are you just worried about what I saw of you?
Daggett: Both. A hero doesn't just fall like that and I just want you to be happy when we see each other..
Esther: It doesn't matter how we fall, it matters in how we get back up..
Daggett: But isn't that being weak?
Esther: Even the strongest fall. When you are able to really look at yourself and realize how much you've overcame, you'll really feel strong and never want to go back to being what made you weak..
Daggett: *looking to Esther, smiling* You really think so?
Esther: *smiling back* I know so. It takes a special person to handle things like that, I know for certain you are one of them.
Daggett: What happens if something tries to make me feel that way?
Esther: Just like I told Sassy.. if you remain strong, you will be intact after whatever tests you..

(Daggett gets up and hugs Esther around her left arm.)

Daggett: I now believe that there is greatness in everybody.. thank you so much and I can't wait to see you again..
Esther: *giggling* You can see me anytime you need to. Greatness is in everyone who failed and kept trying, misery is in those who failed and gave up.

(Esther gets to her feet as Crisps comes back over to her and Daggett, along with Empusa and Lamia.)

Crisps: We're ready when you are, dear. You alright, Dag buddy?
Daggett: *smiling, proud* With all the friends I got, I'm more than alright man.

(Esther stands next to Crisps, placing a hand on Empusa's shoulder.)

Esther: Remember.. you are not alone, Daggett..
Empusa: We are here with you.. in your heart!

(Crisps waves as a bright light begins to come down and surround him, Esther, Empusa and Lamia. Sassy and Squeaks run up and stand by Daggett.)

Sassy: Goodbye guys!
Squeaks: Ya'll have a safe trip home, finally..

(Esther holds a claw up to her lips and smiles.)

Esther: Goodbye is final.. see ya means we'll meet again..
Sassy: *smiles* I'll take that to heart..
Daggett: Can you guys do one more thing for me before you go?
Squeaks: *face palms, mutters* What is it with us and stalling..

(The light has now fully engulfed and surrounded Crisps, Esther, Empusa and Lamia.)

Crisps: What's that, bud?
Daggett: A 90's sitcom intro.. Friends style!

(Crisps and Esther both laugh while Squeaks moans out loud.)

Esther: Oh what the heck!

(A bright light flashes as the screen goes black, starting up the Friends sitcom introduction with the theme song playing. Footage is shown of Daggett, Sassy, Squeaks, Crisps, Esther, Lamia and Empusa with their names showing in the Friends font. An orange couch is shown sitting in the clearing with Akilah, Westminster, Abby, Sophie, Monica and Butler shown perched on the top of the couch with Esther and Crisps sitting on the couch cushions with Daggett, Sassy, Squeaks, Lamia and Empusa sprawled out over them waving. The screen goes black.)

(The credits end to show Esther on the black screen, hugging Lamia, Empusa and the purple dragon from the clearing.)

Esther: *whispering* Love.. love..

(Fades to black.)

---THE END---

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:23 am

As hard as it was to read and use parts from my sister's journals, I had a lot of fun writing with you Nick! I know she'd be proud and would of wanted it like this..

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:48 am

No doubt in my mind this is how she would of written things out. You guys did amazing with it and her lines. ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:58 pm

That line about not going back to being who I was when I was weak.. it's like somebody saw my conversations. Holy damn. Beautiful.

~Lemmy Koopa
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:49 pm

Turned out beautiful.. ~smiles softly~ Heather would indeed be very proud of what you three have put together..

Quote :
Greatness is in everyone who failed and kept trying, misery is in those who failed and gave up.

I love that so much.. is that one of her sayings?

~Love always, Princess Toadstool/Annabelle ~~

Quote :
"We write of our past to remind us of where we started; we read in the present to know how far we've come." -Heather Butler 1982-2008
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:37 am

Thank you all, we really appreciate the positive feedback.. and yes sistah, that was taken from one of her journals that Jessica owns.

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:21 pm

My momma would be so honored by this.. how you made so many of her quotations fit with the story is wonderful.. also love how you included me in the final act in the clearing and at the end where she's hugging us.. ~hugs pops, Aunt Cera n Jessie ~ loves you all, thank you so much for doing this for her and all of us!

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:31 pm

You really brought Grandma Heather back to life with this. I enjoyed it very much, thank you guys for writing this. I'd love to see it made into a movie.
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:40 pm

Thanks fam. Her lines were not easy to write, a number of them are very deep and they hit me hard, but that's how she wrote.

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:57 pm

Sorry I'm taking so long to give feedback, it wasn't easy for me to read especially what you guys wrote for her character. She was such a deep writer who had tremendous insight, almost like she reaches into those who read and goes for the heart or feels. I'll admit a few parts made me cry, especially the end.. she loved her children and I'm so glad you guys were able to end it on that.

Good work and I'm proud of you son. You didn't have to go through with your dream and have Heather branch the storyline together, but you did it and did it so beautifully. You, Jess and Kali are just so strong I can't come up with much to say.

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:25 am

She sure was, Paul! She definitely loved her family and her online kiddos even more.

We branched it because it was the only thing that made sense to us, otherwise we couldn't do anything with the villains. It was difficult for us but I know my sister would be proud of what we put together!

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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:46 pm

Quote :
Esther: Remember.. you are not alone, Daggett..
Empusa: We are here with you.. in your heart!

OMG the song that momma said was for me! I love how ya fit it into the story. Loves ya daddy, Aunt Jess an Aunt Kali!
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:38 pm

Loves ya too bbg. Smile We all felt it was a perfect fit for it.

We sure did a great job with it Jess, I think you are so much more of a writer than you give yourself credit for. A natural, in my opinion.. but then that came down from a writing tree. Smile

Thanks dad, I appreciate that so much. I know it wasn't easy for us either but I know its something Heather and I would of put together and I know she'd be proud of what came from it.

~ Patriarch of the Koopa Klan Elite
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:36 am

lil Heather loved this as her bed time story she knew who Esther was on her own
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:56 am

Julian. wrote:
lil Heather loved this as her bed time story she knew who Esther was on her own

That is so cool that she is able to connect with her! She's got the best aunt in the world.
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:16 pm

Yeah she's super smart and she does have the best aunt in the world. I don't doubt this.
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PostSubject: Re: The One With All The Owls & Vampires   

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The One With All The Owls & Vampires
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