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 What We've Learned in the first 10 races in E-League 2016

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PostSubject: What We've Learned in the first 10 races in E-League 2016   Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:46 am

1. Michael Boone -- Lookin' like the old Mikey, I think he's been awesome and consistent through pretty much every race so far. 161 pt lead means a lot, a strong finish at Richmond would mean even more and make catching him a tough challenge as long as he keeps doing what he does best.

2. Jerome Gaedenwood -- What else can I say about mah bro JerBear, he has his mojo back. The past few races haven't been kind to him but he can catch fire easily. Qualifying for Richmond is a must.

3. Kevin Pritchett -- Someone else that has their mojo back. Looking a little more like his old championship form. Could steal it I think.

4. Danny Anderson -- Bro Desert is looking better this year than last year, at least at a consistency standpoint. I don't see him letting up for another meltdown like he did last year.

5. Chris Saunders -- Has drastically improved since joining Desert's team and this year could be his best. He's always hanging around, a championship is definitely on his radar.

6. Lance Hall -- Uncle Lance has been stronger than he has in years. Is looking more like the man who won his championship as a rookie but does he have the fuel left in the tank to do it again?

7. Rose LaTereza -- The toughest driver out on the track but is she running out of time for that title? I'll probably get my backside whooped for even mentioning that. Loves ya Rose.

8. Geoffrey Ganon -- Hellz is putting up some strong runs so far this year and looks better in the qualify. Lets see if he can keep that up.

9. Paul Hellington -- Paul looks to be in the running for a 6th title, he just keeps hanging around. Looked pretty awesome at California as well, I see him hanging in the top 15 all year long and possibly going out on one last championship.

10. Sigilma Dragimar -- Finished 2nd behind Laura last year, if you don't think she smells blood in the water and is thirsty for more your nuts. Great driver who can put up some serious runs.

Sleeper Picks:

13. Brian Lawrence Hunt Jr. -- The dude has seriously improved, like a 360 kind of improvement. Looks aggressive and tough every race he's in and best position he's ever been in too. I see Brian making a serious push for that top 10 and a championship would be an awesome prize for him and his dad.

26. Elliott Cravens -- Looks great in every race, Elliott just needs to work on staying there though the wrecks and car probs aren't his fault. A few good runs in a row could get him right up in the running.

27. Albert Lewis -- Slow start but 3 top 5's in a row plus a win has Albert cruising back to the top 10. He's known for tearing things up when on a roll and I have a feeling he'll get on a few of them.
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that epic crave

that epic crave

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PostSubject: Re: What We've Learned in the first 10 races in E-League 2016   Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:01 pm

Thanks for picking me! I'm still getting used to the competition.
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What We've Learned in the first 10 races in E-League 2016
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